Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Oct. 8 1/2: Paqrt 2.


The very wealthy have become so powerful, they are our governments This is a giant step back into the Roman Empire when the people of Rome were scum of the earth, and all power and wealth was in the hands of a tiny number.

And, like the Roman aristocracy, the wealthy of today are planning their takeover to rule the world. A major component of this, active in Canada and many other countries,,   is the Bilderberg Conference which meets regularly to plan the takeover of the world and all it's governments and people by the very, very rich. Can you imagine what your status will be in their world?

This group, made up of some of  the world's mega billionaires, includes Canadians. And they are for real.

And you and me? We are the scum of the earth.


Of course. Almost all our news sources are owned by the very, very wealthy. And they operate them to benefit the very wealthy. That's been true for over 150  years. That's why when Afghanistan Muslims fought against Russian intruders , they were inspirational. But when they beat the Russians, then had to defend Afghanistan against America, they were evil.


How often do we see our news media reporting on the dreadful position of Palestinians?


And men, women, and children daily get slaughtered by weapons supplied by the western powers.


Note to the Canadian Legion...

Did Canadian fight and die in Korea and Afghanistan so that American billionaires could plunder the world?



Canadas Liberal and Conservative politicians do what American politicians tell them to do.


China is not a pushover as it was in the days of Western plundering. It's missiles today can reach all of the U.S. It  has always been extremely foolish to develop nuclear weapons to stay ahead of the opposition. Nuclear war was possible in 1945. Any such war   today would destroy the whole planet.

There is no nuclear deterrent, not for either side.



Maybe we could cool it down with oil.

And so to bed - at last.

I may have an error. I may have said that it was a Canadian premier who intended to cut off school children who depended on free school lunches for poor kids. I don't feel like checking for it now. But it is not a Canadian premier.  It is American politicians who want to cut off half a million children.

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