Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 9: At the turning point?

Here's a story  you will never see in the Canadian news media - and certainly never in the irving press.
And another story that won't make the irving press.

Think about that. The daily newspapers of this province of New Brunswick are actively engaged in keeping essential information from us. What does this tell you about the journalism ethics of the editors, owners, and most of the columnists of those newspapers? And what does it tell us about the owner ship? And what does it tell us about the Liberals and Conservatives who won't mention this?

This sort of thing happens every day in Yemen. The mass murder of civilians and children is now what all war is about. Yes. It's no longer about heroes marching with medals jingling. The reality is that it's about the deliberate mass murder of children by bombing, starvation and disease. Yemen is just one example of this type of 'warfare', along with North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Afghanistan, Iraq, Guatemala, Syria, and some 70 other countries the U.S. has attacked since 1945. Oh, and the U.S. also plans the airstrikes for the Saudis. So it is almost certainly not a coincidence that the victims were school children.

But if you prefer not to know these nasty things, subscribe to New Brunswick's irving press. It's big, world news story for August 8 was that Hollywood wants to remove Trump's Hollywood walk of fame star. Wow! That will certainly change the world! (This 'news flash' was also several days old. But that's what you get with a newspaper chain whose task is to keep people in ignorance of what is happening.)
This next one is just for the hell of it. I was once at the Circus Maximus in Rome, and ancient place of chariot races and gladitorial fights. And this Protestant boy has to admit that the current pope has class...

Never believe early reports of a big news story.

And will the U.S. move to help its colony?  Not likely.

Watch for Canadian governments (under instruction from their owners) to a)demand that Canada apologize to Saudi Arabia or b) demand that Canada build a pipeline from Alberta to the East Coast, thus committing us not only to environmental damage but  to decades more of severe climate damage. And, if New Brunswick votes Conservative in its provincial election, watch for it to lead the way  in this genocidal idiocy.

But Ontario (and New Brunswick papers) devote themselves to the great question of our time - cheaper beer.

Are we all really that stupid?

Hey. Don't worry about climate change. If it were happening, mr. irving would tell us right away.

No. Read the irving press and don't worry. Don't even think about next summer..and the ones after....

And even if we survive the summers, we won't survive the human pollution of fossil fuels.

Let's get used to it. Fossil fuels are killing us. And, as it is, they can only get worse. Why are we not dealing with this? Because billionaires and multibillionaires don't want us to. And they don't want us to because they're insanely greedy - and because they're foolish enough to believe none of this will affect them.

Tell us that story again, mr. irving, about how your rapidly growing and untaxed wealth makes us all richer...

Glyphosate, eh?  New Brunswickers, enjoy your summer spray. I really don't know how New Brunswickers can vote either Liberal or Conservative when both parties have openly betrayed them and their families on this issue.

We are perilously close to a world, nuclear war and, yes, that would affect even New Brunswick.

Seymour Hersh may be the most intelligent and honest journalist in world history. That's why most commercial news media (including The New York Times) won't touch him.

We are approaching a very dangerous time.  U.S. power is in decline, serious decline. It has been set back severely in the middle east. It has created more enemies than it can deal with all over the world - with even its allies in Europe getting restive. It, quite illegally, has placed trade restrictions on many, many countries. It's greed has made enemies of most of Latin America.

The U.S. cannot fight a conventional war against Russia or China. For all its military spending and proud boasts and parades, the U.S. could not defeat North Korea or Vietnam or Afghanistan or Syria. It's not going to win one against Russia or China.  It's been obvious since 1945 that U.S. capitalists intend to rule the world. But that's not going to happen; nor would a world nuclear war do anything except to destroy all humanity.

Meanwhile, U.S. democracy has long since ended. The U.S. is owned by a very small group of billionaires whose intelligence is less than remarkable. Most American people have ceased to be thinking people at all. They vote not for what they need. No. Increasingly they vote only against those they hate - blacks, Mexicans, refugees of all sorts......... And they blame their growing poverty not on the billionaires and their politicians but on all those hated people who had nothing to do with causing it.

This,  with all its linkages, is taking us straight into a world war, and that's a war that nobody can win.

Canada is in great danger from this because we are dealing with unlimited greed and mass hysteria. And we also have our own billionaires taking us down the path to our own hysteria and to their greed.

Russians interfere in American elections? Let's get real. Most countries interfere in elections in other countries. Probably the biggest interferer in American elections is Israel. But our news media don't tell us that. For that matter, I have also known of heavy Israeli interference in Canadian elections.

Major powers, like the U.S., are usually the major interferers. And they commonly go beyond supporting the side they want to win. They go so far as killing candidates they don't want to win. It is quite possible, even likely, that American agents were behind the recent attempted killing of President Maduro of Venezuela. And they certainly made several attempts on Fidel Castro, not to mention the mass murders in Guatemala that our news media never mentioned.

And, for a change, some good news.
..and an item that wasn't important enough for the irving press.

In a century of plundering and abuse, the major western powers have made a hopeless mess of Africa and the Middle East. If there is one region likely to take us all into nuclear war, Africa and the Middle East is it.

...And now the American bluff is being called...

Burning fossil fuels is good for us. Yes, it is. I mean, that's what organizations funded by oil billionaires are telling us.

And if you can't trust an oil billionaire, who can you trust?

Some months ago, a retired Russian spy who was a double agent who spied on both Britain and Russia, and his daughter, were hospitalized after unknowingly consuming a poison. Both recovered. Britain immediately announced the Russians had done it. But then and now, nobody has ever produced evidence that the Russians did it. And now, Trump has taken it on himself to punish Russia for something there is no proof for.

And why has Trump taken this stand when even the British really don't know what happened? Well, it could be that Congress is leaning on him. Congress did not approve of Trump's meeting with Putin. Congress wants a war with Russia. And Trump is caving in to Congress.

Neither Trump nor Congress calls the shots in the U.S. That's done by super-billionaires. Canada lives next door to what is, in effect, a monster dictatorship.

Well, what did Canadians fight for in World War 2  if not for the right to protect high profits for drug companies selling in poor countries?

This commentary is only two days old. Is it possible that all that progress has already been blown away?

A note for New Brunswickers. For this provincial election ---THINK.

I have seen nothing in the platforms of the Liberals and Conservatives that they give a damn about what would be good for New Brunswickers. Nor do they care. Both parties are owned, as always, by a few of the very, wealthy who have held this province back for over a  hundred and fifty years.

And we are at a critical moment in the history of this province. Very soon, it will be too late to make the changes that need to be made for our survival.

I'm quite sure that the Greens and the NDP, for all their shortcomings, are the only chance that New Brunswick has.

Alas! This is an unthinking and obedient province, marching along in single file, hand on the shoulder of the person ahead, and obediently trudging into the grinder of the people who really own and operate this province for their own greed.

The people of this province have to start thinking of all the people in this province, not just a couple of rich ones. And they need at least a symbolic victory because time is very, very short.

As a warning of where the old parties and our provincial news media might take us, I read today's editorial on Saudi Arabia refusing to sell oil to us. It was written, as most editorials in these papers are, by the local village idiot who feels we must now build the east coast pipeline.  (Of course. We couldn't buy it from Venezuela. American billionaires wouldn't like that.)

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