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Nov. 13: it's now 9:30 on Monday evening....

...I'm beginning the blog now because I want to make a guess at how the Moncton Times and Transcript will cover the General Petraeus story. Around the world, the best newspapers are emphasizing that it looks as though Petraeus was "asked" to resign, not because of any affair but because it would  get him out of telling about the lying that has been going on over US interference in Africa, notably Libya. In particular, it will save Obama from the severe criticism he might face for hiding the truth.

The worst media, like the supermarket tabs, are playing it for the sex angle.

The Moncton Times gets most of its national and international news from PostMedia and Reuters, both of them notorious bottom-feeders with a heavy bias that almost certainly is embraced by the owner of the Moncton Times.

My guess is that the Times and Transcript will play heavily on the sex angle. We'll see.
It's now 9:07 on Tuesday morning. And I wouldn't have believed it. But the Times and Transcript doesn't even rise to the level of the gossip mags. It doesn't have a word on General Petraeus. If the rest of the Irving press is just as bad, they will be among a very tiny minority of papers around the world to ignore this story.

Is it contempt for readers? Is it a hopelessly inept editorial staff? I note, too, that they have changed their agency for foreign news from Reuters to Associated Press. That's no great improvement. But I'm sure both of those agencies must have stories on the Petraeus matter. But, maybe the TandT editors, in their wisdom, have decided it's just not an important story. If so, they should tip off those lesser minds at the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, etc.

There is a space on the NewsToday page for such an international story. But it was needed for a picture of a man playing golf - in Moncton.

There is very little reason to even look at Section A. I wonder what happened to that flood of information about shale gas that both the government and the TandT promised us over a year ago?

I think it was on Saturday I expressed surprise that the TandT did not have a fourth story on inductees to the NB Business Hall of Fame. The first story, last week, was a general one on all three inductees. The next day, there was the same story all over again - but about just one of the inductees. The next day, there was a story about a second one. But there followed no story about the third inductee, the most important one. Today, they made it up with a big, big story and a colour photo of  "call me Jim" Irving, the man who owns most of the province, including its newspapers. And the story? You haven't seen gush until you've read this one.
Excellent column by Alec Bruce. It's about Vic Toews, a prime example of the third raters you get in a cabinet when you have a prime minister who is both an ideologue and an egomaniac who wants nobody of any intelligence or independence around him.
Norbert Cunningham offers an extraordinarily ignorant and heavily ideological rant. About two years ago, the TandT had a quite disgusting series of editorials about our public schools. It was ignorant, name-calling, vicious, and cowardly (since it was unsigned). I had a suspicion at the time that Norbert was the one who wrote it. Today's column is the clincher.

He throws around the word ideologue as if it were a swear word - seemingly not realizing that he is an ideologue - rather along the lines of the tea party supporters in the US.

He uses the words leftist and socialist always with derogatory adjectives. He wouldn't dare do that with rightist ideologues because he knows if he did,  his boss would pull down his diaper and slap his little, pink bottom.

He also makes sweeping statements about whole groups being socialist - when he cannot possibly know whether that is true. Indeed, my impression from this is that he doesn't know the meaning of either ideologue or socialist.

Leftist can't think? Can't do anything properly? Oh? Norbert, who the hell do you think introduced medicare to Canada? And have you noticed that it offers excellent medical care at less than half the cost of private medicine?

Sunday was Rememberance Day. Did it occur to you that the military is a socialist institution? Owned by the government? Did you rant about that on Sunday? Did you accuse the generals of being a bunch of socialists?
NB power is socialist. Were you in favour of selling it to Quebec Hydro? (which is also socialist.)

The arts community is leftist? I know that's a common message spread by people like you. But do you know people in that community? I've known a great many of them. And rather few had any political philosophy at all.

The protestors you denigrate are all wealthy socialist ideologues? How would you know they are either wealthy or socialist? They're in Britain. Can you see across the ocean?

Socialism has failed? Norbert, have you noticed that you live in a world in which capitalism has failed to distribute wealth, failed to discipline itself, has destroyed the world economy with its greed and corruption.
Norbert, if you had any brains at all, you would know that throughout history, no ism - right, left, or upside down - has ever worked all that well.

I don't "believe" in what you call left, right, socialism, communism, capitalism. They aren't religions. All will work under some conditions. None will work under all conditions. Sometimes you need one: sometimes you need a combination of them. Sometimes one becomes so destructive, it's essential to at least impose controls on it.

But you don't understand any of that Norbert. You're an ideologue, a true believer. You have the only true faith; and a very narrow one at that. All others are wrong - even if you've never met them, and don't know what you're talking about. You are exactly like those you spew hatred and ignorance at.

Kidding aside, Norbert, do you know what socialism and leftist and ideology mean? Do you even know the meaning of captialist? I really don't think you do.
The editorial is just silly. It's point appears to be that our food inspected system worked. There was it is true, a colossal failure to prevent the poisoning and delivery of meat on a continental scale. And the company was slow to act in response to the directions of food inspectors. But, says the editor, "the system worked."

That is an incredible statement. The meat was tainted. It was then spread all over North America. And the food processor was slow to deal with the problem.

That's the way the system is supposed to work? Where do they find these editorial writers?

Today is not a Pulitzer prize day for the Moncton Times and Transcript.

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