Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan. 12: addendum to the day's blog.

1. I forget to mention a local boosterism item that the Moncton TandT seems not to have heard of. that's odd. The TandT usually remembers to print long stories about Moncton or the New Brunswick itself becoming famous - you know, for opening a snack bar, whatever. But here's a story that will make the name of New Brunswick echo across Canada. And the TandT missed it.

A New Brunswick institution has been named a top contender for a journalism prize of the year in Canada. Yes.

every year, The Canadian Association of Journalists selects some group for it Code of Silence Award, a prize for the leading organization or person with withholding what should be public information. Now, this year, the nod will probably go to early favorite Stephen Harper. But a New Brunswick institution is right up there.

It's the New Brunswick Liquor authority - something about financial funniness about the departure of the director and the special treatment he received.

Funny that our journalists wouldn't know about that. Maybe they aren't accepted for membership in the CAJ.

2. A reader named Ann recently sent in a comment which I published for, I think, the Nov. 11 blog. I tried to reply to it; but my computer just goes blank. Anyway - she asks why I don't take on the big papers like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail.  She also asks why I moved here if I don't like it. Why didn't I stay in a big city like Montreal?

Well - there's nothing hard about taking on the New York Times, etc. In fact, I have often done so in journalist chat groups. The big North American papers are much overrated for honesty and objectivity. The Globe and Mail is a partiularly easy target.

However, I am writing for readers who have easy access only to the Irving newspapers of New Brunswick - espcially for local and provincial news. You write for  your audience. They have a right to have access to an alternate opinion. that's a right I try to meet.

Why did I come here? Because I like it. I've lived in a big city all my life, thank you. I prefer Moncton. I dislike the power of big corporations and I despise the politics, of course. But I would feel the same way about any part of North America.o

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  1. Well the Code of Silence award nominations were last may and the NB Liquor Commission, while nominated, did not win. So it's not really recent news.