Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nov. 17: The crunch is here.

Forgive me. I should proof read this. But I've been working on it a long time - and I have a terrible feeling that usually means I'm catching a cold.
Very late news - glyphosate spraying in dangerous in more ways than I thought.

Boy, good thing we have an alert premier like Mr. Higgs.

As I write this, the California death toll  in the Paradise fire is up to 63  - and is expected to rise to as much as 600. The oil industry is, of course, terribly upset but is too shy to say so. As well,  it has not announced any plans to do anything about climate change or even to recognize it is happening. (It doesn't want to upset people unduly.)

Here in New Brunswick, Premier Higgs is continuing his struggle to develop fracking. He and the oil industry leaders are saints. That's what they are.

(The above was written on Friday.  It is now Saturday, and the death toll is now 71 - AND WITH 1,000 Missing. But don't let that bother you, Mr. Higgs. You go right ahead encouraging fossil fuels from that nice Mr. Irving.)

Yes. It is happening  even in Canada ---especially in Canada. But it's all for the good. We don't want to see our oil billionaires sleeping on the sidewalk, do we?

Five degrees - more than enough to bring the California wildfires to New Brunswick and it's forests that reach into it's cities. And it's cities are largely wooden.

If you want to know why millions are fleeing Venezuela, don't waste your time with any of the North American commercial news media. And don't waste your time listening to Donald Trump or his little boy Justin Trudeau.

And watch out. It is very likely that Trump will ask Canada to send troops - and very likely that Canada will respond. (But we'll call them 'peacekeepers'.

This is the deliberate destruction of a nation for the benefit of our oil barons.

Brazil's new, fascist president has been hailed as a great democrat by the U.S. Republicans. Now, he' and his foreign minister will also be heroes for New Brunswick's premier Brian Higgs.

This is desperately bad news for Trump who is eager to defend the Saudi royals, his best friends in the middle east. And there is something else worth nothing in this.

The CIA is not an organization of high moral codes and values. It's secretive, carries out assassinations, and generally unpleasant. It normally does whatever nasty things the president tells it do do. So why did it suddenly get honest? And honest in a way that puts Trump in a very difficult position?

Lend this to a Conservative who can read - if you know one.

Here's an important story about Canada - but not important enough to make the Moncton Times and Transcript.

Here in New Brunswick, mr. irving would never ask for handouts from the government. No. He's a great believer in.....something.....

Here's a problem that Canadian universities  have done nothing about, Instead, they devote much of their time hiring propaganda hacks, give them fancy titles, and pay for them to lie to us through the news media.

We are also paying high prices for professors who have no training whatever in teaching - and, often, no love for it.

Yeah, yeah, I know. They're criminals. a buck 45 a day is all they deserve. But think of this. They come largely from privately owned prisons. And how much do the prison owners get in these deals?

We have very little time to deal with climate change - if we have time at all. Think of that next time you hear an  idiot statement from premier Higgs of New Brunswick.

If Canada goes on as a very junior partner in obedience to its American masters, Canada will not last long. The U.S. does not have allies and partners. It owns other nations. That has been the clear message of Trump's trade 'negotiations'.
Added to that is climate change which is profoundly weakening  the US. It is going to want Canada - and want it very soon as a group of American states. Then forget medicare. Forget decent minimum wage. Forget all that Canadians have made of themselves.  (Mind you, the irvings of this world and the Conservatives of New Brunswick would find that very, very attractive.)

That's why the trade talks with Asia are important for Canada. As a puppet of the U.S. Canada cannot survive. It needs alliances to suit its own needs, not American ones.

As for New Bruswick's newspapers, what can I say? This morning, reading the whole paper took me less that two minutes. They have a huge staff of reporters and editors and hack columnists who offer nothing but gossip, sob stories, trivia....

Working my myself in just a few hours, I found 17 news stories of some importance. There was not a single story in today's paper that had anything to say. The lead story, the big one on page one, was about the sadness of a mother who lost her daughter to suicide 6 years ago.

One can certainly feel sympathy for that mother. But as a news story? There's nothing we can do about it. This is information which is of no use at all to us. And this sort of story is common for the front page of Brunswick News.

Where is the news we need? Where is the big story about how the wealthy of this province pay no income tax at all? Where is the big story how the wealthy pay little property tax? Where is the story about how we give huge sums of of money from OUR taxes to the wealthy? Where is the story about the California wildfire - and what that says for all of us? Where is the story about the Central American migrants, perhaps the most dreadful displacement of millions since the American slaughter of aboriginal peoples? Where is the story that the U.S. wealthy have been raging to get control of the whole world since 1945, have illegally invaded over 70 countries in that time, and have murdered at least 20 million people, the majority of them civilians. Where is the story about our creation of at least 70 or 80 million refugees all over the world?

What about the fact the we have a premier who wants to encourage climate change  by fracking? This could (will) have harmful effects on all of us. Where is the column raising questions about this? This insanity is happening over much of the world - but Canada and the U.S. are leading among the most insane ones.

If New Brunswickers are going to get serious and save something of a livable world for their children (and maybe for themselves), they need to get a lot better organized.
1. they need to develop one party with one set of values to be brought to bear.
2. They need to take united and stronger positions on fracking, the oil industry in general, on decent housing and income levels.
3. They need to get private business under control. We now have an ex premier, who is urging private business (the richer ones) to take over running the province - this is something that no free people can afford to tolerate. We have have this idea from a former premier - and in the current premier we see that same notion that private business should be allowed to operate without controls.
That cannot be allowed. All human institutions have to be controlled. If not, they will destroy us and themselves - as big business is destroying so much of humanity now.
4. We need to understand that we are in a war for survival against greedy and arrogant people (and irresponsible) people.
5. We need very active political organization and debate everywhere. And we have very little time.

And, in a lost hope, it would be nice to see our Christian churches give a little  thought to the mass murder, hatreds, and abuses that have come to characterize the "Christian" world. Jesus stood for more, much more, than getting us a free pass into heaven. Perhaps our clergy could use a crash course on the worldly gospels of Christ.

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