Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3: Truth is stranger than fiction....

....and far less believable.

A century ago, we were preparing to fight World War One, the biggest war yet. The war ended in chaos for both winners and losers with rampant inflation, shortages, hardships... It was a result that destroyed the Conservative party of Sir Robert Borden. and set up the long dominance of Mackenzie-King and his Liberals.

The war had been fought with normal, peacetime economic practices. We learned that you cannot do that in a war. The war disruption of an economy causes shortages and inflation, destroying economies and forcing nations into economic chaos.

The answer was obvious; and every warring nation remembered that lesson in World War Two. Governments intervened heavily in the economies to control prices and supply. The result, for Canada, was that economic conditions on the home front actually improved during the war.And at the end of it, Canada did not fall back into depression but was launched on on a decades-long period of prosperity and growth. Most Canadians cheered big government and its controls.

But, oh, big business hated it. Big business didn't want controls. It didn't want big government. It didn't want government at all. Big business wanted to BE government.

That's why it set up its "think-tanks" to spread propaganda. That's why it encouraged columnists it owned in the news media it owned to chant, "Government too big. Small government better." And Canadians (and American and others) forgot that government was something they could control. The alternative was big business which they could not control.

The first step of big business was to destroy the power of government by destroying democracy. In the US that was done largely by making elections so expensive that candidates could win only with the support of big business - and of the news media that big business owned. That's why only two parties have any chance of winning an American election - and, for all the hype about their differences, both are the same. Obama is Bush. Indeed, in extending his legal powers of ordering assassination or imprisonment without charge or trial, Obama has gone further than Bush.

The decline of democracy, and the rise of American oppression in Central America, the middle east, and Vietnam was covered by encouraging a super-patriotism based on hysteria and hatred. The Soviet Union and China served well for this purpose. Later, Moslems would serve just as well in creating acceptance of wars of aggression, of torture, of presidential powers of assassination, mass murder of civilians. Americans now live in a police state, with the most widespread  domestic spying system in history. Many Americans, citizens of the most powerful country in the world and the most difficult to attack, feel they are under constant threat of attack by tiny nations with almost no military power - and for no reason at all. Why, them there people's just evil.

Under Harper, Canada is moving in the same direction. Fast. We have already turned over Canadians to be tortured. We already use the domestic spying agencies to report to big business on 'shit-disturbers' like opponents of shale gas.American police are now free to operate in Canada. Watch for more. Soon.

Another big help in destroying democracy is free trade. Harper is about to conclude a free trade deal with China which will allow Chinese Irvings to exploit Canadian resources - without coming under Canadian law. Anything Canada does that might affect profits (tightening environmental rules, for example, if the Chinese operations should prove damaging to land and lives) would be illegal. The Chinese could take us to court (for secret hearings) to any court in the world - say, in China - to demand billions for real or imagined loss of profits.

In effect, Harper plans to sign away the right of Canadians to govern their own country.

That sort of thing is common in free trade deals. In fact, the major purpose of free trade is to destroy the right of any country to govern its own society. Kiss democracy goodbye. This is not something that is going to happen. This is something that has happened.

As well, of course, big business gets the right to ignore the welfare of Canada. It can export jobs, creating recession here, and enabling it to lower our wages and to destroy our benefit programmes - all to the cheers of the propaganda press like Brunswick News.

Meanwhile, we are engaged in wars that have nothing to do with terrorists or Islam or bringing democracy to the world - or even helping little girls go to school.

What's going on in Africa, for example, is an attempt by the US with the help of Britain and France, to reconquer the old empires that were broken in World War Two. The long term objective is to plunder their resources, cheaply, at the price of environmental and social destruction. We've done it before. This is just history repeating itself.

But this time, the objective is bigger. It's world dominance. That's why Canadians died in Afghanistan. Most of the wars of big business have been disasters. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya - all killed uncounted millions of innocent people, created millions of orphans (can you imagine the horror of an Iraq in chaos trying to cope with just the number of orphans in that country? Can you imagine the hatred that this is causing?)

Vietnam was lost, despite the slaughter of uncounted millions and the poisoning of the land. Iraq, with its million dead, is on the edge of collapse; Afghanistan is lost; Libya, the one we bombed to bring democracy, is in turmoil, and has become a major source of recruitment for Moslem jihadists.

Hey. I said our big business leaders are greedy and destructive. I never said they were smart. In fact, they have proven utterly and tragically incompetent as rulers. -though this has not yet and never will dent their formidable egos.

But if we don't have democratic governments any more, who will govern us?

Easy. People like Henry Ford and Edison and other business leaders were discussing this a century ago.They would govern. After all, they were, well, they were Henry Ford and Edison... They would govern the whole world. Yes. That was the answer. Nations were a nuisance. World government by big business. That was the answer. (Ford and many of his friends would later   switch their enthusiasm and their millions to support a promising young fellow who was struggling for power in Germany. His name was Adolph Hitler.)

The discussion still goes on. It was the business page of the TandT on March 1 or 2 that had the article on how the European powers would like Canada to deregulate its banks - to free them from government control, just like those wonderful banks in the US that created the recession, just like the big, British bank that was laundering money for Mexican drug lords and for Al Quaeda. The idea behind this is that bankers should rule the world.

There are organizations that meet regularly to discuss questions like this. Most are very secretive. By invitation only. Of course, their secrecy attracts many a crackpot conspiracy theorist - and these come from all sides of the political spectrum. I have no idea whether there is any merit in any of these conspiracy theories.

But it is known that these groups exist to discuss questions like who should rule the world. We do know their discussions are secret. We do know that while national leaders are invited - usually for only one-shot appearances - the regulars are people associated with big business and banking.

One of these groups is called Bilderberg Group, founded to establish a "new world order". A frequent attender of its meetings is Frank McKenna of New Brunswick. Doesn't that make you proud?

When questioned about this on TV, he dismissed it with a some joking words, and said he goes just because he gets to meet interesting people. Maybe. But these meetings are by invitation only. and he is a banker. I don't think Mr. McKenna is being invited just to meet interesting people.

But you gotta admit. At the end of the day, good ol' Frank is always everybody's best friend.

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  1. 'Project for a New American Century'; and 'Africom' will surely destroy Africa, and much else.

    The Bilderberg Group seems a strange, open secret, though I've never come across absolute verbatim what is actually discussed there.

    I suppose one can imagine the scope of the general discussions or private pacts formed if one wants to get all 'conspiracy theorist nutty.'

    But, isn't it interesting how simply doing your duty as a thinking citizen in a supposed democracy and attempting to safeguard those ideals can get you labeled as a radical?

    George Orwell's '1984' could've been titled '2004' or '2014'.