Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec. 31: This is my third attempt at a blog...

haven't had regular night's sleep for four months, no sleep at all the last two nights, typos all over, and one hell of a cold. So we'll see.

I had hoped the Tand T would straighten out a lie it told before Christmas. This a story shopping was fantastic on main street, witih customers coming all t he way from Boston.

Okay. The season is over. Where are the figures- compared to St. George, Mountain and the Malls? How many cars did you see from Boston. I was on Main almost every day - and what i saw mostly was empty parking spaces. Why would the TandT lie? Well, it might have something to do with pimping for the events centre.

The Guardian, probaby the best newspaper in the world, carried a stunning story yesterday. Big business, government and the police in the US worked together to detroy he Occupy Wall Street movement. It was coordinated by theFBI who authorize the use of extreme and even illegal force.

After all, they wanted things like clean water. So that made them terrorists. Would corporations and big business and politicians in New Brusnwick do such a thing?

You have to ask.?

Gallant has come up with what it pleases him to call a political policy for the Liberal party. He will cooperate with the Conservatives. Big deal. The Libs and Cons always cooperate with whatever Mr. Irving wants.
Watch Gallant. He is the same old same old. From what he has said so far seems to have no idea what a political principal is. This is just another lawyer on the make.

He reminds me of the simple-mindedness of Alward. Remember the man who going to to listen. Sure. He would  listen to any sellout hewanted to. But not to the chief medical officer/

A woman in New York pushed a mad in front a a subway care because he "looked" Moslem. There's no reason to be surprised by that. American politics run on paranoia, fear and hatred. In that way they're like separatist politics in Quebec. There's no limit to how far you go with a culrture of fear and hatred - and it's straight down.

That's it. every world here has been typed three times. And I feel like hell.


  1. I also went down to Main Street just before Christmas to see the throngs of shoppers and saw only an empty street with two or three people on the sidewalk.

  2. Is there any "shopping" left on Main St.?

    LOTS of restaurants, a hotel, or two, but I don't recall ANY shopping (other than that big gift store and a news stand).

    So..... who are we kidding?