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Dec. 1:George H.W.. Bush - murderous friend of the wealthy.

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About 1990, was relaxing in my radio studio, taking a break while the news was on. One story was about a Canadian from New Brunswick, a lay missionary to Guatemala who died there and was buried in Guatemala about 20 years earlier.

The body was being brought to Montreal for an autopsy. There was no mention of why. So I made some phone calls.

The lay missionary was, it seems,was  murdered in a civil war in Guatemala. That puzzled me. There had been no news of a civil war in Guatemala. But this one, I was told, had killed 200,000 Guatemalans.

200,000? I couldn't find any reports of this war. It's still hard to find anything about it on the web. So I contacted a clergyman who had been there. It seems there had been a slaughter of government people and clergy who took the side of the Guatemalan people against Canadian and American mining companies that were plundering the country, starving its cheap labour, and murdering anybody who didn't like their plundering and environmental destruction. Whole villages from babies to the elderly had been murdered and dumped into great pits. This clergyman had been in a priest's office just after he was shot. A great many nuns, too, had been murdered. One of the dead missionaries was Raoul Leger of New Brunswick. I should add that the newspapers of New Brunswick never, never carried a word of this story. Of course not. All the newspapers of New Brunswick are owned by the the Irving family who are billionaires based on oil, and who have a fondness for the stocks of murderous Canadian mining companies.

I knew that Canadian and American mining companies had a brutal and exploitive record in Guatemala. But I had no idea how bad it was. And, to this day, it is very, very difficult to get information on this.

Raoul Leger was reburied in his home town. very close to a chapel owned by the Irving family and modestly named after itself. It's a safe bet that the sermons never mention Raoul Leger who lies just down the road.

Much of the killing was organized and carried out by the American CIA - under the direction of George H.W. Bush. In fact, he did similar service to please American (and Canadian) corporations in various parts of the world - just as his son would later serve America's wealthy by murdering people in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Similarly, Canadian and American corporations feel that environmentalists are a real pain. That's why Latin America has become a vast killing ground of environmental agitators.

In Canada and Britain, the wealthy are putting great pressure on government to privatize health care, taking the rest of us back into the dark ages. But the U.S. still leads the way - a fact reflected in its dismaying life expectancy figures. Similarly, the American wealthy have done enormous damage to public education by privatizing much of it.

In a more dramatic move, a former premier of New Brunswick, Frank McKenna has been calling on the wealthy to take over from governments in running the country. (Actually, Canada is already run largely by the wealthy, though less so than the U.S. is. Democracy is largely history.)

And a story that's very bad news for me.

Worth thinking about....

As a footnote, public education was introduced in western society well over a hundred years, give the opportunity, at least. to complete 11 or 12 grades. That's nice. But 11 or 12 years of accessible, free education with opportunity for all, However wonderful it may have been over a century ago is no long enough.
We need free education all the way through university. We also need some serious planning for adult education.

As it is, we ignore the need for equal opportunity. And we do not produce enough educated adults to be able to function as anything resembling a democracy.

Our western world may well be the the world's greatest killer of children. This began, perhaps, when Winston Churchill, back in 1919 or so order the RAF to  bomb civilian villages the middle east , the invention of terror bombing that specialized in civilians.

This was picked up in World War 2 - not so much by the Germans as by our side in the bombing of Dresden. By the time of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then of North Korea, the murder of civilians, including children, had become the main means of war. The Naziis were small-timers compared to us in this respect.

Some years ago, I appeared before a Senate commission to testify about the deliberate bombing of civilians and children in Dresden. It was a waste of time, of course. The Senate had already been primed to decide against the children. And it was, of course, assisted by The Canadian Legion which, I sometimes think, should have serious discussion about why we fought wars instead of just automatically obeying war lovers.

George HW Bush lied and murdered. So did most other U.S. presidents since 1940. But Julian Assange committed the ultimate sin. He told the truth.

The Guardian is still at least the second best commercial newspaper in the English language. But it has slipped over the years. (The best is, possibly, Israel's Haaretz. But it's focus is narrow, and it is usually impossible to send it on the web.)

It couldn't be clearer. But it's still pretty dim to most people.

In this, as in so many other ways, it is essential for Canada to break it's connection with the U.S. Of course, the U.S. might well then decide to invade us. But what the hell! It is almost certain to invade us anyway.

Why is the U.S. fighting to longest war in its history against a country who's  government is on the U.S. side?

Is it revenge for 9/11? No. Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. In fact, the government of Afghanistan had from the start offered to surrender any accused Afghans to the international court at The Hague. (There were a few of those, But very few. The bulk of the 9/11 plotters seem to have come from our good friends in Saudi Arabia.) So why was the U.S. so gung-ho for a war. Largely it was because, like the British of the nineteenth century, it wanted Afghanistan's resources. It also wanted Afghanistan's border with Russia.

Under international law,, the American attack is illegal. Under international law, Britain's participation is illegal. Under international law, Canada's entry into that was was illegal.

I has also been a military disaster - as well as a moral one.

Finally, it is a warning that the U.S. is not capable of creating the world empire it has been seeking since 1945. On the contrary, the U.S. is destroying its own power with it's squandering so much of its wealth on greedy weapons makers who weapons cannot possibly lead to victory. The old effect it is happening to to make the weapons industry hugely profitable while depriving Americans of the services they desperately need.

Would this work? Oh, yes. That's why it can't be allowed to work. As it is, grossly excessive profits flow to the economic gluttons of the private health industry.And that can't be allowed. Better to let millions of Americans suffer and die before they should.

The U.S. financed and organized a coup to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine, and to install a government with heavy, Nazi leanings. Brilliant. So now it's ruled by a president so crazy he thinks it's worth the risk of a world, nuclear war by using such a war to save his job.

The world's biggest terrorist by far is  the U.S.

This one made me fwo up. Geroge H.W. Bush was one of the most murderous bastards in history who specialized in the mass murder of the poor to make the rich richer.

Hey! What's wrong with killing one, lousy reporter? Any American president of the last 20 years has killed far, far more.

So where does all this take  us? It takes us to the end - of everything
War never did settle anything.

At one time war did make nations rich. And that's what almost all of them have been fought for. Wars made Spain and France and Britain rich. (Britain killed some 350 million in the process. But it paid off at least for the wealthy British).

The U.S. has been at war almost non-stop since 1775. The American revolution was fought so the rich could be free to gobble up native lands and murder their people. Americans invaded what was Mexico to steal what became Texas, Arizona, Nevada, much of California. They needed all that land for their slaves. Then came its continuing wars with South America to plunder its nations. But World War Two, American capitalists were hungry to steal the old British empires in the middle east and China. Alas, China was the big prize, and the U.S. lost.

What those wars have created is mass starvation, impoverishment, destruction of whole nations into millions of refugees with many, many more to come.

Can the U.S. push this to become the world conquest that the U.S. wants?  (You don't think the U.S. wants world conquest? Check out a very influential American group called "Project for the New American Century".

Anyway, it can't. It can't because nobody now can win any war. Not in a world of tens of thousands of nuclear missiles that are being added to every day.

And the final touch? We cannot survive capitalism. It is a system built on pure greed. So much greed that even in the U.S., the world's richest, capitalist nation, almost half the population lives in poverty.

Capitalists have no notion of a human purpose for capitalism. It is not designed or intended to benefit all people. It exists only the serve the greed of a very small part of the population. Thus the astonishing spread of poverty in our capitalist world.

The world simply cannot survive these forces.

Patriotism is of no value at all in the world we face. Indeed, patriotism has always been a gimmick to make us volunteer to kill whoever the rich and powerful want us to kill.

You think World War Two was fought because Hitler was evil? Get real. The world's capitalist adored Hitler through most of the 1930s, and some still did well after that. Hitler was their barrier against communism. they thought his naziism admirable. The didn't change their minds until they saw that Hitler was building a German economy that could threaten their profits.

You think we went to war because of his treatment of Jews? Hell. We didn't give a damn about that. In fact, the British, Canadians and Americans did nothing to help the Jews throughout that war.

And why did the U.S. enter the war? No. It wasn't Pearl Harbour. That attack became the American excuse for entering the war. What it wanted was to steal the British Empires in China and India - and in the middle east. Alas! It got only the latter.

What we have now is a world of greed and exploitation that nobody is going to control. Inevitably, that world model will destroy us all.

We need to weaken the nation state so we can deal the need to share the problems of all the nations as the only way to survive ourselves We need to replace the system of capitalism because it does not permit any notion of a government as something to serve the needs of all.

We need to deal the problem of climate change which has emerged as a product of a capitalism that doesn't give a damn about human needs.

And we have very little time to do it

Here I am going to indulge myself by not proofreading. It's been a long, long day as a result of my messing up and wasting two hours on my computer blunder..

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