Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May28: "Metro employers tolerant of tattoos"

That's front page news for the Irving Press. I cannot think of any serious, half-serious, or even comic newspaper carrying such a story on any page. But the Irving Press does this routinely. Why? It wants you to be trivial, to be uninformed, to be uncaring. That makes things so much easier for the boss.

For that matter, I was a little dozey yesterday. I didn't notice that a big story was missing. On Saturday, there was a demonstration at city hall to draw attention to the threat posed by Monsanto. It has become the big kid on the block in gettiing control of the agriculture market all over the world - with seed whose effect on existing plant life is unknown, with extra costs for farmers...and this in a world which is approaching a food crisis. (Hey! Why be coy? We are in a food crisis now. And Monsanto has us by our necks.)

The demo, by some 250 people, took place just a three minues walk from the TandT office. But I guess all the reporters were busy getting the scoop on tattoos.

C3 (NewsToday) has more sweet talk on the pipeline from Alberta to BC. One is a story about how tough the government will be on regulating the line. The other is all about a Senate committee which will be investigating the pipeline to be sure it's safe. In the case of the Senate committee, it's obvious from comments by the senators that their minds are made up. The investigation is just a travelling road show. And the story on pipelines really says nothing at all.
The editorials continue their relentless pimping for the events centre - with an interesting suggestion. The city, it says, should buy Highfield Square immediately - whether or not it plans to built an events centre.

Why? Are other buyers just waiting to sneak in and buy that valuable piece of contaminated land? And, if such plotting exists, shouldn't we let them buy it, let them put up something to revive the site, and let them pay for it?

This project has always had a strong smell of a deal to get the present owners off the hook, to sell worthless land at a healthy profit, and to do it before land prices fall.
On the editorial page, Alec Bruce and Norbert Cunningham offer opinions - and well-argued ones.
On op-ed, Alan Cochrane felt that the most important thing he had to tell the world was a cute story about a racoon. Is it really possible that the TandT staff-writers for op ed are as vacant as they seem to be?
Meanwhile, the US government is considering the idea of murder courts which would meet in secret to approve presidential requests to assassinate foreigners and Americans without charge or trial. Iraq, where the US and Britain killed over a million people to save them from Saddam Hussein, is still in ruins, is in a virtual civil war and on the edge of complete collapse. The war in Afghanistan, now over a decade long, will officially end soon though, in fact, UN and British troops will remain for at least another ten years while the country is run by a government which is the most corrupt in the world, will get billions in secret payoffs from the US, and encourages the world's largest opium production.

Nobody seems to have any idea why Bush started that war in the first place. Certainly, ten years of fighting have resulted in no progress whatever in establishing democracy or women's rights.

The NATO countries have agreed to supply weapons and money to the Syrian "rebels", most of whom are not Syrians. But a great many, including the strongest elements militarily, are those whose organizations are ones the US has labelled as terrorist. Brilliant.

And the US is making it a condition of peace talks that President Assad must leave. That will be tricky. Most expert opinion is that Assad has far the greatest popular support in Syria, and would win an election hands down. So -NATO is supporting what it has called the terrorist side against a moderate Moslem president, thus laying the groundwork for a severely moslem and militant Syria next to Lebanon and Israel.  Brilliant.

This will be a nice, matching bookend for Libya, where we killed people to establish a democracy, and where the real result is a country of high levels of violence, and no real government at all.

The US is now hinting at direct military intervention in Syria. Great! After all these years of George Bush's "war on terra-rism", "terra-rists" are more numerous, more organized, and militarily more powerful than they ever have been. And it has just become worse under Obama Bush. When will it occur to somebody that we are encouraging Moslem "Terrorism" with our century of Christian "terrorism".

Meanwhile, China and Russia have quite realized the purpose of all this - to control as much as possible of world oil supply, to monopolize the resources of Africa, and to establish a military dominance over the world (including China and Russia). And, obviously, China and Russia have decided to draw their own lines in the sand. It's now or never. And Syria is the flash-point.

You know, that could affect even Moncton. Luckily, we have established an atmosphere of toleration and good will to help us deal with any fallout. Moncton tolerate tattoos.

 (Does that include Crandall University?)



  1. On the subject of Libya, Gaddafi and current government scandals in Canada, I made the following comments on Buckdog's site.


    The web of intrigue, corruption and crime surrounding Harper's Conservatives grows ever wider.

    Arthur Porter, former head of McGill University Health Centre mega-hospital in Montreal, appointed by Prime Minister Harper three years ago to head this wathchdog agency charged with overseeing the spying and intelligence gathering activities of the CSIS, fled Montreal for Panama accompanied by his wife in late 2011, carrying with him $ 22.5 million in funds embezzled from the hospital, presumably the proceeds of fraud involving bribes from co-conspirators SNC-Lavalin. The former spy agency watchdog and spouse, charged with crimes ranging from fraud to conspiracy to commit government fraud to laundering the proceeds of a crime, have since been arrested in Panama on charges of fraud against the Quebec government.

    As for the other co-conspirators in this alleged widespread conspiracy and fraud, SNC-Lavalin, ostensibly one of the largest engineering firms not only in Canada, but with a global reach, responsible for projects such as the James Bay Project and construction of Highway 407 in Ontario, it would appear from media reports that engineering projects were only a sideline for this company, much more actively engaged in spying, international political conspiracy and intrigue, bribery, money-laundering, smuggling and military adventures involving former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, than the CSIS whose activities Arthur Porter was charged with monitoring.

    CBC news reported in February 2012 that "one of the people accused in an alleged plot to smuggle members of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s family to Mexico was with an SNC-Lavalin executive when police took her into custody".

    The CBC news report further reports that hapless SNC-Lavalin operative Cyndy Vanier, "who set up the meeting that Roy and Huerta attended, has been jailed since she was taken into custody on Nov. 10. She along with two Mexicans and a Danish citizen are all accused of a list of offences including attempted human trafficking, involvement in organized crime and falsification of documents."

    Now it is not altogether clear whether SNC-Lavalin were simply hired help and minions of the Gaddafi regime, or whether Gaddafi himself was on the SNC-Lavalin payroll. SNC Lavalin are reported to have hired Gaddafi's son, Saadi Gaddafi, as consultant overseeing projects in the Middle East. SNC-Lavalin did host Saadi Gadaffi in Canada for three months in 2008, providing, among other things, a security team to protect him, and went so far as to sponsor and submit Gaddafi's application for immigration to Canada at the same time as the aborted human smuggling operation into Mexico.

    Running a covert criminal operation along the same lines as Prime Minister Harper's PMO, SNC-Lavalin knows when it's time to bail and sacrifice a few lackeys to ward off further RCMP pursuit.

    Thus the National Post reported in February 2012:

    "A pair of SNC-Lavalin executives who had been linked to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saadi Gaddafi, have lost their jobs, the Montreal-based engineering and construction firm announced Thursday night."
    "In a brief news release, SNC-Lavalin said Riadh Ben Aissa, a Tunisian-Canadian who served as executive vice-president, and his accountant, Stephane Roy, were no longer employed by the company."

    There is a chain of corruption, fraud and criminal conspiracy extending from SNC-Lavalin to Arthur Porter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and we have yet to see what further RCMP investigation or testimony before the Quebec commission of enquiry into corruption and fraud in Quebec may reveal.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write this thorough, if chilling, account. And we are, as you hint, seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

    On a personal note, Arthur Porter and SNC-Lavalin have added a note of personal insult to the general injury of this affair. The new, super-hospital in Montreal, is being built on what was the farm of Jean Decarie, my many times great grandfather, who arrived here from France about 1650.