Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19: A dynamite headline.....

....I iwonder if the editor who wrote that page one headline understands the whole meaning of it. "Moncton planning for climate change effects".

(Actually, it's only planning for some effects, particularly flooding and, to a degree, storms. There seems to be nothing here for drought or food shortages....or,,,,_                     

Well, let's start with what this means. Our city council has decided that climate change is here. It's going to get worse. And it's going to have severe effects. And soon. That has not been the general reaction of governments at any level in North American. And that has not been the reaction of big business which finances campaigns to tell us it isn't happening.

Harper is notorious around the world for his foot-dragging on this issue. For years, he denied it was happening. Then, a few weeks ago in New York, he announced it was happening - but, you know, something would be invented, or discovered or - well - something would come along. Maybe....

Meanwhile, he has shut down almost all federal reasearch funds on environment, cut off funding for university scientists studying it, fired hundreds of government scientists....  Well, ...duh...something will come along....

Moncton City Council is taking it seriously. Okay. So will Moncton City council be speaking against fracking? After all, the general scientific concensus is that climate change is being caused by our use of fossil fuels. (and, contrary to a letter in letters to the editor today, shale gas is not a great improvement on that. There is a slight improvement - but not enough to have any serious impact on climate change. As well, it realeases other substances into the environment that are even worse than carbon dioxide.

And ....
it takes one hell of a toll of our fresh water, millions of gallons of it that cannot them be consumed by people or used for irrigation. It should, then, be fascinating to see how we will cope with the droughts that come with climate change.

City council might also consider whether it's really a great idea to run a pipeline carrying the dirtiest oil in the world through this province to St. John to be refined - and belch more climate changers into the air. (Oh, and yes, pipelines do leak - a lot.)

Or we could spray the whole, damned province, killing all the vegetation and animals and most of the people, then pave it and rent it out for a parking lot.'ll create jobs...duh....
The NewsToday story on Syria is, to put it kindly, superficial stuff. The reality is that the disastrous US  foreign policy of world dominance has created chaos, deadly suffering, profound chaos in the whole Moslem world as it pits Shiites against Sunnis. The west, with the Arab dictatorships has been supplying the weapons and the money to hire mercenary thugs. Whole nations are being destroyed.

The geniuses behind this are the same geniuses who planned the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of them tragic failures - the very, very wealthy want the resources and cheap labour of those countries - and damn the consequences. The "victory" in Iraq killed over a million, destroyed the infrastructure, and the country is now collapsing. The war in Afghanistan never had a clear purpose. It has won nothing despite appalling cost. And the opening of peace talks with the Taliban but without Karzai is an American admission of defeat.The Taliban has beaten the US.

Worse. The US will be paying billions in bribe money to the Taliban for years to come.

Big business should keep its big nose out of public affairs. In matters of foreign affairs, health, education, government budgeting, it has long shown itself to be utterly incompetent and destructive.

We shall be very luck to get of this without a nuclear war. And which are the countries most likely to start it. Not Iran. It doesn't have a bomb to start with - and it knows it would be utterly destroyed in return.

Nor will it be North Korea. It doesn't have nearly enough bombs to pose a credible threat.

The two most likely to start if are both our buddies - Israel and Pakistan.
Big story on p. D4. "New Macdonald's Possible in Riverview". Wow! Wow! Wow! The city that punches above it weight - and this will give it a lot more weight to punch above.

The "differently-advantaged" person who writes the editorials says we should build an events centre for the future. Gosh, I was hoping we could build one for the past - you know, with lions and tigers and Christians and stuff.
Norbert still doesn't know what he's talking about. He still doesn't even know what a public policy planning expert is. He still thinks we can solve the economic crisis by cutting spending -even though the European experience is showing that is exactly the wrong thing to do.  He refuses to look at the very wealthy as a factor in all this.

When I read this preachy, pompous, self-righteous and ignorant column, I wonder - where the hell are all the university scholars in this province? Where are the journalism profs to talk about the shameful state of the Irving Press, and the shameless state of those who work for it?

Where are the education profs to talk about the abuse of our schools?

Where are the profs of economics and medecine to point out that Donald Savoie is NOT an expert on much of what he writes about?

One of two people  - both from U de Moncton are the only ones we ever hear from - and both are simply cheerleaders for big business. Where are the voices of all the rest? Are they shy?

And aren't people at U de M just a little bit ashamed?
Couldn't disagree with Alec Bruce more. He sees an aconomic revival where, in fact, none is happening. He sees our big hope as being rugged, independent entreprenuerialism that will save us.

Bullshit, Alec. Rugged, iindependent entrepreneurialism (more correctly called banditry) is what has created this miss. It has political power now. It runs the US. It runs Harper. And it has openly declared, long ago, that it runs New Brunswick. That's why we're in trouble.

In the past year (unnoticed by the TandT) the number of billionaires in the world has grown by over 9% (clap, clap, clap.) Meanwhile, average h ousehold wealth around the  world dropped by over 5%. Alec Bruce, you know whose figures as well as I do.

Corporate tax rates in Canada and the US have been cut in half and more - and the rich don't even pay all of that. In fact, the whole story of tax evasion and pillage is far, far worse than even that.

In the US, 50,000,000, a record, are now poor.

The heart of true enterprise", says Alce Bruce, "still beats. We can hear it if we try."

What heart?

The rich and super-rich make up some 8% of the world's population. But they hold 82% of all wealth. The working class and the poor - who are 70% of the world's population have --wait for it ----

The super-rich who are getting richer, who are charged extemely low taxes - and who don't pay even those -and who send us off to kill people and get get killed and who tax us to pay for their wars so - they can steal more - and who are so damned incompetent in handling public affairs and foreign affairs that everything they touch is a disaster - we can hear their heatbeat if we try?

Get real, Alec.
Eric Lewis offers his usual nothing effort.

Brian Cormier has another good one. Well worth a read.
Missing news?

1. Where's the follow-up on the offshore banking scandal that the TandT never reported in the first place? Where are the names of those who hid their money from the taxman? (hint - it's not just people. Think of our major banks which scammed over 16 billion in taxes over a ten year period.)
2. We now know that when Conrad Black got hit with a huge bill for tax evasion in the US, he paid it by selling off the pension fund of his bankrupt Hollinger corp. As a result, 2,300 of  his retired Canadian employees no long have pensions. But don't worry. He and his delightful wife are still living comfortably. And he still has his Order of Canada. (clap, clap, clap).
Just listen to that great heart beat.
3. Our government - working for you. In a school hall yesterday, I saw a sign asking people not to wear scents (perfumes) since they can cause illness in others. It was printed by the New Brunswick government. What a wonderful approach to social order, I thought. We could really save money with wider use of this.
If we put up posters saying people shoujld not drive and drink or speeed, or drive on sidewalks. (or rob banks or do break-ins) we could make enormous savings in police costs.

Of course, it would be a big mistake to put up signs saying that fracking could harm people. That would upset all those gentle billionaires with the big, beating hearts.
A good source of news is CCPA Monitor. I get mine by subscription from

The site below, sent in by a reader, is another excellent one.

It's interesting. People who oppose shale gas are protestors. Those who protest against anti-shale gas are not protesters.

People opposed to killing our environment are called "eco"-protesters, and get investigated by the police as threats.

People who actually do want to destroy the environment and who use money and force to do it are not called terrorists of any sort. In fact, the police report to them twice a year.

I shall have to go sit in the Irving Chapel to ponder this. I suspect there must be a very broad-minded god in there.

We shall be very lucky to escape this without a nuclear war. And who are the countries most likely to open such a war? No. Not North Korea. No. Not Iran. It's two of our allies - Pakistan and Israel.


  1. Did you see this nice piece of propaganda in today's Telegraph-Journal ? Just for fun, I counted all the pejorative words used to discredit the shale gas opponents. SO MANY OF THEM !!!


    We must face fear of fracking Richard Blaquiere
    18 Jun 2013 06:00PM

  2. I must go out and submit to the humiliation of publicly buying a copy of the Telegraph-Journal.
    But I must see what this maroon Blaqiere has to say.

  3. Tried to post it here, but it's too long...It's worth a read (laughable).

  4. I got a copy from a reader. Stunning.
    As I read the first sentence, the words pompous ass came to mind. then - ignorant, illogical, arrogant,name-calling, and back to ignorant.

    I thought, my, it would be nice to have a chance to debate with some of these clowns.

    He says he is a retired educator. Well, so am I. But I never use that term. I call muself a teacher -- which is a term seems both accurate and clear.

    Anybody who called himself an educator is a person who would call a garbageman a Surplus Commodities Disposal Engineer.

  5. I'm not going to waste my money on the Telegraph...but I would ask did they even once mention the word health or Dr. Cleary or her report?'s interesting to me that these pro shale gas people aren't pro health as well and seem to ignore that our Chief Officer of public health has outlined a few ways to protect we'll just worry about perfume...know how many people I've treated for perfume anaphylaxis or adverse perfume effects of any kind?

  6. VERY ironic that climate change was on the front page...But then again this life is just a small wave in the sea of eternity and camels don't fit through needles too well I'm told. They can ponder that in the Irving chapel as they mock those of us concerned about climate change and fossil fuels. If we can put people on the moon etc , we can figure out a better way...but like the Johnny Cash song "It's goin by the book"...indeed it is...

  7. oh, he did mention health and Dr. Cleary - but in such a way that she seems to have said it's okay to go ahead.
    And it's quite possible he's stupid enough to believe that's what she said. This one is a textbook example of a ranter.