Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan1: For the first time......

I cannot find a single, kind word about this whole trivial, lying, ignorant, propagandistic and generally wretched issue of the Moncton Times  and Transcript.

The front page has a big story that the TandT name Mayor Leblanc the city's newsmaker of the year. Why he was named isn't clear. Can it be because he didn't tell us that he was negotiating to buy a Highland Square that is contaminated and will cost unguessed millions to clean up? Isn't that hiding the news more than making it? Can it because he agreed to move Moncton High out of town in order to make life easier for the Royal Oaks developers?
The top story of the year was that the events centre made great strides.  What great strides? The story doesn't really say.

There's another top story that on-street parking on Main has been a big success. The story gives no reason for believing that.

A6 has a story that retail is booming with even Main St."showing signs of life." That's one hell of a  far cry from a front page story of just a week ago that Main St. was a huge success. So when do we see the figures on main street shopping?

A6 also has a story on shale gas which does not even mention opposition to it. Energy Minister Craig Leonard said the industrial activity will be safe. Thank you , Dr. Leonard. Now will you please explain the errors made by the province's chief medical officer when she said it might not be safe? And please explain why you chose, instead, to accept the word of another Ude M fink of no medical qualifications whatever?

NewsToday has a lead story that good economic days lie ahead. The bearer of good news is Dr. Savoie of Ude M, a man who never had a opinion that Irving would not applaud. It tells us Dr. Savoie is nationally famous. Hint- if somebody is nationally famous you don't have to say so. And if you have to say so, then he ain't.

And the poverty rates in NB are dropping. Yes. Yes. Well. It depends. If you look at recent years, it's getting worse. But if you pick a magic year like, say, 34 years ago, then things are getting better. Really, even by TandT standards that's pretty blatant lying.

And, sigh, Alec Bruce. Alec, capitalism does not create jobs. Jobs are created by resources and labour. What capitalism does it make sure the capitalists get the major share of the profits. Worse, capitalism itself no longer exists except at the level of the small entrepreneur. Big capital makes its way by its powerful influence to get get gifts from government (and and me). We are now at a point at which big business and government are so intertwined that democracy of any meaningful sort has ceased to exist.

What exists now is a government in which some people are elected, and some are there simply because they represent big money. (Like the business execs who advise Alward and Harper on economic matters.) Worse, these people, for all their arrogance, are commonly just quite stupid and greedy. That stupidity and greed have destroyed American society - with consequences we can scarcely guess at.

They have have created a US that is so far in decline, that it will soon be of no use even to them. They have pretty much destroyed the constitution, the concepts of rights and freedom. Harper will follow because he's one of the same breed. (hint - that soft, smiling confidence is a sign that here is a man who understands little, but who thinks he understands it all because he believes in an  ideology.

When  whole province will accept news as trashy and lying as the Irving press, then there isn't quite time to wake up. Just getting some real opposition into the NB legislature would be a big help. This is last chance time. If in the next election, New Brunswick simply trades Conservative turkeys for Liberal turkeys, then we're had it.


  1. "This is last chance time."

    Sadly, as I almost desperately am casting about for a better "place to be", I *think* it is too late. These folks are dead from the a-hole up.

    Ok, OK... let's put a positive spin on things:

    I pray to God that this place can hang on for another year, or two, just long enough for me to get sold up and gone.

  2. 'The Moncton Agents of Disinformation' (the MT&T) are at it again!

    It's a shame they can't understand just how transparent they appear!