Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A brief appendix for the blog of June 12....

It is still June 12. I have just returned from several hours of being cold and wet. I did not see a reporter from the Times and Transcript there - though I did look and ask. But it doesn't matter since Tand T reporters are trained to see only what they are told to see. And I know what they're told to see: so I think I can write tomorrow's (July 13) front page story for them. Something like this....

Yesterday, a crowd of durnken and cocaine ravaged dissolutes terrified children at Edith Cavell school when they gathered in Victoria Park to urinate on the flower gardens before surging through the streets to Moncton City Hall, leaving not a virgin intacto in that whole district of the city.

As they passed the offices of the TandT, they were served best wishes and cups of hot chocolate by a beaming Norbert Cunningham assisted by managing editor Al Hogan, both dressed in fetching tu-tus and standing, as we say in ballet, au point.

That's when we learned they had no reporter to cover the anti-fracking march. All of them had been  assigned to cover an inspirational prayer meeting of fracking CEOs being held at the Irving Chapel. The service was led by one of the clergy who writes for the TandT Faith page. The message was from Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it shall be given unto you."

Then, God and His/Her angels were named to join Mr. Irving in the New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame.

The closing hymn was that old favourite,
"And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon NB's fracking slime...."

(It was really a good and spirited turnout on such an utterly miserable day. But, oh, I shall never feel warm and dry again.)


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