Thursday, October 11, 2018

Oct. 11: The rise of fascism - again.

What should be the biggest news of our time almost never makes the pages of our local newspapers here in New Brunswick. We are very, very close to the final disaster. And we're making no plans to do anything.

Then I include this item because it is the most brainless article I have ever seen. Written by a scientist, it says we shouldn't worry about climate change because we're all going to die some day anyway. I'm serious. The article actually says that.

Then there's this stunning statement.

If Trump believes that, he should also believe that he lives too, too, too, too, too, too, too well. I have spent much time in China. It is certainly far, far better off today that it was when it under British and other European control. But those days were dreadfully wretched. Today, it is still a land of hardship by North American standards.

Take this seriously. If Trump believes that and if Americans accept it, they are well on the road to fascism. And I'm not using the word fascist loosely. And I do actually know what fascism means. Trump is not yet a full-blown fascist. But he and his followers are well on the road to it. The maintenance of his electoral following shows that the U.S. is ready to be fascist, so ready, it is hard to see how it will avoid becoming a fascist state - soon.

Among the features of fascism are the targetings of foreigners, immigrants and refugees for hatred - as the Chinese are being targeted in this case. Then there's the admittance of the super wealthy into control of the government. And the super-worship of national patriotism and the military.  (That comes through clearly in Trump's twitter notes.) There's the idolization of the nation as one with a right - even a religious obligation -  to rule all other nations. These are all characteristics of American politics as they were of Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Germany. Oh, and of the old British Empire.

Think about that on November 11.

Think also about why the U.S. is fighting all these wars that Canada is going to get sucked into. The wars are being demanded by America's leading capitalists.

First, capitalists make huge profits out of war materials. This is why the U.S. has the highest military spending in world history. Secondly, capitalists want wars to steal the natural resources (like oil) of other countries. Almost all wars of the last several hundred years have been the wars of capitalism.

Capitalism has no moral standards. It has no social values. It exists only to feed its own greed. And it no longer pays for the wars. That load is dumped on the rest of us, along with the fighting. That's why Trump always praises the military for its 'patriotism'. It's because he and his rich friends depend on the military to make them even richer.

Capitalism is not a set of social values. It is based on nothing but pure greed - and indifference to human needs. That's why it has to be controlled. But half-wit amoralists like chambers of commerce and the irving press insist capitalism must not be controlled. It should be allowed free to let the big capitalists loot all the rest of us and, indeed, all the world.

The recent disappearance of an honest journalist, almost certainly ordered by the government of Saudi Arabia. has raised unusual concern as it follows a rise in European murders of honest journalists.

Luckily, journalists who write for the irving press in New Brunswick need never fear.

What will happen in this case? Almost certainly - nothing. Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most vicious, murderous and, yes, fascist government in the world, is a best friend of Canada and the U.S. (Recent reports claim the journalist was murdered in a Saudi embassy in Turkey, and the body cut up into small pieces for disposal.)

Contrary to popular belief, our  universities are pompous disasters. They have always been poor teaching institutions because their professors have no training whatever in how to teach, and no sense of how to design programmes. They also live in a mist of academic arrogance and posturing. To make it worse, half of all professors in Canada, the U.S. and Britain have no job security. And, of course, the places are so overpriced that most students can attend only by putting themselves into debt for years after graduation. (I have ten years of university education. It took me fifteen years to pay for it. I should have stayed with my first job as a mailboy.)

Israel's racism in its treatment of Palestinians brings back some memories of Hitler's treatment of Jews. Alas! It often works that way. The victims of bullies and persecutors become bullies and persecutors in their own right.

Incidentally, it's the Judaic writings in The Bible in which we are told, Thou shalt not kill. But I guess Jehovah must have passed the word that it's okay to kill Palestinians.

Then there's the irving press of New Brunswick. But what can I say? Today's edition of our Moncton Times and Transcript has..... well, it's big U.S. story is that Amazon workers in the U.S. will now earn $15 an hour. Wow! (It doesn't mention that very large numbers of them won't get anything. They will be laid off as Amazon turns to robots. It's all planned.)

Then it has a brief story on the mayor of Montreal saying we need to act now on climate. And there's an exciting story about a pumpkin thief in Ontario.

And that pretty much covers all domestic and world news. I mean, who has to care about Yemen or Syria or the growing certainty of  wars between the U.S. and Iran and Saudi Arabia and  Iran and Russia and China. Who cares about the near certainty that Canada will be asked to take part? Who cares about Ukraine getting aggressive on the Russian border - or about Canadian troops who are nearby? Who cares that, in order to get a trade deal with the U.S., Canada has agreed it will join the U.S. in refusing to have any trade deal with China. (This is really an act of war since the U.S. has no right to place such restrictions on trade with China or any other country.  The U.S. has used this illegal and bullying power to impoverish countries it doesn't approve of - Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea....  There is every chance that some of these deals are going to lead to war - and Canada will be expected to be a good, little ally to the U.S. and take part. Funny how the irving press never noticed that.)

The irving press for today really has no world news at all. In local 'must know' news, there's a big story about a boutique for babies opening, and another about a supermarket selling cider.

As to commentary, Norbert Cunningham has quite a decent one on what I will call the racism of the People's Alliance party. I know what racism looks and smells like. I spent much of my life in the middle of it. This is a party of shallow thought which, admittedly, places it in a class with the Liberals and Conservatives.

The editorial is the usual ass-kisser which says we should cut government spending right way. And guess whose ass that kisses. The wealthy of this province paying nothing - nada - nil - in income tax - those are the asses it kisses. As well, the wealthy also expect - and get - handouts from our taxes every year. That's why it we have an annual deficit. But no editor of the irving press has ever had the guts or integrity to say that.

As usual, the whole paper can be read in about two minutes - and nothing learned. That's why New Brunswick's people still vote for the Liberal and Conservative parties which still live in the nineteenth century. And that's why the newest party in the province, People's Alliance, is a fragment of 19th century racism.

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