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May 4: And now it's suddemly working.

I finished the last edition of this blog with an afterthought. The point of it was not just thinking good things about dealing with climate change, but understanding what "good things" has to mean. It's not just a matter of cutting out oil.

I remember long, long ago, the cheering crowds in Montreal when the war against Germany ended. I remember the signs that said 'We've won the war. Now we 've got to win the peace."  That puzzled me.

We had won the war. Wasn't that the same as winning the peace?

The news stories seemed to say we had. We set up the United Nations to end war.  Wasn't that winning the peace?

In fact, we have had nothing but war since them - and the U.S. has been the major offender. It has far, far the largest 'defence' budget in the world. It has used the UN as an instrument of US power. It's troops have been in action almost every year since 1945. It has murdered at least 20 million people -most of them civilians, including children. In short, it became the international murderer that Britain, France and a few others had been.

And the UN. It became largely an American tool, starting with the Korean war.

We didn't just lose the peace. We threw it away. And that brings us to the climate change crisis.

To deal with climate change, we have to work together - the whole world. It's not just a matter getting excited about oil. This is a massive job requiring the cooperation of the whole world. And we're nowhere close to doing that. Indeed, the most recent effort by the U.S. has been to try to steal the oil of Venezuela. And instead of raising criticism, it has caused the dozens of US puppet nations, including Canada, to cheer for the U.S.

If we are to survive, we need to cooperate - with everybody. We can't afford wars. We can't afford to compete as individuals. The evidence of that is the effects of our behaviour over the last 30 years as we have been made aware of   climate change. In 30 years, knowing about climate change, we  have done almost nothing.

The history of the world is a history of competition, killing,  and plunder. That's the history of almost all of us. It's an old, old habit. How do we change that?

I don't know.

But that's what we have to achieve. To continue with competition, killing and plunder (and greed and capitalism) will destroy us. This world cannot survive the idiocies of Trumps,of Doug Fords in Ontario, and Cheneys in Alberta.

The dangerous people who face us are 'the people'. In Canada, for example, voters, angry at the corruption of the Liberals, are switching to the Conservatives.

Get real.

Canadian voters from the day of the founding of this country have voted for Liberals, become disgusted at them, switched votes to the Conservatives, become disgusted with them, so they voted tor the Liberals......Wake up Canada!

To make it worse, we have no party ready to deal with the world collapse that faces us.

"We've won the war. Now we've got to win the peace."

In all the years since this child saw those signs, we haven't advanced an inch. And there's not much time left. In that time, we have to get away from war, and learn how to organize a world that can win the peace.

Racism. When Hitler practiced it, racism was evil. When the U.S., Britain, or Canada practice it, it's understandable.

The above excerpt from The Guardian was, pretty lean pickings. The CBC was even leaner. In particular, I find their coverage of Venezuela very lean,   indeed.

That is strange for a situation with some very dangerous possibilities.

American capitalists want control of Venezuela's oil fields. They have so far failed in their attempt to stage a civil war in Venezuela. But a civil war would have unforseeable implications.

One is that Cuba, Russia and China are all involved. (The U.S., after all those years it maintained a dictatorship in Cuba, and then all the years it survived American efforts to destroy it, still faces a US that wants to make Cuba an American puppet state again.)

Cubans fought hard to run their own country since the 1950s.  And, for all it's bullying, the U.S. has not changed that. Now, consider this - Latin America is full of countries deliberately controlled and plundered by American and Canadian mining  agricultural corporations.

How would those countries react to an American invasion of Cuba and/or Venezuela? They well remember (though it never made our news) the U.S. alaughter of 200,000 Guatemalans in the 1950s. They live in a world of poverty and abuse inflicted by American billionaires with the blessing of American governments.  Nor, I'm sure, are they cheered by a Trump who horribly abuses Latin Americans at the U.S. border, and who daily characterizes them as evil, murderous, criminal, perverted......and who crams their children into wire cages for years.

This has the potential to be a crash of the American empire.

Then, of course, there are the Chinese and Russian troops in Venezuela. The could not stop an American invasion - but shooting at them could start a world, nuclear war.

...a clear and balanced summary of what is going on in Venezuela - something I have not seen in most of our press.

This isn't really news. But, oh, in my twenties  I worshipped Pete Seeger as the prophet of a world that never came. And that was a terrible loss for all of us.

Oh, that's not enough...

We shall over co--o-ome
We shal over co-o-ome
We shall overcome some day-ay-ay -ay.
Oh, it's deep in my heart, I do  believe,
That we shall overcome some day.

We remember you, Pete.

We remember he sang with sincerity and passion and simplicity about a world that had already abandoned all that it said it had fought for in the 1940s.

Chinese capialists are remarkably like western capitalists. (Ah, oh, yes, China has lots of capitalists.
well, now it's working. but just to play safe I'll use the other page to finish this blog.

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