Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14: just voted.....

It was 10 a.m.  The voting was steady, mostly of the elderly. I wonder how much the voters knew about the issues and the candidates..... I confess I had no idea what most of the candidates stood for. I voted for people I knew, people I felt who had values I could trust. I knew only one person like that on the hospital list.

Democracy means nothing without information - information about the major issues, about the powers of the various boards, about the core values of most of the candidates. The Moncton Times and Tribune had almost nothing of that. Essentially, it has commented largely on two issues - and done so not to report but to propgandize us. And even two issues are contradictory.

It wants council to borrow a hundred million, maybe twice that, to build an events centre. It wants to hold the line on city taxes. Bottow heavily. Keep taxes down. Duh. Whatever you say, Mr. Irving.

The only issue that seems to have caught on with the public is the moving of Moncton High School. But the TandT doesn't want to talk about that.

Over half oftoday's section A is about the election with stunning headlines like "Province set to vote today" amd "Lebalanc seeks to keep Moncton Post".  It's just one stunning insight after another.

Nor, I suppose, would it help if the paper were to pay more attention. It didn't seem to have anybody at the level of either reporters or editors who have the capacity even to know what questions to ask about the various candidates and functions.

No matter how many vote, it's not a democracy if we don't have access to enough information. The only semblance of an exercise in democracy that I saw was a story about a youth conference on bullying. It's a exchange of ideas, a discusion of values - and that's what democracy is about. It begins with information and values.

NewsToday is, once again, no help to anybody who wants to know what's going on in the world. There's the usual explanation from MacKay about how his latest goofball mistake wasn't his fault. Amazing how a man who has never distinguished himself in anything, who has no visible values or ethics, and who seems to have brains to match can make a very good living indeed as a politician.

Reurters, as usual, reports on Syria - getting its information from a propaganda website for the rebels.

The editorial, in a relief from its usual rant, says nothing at all.

I breathlessly turned to Norbert Cunningham who, you might remember, said he had wonderful news for the world which he would tell us on Monday.So I read it eagerly. What a bummer!

This was pure, juvenile gush. Without a shred of evidence or any attempt at reasoning, Norbert babbles about how all the world's problems will be solved. How? Technology. What technology? We don't know. Isn't it technology that has caused most of our problems? Norbert doesn't mention that. So what's the proof?

It seems Norbert read it in a book by the founder of seveal technology companies and by a jouranlist who once won an award.

Telll you what, Norbie, I won jouranlism awards, too. So I must be an authority on just about everythng. And this is the most juvenile drivel I have ever read in a newspaper. It you were working for a good newspsper, no editor would have accepted that. Luckily, that's not a problem for you at The Moncton Times and Transcript.

Incidentally, when you write of democracies replacing cynical dictators who starve and brtialize their people, haven't you ever noticed that most of those dicators (in Saudi Arabia,  the Shah in Iran, the historic and present day dictators of Central America, Saddamn in Iraq, Ghaddafi in Libya were put in power and encouraged in their ways by the western democracies?)

Norbert is going to tell us more tomorrow. The mind boggles.

Craig Babstock proves once again that he can write a thousand words without saying anything.

Allan Abel does better than usual.

The only item in that whole paper worth reading is Alec Bruce's column.

What a tragic waste of our forests!

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