Saturday, November 3, 2018

Nov. 3: There'll be blue birds over.....

...The white cliffs of Dover.
Tomorrow just you wait and see.
There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
Tomorrow when the world is free....

This child can still hear the magnificent voice of Vera Lynn as she sang that to our soldiers in world war 2.

As November 11 approaches, think of those words. I'll come back to them on that day.

Here's a story that the newspapers of New Brunswick have almost entirely ignored. And hiding a tragedy of this scale is what's called fake news.

Not to worry. New Brunswick's new premier will handle this. He's going to develop fracking - and call it biodiversity.

Aren't they disgusting? Perverts, all of them. But Trump will stop them with thousands of Christian soldiers. Onward Christian soldiers.

For American readers and those in Europe, you will already know about this. But I include it because here in New Brunswick, our monopoly newspapers cover only important foreign news - like Loose Pig Recaptured Down the Road.

For Christ's sake (seriously), I wonder how the hell our churches can ignore the horror these people are suffering from, largely as a result of the behaviour of U.S. corporations in their country? And how can it be that it's the bedrock Christians of the U.S. who cheer for Trump in this brutality?

Among America's most insane Christians in Trump's national security advisor John Bolton. He hates Cuba because it is not a democracy (neatly forgetting that Cuba was thirty years under the vicious dictatorship of the U.S. and its thugs.)
He also heaps praise on the new Brazil president, neatly forgetting that he is the most vicious nazi since Hitler. But he hates Venezuela because it is a democracy.

Given his position, Bolton is probably the most dangerous man in the world. He wants nuclear war. He wants it very, very much....

Tell us, all you Christian churches, do you think nuclear war is a good idea? Or are you just too gutless to criticize it?
Here's the man Bolton and Trump both admire.

Christian Britain, whose capitalist wars along with those of the U.S., and other western countries, have created tens of millions of refugees, have in the past two years, accepted twenty unaccompanied child refugees. Isn't that sweet?

And isn't it just wonderful about Meghan and what's-his-name?

Our Brunswick New did not, of course, have this story.

Here's a picture of the migrants that brave and Christian American troops are prepared to shoot at. Why are they migrants?

That's largely because American capitalists teamed with corrupt politicians have plundered their countries and made survival impossible.

(Will a local church, the Irving Chapel, named after a local oil billionaire and owned by the family, have a sermon on this topic? Not bloody likely.)

The other churches won't have a sermon on this, either.

Julian Assange told the truth about American behaviour around the world. That's why he has, for many years, been confined to a room in the Ecuador embassy in London. Now, the U.S. wants him for telling the truth - and the government of Ecuador has been caving in.

Again, a topic that has been of no interest to Brunswick News.

Onward Christian solders....

We're so lucky here in New Brunswick. We have a new premier who is a man of the people, a simple lad who has spent much of his life as a humble senior executive of the richest man in the province.....

....a man of the people, that's what he is.....

It's not the fault of our oil barons and their control of the Alberta oilfields.

I mean, okay, they didn't do something over 260 billion dollars worth of maintenance they were supposed to do. No. And so now we common folk have to pick up the tab. Hey! They're busy, you know. They have families and friends....

Funny thing. The New Brunswick newspapers, all owned by an oil baron, haven't carried this story. Well, in fairness, they needed the space for a really big story. A local burglar was caught when police found his fingerprints on a TV set. Wow!

Facebook is the outfit that is ousting social media (like this) from its site because it says they're fake news. (They leave the big commercial media alone because they have such high standards of telling the truth and only the truth. Yeah.

However, there is one social media site that facebook approves of - one that encourages race hatred. Hey! We can't trust people who don't look like us.

Normally, I would use this space for the press of New Brunswick and, perhaps, to comment on the NB election. But what's the point? The press of New Brunswick is trivia. The election? We now have another loyal servant of the irvings as premier.

No. There's nothing here worth talking about except possibly, New Brunswickers are going to suffer the worst government they have ever seen.

So let's go back to the new world we were creating in 1945.

In fact, it was really the old one. Almost all wars in human history have been caused by greed. That's why Athens and Sparta and Egypt and Rome conquered. They plundered, took over land, enslaved nations....

When Columbus landed in America, he did the same thing. He murdered on a wide scale, stole gold, murdered whole societies, enslaved people. And he was followed by the British, the French, the Dutch all of whom killed hundreds of millions, impoverished whole nations and, just like the older empires, all the profits went to a ruling class of the very rich.

When I was fourteen or so, I was given the gift of a multi-volume history of England by Winston Churchill. I was captivated by the romance of it all. Oh, that man really knew how to write.

Alas! I later studied history - and learned what a ruthless bastard and liar he was.

His England was the creation of vicious warriors who murdered and plundered all over the world, killing some 350 million people at least. And the leading ones warred strictly for themselves, also plundering the English people that they ruled.

Eventually, they were replaced by a new ruling class made up of people who made a lot of money. These were called capitalists, and  they were as scavenging  and murderous as the warriors had been - though they usually left the fighting to others. Like the warrior class, though, they commonly were and still are born into their exalted status. Donald Trump and his offspring are samples of the type.

Almost every war has been fought for that ruling class. That's why the British murdered there way to an empire. That's why the native peoples of the Americas were slaughtered That's why the Napoleonic wars were fought. That's why Congo has been a misery of murder and torture and starvation (at the hands of Christians) for a hundred and twenty years.

That's what World War One was about. And that's why Canada, with other nations, sent troops to try to stop a Russian revolution that was a revolution against greed, poverty, hunger and abuse.

That's why World War Two was fought. (Oh, I know Hitler was evil. But the real rulers of Britain and France and the U.S. and Canada actually admired him. They opted for war in 1939 not because Hitler was evil - and certainly not because they gave a damn for his slaughter of Jews. No. They went to war because  they feared German capitalists would Challenge British, American, and Canadian ones.

Churchill, though not titled, was born into Britain's ruling class. And that was all he cared for. He couldn't care less for the needs of the English people - and they knew it. That's why they voted him out in 1945. They knew they'd never get decent salaries or medical care with Churchill in charge.

But, tough luck for Churchill, it was American capitalists who won that war. They deliberately undermined the British economy, particularly in cutting themselves into control of the British oil industry. Then, American capitalists set out to make the whole world an American empire.

That's what the Korean war was about. It was to give the U.S. a springboard for an attack China. That explains the 70 plus wars the US has fought since 1945. In not a single case was a war fought to protect the U.S. (In fact, nobody was in a position to attack it.) Since 1945, the U.S. has killed tens of millions of civilians by bombing, by burning alive, by deliberately starving, by poisoning......

It has destroyed any democracy in Latin American that got in its way. It has impoverished that whole continent to make American capitalists (like Donald Trump) unspeakably rich. It has destroyed essential social needs like health care. It has destroyed public education - the system that was to give opportunity to millions who are not rich. It rouses the nation to anger at the very idea that people should expect more than 12 or 13 dollars an hour - while insisting on annual salaries for the rich of millions and even a billion - with no income tax.

We are, in all seriousness. in a period of the worst greed and insanity this world has ever seen. It's most pronounced in the U.S. - but evident in many countries.

Couple all that with the statement of Frank McKenna in Ottawa that we should change our political system so that government will be by the very, very rich. And they will, of course, have no controls or limitations on them.

Be scared. Be very scared.