Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 6: Northrop Frye - A threat to Canadians....

Yes,the dirty truth is out. Northrop Frye, the most distinguished product of Moncton was a common, filthy traitor. That's why the RCMP shadowed him and investigated him for years. They still have a big file on him. And they got some pretty strong evidence for their suspicions.

He was opposed to the war in Vietnam.

He had friends in the NDP.

That made him a shit disturber for the rich, and a prime example of a situation in which the police no longer enforce the law equally for all or, indeed, enforce it at all. The function of the police is to keep an eye on anybody that the rich and the powerful don't like. The function of the police is to compose long lists of names - names to be watched, and perhaps more than that.

Americans are on such lists by the millions  (and, never kid yourselves), many Canadian are on those American lists.

Those lists, as we have now learned, are shared and discussed with corporate leaders, the rich and the powerful, so they can take steps to smear and discredit those  who are in their way. We're watching it now with the Idle No More movement. First Nations are in the way of our oil and other resource industries. Big oil wants them destroyed.

Big oil can count on the cooperation of Harper. And so we bring together government, big money, - and police and CSIS - to mount a campaign of rumour and innuendo and propaganda against the Idle No More movement, a campaign supported by most Canadian news media, especially Sun News.

They all come together as one - the politicians, the corporation bosses, the regular police in the RCMP, and the secret police of CSIS. This is precisely what Mussolini, il duce, had in mind when he started his Fascist party in Italy. This is precisely what Mr. Irving foolishly and unconstitutionally proclaimed when he publicly announced he was in coalition with the government.

The US is further down that road than we are. But Harper is stepping things up with an agreement to coordinate Canadian and US activities in this field. Indeed, American police are already active in Canada, making lists.

(Don't look for t his story in The Moncton Times and Transcript. It appeared yesterday on CBC. You know, the one Norbert says is not very good.)
Health Minister Flemming is clashing again with doctors, this time the ones at the Dumont who say the system he is imposing on them is wasteful and inefficient. They're pretty unhappy with it.

Flemmings loutish response was that he was not in the happiness business; he was in the health business. (This was not quoted in the TandT). And, by inference, the doctors would do what he told them to.

Take a good look at Flemming. This is the portrait of a loud-mouthed and not very bright bully of the sort encouraged in the world of big business. It works in a business world full of loud mouthed and not very bright bullies. It doesn't work when dealing with professionals in a public programme.

In effect, Mr. Flemming is talking to you and me. And he's saying, "screw off".

There's not much else in the paper. Alec Bruce is a good read. On op-ed, Eric Lewis picks a good topic. Too bad he knows nothing about it. And the chief of fluff in the paper, Brian Cormier, wastes space telling us yet more about a moment in his uninteresting life.

Surprisingly, and shockingly even for the miserable Irving press, there is no mention of the City Council meeting on Monday evening. Gee. There seems to have been some pretty important information in there about the decision to buy land on a distant development, and to move a downtown high school to it. It's a deal that had a smell to it from the start and, so far as I can tell, smelt even worse after a report given at that meeting. (Lacking a written report, I know only the general outline of what was said.)

Now, this deal smells even more. Something highly improper, corrupt, and likely illegal is going on here. City Council is part of it. The provincial government is part of it. It has all the same smell that hangs over the 'events' centre.

All provinces have some corruption. Ottawa has a lot of corruption. But New Brunswick has something lower than corruption It has sleaze. It has sleaze that hangs over every part of the province, and reaches down to every level. Other provinces have corruption. But they also have islands of honesty. New Brunswick has a sleaze that reaches down into almost everything one can touch. And the great defender of that sleaze is the Irving Press.

TheMoncton Times is not just ignorant, biased, and lying. It's also soaked in sleaze.

You wonder why young people leave this province? Well, that smog of sleaze has a lot to do with it.

In other unreported news, a dyamite report from Canada's Environment Commissioner and auditor of Candian environment regulations. This, too, was on CBC news yesterday but did not reach the ears of the happy gang at the TandT.

He says it is not possible to draw up regulations for safe, shale gas explorations. Governments don't even know what all the toxic substances used in the process are. In a province, we are talking of millions of litres of toxic substances. And we don't even know what they are, let alone what effect combinations of them will have.

In other words, when Mr. Alward tells us that it will all be perfectly safe because he will have adequate regulations in place, then he is either a liar or a fool. It  could very likely be extremely dangerous to us and our province. But you can bet the gas company bosses don't give a damn.

Oh, that vast lake, Lake Winnipeg, has just been named the world's most threatened lake. Thank you for removing all those fresh water environmental controls, Mr. Harper. You're a good man.

Another oh, a British TV channel has announced it is running a documentary about the royal family - you know - Charlie, Liz... It's no secret that the family had an ancestor way back who was hiding behind the door when brains were passed out. That helps to explain Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, King George V, Queen Victoria, etc.

Less known are those who were born more severely afflicted, and who would have been a public embarrassment. It seems the practice for them has been to place them in asylums in remote places, then to ignore them and to deny they exist. Such cases  have happened fairly recently.

According to the documentary, members of the family never visit them, and do not attend their funerals.

Isn't it just wonderful about Harry and Kate? I'm so excited.

I sure hope it's a - you know - normal baby.


  1. Another very interesting piece of news that didn't make the Times today :

  2. A news item that kind of slipped through the cracks is declining sales (revenue) from NB's liquor sales outlets.

    I guess, if you tax your customers unreasonably, they will go away? (or somewhere else?)

    (I'd much prefer: that the population got a BIG dose of common sense, but I'll not hold my breath.)

  3. I'm starting to get worried (as in REALLY worried).
    Today's sales pitch:

    "J.D. Irving Ltd. plans to hire 6,500 people"
    (in smaller print underneath)
    "Irving will be seeking more than 2,700 new employees in New Brunswick"