Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Oct. 30: It's not my fault. I just report on the news.




Stories like the above - and worse ones like the very little time we have to deal with climate change - explain why I think New Brunswickers are suicidally slow in dealing with political issues.

In New Brunswick, it's considered radical to demand improvement to  the ambulance service. Yes, it's true greater efforts should be made. Yes, it's true we need better service to save lives           - but for Pete's sake---

Within 10 years we start dying of climate change. We have already lost the greater part of our wildlife. We face the final disaster.....soon....

And people think the most important thing to do is to improve ambulance services?


And what will America's heroic fighting men do when migrants try to cross the border? Will they open fire on all those unarmed adults and children? Will they break up families and put the children in wire cages again? That's what Trump is willing to do. Read his twitter page. He's spreading what is almost certainly a lie - that these helpless people come with middle east terrorists among them...yeah... to kill Americans in their beds, yeah.


Yes. This is important for all of  us. Angela Merkel is an intelligent and honest politician. But the populists and destroyers of democracy are on the march all over the western world. She's quitting because Germany    - like most of Europe and the U.S. - and bits of Canada - and Brazil are going down to the demagogues.



Trump has just endorsed the new president of Brazil as a wonderful man. We are descending into a very, very dangerous world.


Let us be clear about this. I will freely admit to a dislike of the government of Israel. This has nothing do with anti-semitism. ALL governments must be open to criticism of their behaviour. And, indeed, I think the behaviour of Israel as a nation-state is  not only contemptible but a betrayal of Judaic teaching.

However the attack on the Pittsburg synagogue has nothing to do with the Judaic faith. It's an attack based on racial hatred.

But Donald Trump says he's a great guy.


And here's an opinion you will never find in Brunswick News.


And unpleasant reality.


The man who revealed the crimes committed by the U.S. as torture, mass murder, has paid the price of living in solitary for it. Now, it looks as though he will be handed over to the U.S. government.






Another story that hasn't made our local news. At  what point does war become evil? Or is it just evil when the other side does it?


Gee. The U.S. would never use chemical weapons. Those are evil. Well,  not always. They  must have been good in Vietnam or the U.S. would never have used them. No.

Another report you will never see in the New Brunswick press.\\



Just recently the U.S. has made dangerous moves to create a world, nuclear war. We are now very, very close. Our news media have largely ignored the story. So here's Putin on it.


There are some Canadian politicians I find it hard to report on because they're so ---Donald Trumpish.


In all the wars of world history, it is quite possible that the most evil and vicious have been those fought by the U.S. throughout its history, from the massacres of native peoples to the unreported horrors of Yemen.


Trump calls them brave lads, national heroes.... damn right. If it weren't for U.S. bombing and blockading, all those starving Yemen children would now be flooding the U.S. to murder God-fearing Americans in their beds.

The Anti-media site appears to have been effectively destroyed by Miss Lah-di-dah, formerly of New Brunswick.



I include this next item only so you will remember to pay no attention to it.


Universities get top listings based mainly on things  that are meaningless to most students. A university has a professor who has a big name for publishing? Big deal. I'm known a few of  these. They are arrogant, posturing braggarts who understand nothing about teaching. So what use is that to students?

Universities that are big and have buckets of money (and arrogance) get great reuputations.  But often their 'great works' prove to be of little value. I think of one  I know who swaggers, and can make it sound brilliant when he orders a cup of coffee. He actually encourages students to pat him on the back and tell him how brilliant he is. Really!

I knew several who spent their lectures bragging to their students, and one who (seriously) told all the girls they would fall in love with him. When I first took a job at the university, he, without telling me, ordered his book for the bookstore as required reading for my course.

Universities are full of posturing, arrogance....Pay no attention to it.



The front page of the Moncton Times and Transcript for Oct. 30 has a most astonishing - and dismaying - story. Frank McKenna, a former premier of New Brunswick, called a meeting of New Brunswick born big business leaders now living in Ontario. Also there in their usual role as kissups were New Brunswick's university presidents. The theme of their meeting was that democracy does not work. It's time for big business to step in and take over running the province.

Yep. Time to scrap democracy. Voters and their politicians have to be scrapped, and let big business take over. (I'm not exaggerating any of this.)

Big business will solve our problems? But it's big business that has been running this province from the start. It has owned the politicians from the start. Big business is what has been bleeding this province dry for well over a century. Big business leaders are the ones who don't pay taxes. They are the ones who receive massive payouts from governments. They are the ones who have resisted dealing with climate change and low salaries.

And Frank McKenna has been big business'  bumboy. He is a member of the Bilderburg group,  a propaganda house for the very, very wealthy who believe that all democracy is wrong. The rich should be our lords and masters. It's a formula that has made McKenna a very rich man over the years.

And why were the university presidents there? That's because the wealthy took control of the universities a long time ago. The university presidents are just errand runners for the wealthy.

This is the most disgusting newspaper item I have ever seen. But Brunswick News presents it as triumph and glory. And editorial comment on it? There isn't any. And we're not likely to see any unless it's an editorial in praise of the wealthy who live off our labour, our low salaries, and their theft of our money.

We are watching the destruction of democracy - and the irving press will be a cheerleader for its destruction.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Oct. 28: After the disaster - to several more disasters


As November 11 approaches, it's important to remember what we told Canadians they were fighting and dying for in World War Two. And Freedom of Speech was top of the list. Yes, we were fighting for the freedom to read and to think and to say what we thought was true.

In that context, the Oct. 27 issue of the Moncton Times and Transcript featured the most disgusting news story I have ever seen. It's on page A8.  It's about Tessa Lyons who lived, for a time, in New Brunswick. But her mother is a Canadian diplomat, so Tessa has lived around the world. She attended the very, very ritzy Ashbury College in Ottawa, the one that caters to rich kids that aren't smart. She graduated from Harvard with a BA in that delightfully vague area called Social Studies. And she went to work for Facebook where, at now the age of 29, she is something called a Project Manager.

Ah, yes. This is a golden child. And what does she do at Facebook? She decides what she thinks people should be allowed to read.  In particular, she slashes out social media which she says are not honest.

Yes. She decides what is honest in  news media and what she will allow us to read.

She doesn't censor our commercial media (like the ghastly Brunswick News, and virtually all the commercial news media.) No. The assumption is that they are good and honest. Yes.

But in her view social media people like me - and especially the really big ones like The Canadian Observer or Rabble.ca or Information Clearing House - are liars, Yes, they are. She brands it all as fake news. And she should know. I mean, her mummy is a diplomat and travels all over. And Tessa went to Harvard. So she knows things. And now she decides what us common people are allowed to read. And she feels that we are dishonest or too stupid to understand these things. I mean, she's 29. So she knows things. And the social media, the ones who transmit their writings through Facebook, are liars. Yes, they are. But being sophisticated like she is, she calls it Fake News. So her job is to  kick them out of Facebook.

Among those being kicked out are world scholars like Noam Chomsky, David Suzuki, and award winning journalists like Seymour Hersh,

Now, commercial news media don't need this kind of checking. No. They always tell the truth..... Tessa Lyons studied at Harvard, but it wasn't History or Journalism because anybody who has ever studied either of those knows  that our modern commercial news media, from the start,  were liars and propagandists. They invented fake news.

The modern commercial news media, which date to 1870 or so, were and are owned by very wealthy people who use them to generate propaganda for their business interests. The Montreal Gazette was typical of the sort. When Britain invaded South Africa to murder the Dutch settlers and steal their gold mines, the Montreal Gazette was a cheerleader that urged Canadians to go kill for the Queen. Of course. Wealthy Montrealers were then heavily dependent on British business leaders so we sent Canadians to die there just as more recent Gazettes encouraged Canadians to kill and die in Afghanistan and Libya to please our American masters.

Almost all of the commercial news media in the world distribute fake news in that way.  The Brunswick News is pretty openly a propaganda house for its owner.

But a 29 year old woman knows better than all the scholars who have studied this subject. And, though she offers no  evidence of training or experience in the field, she can tell that Brunswick News is honest. Indeed, she offers no evidence of training or experience as a journalist. Lady, I had a full time job as a university teacher for forty years. And in my spare time for those years, I was on radio several times a day, frequently on TV, and wrote hundreds of newspaper columns. I have a  Ph.D. in history.  Tell us your experience and education, lady.

 (She offers a section of 10 tips on how to spot fake news. Most of them are quite useless. It's obvious she knows nothing about journalism.)

I read some commercial news. The best that I know of in the English language is Israeli's Haaretz. The Guardian, though not what it was a generation ago, is still pretty good. CBC is pretty good - but it sometimes has to lie. And that's about it.

Why did the Brunswick News run this absurd story? That's because it runs fake news all the time - so it really wants all the social media out of the way.

Tessa Lyons - lah di dah world traveller and graduate of Harvard with a BA, no less, in social studies,  is here to tell us what we're allowed to read. This arrogance is precisely the kind of thought control that George Orwell warned us about in "1984". And, as journalism, this story is low even for the Brunswick News gutter.

What is she really about? On this day when we should be thinking about why Canadians died in World War Two, and freedom of speech means, she is here to impose a thought control that Hitler would have envied.  Yes, this woman with a well-connected mother (which may be what got her this job), this woman who knows nothing of journalism, this woman who has obvious contempt for us peasants, is here with her la-di dah ways,  here to tell us what we're allowed to read.

Get stuffed, lady.

And American readers, look out. She now lives in the U.S., and is doing the same  destructive work there because the U.S., too, has commercial news media as destructive and lying as our own Brunswick News.

This is a lying news story. It's a smug and destructive story. And it's one hell of a warning of what kind of a world we are being set up for.

Another victim for Tessa Lyons.


We were told we were fighting for The Four Freedoms. But, obviously, we were lied to.

Here's the sort of thing the "honest" Brunswick News doesn't want us to read.

Under the law, migrants have a right to flee terrible conditions and to enter another country with a request for citizenship. But Trump is sending troops. There is no limit to how tragic this could be.



Canada and the U.S. have been on a steady drift to increasing poverty for most people combined with increasing wealth for a tiny number. Editorials in the irving press commonly support this.



I expect a Tessa Lyons would see this as 'fake news'.

At last. Russian capitalists have something in common with Canadian and American capitalists - unlimited greed.


...and greed and stupidity go hand in hand.



One of the provinces to benefit from this is New Brunswick where people will get tax rebates. But the Moncton Times and Transcript editorial attacking this effort to deal with climate change (Oct. 27) doesn't mention this aspect. Indeed, it reports as if Ottawa were stealing from us. I guess that means that our oil barons don't like the plan.


Hey. Not to worry We might have a dozen years before climate change becomes irreversible. Relax. Enjoy. Go for a drive.




Three cheers for Tessa Lyons who protects us from yucky-poo pictures.



Of course Russia is preparing for war. The U.S. is conducting war games near Russian borders though Russia, to the best of my knowledge is not conducting war games on American borders. And the U.S. is the one that just broke the nuclear weapons treaty.


This can hardly be a surprise. It's happening all over North America as our new aristocracy shovel all the money into their pockets.


Do not assume that the government of Israel in any way represents the Judaic faith.

Yes.We have allowed billionaires to take over the western world. They own our commercial news media. They have busy little servants like Tessa Lyons to make sure that we don't learn too much about the power and greed - and starvation and murder - they represent..


We all pay a heavy price for that. And it's going to get a hell of a lot heavier.

There's nothing amusing about Trump. He is cast from exactly the same mold as Hitler. And what we are learning - or should be learning - is that a great many Americans - and Canadians - want a Hitler.


And Hitler, incidentally, also got massive financial support from the very wealthy, the ones that Tessa Lyons tells us we should obey.

This next story is a long one. But it's revealing about things we were never told.


Democracy in America.


The end of the nuclear arms deal - from the other side.



There has always been a pronounced streak of anti-semitism in Canada and the U.S. I do not mean that we criticize Israel out of anti-semitism. As a nation, Israel has to take responsibility - and blame - for its own behaviour.

But the attack on a synagogue and the mass murder of those in attendance has nothing to do with Israel. This is an expression purely of hatred and  hatred for all Jews simply because they are Jews. This was not an  attack on Jews for any reason - except for them being Jews. The danger of  this is always present - but many times more so in a U.S. which has become obsessed with hatreds. The resemblance to Nazi Germany is not a coincidence.


Our Brunswick News hasn't said much about the elections in Brazil. But Brazil is a very large country  with perhaps the world's largest rain forest. And yes, the survival of that forest is a major factor in dealing with climate control.

The leading candidate in the election is an admitted believer in murder, torture, all sorts of violence, with an open contempt for democracy - all of which is why Trump does not ever criticize him. He also is ambitious to invite capitalists to enter Brazil to develop (destroy) the rain forest and its people. It will be interesting to see how many American and Canadian billionaires show interest in this. Of course, though, we aren't likely to hear much about it from our commercial news media.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Oct. 27: A new, gutter low.

I have just spent almost four hours writing my blog. And it disappeared! I have no idea why. This has happened a couple of times before but this time was worse because I had the whole damn thing typed.

I shall start again his evening. the disappearances seem to happen when my left hand brushes against something at the lower, left-hand corner of the keyboard.

Or maybe I'll just shoot myself instead.

graeme decarie

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Oct. 25: very, very dangerous times.


The world has had great dangers over thousands of  years. But - and I'm quite serious - nothing so dangerous as the rule of Trump.

He has built his presidency on hatred - hatred of Latin Americans, hatred of Democrats, hatred of Muslims. And this empowered millions of Americans, especially Christian ones, to howl for the blood of all those people Trump castigates. He calls them to return to the days of America's glory. Yes.  And what were those days?

Were they days of mass murder of indigenous people? Of the mass slaughter of civilians and children in Hiroshima and Nagasake? Were they the days of invasions and plundering of just about every country in Latin America. The mass murder and torture of The Phillipines followed by decades of American dictators and puppets. Should Canadians cheer for the American gallant invasions of Canada?

We are watching a U.S. run out of control with no limit to how destructive it might become.

Our irving press in New Brunswick hasn't noticed what's going on in Brazil - or most of the world.



Hey! A deal is a deal. Right?


The irving press is very big on these  phony "think tanks". It frequently runs their 'research' on its commentary page. No honest editor would run that crap.



Isn't it nice how Mr. irving looks after us by spraying New Brunswick? This province once had a medical officer who warned us about this because it is poisoning us. So she was dumped. And neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have done a thing about it. (Let me know how your children liked their breakfast.)

The following story is 3 years old, But it counts as news because it has never made our leading, commercial news media.


And even 20 million is an underestimate because the U.S. has fought a lot more than 37 wars  since 1945.


Oh, isn't that nice. They gave him a burial.


But what does Suzuki know? He's only a scientist with, probably, 8 or so years of university study and a lifetime of research. But Mr. irving did two years of a BA at Acadia. So there!



Figure a New Brunswick gov't would do something like that to irving ltd.? nah.



With only one page for world news, the irving press had no  room for this story. But it's kind of important. It hugely increases the risk of a nuclear war in Europe that would almost certainly be a world war.

The great feature of our local Moncton Times and Transcript is that it can be read in two or three minutes.

News of the whole world is one page with two of the bomb stories from the U.S. The nuclear militarization of Europe? No. Who cares? The mass murder by starvation in Yemen? No. The continued and criminal abuse of Palestine by Israel? Yawn.  American threats to China and Russia? The reason that migrants are trying to flee Latin America? The U.S. continuing to occupy and attack in Syria? The NATO war exercises near Russia? The Canadian troops who are stationed near Russia? The tens of millions of refugees we have helped to create?

Nope.Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope and Nope.

The big, local news - front page - is that the People's Alliance Party feels the biggest political issue in new Brunswick is the need for more paramedics. So it will bring down the Liberals by supporting the Conservatives - who also want fracking which, apparently, is more important than  dealing with climate change or poisoning by spraying our forests. And of course it's more important than dealing with the power of the irvings who own this province and most of its politicians - and it's only newspapers. And, of course, the People's Alliance feel that more paramedics are the answer to all our problems. So they'll support the Conservatives who are very good friends and that nice mr. irving.

Moncton and climate change? There's not a word about it in the paper. Well, perhaps in a sort of backward way. The editorial writer feels the great issue of today's world is the carbon tax. Yep. Gotta get rid of that. mr. irving doesn't like it.

That, of course, will help the conservatives to get elected. Then there's a commentary by the president of Canadians for affordable energy - a propaganda front if I ever saw one. That, too, will help the conservatives and the oil industry. Yep. They feel the big issue here isn't climate change. No. The big issue is keeping up gas sales. The paper has consistently followed that theme. And I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that the man who owns our oil industry also owns the newspaper - and the Conservatives.

Then there's another commentary by another propaganda house - the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Yes, it's view is that the government shouldn't do much of anything. No. It should let private business do everything. Damn right. Privatize the schools. Privatize medicare. Privatize the hospitals. Then, like the U.S. we'll have a dysfunctional school system, and a population that lives five years less than it does now.

I have yet to see an article in this paper that supports governments of this country doing anything but handing out billions as gifts to billionaires - and forgiving them any need to pay income tax or property tax. And, in this election year, the newspapers owned by our billionaires have been journalistic pimps for them.

Wake up, New Brunswick. The middle ages are over in most of the world.

And, yes. I feel scared by today's news about what's happening in our world, and who's doing it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oct. 23: Dangerous Times


Aren't you proud of how nice our governments are to billionaires?

Funny - irving press didn't have this story.
Thanks to a reader who sent me this superb and very, very true item.

The Rule of the Uber-Rich Means Either Tyranny or Revolution


Donald Trump is a constant liar.


But his lying isn't the problem. The problem is that very large numbers of Americans believe his lies. And that's a problem for the whole world.

In our increasingly dangerous world, the storm that is hitting Mexico is an important warning of the storms that are increasing in violence all over the world. But it  hasn't made the irving press. (Is that because it's owned by people who don't want to discourage gas sales?)



Another story our irving press is unlikely to follow.


We have never been closer......


Another story that is not likely ever to appear in New Brunswick's irving press.


Hey! Chemical sprays are good for you.


For the last forty years and more, we have witnessed the greatest shifting of wealth from almost all of us to a tiny number. It amounts to a revolution. And it is going to mean one hell of a lot of economic chaos - soon.

The irving press has not shown much interest in this story. Anyway, it needed the world news space for a more important story that a local cop killer has asked to be released.


Gee! Here's (another) story that our irving press missed.


Muslim terrorists are evil, of course - except when they are working for the U.S.


Another story that will not make the irving press.


It's an old story. Most societies have produced a  hierarchy of the extremely wealthy. Typically, they give themselves titles as though their wealth were something ordained - then pass it on to the descendants as though it were something they had owned by their own efforts.

The British Empire was a sort of comic book version of that. (I'm addicted to Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot stories - and most of them deal with the British 'ruling class'.)

The world is now facing the greatest idiocy of this myth it has ever seen.


Yes. We fought world war two so we could be ruled by an absurdly powerful but not very bright economic ruling class.


Note that governments and scientists  have said we have 12 years, at most, to get climate change under control. (But don't tell that to the irving press.)



Remember, too, that many of these people are fleeing poverty and abused imposed on them by American corporations with the full support of American governments.

“ “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

These are the words on the statue of Liberty in New York Harbour. Of course, when it was built, American corporations were looking for cheap labour. But now they have lots of it.



This story is a year old. But this week, Monsanto lost to a California court on charges it's spray, the one used on mr. irving's forests in this province, causes cancer. I note that neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives in this province have mentioned it. And Mr. Irving's newspapers haven't. And won't.

Care to stand up for the people Mr. Higgs? No. I didn't think so.


And the people of New Brunswick? They didn't have the guts to defend their chief medical officer when she was dumped for warning about the spray.


"Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...." God bless America. Yeah.

And New Brunswick?

Probably the biggest problem facing the world is climate change. We have, maybe 12 years to deal with it. Maybe not.

And what has our provincial Conservative party had to say? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Not a word. Boy! New Brunswickers sure know how to pick the big issues. In fact, the only Conservative idea has been to encourage fracking. Oh, Mr. Higgs, - be sure to wipe your mouth after kissing Mr. Irving's caboose.

The Liberals were slightly better with a promise to deal with a carbon tax. But the Conservatives with no plan at all and the Liberals with just a modest beginning of one are the parties that got most of the votes in this province.

Indeed, it would be a stretch to say that any of the parties seemed to understand the urgency of this.

And the irving press? It has shown no sense whatever of how great the problem is and how little time we have. As usual, the last few days have, as always, been almost without anything newsworthy in them. The October 23 issue, though, has a quite decent commentary column by the province's commissioner of official languages - (0ur desire to live together is stronger).

For those who want change, there is no point whatever in reading the irving press. For those who want to know anything in the world - or even in New Brunswick - there is no point  in reading the irving press. But ignorance suits the Conservatives and the Liberals - and their corporate bosses - just fine.

If the smaller parties hope ever to get bigger, they need to provide the public with the information  the irving press isn't giving them. They need to be out every day. Starting now. We have a public that has no understanding of the issues at all. And the irving press isn't going to do the job.

And the big issues are?

1. The extent of irving control over almost everything in this province   - the cost to us of it's non-payment of taxes - the cost of financial gifts we offer up - the corruption of government by irving control - the abuse of news media....
2. The pace of climate change and what, however impossible, must be done if we are to deal with it. What needs to be done provincially? at the federal level? What do municipalities have to do?
3. The lack of informed and honest discussion and debate.
4. Make universities available to all social classes, not just the rich and those who become heavily indebted. As a part of that, make the universities into really serious learning institutions by training their professors to teach, and organizing their programmes more productively. Get them out from under the thumbs of corporate bosses.
5. Get serious about corporate poisoning of our forests and of us.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Oct. 20: Yes. New Brunswickers will have a new election. And no. They will still get it wrong.



This has been a bizarre story from the beginning. Both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have been deliberately starving and bombing millions of children to death. The U.S. also routinely sends hit squads into various countries to murder people. As well, the U.S. has been happily using torture on a large scale for over a century. But, oh, Trump is horrified that the Saudi prince would torture and murder a reporter.

However, Trump has made it clear that he will accept any excuse the Saudis might offer. Old boys will be old boys.


Will Trump's followers accept all this? You bet they will. That's why the U.S. is a failing state.

Meanwhile, here's a long and complicated story about why this incident is big news.


Alas! I can't even pretend to understand all that.



The madmen in Washington have brought us very, very close to nuclear war. And the U.S. is the only country in the world that is acting this irreponsibly.

And here are two stories, one from Canada and one from Latin America, that were important enough to appear in Britain's The Guardian - but too trivial for New Brunswick's irving press. ( It needed the space for an important flash that a man in Ontario has admitted he killed a woman.)



The countercurrents website has disappeared from my computer. Another site of the same name - but of very, very far right-wing views is still available. So have authorities cracked down on the other one?

Abuse of the land is not just a western characteristic.



Americans are indignant about killing a reporter. But poisoning a whole nation isn't bad at all.

For some fifty years, Haiti was ruled by U.S. supported dictators who starved, tortured and murdered the people of Haiti to please American capitalists. Then the Haitians had the nerve to elect their own leader. So the U.S. invaded, deposed him, and brought back the old thugs. Canada sent 'peacekeepers' to make all this look respectable.


Don't worry. If this were true, Mr. irving would have told us.





About half of the U.S. army is made up of hired thugs from any country who command much higher salaries than regular army soldiers do - and who will kill or torture anybody on command. Special, and even more highly paid, groups of them are used for assassinations, commonly in countries that the U.S. isn't even at war with.

These are the heroes (along with the drone 'pilots' ) that Trump is so proud of.


Most of these killers are of no value or use whatever to the average American who pays the taxes that support them. But they are useful to those very wealthy American capitalists who pay nothing for them - because they don't pay taxes.

Americans are suffering heavily for lack of medicare and other social services because so much of the nation's money is going straight into the pockets of the wealthy and their hired killers.
The political models for all of us Canadians.

go figure....



New Brunswick is almost certainly facing a new election as no party is now in a position to form a stable government. Will this solve any problems?


Most people voted either Liberal or Conservative in the last election. Both parties have a long history of servility to the real rulers of New Brunswick. True, the Liberals are now slightly better than the Conservatives in regard to this as the Conservatives are more openly the irving party. Indeed, they bend the knee on everything. They will, they say, reduce spending. Okay. But that can be done only by cutting essential services, and by letting the irvings continue to evade all  taxes. They are the party of pure greed - and they will, without doubt, be major contenders in any election.

The Liberals? Slightly, very slightly, better. They will, perhaps, have the brains that the Conservatives don't have as Conservatives plan to sell us out by introducing fracking to make the irvings happy. (And watch for violence on this one as some people refuse to be poisoned.)

These two parties are the only possible winners as this hopelessly ill-informed and sheep-like province heads to the polls.

The other parties need much broader policies than they now have. And they have to learn that the greatest danger facing this province is the power the irvings hold over us. Yes. We have issues to deal with. But those issues are caused by the irvings. Any party, to be useful, has to respond to that challenge.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Oct. 18: Time to go back to the drawing board.


I know what he means. The U.S. is today's Nazi Germany. It is a nation charmed by a Hitler who murders for exactly the same reason Hitler murdered - to plunder their countries for the benefit of capitalists. And Canada and Britain are the partners to the American Naziis.

And, just as in Nazi Germany, we are encouraged to idolize our militaries, spewing nonsense that they are killing out of patriotism. Yes, those masses of paraders that Trump applauds as heroes are, out of sheer patriotism, now murdering civilians and children at a rate not seen since the  heyday of the British Empire and, like the British Empire and Nazi Germany, the murder is really being done to satisfy the greed of our super billionaires.

We have fallen a long, long way from our promises of 1945 for the better world we thought we would create. November 11 should be a day thanks - and of apology-  for those who served. But it won't be. It'll be the usual three cheers for glory and 'patriotism".

One might hope our Christian clergy will be something more than cheerleaders for this armistice day.  But they won't be. They wouldn't want to criticize our billionaire 'warriors' who send others to fight their wars for them.

Let's see now. Is there anyone in Canada who might gain from an American/Canadian invasion of Venezuela?

Oh yeah, I can think of one. Right here in New Brunswick.


Pay no attention to this story from an academic journal. If this were true, Mr. Irving would tell us. And he was two years as a student at Acadia University. So he'd know.


Why are Latin Americans fleeing their countries in such numbers and trying to enter the U.S.?  It's because for over a hundred  years American corporations assisted by American governments have made their countries into living hells.



This province of New Brunswick is a prime example of ownership by the super wealthy of corporations. Blaine Higgs, leader of the Conservative party, is a prime example of who licks whose boots. If New Brunswickers care so little, why do they bother having elections?

Now, the local news media  (owned by Mr. Irving) are pimping for a government that would be a coalition of all the parties. Well, why not? It would just be a continuation of this province's rule by Mr. Irving.

New Brunswick ceased to be a democracy a long time ago. It has a population that is too poorly informed to make useful choices. And it is also, alas, lacking in the courage to question its master.

There's no need for surprise. For many, many years, the Democrats have been as corrupt and as servile to the billionaires as the Republicans have been. The U.S. is not likely to go anywhere but further down.


But what does Suzuki know? He never spent  two years at Acadia University like Mr. Irving did.

This story will not appear in New Brunswick's irving press.



What's the fuss? The U.S. has special troops and drones who kill people every day. And the U.S. military have been torturing thousands since 1900 at least. Why all this display of virtue?




Oh, it's terribly, terribly wrong to abort babies. But it's okay to bomb, starve and poison innocent people if they're foreigners. Ask your local evangelical to explain it.


And the Canadian news media have made it easy for Trudeau by not telling us why Venezuela is in crisis. The U.S. has caused the crisis. Bend over, Mr. Trump so our prime minister Trudeau can kiss you where you like it. And maybe we'll send troops and give them medals, and thank them on November 11.

Here is a story that will never appear in the irving press.


Here's a thought for Christian clergy all over the world. Have you ever considered that Jesus might be critical of our political leaders who exist only to serve the rich? And of our rich who exist only to serve themselves?


This could make an interesting sermon for the irving chapel.


The film below is of what Christopher Columbus was really all about in his 'new world'. He was a plunderer who used trained dogs to chase down and kill native peoples. But that was nothing unusual. Just about every empire that ever there was has mass murdered, plundered, starved, raped.....That's what the Spanish and French and British and Dutch empires were about. That's what  the American empire is all about. And in all cases, even the citizens of the imperial power who supplied the troops to die for the empire got nothing out of it. All the plunder and profit went a small number of the already wealthy. And that is still exactly what is happening.


Any thoughts on this all you reverends?

This is only a very small example of our treatment of migrants. We have been destroying their countries. Then, if they try to flee the horror we have created, we treat them like criminals - as though it's all their own fault.. That is what is happening at European borders and the the Mexico/U.S. border. And it is going to get much, much, much worse.


Hey. We gotta feed our hungry rich.

There's a very serious edge to this. U.S. life expectancy is very low for a developed country - 78 years at the present rate - and that's expect to drop steadily for the next 20 years at least. Canadian life expectancy is 82. Why the difference?

Americans have very, very little government medicare to rely on. It's heavily private enterprise which exists not to save lives but to make money. And now, it's going to get worse in order to make even more money for the very rich.

The private medical system in the U.S. is murdering Americans. Not the rich ones, though. They can afford private medicare.

American Christian churches, where the hell are you while your people are being murdered to stuff the wallets of billionaires?

Mind you, Canadian billionaires would love to see us dying earlier, too. And New Brunswickers who vote Liberal or Conservative are limp enough to let them do it.

The U.S. has ruled Haiti for the best part of a century. In that time, it has known massively corrupt and very, very murderous governments. Haiti did try to break free with an honest election. But the U.S. intervened with an invasion to dump the elected president, and restore the old thugs. (Canada 'nobly' sent 'peacekeepers' to make it look good.)


In Montreal, I knew quite a few Israelis. Most of them were quite decent people. But one was a man who bragged about how he and friends crossed into Palestinean land, killed the owner of a house there and moved in, kicking out the owner's family. He thought it was an amusing story. This has been a constant feature of Israeli behaviour for 60 years.

We hear the term 'Willileaks' often. But our news media never tells what it is that gets leaked. So here's a sample.


The big thrill in the Brunswick News is that all parties in their province's  indecisive election should come together and unite to form a coalition.
That's proof, if proof were needed, that the Brunswick news journalists have no idea what political parties are about - or should be about.

Their attitude is that political parties are supposed to come up with neat ideas. It's like running an office. You just get everybody together to fully cooperate with each other as a sort of office team. And that tells us that the journalists of the irving press have not the faintest idea what parties are supposed to be.

Each party is supposed to represent a basic philosophy on the nature of a society and how it should be governed. It's supposed to be campaigning and planning based on it's philosophy.

Would you seriously suggest that all the German political parties should have united with Hitler? Would you seriously suggest all Democrats should join in happy cooperation with the Republican Trumpists?

In New Brunswick, the Greens represent a need to deal with climate change. Should they abandon that to support the Conservatives in introducing fracking?
People's Alliance has been strong on putting an end to spraying our forests and us with glyphosate poison. Should they drop that to support the Conservatives and Liberals who make Mr. Irving happy by maintaining that poison?

Admittedly, the Conservatives and Liberals abandoned anything that could be called a philosophy of government or of social principals long ago. Both parties exist today only to get elected - and they do it by kissing up to the wealthy.  Does that mean everybody should?

No. Government is NOT like running an office. It is about principles and values.
And for the Greens and the People's Alliance to join a coalition with the Liberals and Conservatives would mean an abandonment of all principles and values.

Instead of folding up and going back to sleep for several more  years, I would suggest both Greens and People's Alliance - and NDP - spend the coming years campaigning hard. And that they take much tougher and broader stances than they have.

 What they are (or should be) fighting for is not the servility of the Liberals and Conservatives. It's the dominance that the Irvings and their friends exercise over this whole province. That's the enemy. And until we recognize that and deal with it, this province ain't going nowhere. So do some hard thinking about what that means.

I wish I could report something on the news in our irving press. But for the last two days it has had nothing but story after story saying the same thing. People in New Brunswick are lining up to buy cannabis. That's it.

Oh! World news had a story. But just one. It was the story that Saudis promise to punish the wrongdoers (if any) in the killing of a reporter. The story fills a whole page but, for all  practical purposes, says nothing. Nothing else happened in the whole world.

No wonder New Brunswickers don't have a clue on election days. Hints for things they might look at?

Well, New Brunswick faces a crisis in higher education. It's becoming more necessary for students and for the general good. But it's prohibitively expensive because of its fees. It's easy for irvings to go - some for as long as two years - and then slide into big pay. But it doesn't work for us peasantry.

We need the universities to become extensions of public education. (We also need the professors to learn how to teach). Our education system limited to grades K to 11 or 12 made sense in 1940. But that was a long time ago.

What we're getting instead is a big foofara over reorganizing our existing public schools to meet the demands of a university (just one) in Ontario (and just one department in that university) who downgrade New Brunswick grades. Get real, folks.

Very, very few students from New Brunswick apply to that programme in that one department of that university. And we're going to reorganize our public education system for that reason?

I taught university for many years. And for some years as chairman of the department I had to look at the marking of exams in my department. Most professors didn't have a clue how to mark an exam. Indeed, most had no idea of how to prepare a useful exam in the first place. And we are going to revamp our public education system to meet the standards of university professors who have no idea what standards are????

And in the bigger picture? We had better not pin our destiny to that of the U.S. It is a destructive empire. And it is a dying one. And that death will happen whether it is governed by Democrats or Republicans. Both parties have long histories of corruption, international murder, and cruel neglect of their own people.  Americans are so deeply saturated in myths about who they are and what they are and what their history is that they see little of  this.

Remember that the idiocies of Trump follow the idiocies of Bush Jr. and Obama who threw the middle east into a crisis that is now a world crisis. And that follows many years of profound corruption and mass murder. The U.S. is going down. And it almost certainly is not coming back.

Ideally, Canada should be looking for a new 'friend'. But that's tough to do when  you're all by yourself on the northern half of a continent, and when you have your own problems of corruption by an economic elite who are deeply attached to their American brethren.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Oct. 16: Why Nothing Happens in New Brunswick



Yes, it's happening. But not here in this province of New Brunswick. In their recent provincial election, voters felt the real, gut issues were a need to improve ambulance services and to send French and English children to school in the same busses.

Oh, yeah, the biggest winner was the Conservative leader who felt we really, really need to develop more fossil fuels.

The biggest problem facing New Brunswick, by far, is its domination by its wealthiest family. But that wasn't an election issue at all.




Wake up, New Brunswick. That's far the biggest issue you have to deal with.

The U.S. is very, very concerned that it's very good friend Saudi Arabia may have tortured and murdered a journalist.


In the last 20 years, the U.S. has killed at least 11 million people, the majority quite innocent. In Iraq, it murdered half a million children. It is now starving millions of children to death in Yemen. It has done this killing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Guatemala and many other unnamed countries that it bombs with drones. All of these wars and killings were illegal.

But, oh, Trump is terribly, terrible concerned.



God bless America.
I didn't see this story in New Brunswick's irving press.


We're not allowed to read what we want to. The owners of facebook will tell us what to read.


This is right out of Orwell's "1984".

We need a good, easy-to-read book on the history of capitalism. We are watching, in today's world, it's murderous rages which, historically, far outclass Hitler's Germany.

The British Empire was ruled by capitalists. And to please them, British governments murdered over 350 million people. (Yes. That's what God bless the King was really all about. That's what patriotism was really all about.) That's what world wars one and two were really about. That's what some 70 American wars since 1945 have been about.

Capitalism thrives on murder and plunder. Capitalism doesn't give a damn if climate change is going to destroy it. Capitalism doesn't live for the future. It lives for itself and it lives for now. Either we control it or it destroys us - soon.

Think of that the next time you read a propaganda column by your local chamber of commerce.



Of course, Gwynne Dyer ain't real smart like Mr. irving.


Not to worry. The voters of New Brunswick are dealing with the big issues - putting French and English school students on the same school busses, making sure we have enough ambulances.....


Hey? If you can't trust  your oil billionaires, who can you trust? Right?


I may have run this story some weeks ago. So this is just to be sure....  There is every possibility that Canada will  kiss up to Trump by committing troops to invade Venezuela in order to kiss up to western oil barons.





In the triumph of 1945, the U.S. was the master of the world. But that was a long time ago. Russia, China, India, with some cooperation from Europe, are bringing an end to American dominance. This has not changed the reality that no major war is winnable by anybody.  But the U.S., as the fading power, seems to be the one eager for a major war.


Congo is rich in minerals but,  under capitalist rule, the people of Congo don't see much of that wealth. This rule by capitalism has been going on for some 150 years of cheap labour, torture, mass murder and starvation. (though it almost never reached our news media.)


And, no, I'm not name-calling. The reality is that this is being inflicted by our most respected capitalists.


You'll have to scroll down a half page to this picture of a graveyard in Switzerland. I thought it a very moving one. This is a picture of  a Jewish graveyard in one of only two villages Swiss Jews, for centuries, were allowed to live in.

And saddening though it is, it's jarring to realize that this has led us to Netanyahu and modern Israel.


And what can I say about our Brunswick News in New Brunswick and our every own, local Moncton Times and Transcript? What is it's big news story of the day? In this world of Israelis killing unarmed Palestinians, of the U.S. flirting with war with China, - and possibly with Russia in the middle east - and Iran...?

The big word story that YOU need to know is that Meghan and Prince Harry are expecting. And a supplemental story that the baby may not automatically become a prince or princess. (I was worried about that.)

Yes. The big story is about two of the most expensive and most useless people in the world.

Syria?  Yemen? China? Venezuela?  Never heard of them. And that's it for world news.

Local news? Once you get past the big stories of cannabis stores opening, and a man being charged with stealing a motorcycle, you're left with a shocker. New Brunswick businesses pay the highest taxes in Canada. Yes. That's what the editorial says.

Sorry, ms. or mr. editorial hack, but it is surely not possible that you are ignorant of the fact that big business in New Brunswick doesn't pay ANY taxes. (See my report above on this.) Is it possible the editorial writer didn't know this?

I really don't see how it is possible for any journalist not to know this. This is simply standard irving news lack of any journalistic standards whatever. It lies. And it stops lying only to be trivial. Indeed, in all of this paper there is nothing really worth reading. That's why the Conservative and Liberal parties can get by with no significant policies on anything. That's why so many voters think the crucial issue is making French and English students ride in the same busses. That's why this is a nineteenth century province slipping back into the eighteenth.

Here is a province routinely being sprayed by poisons. But the two major parties don't even mention it. Here is a province in which wealth is being moved from everybody else and shovelled into the pockets of the very rich. And nobody cares.

Here is a province governed by one man - and governed entirely to benefit himself.

Grow up, New Brunswick. Or get ready for one hell of a crash.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Oct. 13: The world downhill.


Get used to it. We are now America's bumboy just as over a hundred years ago, we were Britain's bumboy in fighting a British war that had nothing to do with us in the Boer War.  The Boer War was a plundering of South Africa to please wealthy English. Trump's face-off against China is an attempt to plunder China for the benefit of American billionaires.

Onward Christian soldiers.

O Canada!


Western mining companies (including Canadian ones) and their stockholders have been bringing poverty, torture,  misery and death to the people of Congo for a century and a half.



For 70 years, the U.S. has been a good buddy to the rulers of Saudi Arabia - perhaps the most dictatorial and brutal rulers in the world. Will it now start getting tough? I doubt it. And certainly the oil industry will take the side of the world's cruelest dictatorship.





I wonder how much irving and friends cost New Bruswick tax payers every year. I wonder if the irving press will tell us. (Nah. I made up that last sentence.)

The glyphosates that are sprayed in New Brunswick are good for us. If they weren't, we wouldn't be spraying them, would we? Read any reports about this from the two-fisted journalists of the irving press?


Enjoy your fried potato at supper today.

Another story we'll never see in the gutless irving press.



And another one that won't make our major news media.



Our commercial news media didn't notice it, but Tropical storm Michael came unpleasantly close to New Brunswick.

Read this........


.....then explain to us why the big issue in New Brunwick is whether we spend too much by having French/English translators on our  ambulances.
Then explain to us why the big issue in New Brunswick is whether we are overspending by having French/el translators on our ambulances.

Global Research, like many social media, has just been banned from Facebook. Expect this to spread. Is it because they lie? I haven't seen any evidence of that. Indeed, I can find lots of lying and other misreporting in our commercial news media. We're taking a big step into state censorship. Because that's what this is.  If the government really had a case against anything in the social media, it could take it to the courts. But it's not doing that. (And if it really cared, it would take most commercial news media in North America to the courts. But it won't do that, either.) No. We're watching the sort of state censorship that we once thought only Naziis  would impose.)


There is no connection between the principles of Judaism and the behaviour of Israel. German (and British and Canadian and American) persecution of Jews does not justify Israeli horrors inflicted on Palestine.


To even think of a world war today is insane.


But we have lots of insane people.

And think hard about who it is that want's these wars - and why. These wars, as almost always, are for the benefit of billionaires who want to control world markets. That's why the U.S. has fought seventy wars since 1945. That's why it has killed millions of innocent civilians - especially women and children. That's why Trump brags of his love for his military. They murder those millions to make Trump and his friends fatter.

Trump threatens to do-----nothing ------to the rulers of Saudi Arabia who seem to  have murdered a journalist. It could cost, he says, American jobs. Oh, well....in that case let the Saudi rulers kill as many as they like.

And Christians all over the U.S. clap hands.



And 2,000 years of Christianity have left not the slightest mark on our behaviour.
No. Not even at the irving chapel.


Why does this remind me of the politics of New Brunswick? And of Canada in general?

Iraq was a war that achieved nothing. It is still a hopelessly divided country, and one that has never recovered from that war. What it has done, along with Afghanistan, is to trigger a series of wars to give American capitalists control of middle east resources. And that series is now leading us into a world, nuclear war.


By the way, note the number of children killed in that war - some  500,000 at least. Jesus would be so pleased at the courage of the American and British armies that did that.

After 500 years of mass murder, slavery, starvation, plunder most of the world has no reason to love the western powers - notably Britain, Spain, France and the U.S. Funny how our news media have not noticed that.


Another victim as our masters tell us what we are allowed to read.




Read the Old Testament carefully. You'll find nothing in it that justifies this.


Hitler's naziis would have fit right into our foreign relations. Well, it's not just "would have".  They do fit right in.



Let's wake up, shall we?

Throughout history, nations have given rise to leaders whose positions become hereditary.. They called them caesars or kings or emperors - and, even if the first ones were intelligent, their successors frequently became less so - and even dangerous in their idiocy.

But no matter how idiotic and perverse they became, they still ruled by right of birth. In the period following the collapse of Rome, Europe added to these hereditary kings layers of hereditary dukes, duchesses, earls,   princes, princesses, sirs, counts..... And they commonly inherited the lands and the servants of their parents.

Today, most of these people do nothing useful. But they remain recipients of state wealth, of social status, of honours.... British lords (but not ladies) have the right to sit in government in the house of lords even if, as happens, some are gibbering idiots.

The Queen leads the crowd in Britain. And she is a decent person - but of no use  that couldn't be satisfied at a far, far cheaper price. Ditto her  husband. And her children. Prince Charles, who could barely handle high school has a household staff of - seriously - more than a hundred and fifty. Then there are his sons.... And we have another princess of no known function who just got married at monstrous cost.

Then there's the hugely expensive assortment of palaces and castles for the Queen with all their massive costs, and the mansions for the rest with their huge staffs of servants.... This all must cost taxpayers billions.

Of course, they all consider themselves worth this massive cost though most of them do nothing at all - though they all consider themselves superior to the rest of us.

The world of big business works in the same way. It's big wigs are commonly the sons of the the very rich of generations before them. They, too, see themselves as special people with a right to wealth and power. So it was that both Donald Trump and his son-in-law thought it quite correct for them - but not for us peasants - to skip paying taxes.

Generation after generation they produce increasingly retarded and useless offspring who will, nonetheless, leave school to walk into jobs that start at a million. And they learn to regard themselves as superior to us peasants.

The British royals are probably the champs at this. But the business world is catching up.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Oct. 11: The rise of fascism - again.






What should be the biggest news of our time almost never makes the pages of our local newspapers here in New Brunswick. We are very, very close to the final disaster. And we're making no plans to do anything.

Then I include this item because it is the most brainless article I have ever seen. Written by a scientist, it says we shouldn't worry about climate change because we're all going to die some day anyway. I'm serious. The article actually says that.


Then there's this stunning statement.


If Trump believes that, he should also believe that he lives too, too, too, too, too, too, too well. I have spent much time in China. It is certainly far, far better off today that it was when it under British and other European control. But those days were dreadfully wretched. Today, it is still a land of hardship by North American standards.

Take this seriously. If Trump believes that and if Americans accept it, they are well on the road to fascism. And I'm not using the word fascist loosely. And I do actually know what fascism means. Trump is not yet a full-blown fascist. But he and his followers are well on the road to it. The maintenance of his electoral following shows that the U.S. is ready to be fascist, so ready, it is hard to see how it will avoid becoming a fascist state - soon.

Among the features of fascism are the targetings of foreigners, immigrants and refugees for hatred - as the Chinese are being targeted in this case. Then there's the admittance of the super wealthy into control of the government. And the super-worship of national patriotism and the military.  (That comes through clearly in Trump's twitter notes.) There's the idolization of the nation as one with a right - even a religious obligation -  to rule all other nations. These are all characteristics of American politics as they were of Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Germany. Oh, and of the old British Empire.

Think about that on November 11.

Think also about why the U.S. is fighting all these wars that Canada is going to get sucked into. The wars are being demanded by America's leading capitalists.

First, capitalists make huge profits out of war materials. This is why the U.S. has the highest military spending in world history. Secondly, capitalists want wars to steal the natural resources (like oil) of other countries. Almost all wars of the last several hundred years have been the wars of capitalism.

Capitalism has no moral standards. It has no social values. It exists only to feed its own greed. And it no longer pays for the wars. That load is dumped on the rest of us, along with the fighting. That's why Trump always praises the military for its 'patriotism'. It's because he and his rich friends depend on the military to make them even richer.

Capitalism is not a set of social values. It is based on nothing but pure greed - and indifference to human needs. That's why it has to be controlled. But half-wit amoralists like chambers of commerce and the irving press insist capitalism must not be controlled. It should be allowed free to let the big capitalists loot all the rest of us and, indeed, all the world.

The recent disappearance of an honest journalist, almost certainly ordered by the government of Saudi Arabia. has raised unusual concern as it follows a rise in European murders of honest journalists.

Luckily, journalists who write for the irving press in New Brunswick need never fear.


What will happen in this case? Almost certainly - nothing. Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most vicious, murderous and, yes, fascist government in the world, is a best friend of Canada and the U.S. (Recent reports claim the journalist was murdered in a Saudi embassy in Turkey, and the body cut up into small pieces for disposal.)




Contrary to popular belief, our  universities are pompous disasters. They have always been poor teaching institutions because their professors have no training whatever in how to teach, and no sense of how to design programmes. They also live in a mist of academic arrogance and posturing. To make it worse, half of all professors in Canada, the U.S. and Britain have no job security. And, of course, the places are so overpriced that most students can attend only by putting themselves into debt for years after graduation. (I have ten years of university education. It took me fifteen years to pay for it. I should have stayed with my first job as a mailboy.)



Israel's racism in its treatment of Palestinians brings back some memories of Hitler's treatment of Jews. Alas! It often works that way. The victims of bullies and persecutors become bullies and persecutors in their own right.

Incidentally, it's the Judaic writings in The Bible in which we are told, Thou shalt not kill. But I guess Jehovah must have passed the word that it's okay to kill Palestinians.



Then there's the irving press of New Brunswick. But what can I say? Today's edition of our Moncton Times and Transcript has..... well, it's big U.S. story is that Amazon workers in the U.S. will now earn $15 an hour. Wow! (It doesn't mention that very large numbers of them won't get anything. They will be laid off as Amazon turns to robots. It's all planned.)

Then it has a brief story on the mayor of Montreal saying we need to act now on climate. And there's an exciting story about a pumpkin thief in Ontario.

And that pretty much covers all domestic and world news. I mean, who has to care about Yemen or Syria or the growing certainty of  wars between the U.S. and Iran and Saudi Arabia and  Iran and Russia and China. Who cares about the near certainty that Canada will be asked to take part? Who cares about Ukraine getting aggressive on the Russian border - or about Canadian troops who are nearby? Who cares that, in order to get a trade deal with the U.S., Canada has agreed it will join the U.S. in refusing to have any trade deal with China. (This is really an act of war since the U.S. has no right to place such restrictions on trade with China or any other country.  The U.S. has used this illegal and bullying power to impoverish countries it doesn't approve of - Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea....  There is every chance that some of these deals are going to lead to war - and Canada will be expected to be a good, little ally to the U.S. and take part. Funny how the irving press never noticed that.)

The irving press for today really has no world news at all. In local 'must know' news, there's a big story about a boutique for babies opening, and another about a supermarket selling cider.

As to commentary, Norbert Cunningham has quite a decent one on what I will call the racism of the People's Alliance party. I know what racism looks and smells like. I spent much of my life in the middle of it. This is a party of shallow thought which, admittedly, places it in a class with the Liberals and Conservatives.

The editorial is the usual ass-kisser which says we should cut government spending right way. And guess whose ass that kisses. The wealthy of this province paying nothing - nada - nil - in income tax - those are the asses it kisses. As well, the wealthy also expect - and get - handouts from our taxes every year. That's why it we have an annual deficit. But no editor of the irving press has ever had the guts or integrity to say that.

As usual, the whole paper can be read in about two minutes - and nothing learned. That's why New Brunswick's people still vote for the Liberal and Conservative parties which still live in the nineteenth century. And that's why the newest party in the province, People's Alliance, is a fragment of 19th century racism.