Thursday, December 6, 2018

Dec. 6: Forgotten promises

1945 was a year of promises. We were going to create a new world of peace, sharing, cooperation,,, and, right from the start we betrayed all that we said we had fought for and that so many had died for.

He handed real power back to the billionaires of this world who used it as they had always used power - to murder and plunder. Even the Korean War, which we were told was to  protect the freedom of South Korea, was a lie. South Korea was not free. It was a dictatorship made up of those who had been collaborators with the Japanese. The purpose of the war was not to free anybody. It was to give the U.S. a base for the invasion of China to make it a part of the American empire so that it could be plundered by American billionaires.

We now seem to have come to a point that is most dangerous, France is in serious disorder. Naziism is enjoying a revival in Europe - and the naziis, as in Ukraine, are on our side.

The U.S. failed utterly to pass on any of the benefits of peace to the American people. Instead, all power went to billionaires - and the result of that was the utter destruction of democracy. Poverty levels, despite Trump's blogs, are high and growing much higher. Virtually nothing is being done about climate change  because that would annoy our billionaires.

All of this is why, I think, we are seeing political aberrations like populism, widespread anger, and undirected  hatred.

Added to that, the U.S. seems to be on the edge of a serious economic and military decline, so serious it may actually break up the country. The future seems to lie with an expanding China which is spreading its influence on all continents - including South America and Africa.

Meanwhile, climate change is very likely to give rise to an American desire to annex Canada. No. That's not hokum. Wake up. The U.S. is perhaps the only country in the world which has spent almost every year of its history invading - somebody.

None of this leads us to anything predictable - but lots that is dangerous.

We desperately need to find our way back to the ideals we spoke of in 1945.

Just over a week ago,   I moved from the province of New Brunswick to Ottawa, Ontario. After 15 years of New Brunswick's propaganda press I was looking forward to getting a real newspaper.

Big mistake. The Ottawa Citizen lies just as much as the Irving papers and, oh, it's bland and trivial. I read a story about the funeral of George H.W. Bush, what a wonderful man he was, and how his loving son wept. (I shall pass lightly over the facts that Bush jr. did not weep for the two million or so that he slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq in illegal wars in which most of the casualties were civilians and children. Like  his daddy, George Jr. was the eager servant of American billionaires  who want to rule the world.)

If either father or son was glorious, then Hitler was a saint.

And a story that wasn't important enough for the Ottawa Citizen.

The quality of The Guardian can vary a great deal. It's virtue, unlike most of our news media, is that it at least sometimes tells the truth.

I met Dyer some forty years ago when I worked in the same studio with him at CBC Montreal. I thought he was good then. I think he's brilliant now.

This next story wasn't important enough to make the Ottawa Citizen.

Canada can afford medicare for all it's citizens. Cuba, despite crippling sanctions by the U.S., can afford medicare for it's people It can also afford free university education,  and it can supply much of the Latin world with doctors.

But the poor, little U.S. can't afford any of this.

And over much of the world, governments are doing nothing whatever to deal with this. The wealthy don't want anything done. They make their money out of oil and coal. They seem not to realized that it will kill them, too. There is a real sickness here we need to deal with.

I don't know why it continues to surprise me. Children have been major targets of war for almost a century - going back to Churchill's order to the RAF in 1920 to bomb undefended Kurd villages. The U.S. has been taking this to an ever higher level since the bombing of Dresden in World War 2, and then the unspeakably savage bombings of North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya Yemen......

We are told that Jesus loves the little children. I certainly hope He does because     us Christians and our churches certainly haven't done it.

85,000 not enough for you? Well, cheer up. many millions are starving, and likely to die.
The British Empire, the one that Canadians fought two wars to defend, was one of the most brutal and murderous in history with estimates of its dead running to hundreds of millions. Of course, the British people, for the most part, got nothing out of it. While they lived in some of the world's worst slums, it was the British upper class who go the profits. And that's still true as the British wealthy, like other wealthies all over the world hide their money in tax shelters. And that means trillions of dollars stolen from revenues - which is why the U.S. can't afford health care, free university tuition or even decent public education.
Canada is much the same.


France could be facing a revolution.

And it may not be retricted. The French demonstrations, lie to spread of populism in the form of people like Trunk and Ford, looks eerily like a general collapse of any sense organization or direction in the western world, at least.

The U.S. is facing a similar division - and it's quite possible these divisions will lead to national break-ups.

Not everyone admires Canada's Justin Trudeau.

More important for those who live in Canada, he has been stunningly inert on the whole issue of climate change. Alas, I see little difference in the positions of the parties who tell us they are concerned about climate change - and the Conservative party is off in another world altogether.

Here's a story from Haaretz about our 'democracy-loving friends' in Ukraine who want us to invade Russia for them.

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