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Sept. 3: The New Brunswick election - endless trivia and boredom.

The story the irving press will never print. It's about how U.S. invasions and U.S. corporations (and Canadian ones) have made Guatemala a hell.



Another example of how the U.S. brings freedom and equality to the world.

We have ten years - maybe - to deal with climate change. What is your city doing?

Here's a prime example of incomplete reporting.


The tone of this story is that the U.S. is rising in divinely-inspired virtue to hold back the forces of Russian evil.

What's wrong with all that?

1. The current turmoil in the middle east began shortly after World War Two as American oil companies moved in to take control from the British.
2. The world's big killer for many years now has been the U.S.
3. The world's leader in the use of chemical weapons has been the U.S. Check out agent orange.
4. The war in Syria was begun when the U.S. set up a rebellion to overthrow the government of Syria. To do so, the U.S. supplied, armed and trained Muslim terrorists. The Syrian people, as a whole, supported the Syrian government.
5. The US presence in Syria, under international law, is illegal.
6. The Russian presence is quite legal since it was invited by the Syrian government.
7. This is the same U.S. that has been deliberately starving children to death in Yemen.

The real American concern is that Russia is establishing itself as a rival in the middle east. That makes it a major threat to the American empire.

And that means we face the threat of a world, nuclear war to make American oil barons happy.

It's amazingly easy to get away with this kind of lying. We happily murder millions and cheer for the returning troops as heroes. All we have to do is to label the enemy as 'bad' people. And readers just soak that up.
Despite Trump's confident tweets, most Americans are not getting richer.


Now, as this goes on, think of what kind of North America this will be in another ten years.

We know that robotization has become common. In Canada's steel city, Hamilton, for example, the number of human workers has been dropping dramatically. When that happens, workers get fired, and extra profits go into the pockets of executives and share-holders - profits that used to go to us in the form of salaries.

And, apparently, there's no end to the move to robotization - though the following item is more than I would have thought either possible or desirable.



I though it worth including this because it says what western news is hiding. The opponents of the Syrian government are the same people that the US has called terrorists.





The American empire in Latin America, shared by American and Canadian capitalists, has been a brutal one. Expect it to meet serious challenges in the near future. Already, for example, China is Brazil's biggest investor. Funny how that never made the irving press.




In 1945, we were going to created a wonderful world. And so we did - for a handful of billionaires.



...and Jesus wept.

....unless, of course, you go to the irving chapel which is specially blessed because it's owned by the wealthiest family in the province,  and preached at by only the most expensive of clergy.

The wonderful world of New Brunswick.

Sept. 4. The lead headline in the Moncton Times and Transcript is "Tories vow to cut surgery wait times in half."  Wow! So that's the great issue facing the province.

Well, that certainly downgrades any concern about the climate change that we have very, very limited time to deal with. No. Forget about it. The important issue facing us is cutting surgery wait times.

How is home heating going to deal with climate change? Using oil and coal are major causes of climate change. Who cares? Right?

How are we going to move people? How are we going to cut consumption of fossil fuels? Well! What the hell! We'll think about that in ten years. Maybe.

New Brunswick also has low wages. But the Conservatives wisely don't care about that.

Then there's the problem that big money in this province refuses to pay taxes either income or municipal. We get robbed of many, many millions of dollars every year by a wealthy class that also insists we pay off lots of its bills every year. But leader Blaine Higgs can live with that.

Oh, And he can also live with the low pay that New Brunswickers get. After all, he gets better.

Fearlessly, forward looking Conservative leader Higgs is also thinking of a provincial wild turkey hunt AND a change in the moose draw. Wow ! way to deal with the great issues! The Conservative party must be really thick with deep thinkers - so deep they could be mistaken for morons.

This is a real Mickey Mouse election.

There's an editorial on the issue of education problems in our schools. But it's less than well-informed. It's conclusion simply says that somebody should do something. No doubt.

Let's get real. Children in New Brunswick lack reading skills and other skills largely because this province just isn't much interested in readin' and writin'. I would certainly spend more money on the schools. But I would also like to see more effort in making New Brunswickers into a more thinking people. But I don't think Mr. Irving would like that.  (A thinking public might not support his favourite parties.)

The remedy (and the challenge) to make New Brunswick a reading and thinking province - especially including the parents. If you want reading and thinking chldren, you need to start with reading and thinking parents.  (But I don't think the irving press wants that.)

And it seems likely that Chris Morris is becoming a regular feature on the commentary page - a sure sign that she will never offend those people who are our  problems.

This time she attacks high power bills and what she calls the overpaid executives who assign them, and who get paid up to half a million a year. That may be excessive. Could she get the figures on how much irvings get in a year? No. I didn't think so.

Look. The problem of New Brunwick is that a few wealthy families hide many, many millions of dollars. This is tax money which means, in the final analysis, this is our money. When it is stolen from us we all suffer.

The Chris Morris' of this world will forever attack government officers. But they never look at the big-time thieves who cause our real problems.

World and national news? There really isn't any. We're watching an American war machine going wild in the middle east. That has us all on the edge of nuclear war. The U.S. is deliberately murdering children in Yemen. It is creating a level of poverty and suffering in Palestine that could well lead to major war in that region. Latin America, after more than a century of American imperialism that is as bad as the imperialisms of Britain, France, Spain is on the edge of chaos.

China is moving in on the American empire in Asia, and even in Latin America. Russia's Putin is actually playing the role of peacemaker - and umpire - in the middle east.

The American empire is probably past its best days. Canada is in extreme danger from a dying U.S.

But don't worry. The Irving press hasn't noticed any of this. Read the irving press, and you'll never have to think at all.

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