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Sept. 8: World war could be very, very close.

Gee! That's odd. Our local newspaper tells us that making the rich even richer benefits all of us. If that's true, New Brunswick must be a world leader in prosperity.

Well, the U.S. would know. It has been the biggest user of chemical weapons in the world.

This is a really serious situation. Trump has warned Russia that if it aids Syria in its attack on Idlib, then U.S. troops will attack the Russian ones. (He hasn't quite that clearly said it. But he has made such noises.) The problem is he can't do it without risking world war three - a nuclear one. And nobody would win that.

The reality is that the U.S. is an empire which has reached its limits. From here, it can only go downhill. It couldn't beat Vietnam. It  hasn't beaten Afghanistan despite almost twenty years of the world's most expensive army fighting a relatively small and poor group of Afghan rebels.

Will American capitalists recognize reality? I doubt it.

This is a powerful opinion piece by a man who certainly knows of what he speaks.  We have, from the start, abandoned all we should have learned from World War 2.  We went straight  back to our old habits as soon as that war ended - with the difference that the major players became Russia and the U.S.. And no, it was not a bad Russia and a good U.S. Both played the same old power games that had cause so much suffering and death and horror. That's why we, all of us, are still living in World War 2.

Our provincial press has rarely mentioned the war in Yemen. And, certainly, it has never mentioned our role in it.

And Canada is helping with training and weapons for the Saudis.

Another symptom of the very great danger developing in Syria.

Would the west's oil barons encourage such a war to retain their dominance in the region? You can bet on it.

The following applies to Canada as much as to the U.S.
The following is about a situation that is as serious in Canada - and much of the the world - as it is in the U.S.

I don't think we're likely to see a U.S. invasion of Venezuela because that could well provoke uprisings all over Latin America.  However, it is quite likely the U.S. will sponsor an uprising inside Venezuela.

Is this next item overdone? The language is overdone. But I suspect the story is not.

The Ukraine government is the result of a U.S. sponsored uprising. And Ukraine is now so pro-Nazi that very large numbers of its troops wear swastikas. Funny how the New Brunswick press (like most others) never mentions that.
Another story that hasn't made most of the western press.

And here's a most unusual item from a man who is certainly not a fan of Trump. He's to be taken seriously.

This is very, very dangerous - for all of us.

Well, who knows which version of this story is true? What we can know is that the use of gas would be only an excuse for manufactured anger and for intervention. The U.S., after all, is no virgin when it comes to poison gasses and mass killing of civilians.

But this is certainly true.

The real issue is not terrorism on any side. It is the determination of U.S. capitalists to control all of the middle east for their own profit.

Of major countries, which has the highest literacy rate? The U.S.? No. Canada? No. Britain? No.

It's Russia - which also has a far higher rate of high school completion than either Canada or the U.S.

It's not all the fault of our schools. As a former elementary school teacher, I know that large numbers of students don't want to read. And I know a major reason for that is that the parents, themselves, don't read. As in much of education, it's not the teachers who are the problem. It's the parents.

When I taught in Montreal, Jewish students topped the  provincial averages every year. But there was nothing genetic about it. Jewish children were encouraged by their parents and their society to read and to learn. Remember the biblical account of Jesus arguing with the rabbi in the synagogue? That sort of involvement was (and is) encouraged in Judaism. Not so in Christianity.

The situation in Syria is very, very dangerous - for the whole world. And the U.N. is saying nothing even though the U.S. has no legal right to be there in the first  place.

Where does Israel get the authority to ban a citizen of another country from visiting other countries?


And then there's the news of New Brunswick. This province is in the midst of a provincial election. Which means ain't nuthin' happenin'. It's like sitting in the sun in a dozey sort of way, and drifting in and out of sleep.

Oh, there are real issues. But the Liberals and Conservatives have no interest whatever in them. And the other parties seem a little shy about discussing them.

The great issue in in the real world is climate change. And yes, it will affect New Brunswick. In fact, it is affecting New Brunswick right now. We're talking about the destruction of all life on this planet. And the due date for an action to stop it could be as soon as ten years.

Yes. It's a world problem But we are a part of the world. We should be looking at things we need to do. But, on the contrary, the Conservative party is actually advocating fracking in this province. Actually, it rarely mentions even that. No point, after all, in getting the voters overexcited. No. The Conservatives just go dum-de-dum into the microphones. And the other parties seem to be too  polite to point out the insanity of what they're suggesting.

There is much to be done at the provincial level. How are we, in this province of wooden houses, going to cope if we get the wildfires that have hit so much of the rest of the world? How are we going to heat our houses without encouraging climate change?

A related issue is the power of the wealthy of this province (and the real backers of fracking). They own this province and its major political parties. Indeed, the leader of the Conservatives (and big fan of fracking) is the Blaine Higgs who is a former executive of the wealthiest family.

The Liberals have been opposed to fracking - but they are scarcely mentioning this in the campaign. Of course not. Someday, they hope to return to their happy days as rear-end kissers of the province's wealthy.

Another issue is the right of the wealthy to avoid paying tens of millions (and maybe much more) in income and property taxes - not to mention the right of the wealthy to expect expensive, multi-million dollar favours that make them feel good.

This is theft on a magnificent scale. It explains why standards of living have been going down for decades in Canada and most of the western world as most of the world's money goes into the pockets of the very wealthy - and stays there. Where will this take us to?  Utter chaos and financial collapse. That is the only possible result of 1% of the world's population stealing (yes, that's the correct word) stealing far the greatest part of what should be the wealth of all of us.

When will we see through this nonsense of handing money to the rich - supposedly because it benefits all of us? And how come we're still poor after more than a hundred and fifty years of doing this? (Today, the irving press has an editorial on our spending. As usual, it doesn't mention the cause of this is the mass theft by the wealthy and the maintenance of low salaries. Of course, we overspend. How can we do otherwise when the wealthy don't do their share?)

But fear not. You can live in New Brunswick and never, never hear about it. Irving columnist Norbert Cunningham has an article about this on the editorial page. But as usual, he doesn't mention the role of the wealthy in keeping us poor.

When do we take action against chemical spraying of our forests? We've had lots of warnings about the dangers of this to plant, animal and human life.

When are we going to recognize the meaning of robotization? Nobody knows how many jobs will be lost, but it's a safe guess that it will be tens of thousands and probably much more - and soon.

When are we going to deal realistically with poor literacy? The Conservatives make noises about improving the teaching of reading in our schools. But that won't even begin to deal with the problem. It's not simply a school issue. It's a social one.

It's also a failure of our print news medium to print anything worth reading. The biggest story in today's irving press Canada and World Section is - wait for it - about a fishing lodge for the rich that is going broke.

So far, the election proposals of the Liberals and Conservatives - and to a degree the other parties - are shallow. They convey no sense of the problems we face. Wake up, New Brunswickers. You have to get serious about dealing with your problems. The Liberals and Conservatives couldn't care less about you. And the other parties are more than a little timid.

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