Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9: Part 2

I can't believe I did anything so stupid as to erase a whole blog just as I was finishing it. And this is the third time it's happened.

April 9: Part 1 is the flyer distributed by MP John Williamson of St. John. It is a bigoted attack on native peoples - strongly insinuating they are stealing our money and squandering it. In fact:
1. It is not our money. It is theirs - under treaty rights that our governments signed but have never fully honoured.
2. For a Conservative MP to say that native peoples lack democracy and openess in their work is particularly appalling coming from a member of this federal Conservative government.
3. Despite Williamson's insinuations, the average chief is not living high at Monte Carlo on his salary. The average salary for a chief is barely over $35,000 a year --a lot less than than we pay clowns like Williamson for spreading malice and bigotry.
4. If you look at the small print in a box on that flyer, you will notice it admits that most First Nations do operate with honesty and openess. (Which is more than I can say for most of our governments).  But who reads find print on a flyer like this? The fine print is just Williamson covering his unattractive rear end.

This flyer is disgusting. So why is it out there?

Well, there's a big bigot vote in Canada. As well, Harper can use this as an excuse to cut funds so severely as to make some reserves unlivable for lack of sanitation, power, housing, even food. Then Harper can take them over, and open them up to his mineral and oil development friends who can do as they please. After all, Harper has already wiped out most of our environmental protection laws.
Who can explain it? readership for this blog is strong and growing. But this is about a small, Moncton newspaper? It has a big Moncton readership. But it has a slightly bigger American readership. Why on earth is that? I must be being monitored by all domestic espionage posts in the US.
There's nothing of significance in secton A. There is, though, an amusing story on A2. It seems the polls rate our Mr. Alward as the premier with the second highest approval rating in Canada. His approval rating is 42%, about the same as his Liberal opponent, and only slightly ahead of the NDP. At 42%, he's a loser. But we can be proud he's the best loser in a field of real stinkers. (The only premier in Canada with majority approval is Wall of Saskatchewan.)

There's also the mandatory story that shale gas is good for you. That comes from Mr. Ashfield, our federal minister of several things. He closes with this gem of insight,

"That's what sustainable development means----it's development, but done in a sustainable way."

He also says those who oppose shale gas are too emotional. Damn right. Tell you what, Mr. Ashfield, you get up there on a stage in front of us screaming radicals, down a few cocktails of the harmless chemicals used in fracking, and that'll just show us how silly we are.

There's really zip in section A. This is a newspaper designed to keep us ignorant of whatever is going on.
Newstoday has huge coverage of Margaret Thatcher's death. Huge. It's overdone. and much of it is wrong.
1. She is credited with making Britain prosperous by cutting taxes for the rich, breaking unions, cutting social services, and cutting business regulations.
There is no mention that oil prices skyrocketed during her term - which created a boom for British wells in the North Sea. That's what created the prosperity.
Her heritage is what we're seeing now - a country in which the gap between rich and poor is one of the biggest in the world, the rate of poverty has hit record levels, and the banks, in particular, are up to their ears in scandal.
It has all been made even worse because the PMs who followed her, including the "socialist" Tony Blair, followed her policies. In fairness, though, it did make Tony Blair a multi-millionaire and successful war criminal.
2. She also gets the usual ignorant praise for the miltary victory over Argentina in the case of the Falklands war. That was brilliance. But the brilliance was in the British military, not in Thatcher. The military had barely enough resources for the job because Thatcher had cut its budget so far - and was still cutting it to please her rich friends. If the Argentines had waited just a few months, it's quite likely that it would not have been possible for Britain to defend the Falklands.
The Business Page has a decent story on the Royal Bank and its use of "temporary" foreign workers to replace Canadians. Actually, it's clear now that Harper has been encouraging this illegal procedure on a grand scale. Some sources suggest there are 300,000 such workers now in Canada, with 190,000 coming every year.

They are often trained here (by Canadians doing the job - and who will now be laid off). Then the temps go back to their native countries, and the jobs are oursourced to them at a much lower wage. We lose jobs. We lose tax revenue. And our growing unemployment makes it easy for employers to lower wages here, as well.

Thank you Mr. Harper. And God bless the CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada.
The lead editorial is a disgusting attack on people who oppose a Moncton "events centre". This comes from a paper which has consistently been a propaganda agent for the centre, and has largely discouraged any serious discussion of it.

Alec Bruce has an intriguing column on how to deal with the problems of rural New Brunswick. This is well worth a read.

Norbert is back to delivering one of his "what if the moon were made of green cheese?" columns.

Gwynne Dyer rather shook me. I have always trendily been opposed to genetically-engineered crops. But Dyer makes a strong case for them. Worth thinking about.

I did it. It's finished. And it's still here.


  1. "He also says those who oppose shale gas are too emotional. Damn right. Tell you what, Mr. Ashfield, you get up there on a stage in front of us screaming radicals, down a few cocktails of the harmless chemicals used in fracking, and that'll just show us how silly we are."

    Hahahaha love it.
    Yes, it's getting pretty pathetic how the Tories are trying to "demonize" the opposition, stating that "opposition to the EI reform only comes from ridings that don't have tory MP's". That is a ridiculous argument if I ever heard one. What makes me sad is that many people in NB who aren't educated will believe this crap...

  2. Can you believe this? What are these people thinking? -(If you already mentioned this Graeme, I missed it so please forgive me)

    On March 26, Colchester County, Nova Scotia gave approval to Atlantic Industrial Services to discharge 4.5 million litres of fracking wastewater into The Bay of Fundy!

    The wastewater is currently being stored at its Debert facility. A total of 15 million litres of toxic water is being held at the site.

    Read their letter, sign it and send it! It seems there is only a couple of days left before this is to take place?


  3. I didn't know about this. Thank you.
    How reassuring it is to know that Alward will store the billions of litres of waste water in huge, underground tanks that will never, never leak! it's so nice to know we have leaders we can trust.

  4. ...and can you believe Royal Bank of Canada's chief Gordon Nixon was awarded a desperately needed 25% bonus increase this year to a cool $12.6 million.

    Base salary around $1.5 million, and a bonus of $11.1 million.

    The more people he replaces, the more bonus money he makes!

    It's like laughing all the way to the bank!