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May 14:It doesn't get better.


There is lots of news on a resurgence of anti-abortion movements in the U.S.
Anti-abortion....these are the same people who cheer their  hero military for  starving children children to death in Yemen, and murdered children by the millions all over the world.

And why limit the word of the Lord to children? The American military are dripping with medals for murdering over twenty million humans just since 1950.

Beware of virtuous hypocrites - and morons.

Hey - it's not my fault that so many of our self-righteous idiots and hypocrites are on the political right.


In a capitalist society, the only purpose of medical drugs is to make billionaires richer. A close look at the Canadian industry would be worthwhile. But our commercial news industry isn't going to do that.


Palestinians and Jews lived together in peace for centuries in what we used to call the "holy land". In the 1930s and  40s, it was not Palestinians who murdered Jews. That was Naziis. AND THE NAZIIS WERE MUCH ASSISTED BY BRITAIN, CANADA, AND THE U.S. who refused to give Jews refuge, and who took no action against the death camps even after they knew what was happening.

Palestinians have received no  fair treatment from the west. Indeed, Israel has been encouraged to murder them, starve them..and destroy them in every way.

The West has been murderous and hateful thoughout this issue.  Israelis  have been calculating in their long effort to destroy the Palestinian people - and we may be approaching the late stages of this game.

And Israelis have succeeded in what Hitler could not do. They have destroyed the principles of Judaism.


This is a strange story. As first appeared, the story was that  saboteurs (probably Iranian)  had set bombs in them. U.S. officials, in particular, held this view. But now, it seems, there was little to no damage.

Well somebody was lying.

Here's a fuller story - but still with no sense of who did it. Iran is not the only possible suspect - though it's the one the American press will jump on.


People on both sides will leap to conclusions. American news media will say Iran did it. But what on earth does Iran gain by such a slight attack? The U.S., on the other hand, would gain by it as providing an excuse for war with Iran.

What on earth would Iran possibly gain with small explosions on those tankers?
Answer - nothing. What would the U.S. gain?




Well, well, well - the British working class is so badly paid that it's almost as badly off as the American working class. Actually, the Americans are even worse off since health care is something they can only dream about.That's what happens when you allow billionaires to run loose in a country.



Nah. Climate change isn't happening.

An intelligent analysis of what is happening in the Iran crisis.


Then, for a change, an impartial assessment of Assange.


When I lived in New Brunswick, it was (and still is) run by its ruthless (and possibly murderous) Irving family. The Irvings, who owned the forests as everything else, sprayed them - and the people and animals below - with Monsanto pesticide

When the chief medical officer raised alarms about this, those puppets New Brunswickers call the government, got rid of her. And the spraying went on (and the people of New Brunswick, wimpy as always, allowed the Irvings to go on spraying them.



Will  the Irvings stop the spraying?   I doubt it very much. Will the people of New Brunswick rise up against this? I doubt it very much.

Enjoy the New Brunswick beaches this summer. Don't breathe too deeply.


Middle-of-the-road Democrats are indistinguishable from Republicans. American government has been corrupted in that way almost from the start.

Whatever his faults might be, the sin of Assange is that he told the truth that American governments didn't want the American people to know - though they had every right to know it - and a journalist had ever obligation to report it.







The risks in a war with Iran are very, very serious,  indeed. And I'm particularly alarmed that the man behind the war is John Bolton. He is quite crazy, always has been. I'm astonished that even Trump     would have him in his cabinet. And also astonished that Trump appears to be off playing golf while Bolton sets the U.S. off on such a course. That's why I paid so much attention (above) to the very strange incident of the tankers that were 'attacked'.


We have done nothing for 30 years. And I see no indication of our governments doing anything for the next thirty.

Despite popular belief, Americans are not - as a nation - the most wealthy in the world. The British, my no means rich, are better off than Americans. And, considering cheaper access to education all the way through university, considering health care, the people of many countries are better off than Americans.  Of course.

The U.S. is a nation that robs most of its people blind And it's getting worse.
The U.S. is a nation that gives no thought whatever to the needs of its middle class and it's poor. And with the likes of premiers Ford and Cheney, of any New Brunswick premier I  have ever heard of, and of blood-sucking wretches like the Irvings of New Brunswick, it's getting worse.

And voting Canadians, by their own intellectual laziness, continue this.


Hitler was  his own worst enemy. In 1940, France was defeated. So was Britain - and Churchill knew it. And the U.S., though it could defeat Japan, was out of the picture in Europe. Hitler had won.

Then it was Hitler who lost the war. He invaded Russia.  Essentially, it was the Russians, at terrible cost to themselves,  who destroyed Germany. Funny how few of our war histories mention that.


How come the U.S. didn't go to war with Germany until several weeks after Pearl Harbour? Because American capitalists didn't give a damn about Britain or France. It wanted a war with Japan so the U.S. could steal the immense plunder of China. It set this up by cutting off Japanese oil supplies. It knew that Japan must have that oil, and that it would retaliate. (They just didn't expect the retaliation would be on Pearl Harbour.)

That's why the U.S. bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was to end the war before Russia could steal china.


I spent most of my working life as an historian. And I can tell you. If you want lots of lies, read history. If you want lots and lots of lies, read American history - or Canadian - or British...
As a child, my sympathies in 1945 were for the Jews of Europe. That was natural. I had Jewish friends. And there was no doubt of the horror of Hitler. To this day, most of my friends are Jewish. But they are not Israeli Jews. Today, the murderers of the Holocaust are Israeli Jews. Today, Netanyahu is Hitler.


And most of my Jewish friends would agree with that appraisal.


We are in an age of millions of people fleeing their homelands because of starvation resulting  in sending their flight to save their lives. Our reaction? Check out Trump at the border. Check out the wrecked boats in European waters, boats whose passengers have all drowned.

Their number will soon be hundreds of millions, many hundreds of millions, at least. And we Christians have a long history of being murderous bastards.



Capitalism creates poverty. It's designed to do that. It's basic force is greed, pure greed - and with no responsibility.


Quite so. And one of the cowards is most of Europe - and all of Canada.

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