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Sept. 18: The Lies We Are Told....


Well,  not to worry. This story hasn't been important enough to make the irving press. Anyway, in this election time the politicians have more urgent issues to discuss - like developing fracking......

This should be a major issue in the New Brunswick provincial election. Nobody's even mentioning it.
This has  the seeds of World War Three.


NB - Notice that one of the reports quoted in this article from The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. As editors at The Guardian know, this is a propaganda outfit based in Britain, operated by the Syrian opposition, a propaganda house aimed at the Syria government, and subsidized by the U.S.
Shouldn't The Guardian editors have mentioned that?

You will never see this story in the irving press.


Most countries use torture. As it happens, I once taught with a man from the French army who happily showed photos of prisoners he had tortured. The U.S. is almost certainly the world's biggest torturer. But almost all armies have used it.


Funny thing. I've often seen patriotic war movies. But I've never seen one showing our side using torture.



We are barely beginning to see the hordes of refugees being created by the wars of American capitalism


No need for New Brunswickers to worry about climate change. The Liberals and Conservatives won't even mention it.

Gee!  Here's a story that hasn't much made the news in Canada. (And not at all in the irving press. But here we are - handing out at least many, many millions to oil companies - you know, those companies that don't pay taxes. Oh, I forgot - they create jobs.....




Isn't it terrible the way we tax rich people? I mean, the really rich don't pay any tax anyway but, you know, it's the idea...like...sort of.... But I'm sure Mr. Higgs and his compassionate Conservatives will fix that.

The irving press wouldn't dare to run this story.



I cannot recall seeing this story in our local press. It's quite astonishing.


This is not as clear a read as it should be. I include because it mentions - if unclearly - something that I think is true. There is no 'left' in Canada. And that may explain the blandness of the current New Brunswick election.


Blaine Higgs of the Conservatives is, of course, very far right, though even that seems to have nothing to do with principal. He is simply an obedient, unthinking servant.

Of course, American bombs never kill babies.



We kid ourselves about what  nice guy Obama was compared to Trump. The reality is that Obama, like most presidents of the last couple of centuries was as brutal and murderous as they come. Trump is bad. But Obama, despite appearances, was not good.



The "victory" of the Iraq war was no victory. The war still goes on.


A reader wrote at the foot of my previous blog (Sept.15) that our news media, including even the CBC, are lying about the news. The reader cites the example of the CBC in its reporting of the news from Venezuela. Now, CBC journalists are among the best in the world when it comes to reporting. But, alas, it has lied about the news from Venezuela.

In reporting on the chaos in Venezuela, it has avoided telling the truth about the cause of it. The cause is not a socialist government in Venezuela. And it's not evil people - at least - not evil Venezuelans. It's been caused by the U.S. which has imposed crippling and impoverishing conditions on the country. It has no legal or moral right to do that. But it's doing it savagely, creating dreadful poverty and even starvation - just as it has to Cuba for almost seventy years, and for North Korea and many other countries.  Why?

U.S. oil bosses want absolute control of Venezuela's oil production - perhaps the largest in the world. What they don't want is for Venezuelans to control it for the benefit of the people of Venezuela. More broadly, the don't want any Latin American country to control its own resources. So far as American billionaires are concerned, everything in Latin America - mines, agriculture, oil - everything belongs to them.

There is every possibility that the U.S. is setting up Venezuela for an invasion- perhaps with Canadian help. I believe I can think of a Canadian oil player who would encourage that.

The CBC has assigned a very experienced reporter to cover this story from Venezuela.  The reporter is an intelligent one - but......well, it appears certain that the Trudeau government has leaned on the CBC to make sure it doesn't tell the whole truth.  And so far there's been not a mention of what this is really all about - the greed of the oil bosses, and the brutality of the U.S. in imposing starvation conditions.

I still think the CBC journalists are far the best that Canada has. But I also know from my broadcasting experience that even CBC sometimes lies. But think of where this lie can be leading.

When the current government of Venezuela got elected, the UN team sent to monitor the election reported it was a all honest and commendable. The American news media  (and some Canadian ones) reported it was wildly illegal. The 'wildly illegal' version became the standard verdict of the American news media. Of course. American big business wanted it that way.

So why is the Trudeau government ordering the CBC to give this false version?

  Consider this possibility.

Trump intends to invade Venezuela. But he needs a touch respectability in this. Trudeau needs a trade deal. Would Trudeau commit Canadian troops to make the American attack seems legitimate? And to make Trump grateful? You bet he would.

Canada wouldn't even have to be part of the original attack. It could play the role of a peacekeeping force once the elected leaders of Venezuela had been disposed of. We played that game before when the U.S. overthrew the elected government of Haiti, and Canada sent 'peacekeepers' to help impose an American puppet government on Haiti.
We, led by our news media, call Muslim militants terrorists. (I've done it myself.) You think they should? Okay.

 So how come western armies aren't called terrorists?

 Seriously. Ever since 1945 - and earlier - western military forces have repeatedly and deliberately murdered civilians by the millions. That was particularly notable in the bombing of North Korea, in the war in Iraq in which Britain and the U.S. killed something like a  half million children, and the war in Yemen where the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have been starving at least hundreds of thousands to death - and it could hit the millions. There was the war in Vietnam in which children were shot, gassed, burned alive in numbers we have never been told. The killing of children and adult civilians is not something the West avoids. Indeed, it has always been a feature of imperial wars. Columbus introduced trained killer dogs to hunt down an kill the indigenous people of South America. Estimates are the British killed, starved or murdered some 350 million people, mostly civilians and children in building their empire. As late as the 1945 they deliberately starved way over a million innocent people to death in India.

All war is terrorism. So how come we only use the word for Muslims?

Oh, I know. It was those terrible people of 9/11.  Because they killed 3,000 Americans. Terrible. Actually the U.S. has killed thousands of times that, starting many, many years before 9/11. Israel has been sniping, firing into Palestinian territory to kill children and medics. Most of that doesn't even make the news.

News lies. Part of that is quite deliberate. Part of that is because us humans see the evil in others - but rarely in ourselves.

Very, very few of the news media rise above that. It's almost unheard of for a commercial news medium to be honest - and, like CBC, even the non-commercial ones occasionally lie. (The BBC is a good deal worse.)

The other side is always evil. Our side are - as the British would say - splendid chaps.

Fighting for their country. So if we start killing Venezuelans to make our oil barons richer, be proud. Onward, Christian soldiers!

And don't forget to go to the irving chapel this Sunday. - with the best preacher money can buy.

As I finished today's blog,  I was reminded of a man I once taught with, a veteran of World War 2. His regiment had just liberated a village in France. It was on Sunday and they celebrated with a church service at which the clergyman said they would win this war because God was on their side.

A local citizen, seated beside my friend, grinned. He said, "The German priest gave the same sermon just before they left this morning."

The first casualty - perhaps - is the Christian churches. In almost every 'Christian' war I have ever heard of, the clergy supported their country. British churches supported the horrible slaughter of Imperial days. American churches prayed for the soldiers who went out to slaughter native peoples. The mass murderer, Christopher Columbus, always had the blessing of the church.

There is surely something unChristian about starving children to death in Yemen, about building the most expensive war machine in world history, about targeting civilians by Christian bomber pilots, about endless warfare all over the world....

Have  you heard anything from the pulpit about it? If it was aborted babies, you would. That would be unChristian. But, apparently, by Christian standards it's okay to bomb, starve, napalm, spray agent orange children  and adult civilians by the millions. Why, here in New Brunswick, it's even okay to spray us locals with murderous chemicals. Figure you'll hear a sermon on that subject at the Irving Chapel?

No. I don't think so, either.

At the age of 16, I was going to train for the United Church ministry. At seventeen I was responsible for a mission church in Montreal's red light district. (The hookers and pimps would come, and I'd tell them all about life.)

Alas, I got kicked out of high school. So the ministry was out of the question. However, I still spoke many times in churches and synagogues, and led services.

But I no longer do. I look at the gutless and brainless posters advertising coming topics for the services. Will you get into  heaven? Does Jesus love you? Perhaps the world's greatest failure of the last two thousand years has been Christianity. Far from leading us to a more Christian world, it has led to mass murder, mass theft, mass greed.....

No. That's not what Christ was about. Nor was Christ about standing around and watching this silently. But now? Christian churches seem mostly about getting into heaven. And and going to them makes  you more respectable in your social circle.

There are some good ideas in the Bible. Too bad our Christians and their churches don't care about  them.

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  1. Not even sure our government had to order CBC to not mention US sanctions on Venezuela, or indeed the last election. These journos are part of the neoliberal establishment and self-censor quite happily without much introspection. Not for them the dilemma of the poor, badly treated for centuries but the outrage perpetrated on the hallowed middle class by socialists resonates. I'm sure the majority poor in Venezuela without a penny to their name have it even worse than the middle class now fleeing deprivation. Of course, the middle class cared not one jot about the poor when times were good. But they are champion whiners when things go bad.

    Jonathan Cook, ex-Guardian reporter for almost two decades has a blog piece in the latest infoclearinghouse. The section entitled "Ripples on a lake" shows how journalists tend to operate within the system, as do we all in some manner. Very clearly thought out, I feel, so much so I spent a fair amount of time going to his website and reading other older blogposts. The conclusions he reaches are not much different from yours, but the journey is related from a different perspective.