Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jan. 4:a delay on Jan. 3.........

I'm actually beginning this on the night of Jan. 3. I didn't write a blog earlier today. It was partly because I was just too ill with this flu. But it wasn't just that. It was the quality of the Jan. 3 Times and Transcript. I was so blandly bad that I just couldn't criticize it. It would be like criticizing a dachsund for being messy in using the toilet.

It wasn't all bad. Jody Dallaire was in good form. So were Alec Bruce and Norbert Cunningham. But Rod Allen continued with his illusions that a)anybody cares what he does in his spare time and that b)he is a terribly, terribly witty writer. The editorial was on snow clearing safety, a subject on which there has already been a major article and, I believe, another editorial. Meanwhile, some kind of important things have been going on in the world.

Africa is close to exploding. Jihadist Moslems are building power across the continent, often with the close help, money, weaponry, mercenaries of our friends in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Turkey. If the "rebels" win, expect them to make a grab for a chemical weapons stockpile alleged to be held in that country. Also expect a carnival of looting and killing that will dispose of any moderate Moslems and Christians.

Libya, the country in which we provoked and abetted a civil war pretending we were acting on humanitarian grounds is so dangerous that foreign nationals are advised to stay away.

The US is responding to the chaos that is overwhelming the continent by stationing more troops there - a move which nicely ignores the fact that western interference is what has caused the chaos in the first place. The TandT story on Syria is the usual daily details which no sense of potential this has for a major war that could go nuclear.

The Canadian papers in general are no whizzes. But most of them have realized the Idle No More movement of native peoples is a major national story - and becoming a major international one. The Moncton Times and Transcript at last noticed it on Jan.2 with a brief and not very informative report. Today, it ran almost the same report again.

Look, kids, there are people who live right here in New Brunswick who are First Nations people. They are deeply involved in the Idle No More movement. Didn't any editor have the wit to contact them for their views? Wasn't there even a cub reporter who wondered if there were any problems in NB?

But that just sank me into thinking about the ethical and moral rot that marks the economic, political and journalism leadership of this province. Nor is it just here. Others have already noted it as characteristic of the whole western world. The lack of any noticeably ethical and moral principles has led us well down in the collapse of the western empires that ruled the world for five hundred years. That same lack of principle has destroyed capitalism itself.

And the politicians, most of them, and the journalists have been the servile, crawling things. And we have been, too. We have accepted the normalcy of our immoral society. These maggots who feed on us are our creation.

I can understand an Irving being greedy enough and foolish enough to want more money so badly he would risk lives and earth and water themselves in order to get that money. After all, rich people, like all of us, are entitled to be stupid. But what motivates politicians to be so base they would ignore the warnings of our own  chief health officer, and put lives at risk? How low and/or stupid does one have to be to do that?

And how could any journalist be so unethical, so base, as to take part in this - to lie outright, to stupefy (as with the inanities of those staff writer 'opinion' columns).

And how sad it is that most of the province is too intellectually lazy, too short-sighted, too obedient and too supine to save their own lands, their own health, and their own children from this savagery.

There was a lot to criticize about the Jan. 3 Moncton Times and Transcript. But it just felt a waste of time to do it without thinking a little of the root cause of it all -   the profound moral and ethical rot in our society.

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  1. Paul Craig Roberts has a very serious take in his latest on the 'rot within'. He quotes important key events and dates, and how subsequent investigations continue to fall on deaf ears all around.

    5 million deaths have happened in the Congo alone due to in-fighting and to western mining companies et al.