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June 11: Wow! Social media spread fake news. CBC breaks huge story....


Yep. It must be true because 90% of Canadians say they've been taken in by it.
You know - social media - like this blog are fake news. So there.

Is there fake news on social media?  You bet there is - sometimes as part of a professional telling of lies, sometimes becomes of sheer ignorant of the blogger.

You can also get fake news by tuning into any commercial news medium such as newspapers, TV, radio - even CBC. This CBC story, for example, never mentions the fact that almost all media spread false news. And this story, by not mentioning that part, is false news.

In all of history, the news has always had a heavy dose of falseness. A hundred and twenty years ago the world press went wild when Baden-Powell broke a boer siege at Mafeking. Baden-Powell became a world hero. In fact, it was a relief,British force that broke the siege. And, anyway, Baden-Powell was not supposed to be defending Mafeking in the first place. So that was falseness.

For centuries, the British and most western press never mentioned the horror, brutality and mass murder of the British Empire which was far, far worse than Hitler.

The American press spread false stories about the sinking of an American ship in a Cuba harbour to set up a war with Cuba.

Our daily news is full of lies. It always has been. And you'll find lies and ignorance in the social media just as you will in the commercial news media.
(In the 1950s, the U.S. murdered 200,000 of the quite innocent native Maya in Guatemala - as well as a large number of Roman Catholic clergy, nuns, and missionaires who supported the Maya. Not a single newspaper, radio station or TV has ever reported that story.  And when I say not a singe one, that includes  CBC.)

The CIA killers would have been just as happy to kill Americans or Canadians if they were told to.

To really get the news, you have to learn where to get it. Historically, The Guardian has been the most honest newspaper in the English-speaking world. It slipped quite badly since World War Two - but I note it has been hugely improving again lately. The Guardian and Israel's Haaretz are the world's class acts  in journalism.

I also use Gwynne Dyer who is probably the world's best military commentator - which is probably why most Canadian and American news media don't use him.
As well, I also use some 17 social media sites that have proven to be reliable. Perhaps the best of them in Information Clearing House.  I also use CBC because it's far the best in North America. But I do so with care because it has bad moments. And this was one of them.

90% of Canadians think social media are dishonest? Like that 90 % I have no idea how many are dishonest. I only know that almost all of our national news media in Canada and the U.S. are liars. And, alas, that sometimes includes fake news from CBC. (I did many a radio and TV broadcast for CBC. Most of its people are pretty good. But I've seen some incompetence and lying up close.)

Oh, I also use an excellent site with heavy influence of some very fine retired CBC people. It's called rabble.ca

Hey! America! Get real.
I read the Sunday edition of the New York Times for June 9. It ran two, big stories of how amazing it was that Canadians could play basketball. Dhu! Yeah! And we even know how to drink from a glass. Duh!

A Canadian, James Naismith, invented basketball. That was about a hundred and thirty years ago. And he taught  Americans how to play it.

Canadians also invented modern hockey and North American football.

Compared to Canada, the U.S. is bush league.


Almost every murdering scoundrel who ever lived has found an ally in the Christian churches - the followers of Christopher Columbus who robbed and murdered a continent, the British Empire that murdered 350 million people, the American    Empire which has been at war almost since 1776.... Even Hitler found it profitable to brand himself as a devout Catholic.

Oh, and Trump.



You have to be there to understand it. After lifetimes of suffering British arrogance and exploitation, Hong Kongers now face the even worse rule of Beijing._______________________________________________________

We have inflicted horrors on people that force them to flee their homes (Latin America) and to face high chances of drowning at sea. (Africa). This is going to get very much worse as our greed makes those countries unlivable. And there is no possibility we will give those people the help they need to survive the horror that we have inflicted on them.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this next one.


We're doing it in Canada, too. And Brazil is really going wild on destroying its forests - the same ones we need to stay alive as our climate changes.

But that's in the future. And the forestry industry never heard of 'future'.


Gee. I wonder if Trump is taking any money.
Here is a shameful story about the American government and it's deliberate failure to defend one of its ships and its crew from a deliberately murderous attack by - Israel.




Quebec once insisted on the display of religious symbols. But that was in a day when it was understood this meant Roman Catholic symbols. It wasn't until other religious groups also appeared wearing symbols that it became evil.


Any country that silences it's own people is playing with suppression. And when it silences its own people while allowing its media billionaires to say whatever they like, it is utterly destroying democracy.


And Canadian business groups have been active in this group. As have Canadian politicians.

And we look now at the Canadian politicians who are rising to power with  that ignorant and greedy lot - Doug Ford of Ontario, Jason Kenny of Alberta, Andrew Scheer running for prime minister... and in New Brunswick they have the voracious Irving family who use their newspapers to keep the whole province in ignorance of their greed.

This is all headed for a dreadful crash because these people are not only servants of the very, very greedy - but are also very, very stupid.

No nation can sustain the ignorance and greed of such people. A U.S. cannot survive the spending of trillions of dollars for wars all over the world while so many of its people live in such poverty, when health care isn't possible, when the children of the very, very rich can go to very, very expensive universities - often paying bribes to get them accepted. What you end up with that is some very stupid billionaires who run the country while millions of more intelligent children get tossed into underfunded public schools and, anyway, can't possibly afford expensive universities.

Indeed, we are close to a major crisis as our neglect of education leaves us with millions of students who can never get very far in education and, at the same time, produces the kind of spoiled morons who constitute the American congress and Canada's Senate - one of this world's dumping grounds for brainless hacks.

And when I mention the crisis of education, I include the utter incompetence of our universities as teaching institutions. compared to grade school teachers, university professors are far, far inferior. They have no training whatever in teaching, and, for most, their only interest is prestige and overblown egos. Universities are educational disaster areas.

What we have is a world controlled by spoiled brats of no great intelligence. And we have allowed those spoiled brats to run wild with no thought for the needs of the whole society.

 If we're lucky, this whole structure will collapse soon. If we're not lucky, the greedy and stupid will destroy us all. (And destroy themselves, too. But that's not much of a consolation.)

On Saturday, June 15, there will be no blog as I have planned a couple of days with my granddaughter who thinks I'm a nice person.

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