Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August 7:Good News....seems to be history.




Trump has now declared war on the world - including long-time allies like Canada and the European Union. At this stage, it's an economic war. But it could have greater meaning for the future.

Trump's motive? He wants to bring 'world peace'. Sure. That's why he's declaring war on everybody. What he really wants - and what the U.S. has wanted ever since 1945 is domination of an American empire that will rule the world.

Like it or not, Canada and Europe are going to have to choose.


The world's richest country can allow billionaires to hide a trillion dollars a year. It can spend hundreds of billions every year on selling weapons to the world. But it doesn't really give a damn about Americans who are not, you know, REAL Americans.

The Irving press couldn't care less about them, either. That's why it has never bothered to carry the story about them.



Several days ago, columnist Norbert Cunningham wrote that climate change isn't happening. He wrote the only people talking about it were  left-wingers. And they, of course, have no brains at all.

Then a little later he wrote a second column on the subject. This time he notices we're having a most unusual heat wave, forest fires, crop failures all over the world, millions of refugees... But not to worry. A right-thinking person like Norbert knows all this could be good for us. And in final dismissal of any problems, he writes, "But enough of that." And 'enough of that' sums up the attitude of the whole paper which has carried almost no news of the chaos and problems this is causing all over the world.  No. The rest of his columns is devoted to the platitude "N.B. belongs to citizens, not to politicians we elect."

Get real Norbert. We all know you love attacking politicians. (It takes attention away from the billionaires who own them. And that's why Norbert prefers not to talk about climate. His boss (and owner) is an oil billionaire who makes money out of destroying the environment.

That's why Norbert never criticizes big money, but takes all his hatreds out on politicians. But get real Norbert. You know very well that the politicians of the Liberals and Conservatives are, just like you, owned by big money. And you know very well that the newspaper you write for is designed to keep the people of New Brunswick in profound ignorance of what is really happening in the world. You know that you have spent  your professional life as a kiss-up for the wealthy.

But next time  you write a column on this, Norbert, use every foot-pound of brain-power you have. How are we going to replace the billions of dollars of food we've been importing from all over the world for centuries? How are we going to deal with the millions of starving refugees - or even with those millions who already exist, not to mention the tens of millions that are to come? How do we cope with the profound shrinkage of our fisheries?  And, oh, how do we deal with American demands for our fresh water? And how do we deal with American demands for our land as large sections of the mid-west to the Pacific suffer from drought and massive wildfires?

I notice, Norbert, you don't use your  head to grow hair. Could you use it to think with?



Another story not important enough for the irving press.

Modern war is not carried out by heroes. It's carried out by murders of civilians and children.


The crime of Julian Assange is that he told the world the truth. He did not break any laws in doing so. But in our world, it is a crime to tell the truth. I note that I haven't seen much (if anything) about this case on the pages of our irving press.
Wouldn't you think they'd be eager to print this story about freedom of the press?



This story can't be true. If it were, a really great scholar - like Mr. Irving - would tell us.


Yet another story that wasn't important enough for the irving press. Trump's man, John Bolton, says that the U.S. had nothing to do with this assassination attempt. Of course not. Americans never murder people.



Before becoming a university teacher, I spent six years of real teaching - grades  7 to 11 in public schools. I was slow to learn that universities are not about teaching. They are about egos, status, and management by the very wealthy whose only interest is in producing employees useful to their narrow interests.



The irving press didn't run this story. In the New Brunswick election, the Conservative party supports fracking in New Brunswick. The leader of the Conservative party is a former executive for Irving industries.

A story that definitely will NOT make the irving press.




Our leaders are the naziis and fascists of the 21st century. And we are their followers.


Get stuffed, Norbert.

The price of greed.


And the greedy are the people  who own almost all of our commercial news media.


And just think of what it will be like in the very near future as robots replace human workers. Where is the preparation for this? How are we planning to use robots? How are we planning to ensure that ordinary people like us are not impoverished by this?

Answer - we aren't. And not a word about about any of this in the irving press.


Greed knows no limits.


As a university student I came to meet a number of a asbestos workers, all of them dying from its effects. But what the hell---who gives a damn?


Well, after all, the U.S. has been a close buddy of Muslim terrorism going all the way back to the 1970s, at least. And it has been supplying the terrorists with money, weapons and training. (And Canada, too, has played that game).


I'm so happy for American billionaires - and so proud that Canadian billionaires are joining them.

This is arrogance, greed, indifference to human suffering....but, you know, all the billionaires have to do is to give a tiny, tiny part of their loot to the (respectable) poor and they become "philanthopists", yes, they do. And the chambers of commerce will kneel at their feet.

Where the hell are all our Christians in this? Is Christianity as dead as it seems?
So it must be.

This has been a sad day for news. I know it sounds wild but Canada, if it's going to survive at all, has to abandon its subservience to U.S. big money, and look for new partners in the world. It sounds extreme. But it's not. It's bare survival. The European Union is already thinking in those terms. An American alliance is not an alliance at all. It's subservience. It's to be a small player in the American world empire - an empire that is almost certain never to mature.

Corruption of American democracy has long ago been completed. There is no place for Canada in an alliance with the U.S.  (Nor is Canadian democracy all that healthy.)

The middle east is on the edge of a stunning collapse thanks to American and British interference for the benefit of capitalism. That means it is quite possible that an Iran war would be unwinnable (the U.S. military record since 1945 for all its monstrous expense has not been impressive)  And any war with Iran could well be the cause of a world, nuclear war.

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