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August 22: Harry the Stripper

Harry the Stripper is a story that didn't make The Moncton Times and Transcript. After all it's role is to protect New Brunswickers from an evil world of unions and environmentalists and shale gas protestors -  and naked princes.

But you can get the story, with photos, in just about any newspaper in the world outside the Irving Empire Buckingham Palace has admitted the truth of it. I saw it on Pakistan TV; and youtube has a dozen sites showing Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, and apparently wrestling in the nude with another nude who appears (to the relief of Baptists around the world) to be female. In fact, they show a whole bunch of nudes playing strip billiards in Harry's luxury suite at Las Vegas.

Well, boys will be boys. But Harry is an expensive boy for British taxpayers who are facing severe austerity. His annual security bill, alone, is 120 million pounds. And taxpayers also get the tab for his expensive visit to Las Vegas.

The UK has been very lucky in having two monarchs in a row with intelligence and responsibility for their positions. But the moron gene in the family has been the dominant one for centuries.

Meanwhile, a minor gem on p. A 3, "Protestors battle police". The fighting has been going on for a year and a half in the emirate (dictatorship) of Bahrain - just as it has in the Kingdom (dictatorship) of Saudi Arabia. People have been killed in both. Why mention this?

1. These two dictatorships are our allies in "bringing democracy to the middle east".
2. These two dictatorships are major suppliers for the "rebels" in Syria. In fact, without their money, weapons, and mercenaries, there wouldn't be any fighting in Syria.
3. Alas, the protestors in Bahrain have no money or weapons. Nor have the US or the UK complained about what is happening to them.
4. Reuters makes it a point to suggest the protestors are getting help from Iran. Okay. So how come after 18 months they don't seem to have any weapons or money?
5. This is the usual sloppy and biased reporting from Reuters. But other points are strange, too.
   a) have you ever seen foreign news in Section Aof the TandT before?
   b) notice the print. It's so small and cramped that many readers will find it impossible to read.
  c) The whole story is one of the smallest I have ever seen in the TandT.
  d) Is all this some dastardly plot?
      Nah. Nobody at the TandT has the brains to plot. What probably happened is the editor had a hole to fill on A 3, but not a big one. Looked around f or a short story, any short story. Saw the Reuters story and squeezed it in by reducing the print size.

Interesting story on A1. The provincial government lost in a court ruling. The court said that the provincial government must allow a judicial review of its decision to replace Moncton High with a new school in a distant location.

But the government now is appealing that decision. Obviously, it is determined not to tell us why it chose that location.

Well, Alward ran on a platform to listen to people. And he does listen. But he never promised to speak to us or to tell us why he does things. Frankly, if all  you Conservative voters just wanted someone to listen to you, it would have been cheaper to elect a dog.

It's all rather like our city council which refuses to tell us what pollutants lie under Highfield Square.

Of course, the TandT needed space, a good, half  page, for its big story of the day - the new Mt. A librarian is looking forward to his job. (EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it.)

In NewsToday, Reuters has its usual kiss-up news story - with the addition of a false headling, presumably supplied by one of the Tand T's numerous editors. "US is not after Assange"  (If you read the story, you will see that it really claims "US says it is not after Assange."   There's an important difference.)

And the US is almost certainly lying. First, it says it has laid no charges against Assange. Quite true. But it also laid no charges against private Bradley Manning, Assange's source for Wikkileaks. It still held him in solitary for two years of torture, with no charges or trial. He is at  last getting the trial - but in a military court which offers very little protection to a defendant.

The crime of Manning and Assange? They revealed the truth about how American governments have consistently lied to the American people in matters like, for example, the real reasons for the Iraq War that killed a million people. (Of course, none of this appeared in The Moncton Times and Transcript. It has a red light that flashes when anything true comes in.)

P. 7 has a collector's item. Somebody gave some chairs to the Sackville Legion Hall. Yes. Somebody did. There's even a big picture of two people holding a chair; and there's a Legion crest on the wall. So we know it's true. Yep. Some photgrapher drove all the way to Sackvile to take a picture of two people holding up a metal and vinyl chair. Boy! Everybody will be talking about that one. It might even get a Bunswick Press annual award for journalism.

P. C8 has an important story about how oilsands companies are using very effective ads to counter their critics. With plenty of pyschologists and psychiatrists for hire, corporations and special interest groups can produce highly manipulative campaigns. The can create mass hysteria and hatred (the results of which we read in the news every day).

In a related case,there were a couple of comments from a reader on August 15 and 17 who felt strongly that life is better under western imperialism than under dictatorship. Of course. We're all brainwashed to believe that..

After all, we think Americans, British, and Canadian people are nice people for the most part. And so they are. So, in my experience, are Chinese, Turks, Germans, Dutch and many others. In fact, I don't know any country made up of evil people.

But, you know, it is no nicer to be burned alive by American napalm than by Chinese napalm. It is not nicer to be tortured by an Englishman than by a Russian.

And most people in most countries have no idea of what their leaders are doing. Our news media make sure of that. And we, all of us, in the whole world, are doing some bloody awful things - mass murder, mass poisoning, mass rape and then murder, deliberate starvation, theft,.....all of us. There are reasons why our soldiers suffer post traumatic stress disorder and a high rate of suicide.

But all of this is masked by the false patriotism of history texts, the false heroism of movies, the skilful lying of newspapers and the bigotry they create, manipulation by politicians and big business - all with the help of rented psychologists and psychiatrists.

(I guess most people have forgotten the case in which a pyschiatrist experimented on mentally ill patients at the Douglas Hospital in Montreal. He doped them with LSD in an experiment, often making them ill for life,  to see whether the US government could use the drug on prisoners of war.The Canadian government didn't make a peep.)

So, p. C8 is worth looking at (however much it's been diluted.)

The editorial is the usual shallow boosterism. But read it. Then read Alec Bruce's column for sanity. Save Norbert for tonight if you really, really can't sleep.

Skip Rod Allen. Jody Dallaire is superb - a real, fighting column.

Excellent letter by Marlene Bourgeois of Dieppe in Letters to the editor. (Yes. I know. That means I agree with her.)

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