Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nov. 27: A very dangerous world.


But don't worry about it. This report by government scientists means nothing according to Donald Trump. And he would know. Because he's rich.

We get lots of reports from these artsy fairy scientists. But you will notice that the wealthy of this world are saying nothing. I have just left New Brunswick where the wealthiest family, whose wealth is based on oil, have said not a word about climate change. And, I mean, they'd know. I mean, they're rich. So they know things.

Well, yes, there are other ways of looking at this. It's possible that the oil barons are not nearly so smart as they think they are. Add to that the reality that these are people who understand only profits - and who care only about profits - and don't give a damn for people. They are those whose greed has made them stupid and insanely immoral..

Think of it. Almost all the world's leading climate scientists tell us that we are facing climate changes - now - whose effects will destroy all human life on the planet. But our oil barons and their political hacks, who have minimal, if any, knowledge of   science (or anything else except counting their profits and dodging their taxes) tell us that nothing is happening.

These, though not outstandingly bright, are  probably of average intelligence. But whatever intelligence they have is smothered by their greed - leaving us with their mania for profit and their lack of any moral values at all. And with an arrogance that goes beyond arrogance to a form of mental illness.

Trump has all these characteristics. So do  the irvings of New Brunswick. Either we stop these people now or our children die as many of us, all over the world, have been dying already from hurricanes, fires, and the hunger of ruined lands.

If we wimp out - as we are doing now - humanity will not survive.

We have, perhaps, 12 years...not twelve years to change it all, but twelve years to lay the groundwork for our survival. After that, at best, we still face climate hardship, starvation, death for generations.

In short - For Christ's sake - in every sense of that term - get active now and challenge the insanity of our Trumps and irvings......

May God bless our oil barons and their political pimps. But there's no reason why the rest of us should.


I lived most of my life in a Quebec in which the public exposure of religious symbols was essential - so long as those symbols were Roman Catholic. All government offices and court rooms had crucifixes on the wall. Roman Catholic festivals demanded and got monopolies for huge processions and demonstration on the streets. Catholic schools all had crucifixes. A high proportion of their teachers were nuns and monks, all labelled with crucifixes. We were smothered with religion.

But now, the proportion of Quebecers - especially French ones - that is religious is in steep decline. So now, nobody is allowed to be religious.

Bigotry takes many forms. In the past, Quebecers were bigoted against all but Catholics. Today it is bigoted against all religions. Plus que ca change, plus que c'est la meme chose.


Think your news is always balanced and complete? Well, the U.S. has invaded over 70 countries since 1945. It  has killed some 20 million people. In no case was it responding to any attack by the other country. In no case did it declare war. It killed those people with bombs, napalm, chemical poisons....

And you know what? There is not a single case of the UN criticizing the U.S. for this. When the U.S. was helping the Guatemala dictatorship to massacre native peoples in that country, it murdered a Canadian lay missionary in that country. The Canadian government said nothing - and most the Canadian news media never mentioned it. The silence of most Canadian news media is notable because that includes the news media of  New Brunswick, the home province of the missionary.



So who cares what the UN thinks? Mr. Trump and Mr. Irving are smarter than the UN.


Well - the migrants trying to cross into the U.S. are, says Trump, are criminals, perverts, thieves, murderers.....  Great! They should fit right in with much of the U.S. population.


I wish a Canadian political leader would say that.


God bless America.....

There's a popular belief, shared by most of our news media, that billionaires are good for us because they create jobs. Sounds good. But it's bunk. Billionaires are not in the business of creating jobs. What they do is the lower buckets into our tax money - using that to create the jobs and pay for them - along with some extra tons of our money to make themselves feel good. They don't create jobs. We do.


Good news. The Canadian people are not as dozy as most of their news media are.



This is happening all over Canada - though we happily give away billions every year to people who are already billionaires - and who don't pay taxes.


Don't blame the Pentagon. It's simply a money machine for those war billionaires who control the politicians so the U.S. can spend ever more money on profits for them instead of decent salaries, better education, and medicare for the whole population



Here's a story you won't find in your local paper. Indeed, most of our news media haven't yet noticed the prominence of leaders in Ukraine who are not only Nazi, but who maintain an idolization of Hitler.


This next is very dangerous. When the U.S. organized the overthrow of the government of Ukraine, it installed very large numbers of very extreme Naziis. And that's not name-calling. This is the real, Hitler thing.

It now has every possibility of a flashpoint for a war that could go global. Britain is making it worse my sending troops. Canada has troops next door for no good reason - but who might well be forced into a conflict that we should have nothing to do with.


Another story not important enough for our news media.





God bless America.


In New Brunswick, where I lived until a few days ago, the irvings have been spraying glyphosate with abandon. When the province's chief medical officer warned this would kill people, she was disposed of - in the usual New Brunswick way. The provincial government, made up of flunkies of the irvings,  got rid of her.

It kills. But, obviously, the irvings don't give a damn.New Brunswick doesn't need a world nuclear war. It has the irvings.




In our world, there is no man more evil than one who tells the truth about our billionaires and their political hacks.

The most murderous terrorist in the world since 1945 has been the U.S.


The U.S. is almost certainly in a major decline. But that will help no-one as, in decline,, it's capitalists will decide to settle on the nuclear option - the war that nobody can win. That would come right after the American war to annex Canada to compensate for climate devastation in the U.S.

How did the world get into this position? I'll talk a bit about that in the next blog. Warning - don't read it if you just loved Churchill's books about the glories of Britain.

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