Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29: Blog post no. 1,000...

...And I had no idea what I was getting into.

The TandT is its normal self, with a big first page photo of a cat up for adoption, and a big story how it's still possible to rent movies. Oh, and shale gas representatives cancelled a meeting with a town council because they feared for their personal safety should anti-shale gas people show up. What a coincidence!

Anti-shale gas people fear for their personal safety if shale gas exploration goes on - but I haven't seen a story about that.

On balance, the cat story is the only one worth reading in Section A.

C12(NewsToday) has a full colour picture suitable for framing of David Alward smiling at the camera with five members of the Lions Club. I have no idea why.

The NewsToday section has, as usual, very little news, and that seemingly chosen at random. There is no mention of the fact that Harper is now trying to sneak through a bill which will effectively give him control over CBC programming - especially news and commentary. What a delight!

We, who now get only the news and opinion that Irving wants us to get in the press, and much the same from his brothers in spirit who own most of radio, TV and other newspapers, will soon lose the only independent news source we have to get whatever Harper wants us to know - not much.

Not a word about this in the paper. Of course not. The TandT would be the last in the world to see anything wrong with journalists being reduced to pimps by the boss. Nor will we see an editorial about it. There is no editorial writer in Brunswick Press who has the integrity, guts  (or brains) to write anything Mr. Irving would not want to see. Take a look at today's editorial.

It rants at the gas tax. Okay. That's an easy target. But notice who he puts the blame on.

He doesn't blame the rich whose tax avoidance is notorious. He doesn't blame the rich who milk us for every government favour possible, who eat up millions every year in grants, interest-free loans, and other special deals. He blames the government for spending too much.

Hey! The government? Isn't Mr. Irving, by his own announcement, a member of the government? Isn't he the one who appointed the financial advisors to the minister of finance? And if costs are so high, isn't it because of the demands he makes, and the tax breaks he gets?

But there's no hope anybody in Brunwick Press would ever say such a thing. Mr. Irving wouldn't like it, and he'd slap their little bottoms. So they fall back on the prejudice you can always sell to the more gullible members of the public Duh, yeah. government too big. Wastes money. Duh.

Yeah. And who the hell do those people think is really the government in this province?
The news needs opinion, analysis and discussion. Without those, it's just scraps of information that have no meaning. We don't get that opinion, analysis and discussion in the editorial - ever.

To their credit, Norbert Cunningham and Alex Bruce do offer it - Norbert sometimes, Alec usually. But even they have never written a word that might offend Mr. Irving.

On op ed page, a key page for analysis and discussion, all we get from Brian Cormier, Eric Lewis, Rod Allen and other staff writers on that page is twaddle, sentimental tidbits, personal aneccotes and doggie-woggie stories.

Now, it's quite possible they are as empty-headed as their columns suggest they must be. Perhaps they don't really understand anything about the news. If so, they should be reassigned to duties they can understand - and be issued brooms.

The stories about mayor Ford, Duffy, and the Montreal political scandals are not just titillating gossip. These could create some very serious problems, indeed. As well, I have seen no sign of any discussion of the court ruling that Harper's Conservatives were guilty of wide-scale fraud in the last election. The only reason the election wasn't overturned is because of the impossibility of proving whether the fraud affected the general outcome.

But the bottom line is that we have a federal government which is making fundamental changes to this country; and there is every possibility it did not win even a minority government status in the election. It also, with other events, suggests that Harper is thoroughly anti-democratic, and may be guilty of criminal activity.

This is the man who is sending more people to jail unless, of course, they have social and political connections - like Duffy and Mulroney.

The war in Syria, of which we get little information and that usually in a choice of words calculated to appeal to prejudice, has the potential to blow up into the most dangerous war the world has ever seen. And, even if "our side" wins, the danger of a general blow up will still remain. (And it will be impossible for Canada not to be involved.)

Any deep thoughts on that...Rod? Brian? Eric? Anybody?



  1. The Ford scandal, for instance, is no longer an issue of whether or not a video exists which purportedly reveals that the mayor has a drug problem and associates with known drug dealers, but has become a scandal in which the mayor's office is accused of obstructing an ongoing homicide investigation, in which the mayor's staff withheld information from the Toronto Police pertaining to their knowledge of the location of the crime scene and the individuals involved, as such admission would have been politically damaging to the mayor. Public knowledge of such obstruction is even more politically damaging for a mayor who campaigned on a Conservative "law and order" platform.

    The mayor's chief of staff was fired by Rob Ford for doing his job and reporting the matter to police, and was followed shortly thereafter by Ford's press secretaries who tendered their resignation. Ford replaced his staff losses by hiring football buddies whose qualification for the job appears to be protecting the mayor from media.

    While the video itself may turn out to be a fake, the allegations made in such video may turn out to be well founded, and apparently resulted in the death of those who produced the video.

    Given Harper's close personal and political ties to mayor Ford, he may not prove himself capable of sheltering himself from the political fallout of such scandal, combined with multiple other concurrent political scandals.

  2. Congrats on your 1000th posting for truth Graeme!

    I'm a day late commenting since this is more applicable to your post of yesterday.

    Regarding Monsanto. It's very noticeable how most of the mainstream media sources are refusing to report on the world-wide phenomenon of May 25th's global 'March Against Monsanto'. Did CBC report on it?

    Also, James Corbett shares much info in this (10 minute) video compiling how much of terrorism has been created and supported by the trilateral union of the U.S., Britain, and Israel in order to steal natural resources from weaker nations, as well as their democratic elections.