Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nov. 11; This part is just footnote to the real april 11 blog.

The Moncton Times and Transcript reports that the city has ordered testing of the soil to ensure its safe for a hockey rink. Good idea.

The site originally held a railway yard. The TandT mentions the dnager of pollution by diesel leakage. Actually, it goes much further than that. Montreal is building a new hospital on an old railway yard. The soil was so toxic, thousands of tons of it had to be removed, and  trucked to a disposal site hundreds of miles away. It was so toxic that each truck leaving the dump was immediately followed by a street water spray and sweeper cleaning up its dust for an least a block. (I had an interest in the site because it was the original Decarie farm in the 1650s.)

So, of course, Moncton is testing the soil at Highfield Square to make sure it's safe enough for a hockey rink.

Question? How come city council didn't feel a testing was necessary before approving a Sobey's food store on the same site?

Interesting set of priorities for city council. Interesting how the TandT can miss important questions.

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