Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Oct. 30: It's not my fault. I just report on the news.




Stories like the above - and worse ones like the very little time we have to deal with climate change - explain why I think New Brunswickers are suicidally slow in dealing with political issues.

In New Brunswick, it's considered radical to demand improvement to  the ambulance service. Yes, it's true greater efforts should be made. Yes, it's true we need better service to save lives           - but for Pete's sake---

Within 10 years we start dying of climate change. We have already lost the greater part of our wildlife. We face the final disaster.....soon....

And people think the most important thing to do is to improve ambulance services?


And what will America's heroic fighting men do when migrants try to cross the border? Will they open fire on all those unarmed adults and children? Will they break up families and put the children in wire cages again? That's what Trump is willing to do. Read his twitter page. He's spreading what is almost certainly a lie - that these helpless people come with middle east terrorists among them...yeah... to kill Americans in their beds, yeah.


Yes. This is important for all of  us. Angela Merkel is an intelligent and honest politician. But the populists and destroyers of democracy are on the march all over the western world. She's quitting because Germany    - like most of Europe and the U.S. - and bits of Canada - and Brazil are going down to the demagogues.



Trump has just endorsed the new president of Brazil as a wonderful man. We are descending into a very, very dangerous world.


Let us be clear about this. I will freely admit to a dislike of the government of Israel. This has nothing do with anti-semitism. ALL governments must be open to criticism of their behaviour. And, indeed, I think the behaviour of Israel as a nation-state is  not only contemptible but a betrayal of Judaic teaching.

However the attack on the Pittsburg synagogue has nothing to do with the Judaic faith. It's an attack based on racial hatred.

But Donald Trump says he's a great guy.


And here's an opinion you will never find in Brunswick News.


And unpleasant reality.


The man who revealed the crimes committed by the U.S. as torture, mass murder, has paid the price of living in solitary for it. Now, it looks as though he will be handed over to the U.S. government.






Another story that hasn't made our local news. At  what point does war become evil? Or is it just evil when the other side does it?


Gee. The U.S. would never use chemical weapons. Those are evil. Well,  not always. They  must have been good in Vietnam or the U.S. would never have used them. No.

Another report you will never see in the New Brunswick press.\\



Just recently the U.S. has made dangerous moves to create a world, nuclear war. We are now very, very close. Our news media have largely ignored the story. So here's Putin on it.


There are some Canadian politicians I find it hard to report on because they're so ---Donald Trumpish.


In all the wars of world history, it is quite possible that the most evil and vicious have been those fought by the U.S. throughout its history, from the massacres of native peoples to the unreported horrors of Yemen.


Trump calls them brave lads, national heroes.... damn right. If it weren't for U.S. bombing and blockading, all those starving Yemen children would now be flooding the U.S. to murder God-fearing Americans in their beds.

The Anti-media site appears to have been effectively destroyed by Miss Lah-di-dah, formerly of New Brunswick.



I include this next item only so you will remember to pay no attention to it.


Universities get top listings based mainly on things  that are meaningless to most students. A university has a professor who has a big name for publishing? Big deal. I'm known a few of  these. They are arrogant, posturing braggarts who understand nothing about teaching. So what use is that to students?

Universities that are big and have buckets of money (and arrogance) get great reuputations.  But often their 'great works' prove to be of little value. I think of one  I know who swaggers, and can make it sound brilliant when he orders a cup of coffee. He actually encourages students to pat him on the back and tell him how brilliant he is. Really!

I knew several who spent their lectures bragging to their students, and one who (seriously) told all the girls they would fall in love with him. When I first took a job at the university, he, without telling me, ordered his book for the bookstore as required reading for my course.

Universities are full of posturing, arrogance....Pay no attention to it.



The front page of the Moncton Times and Transcript for Oct. 30 has a most astonishing - and dismaying - story. Frank McKenna, a former premier of New Brunswick, called a meeting of New Brunswick born big business leaders now living in Ontario. Also there in their usual role as kissups were New Brunswick's university presidents. The theme of their meeting was that democracy does not work. It's time for big business to step in and take over running the province.

Yep. Time to scrap democracy. Voters and their politicians have to be scrapped, and let big business take over. (I'm not exaggerating any of this.)

Big business will solve our problems? But it's big business that has been running this province from the start. It has owned the politicians from the start. Big business is what has been bleeding this province dry for well over a century. Big business leaders are the ones who don't pay taxes. They are the ones who receive massive payouts from governments. They are the ones who have resisted dealing with climate change and low salaries.

And Frank McKenna has been big business'  bumboy. He is a member of the Bilderburg group,  a propaganda house for the very, very wealthy who believe that all democracy is wrong. The rich should be our lords and masters. It's a formula that has made McKenna a very rich man over the years.

And why were the university presidents there? That's because the wealthy took control of the universities a long time ago. The university presidents are just errand runners for the wealthy.

This is the most disgusting newspaper item I have ever seen. But Brunswick News presents it as triumph and glory. And editorial comment on it? There isn't any. And we're not likely to see any unless it's an editorial in praise of the wealthy who live off our labour, our low salaries, and their theft of our money.

We are watching the destruction of democracy - and the irving press will be a cheerleader for its destruction.

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