Thursday, October 25, 2018

Oct. 25: very, very dangerous times.

The world has had great dangers over thousands of  years. But - and I'm quite serious - nothing so dangerous as the rule of Trump.

He has built his presidency on hatred - hatred of Latin Americans, hatred of Democrats, hatred of Muslims. And this empowered millions of Americans, especially Christian ones, to howl for the blood of all those people Trump castigates. He calls them to return to the days of America's glory. Yes.  And what were those days?

Were they days of mass murder of indigenous people? Of the mass slaughter of civilians and children in Hiroshima and Nagasake? Were they the days of invasions and plundering of just about every country in Latin America. The mass murder and torture of The Phillipines followed by decades of American dictators and puppets. Should Canadians cheer for the American gallant invasions of Canada?

We are watching a U.S. run out of control with no limit to how destructive it might become.

Our irving press in New Brunswick hasn't noticed what's going on in Brazil - or most of the world.

Hey! A deal is a deal. Right?

The irving press is very big on these  phony "think tanks". It frequently runs their 'research' on its commentary page. No honest editor would run that crap.

Isn't it nice how Mr. irving looks after us by spraying New Brunswick? This province once had a medical officer who warned us about this because it is poisoning us. So she was dumped. And neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have done a thing about it. (Let me know how your children liked their breakfast.)

The following story is 3 years old, But it counts as news because it has never made our leading, commercial news media.

And even 20 million is an underestimate because the U.S. has fought a lot more than 37 wars  since 1945.

Oh, isn't that nice. They gave him a burial.

But what does Suzuki know? He's only a scientist with, probably, 8 or so years of university study and a lifetime of research. But Mr. irving did two years of a BA at Acadia. So there!

Figure a New Brunswick gov't would do something like that to irving ltd.? nah.

With only one page for world news, the irving press had no  room for this story. But it's kind of important. It hugely increases the risk of a nuclear war in Europe that would almost certainly be a world war.

The great feature of our local Moncton Times and Transcript is that it can be read in two or three minutes.

News of the whole world is one page with two of the bomb stories from the U.S. The nuclear militarization of Europe? No. Who cares? The mass murder by starvation in Yemen? No. The continued and criminal abuse of Palestine by Israel? Yawn.  American threats to China and Russia? The reason that migrants are trying to flee Latin America? The U.S. continuing to occupy and attack in Syria? The NATO war exercises near Russia? The Canadian troops who are stationed near Russia? The tens of millions of refugees we have helped to create?

Nope.Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope and Nope.

The big, local news - front page - is that the People's Alliance Party feels the biggest political issue in new Brunswick is the need for more paramedics. So it will bring down the Liberals by supporting the Conservatives - who also want fracking which, apparently, is more important than  dealing with climate change or poisoning by spraying our forests. And of course it's more important than dealing with the power of the irvings who own this province and most of its politicians - and it's only newspapers. And, of course, the People's Alliance feel that more paramedics are the answer to all our problems. So they'll support the Conservatives who are very good friends and that nice mr. irving.

Moncton and climate change? There's not a word about it in the paper. Well, perhaps in a sort of backward way. The editorial writer feels the great issue of today's world is the carbon tax. Yep. Gotta get rid of that. mr. irving doesn't like it.

That, of course, will help the conservatives to get elected. Then there's a commentary by the president of Canadians for affordable energy - a propaganda front if I ever saw one. That, too, will help the conservatives and the oil industry. Yep. They feel the big issue here isn't climate change. No. The big issue is keeping up gas sales. The paper has consistently followed that theme. And I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that the man who owns our oil industry also owns the newspaper - and the Conservatives.

Then there's another commentary by another propaganda house - the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Yes, it's view is that the government shouldn't do much of anything. No. It should let private business do everything. Damn right. Privatize the schools. Privatize medicare. Privatize the hospitals. Then, like the U.S. we'll have a dysfunctional school system, and a population that lives five years less than it does now.

I have yet to see an article in this paper that supports governments of this country doing anything but handing out billions as gifts to billionaires - and forgiving them any need to pay income tax or property tax. And, in this election year, the newspapers owned by our billionaires have been journalistic pimps for them.

Wake up, New Brunswick. The middle ages are over in most of the world.

And, yes. I feel scared by today's news about what's happening in our world, and who's doing it.

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