Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sept. 11:The evil of our time.


The war heroes of today kill children - and adult civilians. And it's not an accident. This is the new face of war. It's quite deliberate.


In 1945 when I skipped school to join the crowds cheering that the European war was over, my attention was caught by a sign that said, "We've won the war. Now, we've got to win the peace." I was shocked. We'd won the war. Didn't that mean we'd won the peace?

No. It didn't. We threw all that away to destroy the structures we needed to win the peace. We betrayed all those who served and all those who died. And a leader in destroying it all has been the U.S.

This is the greatest evil the world faces. And it's not a racial evil. There is no nation whose population is evil - though our political leaders often say there is. No. The evil is greed. Pure greed.



This is the most dangerous moment the world has ever seen. The U.S. has staged a war in Syria on the side of what it calls 'rebels' and even 'freedom fighters'. Under international law, the U.S. has no right to be in Syria at all. And, anyway, the people it supports are the opposite of freedom fighters. Now, it is challenging Russia - which does have a right to be in Syria. This could be the  big - and final - war.


The 'freedom fighters' the U.S. is backing in Syria are Al Quaeda (who were responsible for 9/11) and a related group called ISIS. But in all these years of American interference and massive supplying and training of the people who killed some 3,000 Americans on 9/11, the Syrian people supported their government.  It's amazing how much our lying news media can cover up.

Our irving press, of course, does not have this story.


This is in the general category of fake news. Russia is doing in Africa exactly what the British and Americans have been doing for over a century. But notice that The Guardian story doesn't mention that part of it?

Gwynne Dyer will be speaking at the University of Prince Edward Island. So, of course, our irving press  hasn't mentioned it.


A huge issue which is crashing down on us - now - is automation of the work force. Along with climate change, it is the greatest challenge facing us - which is why the Liberal and Conservative parties of New Brunswick, now in mid-election, aren't mentioning it.

They aren't mentioning climate change, either.


Nice. But it ain't happening in most of the U.S. - or in Canada.


But our chambers of commerce will have no trouble putting hundreds of thousands - and more - out of work with automation.


Well, luckily, we don't have to believe this. After all, Mr. Irving , our oil billionaire, thinks its quite safe to run more pipelines and to restore fracking. And he'd know. I mean, he actually got almost half a BA at Acadia University. And our Conservative leader, Mr. Higgs, used to work for Mr. Irving. So there.




Can the U.S. defeat Russia in a conventional war? Well, it can't defeat Afghanistan. It couldn't defeat Vietnam. And all its help is leading to a defeat of Yemen. And a war with Russia would certainly involve China as well.

And nobody can win a nuclear war.
Is this a case of Russia being an aggressor? Please. The U.S. and its allies have for years had troops in  countries neighbouring Russia. It has missiles along Russian borders. It was the U.S.  that planned and paid for the revolution in Ukraine.
The wealthy of Canada have long been advocates of privatizing schools. Indeed, in many provinces, small parts of the systems have already been privatized. But the reality is that privatization of education has proved a disaster in the U.S. Yes. There are some things (many things) that privatization does not do well.


Private ownership is a common cause of climate change. And private ownership devotees like Trump want to keep it that way. But there may be a better way to save ourselves.


And that, alas, brings us to the New Brunswick election.

The biggest problems facing New Brunswick are climate change, robotization of most of the work force which is going to  hit us very, very hard over the next twenty years, and the practice of the wealthy not paying taxes, either federally or locally. And that's without the urgent desire of the wealthy for government handouts to eke out their miserable multimllion dollar salaries that they don't pay taxes on. To that,  one could add  the lack of access to news since almost all news media in the province are owned by one person who is not anxious to share the news with anybody.

Alas! None of those problems is getting attention from either the Liberals or the Conservatives - and only rather timidly from the others.

And, certainly, none of those problems gets attention from the irving press. In fact,  the news pages of Section A don't even mention the election. No, the big stories are about a school site being selected, and two stories about chefs competing for jobs at Moncton's new concert hall/sports arena.

On the editorial page, the artist has his 20th or more cartoon about the Liberals overspending. Of course they are. How else can we operate schools and hospitals in a province milked dry by the wealthy? We are getting robbed blind.

Norbert Cunningham has a reasonable column that NB voters aren't crazy about any of the parties. Too bad he doesn't mention a big reason why. His newspapers keep the province in ignorance of all that is happening.

There is only one page of election news - all of it from politicians who have nothing to say. One party is going to restore a ferry service. Wow! Talk about reform. The Conservative leader says the Liberal premier is a friend of the carbon tax enforcer. Wow! Talk about evil!

Norbert - one reason that New Brunswickers don't know much about the election is that they don't get much news about it. The big news, ignored by the parties and the press, is that New Brunswickers have no clue about what the issues are.  Mix that with a population that has a long history of being sheep, and you get elections that mean nothing at all.

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