Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sept. 10:really bad times are on their way.

I've been looking at some pictures of life in Britain about 1900. For the poor - who were most of the population - life was vile. Boys and girls six and seven were sent to work in factories, or being lowered down into chimneys to sweep them. It was six days a week - and, get this, 16 hours a day for kids of six.

Commonly, then, there was no schooling. And therefore no hope for a better future.

Clothing was hand-me-downs,  ratty and filthy. They lived in vile flats, often just one room for the whole family. And no toilets. No running water.

Their parents were wretchedly dressed. Often the men couldn't afford boots. In winter, then, they had to walk to work with their feet wrapped in rags.

Medical care? Forget it. For a sample of that, we can remember a case in Canada where life could be just as brutally bad.

A seventeen-year old was working on a piece of machinery powered by belt-driven wheels. The belt snapped, and took off his arm. Management was immediately informed. It fired him on the spot, leaving it up to him to figure out how to get home.

Life was much different for the rich. Houses were large. There was a bathroom, sometimes several, with flush toilets. Clothing was of the best, and tailor made.
The children, too, wore only the best - often to the annoyance of those who had to wear such formal clothing all the time.

And the children would, of course, go to expensive schools to meet their own kind and prepare for their own lives of prosperity.

Why do I mention all this?

It's because all this happened in a Britain - and a Canada - and a U.S.
Indeed, most of the 'civilized' world was like this. The rich owned the governments. They had nothing but contempt for the mass of the people. There was, after 1945, a period of governing for the good of the people - all of them, not just the rich ones. But we have been reversing that for some years.

The U.S. government is on  a major campaign to cut back on public schools. And that means loss of opportunity and of a better life. We're now hearing noises about this in Canada, especially from the United Conservatives, our leading party of greed.

In fact, for the last twenty years and more, we've seen a steady erosion of opportunity for decent living. Our universities, like those of Britain in 1900,  are out of reach for most. The lack of affordable and decent housing has become a scandal. In general, our standard of living has been dropping for some time, while our billionaires are making the biggest profits in modern history.

The rich won't have to pay income tax. Why?  Premiers like Doug Ford actually give huge sums to billionaires, but are cutting back on school  lunches for the poor. (Bastard,)

This is happening. It's most noticeable in the United Conservative Party and, in the U.S., among Republicans. But it's also common among Liberals and many U.S.  Democrats (with some lovable exceptions.)

The very rich will do, I guess, what they have always done.  And we're into a full speed crash for our own destruction.

Oh! Aren't those Taliban naughty?

But has Mr. Pompeo forgotten that for some years it was the U.S. that trained and equipped the Taliban to kill? Of course, that was when the Taliban were killing Russians. So that was good.

Anyway, the Taliban did not start a war with the U.S. It was the U.S. that started a war with the Taliban.


This is a big, big slump.


Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.


I look forward to getting a fuller report on this.


It's hard to see what China stands to gain by this. And an American intervention would simply add to a very dangerous situation.Before interfering, the U.S. should remember Korea, the mass murder in Guatemala and other Latin American countries, Vietnam, Afghanistan...


Alberta tax dollars at work!


And this is all too true.


This is real in the U.S. and in Canada. Will it be an issue in the elections? Will Canada's United Conservatives and Liberals leap to the rescue?

Not likely. They have a full time job giving money to the rich.


well, of course the U.S. is supplying weapons of mass murder all over the world. That's a basic principle of American Christianity.

And VERY  profitable for weapons capitalists. I mean, you have to make choices. And what's more important? Wasting money on health and schools? or making money for billionaires?


Of the U.S. is planning a war on China.  China has become a major competitor for American billionaires. In the long run, American billionaires lose. So the U.S. has to make it a short run.

China doesn't need a war. American billionaires do.

It's astonishing. We accept that the very rich should not pay taxes. (Worse, a great many of us believe that the rich  give this back to us in jobs - but there is no evidence, none, nada that this has any truth to it.)

This is crazy. It means we can't run our countries as we should. We get robbed of billions every year. And there's scarcely a whimper out there.

With war, greed, impoverishment, contempt for the average person (you), with a rush for time to destroy,  with war on a scale this earth has never before seen, we are heading for the end times. Greed, almost always the most destructive force, has been elevated to the major point of all policy.

And Canadians are wimping out. The U.S., for all it's warhawks and plunderers, has produced a Bernie Sanders. Canada hasn't.

The leaders, by far, in the coming Canadian election are the Liberals - always servants of the very rich. And the  Conservatives - ditto. Indeed,  among those two, wretched parties, the Conservatives are, by quite a margin, the worst. (And it's very tough to be worse than the Liberals.)

The NDP and The Greens are several steps closer to intelligent. But it's going to take a lot more than   'several' steps.

Meanwhile, we are very close to a major war with China and, possibly, with Russia. Will Canada be expected to join? Yes. Will it join? Yes, if it's governed by either Liberals or Conservatives.

Will the world survive such a war?

Probably not.

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