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Sept. 6:The big news is.....

......Our local irving chapel will have two ministers this Sunday. Count them. Two. And both have Doctorates in Divinity. That's real class. Jesus always had to make do with a lousy hillside or something. And he had no religious degrees at all. Our irving chapel is so much better. And I'm sure it attracts a higher class of Christian.

It's a good thing us well-informed people of New Brunswick know there's no such thing as climate change.

I include the next item not because it's truthful but because it illustrates fake news in action. This one is about the financial collapse of Venezuela and, according to the article, it is entirely the fault of the Venezuela government. There is no mention at all of the U.S. creating the crisis by imposing severe trade sanctions on Venezuela.

It's amazing what western news readers will believe. Trump says Syria and Russia intend to slaughter civilians in the final stage of the war in Syria. Western readers are, of course, shocked.

It does not occur to them that the deliberate murder of civilians has been standard practice in war since it was first introduced by Winston Churchill in 1920.

The U.S. deliberately killed men, women and children in Korea  by the millions. It did the same in the Vietnam war and in the more than 70 wars it has fought since 1945. It is now up to its ears in the deliberate starvation of children in Yemen. But we don't read much about that, do we?

There is no doubt that the risk of civilian deaths in the final stage of the Syrian War is severe. That's a reason why the U.S. should not  have created that war in the first place. (The Syrian rebels exist only because the U.S. armed them to create the war in the first place - and the people it armed were the same ones the western press had been calling terrorists.)

But most western readers will buy Trump's questionable virtue. It's the old game of making our side 'good guys', and the other side 'evil'.

And it's companion piece....

This isn't much (any) of any issue in the New Brunswick provincial election.
And if New Brunswick politicians don't care about, it can't really be happening. In fact, the Conservatives want fracking - though they don't much like saying so). So, obviously, there's no problem and no climate change.
Here is a sample of what is called a philosophy of politics - a sense of what the goals of the people we elect should be. The Liberals and Conservatives have never really had such a philosophy. They exist to get elected - nothing else - which is why they kiss up to big money. The Greens and the NDP are only beginning to develop a philosophy.
Never believe the official unemployment figures.

Something we don't hear much about in our news media.

China suffered over a century of western interference and plundering. Now, it is a world economic miracle, and rapidly catching up to the U.S. Indeed, it is already exerting influence in the middle east and Latin America. Anyone who still believes that the U.S. is the future is  dreaming.   (Wake up, Justin Trudeau.)

Canadians died in Afghanistan. We shall remember them on Nov. 11. But what is it we should remember? We owe them more than the usual patriotic phrases. Certainly, we should not hear speeches about how they were sent to defend Canada. We told them that they were sent, and were serving Canada. We owe them all the thanks for that. But we also owe them an apology. Afghanistan was no threat to Canada. Or anybody else. We lied to our soldiers. It was a war to satisfy American billionaires - nothing more.

The same was true of our bombing of Libya and our training of Syrian rebels.

Israel had no right to stop those boats, no right to steal their cargoes of medical supplies, no right to confiscate the boats, and no right to sell them. And the world had no right to just look on as this happened.

Now, to add insult to energy, the money from the sale of the boats will be given to Israeli settlers who have no right to have taken Palestinian land.
Sometimes I wonder about the NDP.

So, Israel, too, has been playing the game of arming Muslim 'terrorists'.

The New York Times published an op ed piece about Trump which is anonymous. Is it possible the Times has run an untrue story? I doubt it very much. That would be suicidal.

Is this an attack on Trump's policies? Not really. This is an attack by a person who supports, in general, Trump's policies - but thinks his methods are unwise.


The following is not a commentary on the news. But it is a reminder of reality.

It's from the film "The Great Dictator" by Charlie Chaplin. In it, Chaplin is a Jewish shopkeeper who, because of his similarity to Hitler, becomes confused with him - and finds himself as Hitler addressing a huge Nazi rally. And he then delivers a powerful, anti-Nazi speech.

This film was NOT well received by big business in most of the western world. Big business supported Hitler. It knew about the Hitler's assaults on the Jews. But it didn't care about that. To big business, Hitler and Naziism were the barrier to Soviet communism. Hitler, therefore, was a hero to big business. It happily kept Chaplin out of the U.S. for years after the war. And Henry Ford sent a giant photo of himself to Hitler - who kept it in his office until the U.S. was forced into the war.

Through the war and for years after, big business hounded Chaplain as a traitor so that it became impossible for him to live in the U.S.

Despite a mythology that was fostered after the war, Britain, the U.S. and Canada couldn't have cared less about Hitler's militarism and brutal treatment of the Jews. Their concern was that a west, then in deep recession, might be attracted to communism.

For Canada and Britain, that changed only when Hitler launched the war. And the reason it changed still  had nothing to do with Hitler's brutality. We, as a nation, went to war only because Britain feared that an expanding Germany might become a serious competitor to British big business.

In the papers of the time, of course, the message became that Hitler was evil. Which he certainly was. But that's not why they went to war. After all, when it came to  evil, it was  hard to match  the murderous behaviour of British big business and it's empire.

U.S. big business was in no rush to enter the war in 1939. Not at all. What it saw was a Britain getting defeated - so then the U.S. could begin snapping up the British Empire. But by the time of Pearl Harbour, U.S. big business wanted the British Empire in the Pacific, too, especially China and India, before Japan could snap it up. And, by the time it entered the war in Europe and the middle east, it feared Germany would snap up the British Empire in Africa and the middle east before the U.S. could get it. That's why the U.S. sent troops to  help  the British. In the end, the only winner of World War 2 was the U.S. And it has spent the years since then desperately trying to build a world, America empire.

But it's too late for that.

Forget the good guys and bad guys stuff. For the average soldier, patriotism and values were important. But the real decisions are made by the rich and greedy.

Is this a criticism of our veterans? Not at all. They served with the assurance that they were fighting for a better world.  Could anyone today, with a straight face, say that we have achieved that? Or even that we tried?

All the wars since 1945, like almost all the wars before that, have been fought to increase the markets and the wealth of billionaires. And we  have happily sent off young Canadians to die in them.

None of the above news and opinion appeared in today's Moncton Times and Transcript. Perhaps the most depressing item was the lead headline that New Brunswick voters are most concerned about  the waiting times for health care.

Now, I yield to none in my concern for health care. But is it the major issue in this election? We are on the edge of a climate disaster that could mean the end of the whole planet. There's no concern about that?

Of course not. People who read only the irving papers are deliberately kept in ignorance of what's happening in this world.

The only other election news on front page is that the candidates for office include a retiree, a sawmill operator, and a barber. Well! That was something I needed to know.

Two pages of election news in the middle of the first section don't tell us much more. The only item that shows some reality is the NDP promise to offer free college tuition.

Where oh where on any page is the statement by any party of what it's values and priorities are? The NDP promise is at least a hint. But we need to know the values of the people who are running.

Chris Morris, who seems to be a permanent op ed feature for the irving press, hits on a theme she has hit before. New Brunswick governments spend too much money.

No, ms. Morris. They don't. That's why we have problems with minimum wage, with much too high taxes, with health care, with education costs.


But ms. Morris doesn't like to talk about these things, does she? And maybe that's why she's become a feature writer for the newspapers owned by those rich people.

The irving news coverage of world news is even worse than it's coverage of local news. There is, virtually, no world news at all.

And all of this is why we get a first page headline that New Brunswick voters say the big issue of the provincial election campaign is health care. Of course. New Brunswick voters don't have a clue what the issues are -and the candidates aren't a whole lot of help. We face climate catastrophe - and soon. But the irving press tells them nothing about that. We face economic crisis - and soon - because the wealthy refuse to pay their taxes.  But none of the reporters and editors at the irving press seem to know that.  We also hand over many millions of dollars every year as gifts to the very wealthy. (Oh, we also pay for the bombing of ourselves and our forests with poisons as a favour to the rich.)

But voters don't have a clue about all this. Most of there news media - and all of the print division - never mention it. The result is that New Brunswickers have no idea what the issues of this election should be.

And it's a sure thing that the Liberal and Conservative parties aren't going to tell them.

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