Thursday, August 30, 2018

August 30:Our last chance?

Let's see...the Kinder Morgan pipeline is dead. So us taxpayers are picking up the tab for those poor, misunderstood capitalists?

Actually, those fearless, enterprising capitalists always have their hands in our pockets - from skipping out on taxes to getting massive handouts. In Quebec, Bombardier has been in into the till for over 2 billion dollars of public money in the last couple of years. I would be most interested to see how much Irving has hit New Brunswick for over the past couple of years. But I'm not likely to find that out from the irving press.

I watched the tennis on TV for a short time. Play was simply impossible for a long time as players collapsed in the heat.  Of course, that doesn't mean our climate is changing. Nah.

But who needs penguins? right?

At the same time, Trump was congratulating himself on Twitter for  his quick action on Puerto Rico for which he said the death toll was 65.

Blaine Higgs, August 29 paper, says carbon tax is the major issue. This is a statement appearing August 29 in the irving press.

Mr. Higgs - in a democracy, political parties do not decide what the issues are. Voters do that. You and your Conservative party are supposed to have a broad platform based on your party philosophy - if you have one. Alas! Neither you nor the Liberals do have any philosophy of any sort. So what the voters get in New Brunswick is a choice between the trivialities chosen by Conservative and Liberal parties that have no philosophy, no goals  (except to get elected). Both parties see running a government as similar to running a business office - keeping things running smoothly while making the 'boss' happy. And we all know who the 'boss' is.

Politics is not about that. It's about a party's philosophy of what it must to do represent social needs of the whole society. As an historian, I can tell you that neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives, in all of Canadian history, have ever represented any such thing.

In any case, Mr. Higgs is lying. Not only are the Conservatives and Liberals running on no social philosophy at all. The Conservatives are being less than honest in saying the big issue is the carbon tax when the real big issue for the Conservatives is fracking.

Conservatives and Liberals of New Brunswick, you are not telling the truth and, together, you are conducting the most brainless campaign I have ever seen.

The chaos we have created in Africa and the middle east, along with climate change and our refusal to deal with it, has created millions of refugees. And Canada and the U.S. and Europe are pretending this has nothing to do with us.

Yes, we sometimes should criticize Israel. It has stolen huge areas of Palestinian land and homes. It refuses to allow legal trade to reach Palestine. It has killed large numbers of Palestinians. It has created mass poverty in Palestine. It cuts off electricity to Palestine (including to schools and hospitals) for hours of each day. The large Palestinian population of Israel is treated as second-rate, forced to live in inferior districts at low pay. And now, the U.S. is cutting aid to a Palestine which is already suffering terribly.(Of course, the U.S. continues to give thousands of times that aid to an Israel which finds it useful to buy aircraft and bombs to drop on Palestinian schools.) And anybody who dares to criticize Israel is branded as a neo-Nazi.

Yes, the suffering of Jews in World War Two was terrible. But it wasn't caused by Palestinians who are now being treated by Jews as Jews had been treated by Naziis. And anyone who tells the truth about this runs into an Israeli-organized attack by the so-called Israeli lobby.

For criticizing Israel treatment of Palestinians, I has fired from a radio job, and replaced by the local leader of the Israeli lobby. Then I was fired from a 14 year old job speaking to a large, Jewish group - and replaced by that same lobbyist.

In fact, a growing number of North American Jews are turning against the behaviour of Israel. They certainly recognize that what Hitler did was wrong. But they also understand it's wrong when Israel does it.

The report on Iraq that we aren't getting.

Almost 3,000 dead. That's in a class with the 9/11 attack. But the response has been far less.

The U.S. would never attack Canada? The odds are that it will.

A story the irving press hasn't told us.

Nah. There ain't no climate change. (If it were real, it would be an issue in the New Brunswick election.)

Forget the Liberals and Conservatives. They exist to serve the very, very wealthy.
Our lives are really controlled by a tiny number of billionaires.

We have been warned. We have, maybe, ten years to deal with climate change. Since that warning, we haven't done a damn thing. And now Trump is going wild for coal, a major killer.

Seriously, we  have to wonder, at least, about the intelligence of our economic bosses. Greed, long evident, is one thing. Extreme stupidity is another. Now, the irvings want fracking in a world that has, at best, ten years to deal with climate change.

There's no point in asking Mr. Higgs about this. That's like talking to a ventriloquist's puppet. Maybe Mr. Irving would make a public statement about this?

No. Not likely. He uses the Higgs of this world to talk to us peasantry.

We are looking at a possibility of American wars on Iran and Syria. Either of them would certainly lead to confrontation with China and Russia.

But the irving press is still a good little boy that doesn't tell tales.

And a good reason to avoid beers brewed in Ontario.

There is nothing remote about the wars being prepared in the middle east. The U.S seems to be planning to move in even more. But China and Russia have drawn a line in the sand. And this would be a confrontation that the U.S. (and quite likely nobody) can win.


For New Brunswick, we have very little time. Our part of the world, like most parts, is controlled by greed and stupidity. That will, of course, eventually destroy the greedy and stupid - But not until they have destroyed us.

We have  very, very little time to act.

No dammit. That's not enough. We are living in the most dangerous time in world history. Our lives are governed by a tiny group of the world's richest and greediest. We've seen this before - as in the medieval aristocracies with people of the same greed and stupidity.

The difference now is that it's world wide - and in a world filled with weapons of the final destruction. The U.S. has a leader who is destroying our environment with great joy - and with scarcely a work of criticism. Coupled with that, the U.S. is on an economic suicide dive that will destroy it - and probably do so very soon.

Of course, it may be even quicker. The American wealthy have been deliberately destroying the income of most of the population. That is why so many responded  to Trump's call to what is, essentially, fascism which, of course, has changed nothing. And this same fascism is moving into Canada.

Along with this, Canadians have to realize that to the U.S. ruling class (not, not the Democrats or Republicans) Canada is just another place to be plundered. We are in very great danger of becoming an American target - soon. And count on the Canadian wealthy to be on the American side.

We blew it all in 1945.  We let the rich and greedy and stupid rule the world. Now, the rich and greedy and stupid are destroying themselves along with us. And New Brunswick's response is, to put it kindly, feeble in a provincial election that barely qualifies as farce.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August 28: The lies we believed in 1945.

In both wars, Canada was slow to accept Blacks. Or orientals. Or native peoples.


Hey! Don't worry, New Brunswick. Who are you going to believe? A hick scientist like David Suzuki? Or a real Christian gentleman like Blaine Higgs who used to work for another outstanding Christian named Irving?

Hey! New Brunswick needs fracking. Let's plan for the future and all the bottles of sun tan lotion we'll need.

And now a change of pace with the view from Russia.

Can you trust Russia Times?  It's a hell of a lot more intelligent and honest than the irving press of New Brunswick.


Of course all sides are responsible for war crimes in Yemen. All sides are responsible for war crimes in all wars. They always have been. War, itself, is a crime.  Torture is a war crime. Deliberate killing of civilians is a war crime.  The use of poison gas is a war crime. Throughout history, war crimes have been natural products of war. The only change is the increased importance of killing civilians and children.
Incidentally, there has been quite a rise in military displays, march pasts, etc. in the U.S. in recent years. Trump daily heaps praise on  the glories of the American military and how  young Americans are fighting to defend their country. Now....

Since 1945, those brave young American have killed millions of people in 70 countries. Can we seriously believe that  70 countries were a threat to the U.S.? How did Guatemala threaten it? Venezuela? Cuba? Haiti? Pakistan? Iraq? Syria?......... How did all those wars defend Americans?

The British Empire was the biggest in the world. Was India a threat to Britain? China? Africa? Of course not. Throughout history the imperial powers have been greedy, plundering murderers.

If you criticize Israelis, you're an anti-semite. I guess Trump doesn't know that Palestinians are semites, too.

The U.S. has imposed brutal sanctions on dozens of countries. These are a form of war and, like war, they cause suffering and death - and hatreds. And they are a major factor in the spread of hatred and distrust of the U.S.

Though the present pope seems a much more effective and popular one than most, he inherits a church with a dreadful reputation for child abuse - and the solution to this seems far beyond his grasp.

(The irving press has yet to notice any of this.)

The American press is full of stories about evil Syrians who are using chemical poisons in warfare. I have no idea whether this is true. But I do know who has been the world's largest user of chemical poisons - by far. And that is God Bless America

Funny how the western press hasn't noticed that.

We have a long history of hating immigrants. Commonly, people will claim that these immigrants threaten our culture.

What culture? I really don't know. When I was a child we were taught to look down on Irish Catholics because their culture was different from ours. It was the same with Jews. Funny thing, though. I grew up with and played with, went to school with, became life friends with Italians, Chinese, Syrians, African Canadians, Jews, Japanese, - and even Irish Catholics. As a professor, I taught students from Palestine, Israel, India, Britain, - you name it. The only difference I ever saw was that my Chinese students were the hardest workers.

And cultural differences? Canada was born as a nation of culturally diverse people. And all Canadians are themselves culturally diverse - even the purest of English and French. I have no idea what the Canadian culture is. You can find huge cultural differences between peoples of the same language and religion. The culture of poverty is not at all the same as the culture of wealth.  The cultures of rural and urban Canada are quite different.

People  who talk about preserving a culture don't have a clue what they're talking about. Quebec separatists talked about preserving Quebec culture. In fact, the separatists pretty much killed the culture of the Quebec they had been born into -  notably the religious culture.

Never listen to people who talk about 'preserving' a culture. All cultures naturally change as the world around them changes.

Now, here's a real piece of Canadian political culture.
The story you won't find in the irving press. Canadians are big boosters of the war industries. These are wars that are  hugely expensive and the world has extremely corrupt war industries. To a very large degree, our news media are used to encourage the idea that we are surrounded by terrible enemies. The whole defence industry is based on a contrived fear of threats that don't exist.
It's bad to let immigrants into a country. Any of our indigenous people can tell you that.

Mr. Bernier should know that. Think his ancestors were French? No way. France had centuries of Romans, various European tribes. My own French ancestors were, back about 1200, Spanish (and one west Asian 'savage').

If anything saves us from climate change, it won't be Mr. Irving or Mr. Higgs. It'll more likely be like those native people fighting a western pipeline.

It might be worth thinking about that at the Irving Chapel.

John McCain, American hero, was tortured by the Vietnamese. Wasn't that terrible of them? So John McCain hated his torturers. But in all his years as a senator, he never once criticized American government for using torture. In fact, Americans had used torture in Vietnam - and they had been using torture routinely from at least 1900 in the Philippines. Indeed, the U.S. has probably been the world's leading torturer for the last century.

John McCain was not that the goody-goody that he's now being depicted as.

Another unkind but accurate in memorium.

The daily news is rarely as reliable as we think it is.

New Brunswick's chief medical officer got kicked out for raising concerns about glyphosate that was (and is)  being sprayed on this province. But Mr. Irving, who is an expert on fracking and, oh, just everything, knows better than any chief medical officer. Yep. Vote for  the Higgs Conservatives and the wonderful things they will do for Mr. Irving.

Wars are complicated.

Hey! don't you sorry. Fracking is good for you.

Hey! If you can't trust the U.S., who can you trust?

The reality for Canada is that we would probably be wiser to work on our trade with China.  Mind you, it's then quite possible the U.S. would invade us. It probably will invade us anyway - to get our water.
Could Trump win the next election? Yep. Lots of the Democrat politicians are no different from  the Republican ones. So it will likely be a very divided Democrat Party that goes to the polls.

I was only an elementary school child in 1945. But I remember the mood perfectly. We had won the war and, in winning it, we were told we had created a new and far, far better world. The remembrance, of this November 11 should be, of course, of those who died for us to create that better world. But that is meaningless unless we also remember how we allowed our leaders to betray all they had died for.

We now have, with luck, maybe, ten years to deal with climate change. But we have thrown away seventy-four years of building a world to deal with such a task.

Western capitalists had decided that the only new world they were interested in was one controlled by and for the very, very wealthy. The U.S was the leader in this. Britain, left  pretty naked by the loss of its empire, hung onto American coattails. So did Canada. And that has left us hangers-on to a U.S. driving into a frenzy of attempted conquest, mass murder, and plunder.

The U.S. has been stunningly unsuccessful in seventy-four years of war. The costs of war, the staggering corruption of war, have robbed Americans of all the benefits they should be getting. Instead, the major industry of the U.S. has become weapon making at high, high profit for a world constantly at war.

And most of that world has turned against the abuse, the murder and the greed of western capitalists.

They refuse to deal with climate change at all - though it's crashing down on us. Here in New Brunswick, neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have an significant position on dealing with climate change. There is no discussion, for example, of what this means in terms of our housing, our food supply, our transportation. At it's best, Moncton is an (ugly) city of 1950 style, built around urban sprawl and all the complications of that. Much of the housing is reminiscent of the construction of 1900 or so. But there's not a word of discussion about that. And dealing with that will be one of the major issues of dealing with climate change.

Instead, Mr. Higgs is speaking the words he memorized from Mr. Iving - "fracking is good for you." The Liberals? They can be bought on the issue.Beyond that, neither party has much to say about anything. The Greens and the NDP? Nice folks. Some ideals. But they show little sense of the greed and, yes, the evil, of the people facing them.

Within ten years, we have to take action on the hell we have made of this planet, the creation of a billionaire ruling class that is as evil and grasping as all such classes in history. We have accepted poverty of the majority as a normal state. We have allowed ourselves to send our young people to die in the wars of greed - Korea, Afghanistan, Syria---and there are many more to come.

Can you seriously believe in the sanity of people who would commit vast sums of our money to weapons? Who would spend billions to starve and murder people all over the world? Who have made Africa and South America into hells of poverty, hunger, anger, hatred...of us.....

We have ten years, if we're lucky, to deal with climate change. And, at best, we can't go back. We can only make the change less damaging. We have ten years, maybe. And we're pretending the only things we need to spend money on are nuclear missiles, chemical poisons - and lots and lots of fossil fuels.

We have ten years, and we're embarked on wasting them as horribly as we have wasted the 78 years since world war 2 - and just as we've wasted the thirty years since Shell Oil scientists discovered the destructiveness of climate change - but didn't bother to tell us.

We are controlled by people who are worse than fools. They are greedy with a greed that blinds them to everything but their greed.  And we sit, and read the irving press, and vote blindly for people who represent the viciousness of greed.

And there, at the end of the ten-year road, is oblivion for us all.

As I wrote this, I thought of that day in 1945 I was caught up in the cheering crowds of Victory in Europe day. I thought of Leslie Bibewell who died when his ship was torpedoed, of Bertie Danielsohn  who was  cut in half by a German machine gun at the age of 16. (He had stolen his brother's draft papers to join up.)

I don't know what Leslie and Bertie thought they were dying for. But it certainly wasn't for a world in which billionaires wouldn't have to pay taxes. It wasn't so billionaires could buy political parties. And it wasn't so the U.S. could starve and bomb the children of Yemen to death.

We have, with luck, ten years. But as I look around the province of New Brunswick in this election year, the people of this province are so passive that they will re-elect the Liberal party or the Conservative party for all of those ten years.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 25: The Twilight of the Goofs.

This blog may be a little short since I am being coerced into going to the shore to sinfully frolic in the surf.

If Trump is impeached, disposed of as president, will this make a difference to American policies?  Very, very little. American government is hopelessly corrupt and controlled by the very, very wealthy. The U.S invaded some  70 countries since 1945 BEFORE Trump became president. It killed millions of people to boost profits for American corporations. Dropping Trump will have little effect on all that.

The only hope for a real change would be the election of a Bernie Sanders. But I can't imagine the wealthy will allow that to happen.

The answer is no. Nobody cares. The proper name for this is murder. But American news media call it fighting 'bad guys'.

The targetting of civilians and children in war is not new. It has been standard practice since it was introduced by Winston Churchill in 1920. The U.S. has specialized in it since 1944, at least. Indeed, it was common practice by all the European empires of the last 500 years and more - though without ever saying so.

In a related example, our forefathers happily included women and children in their millions of slave captures. Our Canadian ancestors, incidentally, also experimented with the enslaving of our native peoples. But it didn't work. It was too easy for the slaves to escape into the wilderness. (Funny how most Canadian history books don't mention that.)

Wouldn't it be nice if Canada did this to our tax-dodging billionaires?

Mining companies, including Canadian ones, have a long history of brutal and murderous treatment of people, especially in their operations in countries that can't fight back. (And even if they do fight back, their owners in the U.S., Canada, China, Britain, etc. can always call on troops to be sent in.)
A story that will never appear in the irving press.

The U.S. loves to accuse others of using chemical poisons in war. In fact, far the world leader in using them is the U.S.
Everybody deliberately kills civilians. Everybody. Yes, even Canada. In the Boer War Canadians troops were directly involved in the mass murder of some 15,000 Boer civilians - women, children,  the elderly. In 1942, Canadians joined in the bombing of Dresden, a deliberate killing of civilians in a city of no military value. When our NFB made a film about that, the usual suspects roused all the Conservative senators to denounce the film. The Canadian Legion, to its shame, joined in. I was in Ottawa that day to appear before all those Conservative senators who really had no idea what they were talking about. It was Nov. 11, and the hearing room wall was decorated with hundreds of poppies in what I can only call the bastardization of the Senate, of true patriotism, and of Nov. 11.

On that day, I had a talk with a Canadian general who had served in France. He told me of an incident in which Canadian soldiers murdered some 200 German prisoners. The senators denied that, too.

That's what happens in war. It's not just the other side that is evil.

Bernie Sanders is almost never mentioned in the irving press.

These wars are all fought to benefit American billionaires.  And they were all paid for by everybody except the billionaires. The Americans (and us) are being bled dry to make our wealthy super wealthy.
This is what we have to do if we are to survive. But it's what we aren't doing.
Our out-to-lunch provincial election campaign in New Brunswick hasn't begun to consider this. The Liberals and Conservatives, in particular, have nothing that could, in any sense, have anything to do with the needs of this province.
The U.S. is a nation in decline. For  years now, it has been pushing for a war against China and Russia. It is looking as though it might get one. There is no possibility that anyone could win such a war. And of all the losers, the one to lose most heavily would almost certainly be the U.S.

There must be something to say about the New Brunswick provincial election. But I can't imagine what it might be. The Liberals and Conservatives are coasting along. Neither of them has anything that could be called a platform. But what the hell. Neither party has had much that could be called a platform for 150 years. And the robot voters still vote for them.

Let's Get Real

Thousands of world scientists agree that the world is  undergoing climate change that, left as it is, will destroy all of us. And this summer has provided plenty of evidence of that. The estimate of climate scientists is that we have, perhaps, ten years to get control of this. And at that, we shall not return to the climates we have known. We shall still have massive climate failures all over the world, climate failures that will mean crop failures; failures that will mean millions of refugees. It will also mean wars to kill the refugees. (This is already happening.)
It will mean aggression by powerful neighbours seeking to steal the resources - farmlands, waterways - from nations not so seriously destroyed. (Think of the massive destruction of farmlands in the mid-west and western U.S. Think of how U.S. billionaires might become interested in making Canada a part of the U.S., by force.)

Most of all think of what we cannot do.

We cannot go on spending massive sums on weapons. U.S. budgets per year are almost a trillion dollars - for what is already the most heavily armed nation in the world. And we are all getting prepared for a war that nobody can win. To even think of war with all sides heavily armed with such massive weapons is insane. So why do we maintain such monstrous war industries?

We maintain such massive war industries, especially in the U.S., because they make massive profits for the billionaires who own them - and who own our governments.

The U.S. heavily campaigns the whole world - all sides - for weapons sales. Even the people the U.S. calls Muslim terrorists are largely armed with U.S. weapons.

No. War is no longer feasible or even sane. The American military, for all its size and cost and power, has been ineffective in most of the 70+ wars it has fought since 1945. Its destruction of property and life has been massive - but usually without anything that could be called victory. We can no longer afford to waste time serving the greed of weapons makers and oil barons.

We can no longer afford this massive theft of national income from the poor and the middle class. This comes as a result of a capitalist class that we have allowed to hide its crushing wealth in unregistered bank accounts - so that most of the wealthy, with their billions, pay not a cent in taxes. A major result of this absurd distribution of wealth, of this absurd theft of what should be public money from all the rest of us, will be economic collapse.

Through most of history, this has been a world dominated by greed. That has long been reflected in the brutal wars and mass murder and massive killing and torture and slavery inflicted by imperial powers like Britain, France, Spain, and now the U.S.

Sorry. We just cannot survive even ten more years of that.

Our problem is not that our very, very rich need more money to feel good. That's their problem.  But if we let it go,  it's our problem, too. Did you know  that American life expectancy has been dropping in recent years as a direct result of the greed of the wealthy? That's because the wealthy in the U.S. see health as something to make money out of - nothing more. The result is a rapidly rising poverty in that 'wealthy' nation, and it is one of the few in the developed world which fails to provide health care except at impossible prices for most people. Indeed, recent studies show that a major of young Americans live in homes dependent on welfare. How's that for making America great?

We live in a world horribly scarred by greed. The greedy want wars. There's money for them in wars. That, alone, is enough to tell we have to bring them under control. But there's worse. The greedy are also stupid because their greed blinds them to the consequences that will, inevitably, affect them. (That has been repeated throughout history.) And that combination of greed and stupidity is probably why they have no sense of the world of climate change that is crashing in on us.

In my province, New Brunswick, there is an election going on. The Conservative leader is campaigning to develop fossil fuels in this province. They are both dangerous and destructive - and the last thing we should be talking about is developing them. But the Conservative leader - not by coincidence - is a former executive officer of our local oil baron's corporations. The oil baron is also the owner of all the newspapers in this province. Guess who those newspapers are supporting.

Thousands of the world's leading scientists have warned us. But our oil barons, though noted for being born rich,  are not noted for for scientific scholarship or for brains of any sort. But they insist on plunging ahead with a world order based on greed.

We have, maybe, ten years to deal with climate change. We cannot waste another day on the greedy. Yes, it's going to require massive change. But we are on the edge of extinction. We need all the energy and money and work we can possibly raise to save this planet. We've done nothing for a good thirty years but waste money on wars that, frankly, were nothing but the killing of millions of innocent people and theft of their land to make our oil barons richer.

With concentration and hard work, we can possibly save this planet. Going on as we are, we can only destroy it. And it looks as though we will.

Take your pick.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August 23: We are the most intelligent species on earth......

....I'd hate to see what came second.....

This is from Saudi Arabia, a close ally of  the U.S. in its zeal to spread democracy and human rights, in (with American help) starving the children of Yemen to death in an inspiring union of Christian and Muslim principles.
The effects of even tiny changes in climate don't just manifest themselves in hot days and temporary discomfort. The effects include crop failures, starvation, wildfires, changes in severe storm patterns (as in the hurricane now reaching Hawaii), deaths of wild life on land and sea, - and death for us by disease.

But, hey, all this don't mean nuthin'. Climate change is good and, anyway, it's not happening.
Gee. How come the irving press missed this story? Part of it's happening in the province next door to it.

And part of it, in the U.S., is the result of handing the prison system over to capitalists who use it for very, very cheap labour.

I include the next item because it's an example of bad reporting. The U.S. is imposing trade sanctions on Iran. Does the U.S. have a right to do that? When you impose trade sanctions you are telling a nation who it is allowed to trade with. Who gave the U.S. the right to do that?

This is equivalent to an act of war. Trade sanctions are enforced by military and naval power. All over the world, in Venezuela, Korea, Cuba, Yemen....nations are suffering poverty and even starvation as a result of U.S. sanctions.

Who gave the U.S. authority to do that?

This report conveys a sense that the U.S. has a perfect right to tell any country in the world who it is allowed to trade with. Britain, of course, will obey immediately.  (As an American colony, Britain has to kiss up when it's told to.) China has told the U.S. to get stuffed. So will Russia.

This is not only an illegal tactic by the U.S. It is an act of war. But this report in The Guardian glosses over these issues.

Would the U.S. do this to Canada? You bet. It already is doing it to Canada, though in a much milder form, by changing the rules of NAFTA.
This next item is about Remembrance Day, and our observance of it. We  should, most certainly, remember and honour those who served. But we should not kid ourselves that wars are about good and evil.

More commonly, they're about the greed of the wealthy on both sides. And they're about the use of the rest of us to face danger and risk death to make the wealthy wealthier.

We seemed to have caught on to that at the end of World War Two when we made wonderful promises about the new world we were going to create. But that one never got off the ground. Instead, the U.S. today in style and purpose is very much the offspring of Hitler's Germany. And American crowds cheering military parades today are cheering those who have murdered civilians and children in even greater numbers than Hitler's troops murdered Jews and Roma. And they have done it, really, just as Hitler's troops did it - to profit the wealthy.

We have destroyed all those things we said we were fighting for in two, world wars - and Korea and Afghanistan.  So why haven't our military historians, and our news media, and our Canadian Legion stood up to challenge this?

It's because they have been used from the start as propaganda agencies. And they have fallen for it.

Yes. We should honour our veterans on November 11. They paid, and paid  heavily, for their service. Then, also on November 11, we should look at ourselves, and remember how we have betrayed all we told them they were fighting for.

And now, we have placed ourselves on the road to the final war.

You want bad guys? Check out the world's very, very wealthy.
Sometimes, the news is good. But good news is often of the kind the irving press doesn't want us to know.

I don't entirely agree with this next item - but mostly I do.

It plays down the impact of World War 1 in influencing Hitler's rise to power - and he suggests that racism was built into German thought.

Yes, it's true that Germany was profoundly racist before World War One. So was Britain. And the U.S. And Canada. And France. It was our racism that caused us to offer safe haven to Jews who tried to escape. It was the racism of Spain, Portugal, Britain, the U.S. and Canada that slaughtered American peoples by the millions. It is American racism that created the mass bombing (and poisoning) of civilians in North Korea, Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia. We condemn Hitler for his racism. But we ignore ours.

And a story of no interest whatever to the "broad-minded" editors of the irving press.
Guess who knew about climate change almost 40 years ago - but never told us.

Here is an issue that should have been familiar to us decades ago. But the irving presses of this world never told us.

Read this, NDP, and weep.

Note - I have been planning to write a piece on the topic above. We may have time to save our planet - but there are important steps we have to take to do that. (And I try  to do that for the August 25 issue).

Will Trump get impeached? Possibly. Will that make any difference? Not likely.

Trump's policy is that of most presidents before him going back to 1945 - to rule the world and to even more enrich the very, very rich. Almost all the planning apparatus of American government is stunningly corrupt. The only substantial opponent to all this is Bernie Sanders.
For New Brunswick  readers.

As I read my irving paper for August 10, I was struck by it's slide from its usual triviality to truly disgusting reporting.

On the editorial page,  i's cartoon (as it has been for months)  is an attack on the Liberals. Oh, yes. The Liberals deserve attacks. The problem is that the irving press has been attacking ONLY the Liberals for some months. This isn't a campaign to make us think. This is the abuse of all readers by an owner who uses the newspaper as a propaganda tool.

Then there's the 'scandal' in today's editorial. The federal Liberals have extended Employment Insurance. This is to help the many workers in New Brunswick who can get only jobs that are seasonal. And that means that life can get pretty hungry for seasonal work families.

So the federal Liberals have extended the insurance periods  for some 7,000 seasonal workers. And this, we are told, will be a terrible burden for New Brunswick. The editorial quotes no less a giant than former premier Frank McKenna who described Employment Insurance for these people as 'a drug'.

I pause here to note that Frank McKenna, for all his popularity in this province, is a man who has spent his life kissing the rear ends of the very wealthy, most recently in his services to a gang of vultures called the Bilderberg Group.  He's a person who thinks feeding the poor is bad for them. But he happily shovels truckloads of money to the very wealthy. Yes. Feeding the rich is good for us.

He and the editorial writer wouldn't dream of criticizing the government for letting billionaires escape paying any taxes at all, and therefore taking billions of dollars out of our economy. He and the editorial writer would never question the gift of our forests to the Irvings, or the handouts to them. But they valiantly dump on 7,000 people who get barely enough to live.

But this is a constant theme for the irving press. The poor are scum of the earth. But the very wealthy of this province can stuff themselves with the millions and billions they steal from us - and that's good.

Gee. Maybe I could make a buck writing a column for the paper on how churches and civic action groups should clean up their act, and stop spoiling the poor with free food and shelter.

On the opposite page is a column by economist Herb Emery on a similar theme. Essentially, it says helping the poor is bad for the economy. I've led quite a few of his commentaries now, and his leitmotif is always 'make the rich richer and we'll all prosper."

In fact, we've been making the rich richer for centuries, and that wealth has never 'trickled down" - not in Congo; not in Latin America; not in any of our centuries of empire; and not in Canada. Indeed, in the last fifty years or so, the drift of wealth in this world has increasingly been into the pockets of the very, very wealthy.

On the same page is a column by a group called Canadians for affordable energy.
Essentially, this is an organization that denies climate change is happening. And it pumps out propaganda to that effect.

We've been getting heavy doses of propaganda from 'think tanks' like this. Almost all of them are propaganda houses financed by the very wealthy. The irving press just loves them and, indeed, the name irving has been known to finance this sort of propaganda. Samples that regularly appear in the irving press are Institute for Atlantic Studies, Fraser Institute,---this is common all over the western world.

In this case, the writer ends on a very corny line that governments impose carbon tax not to help the climate. No. It's because politicians just like taxes, and love to waste them in spending. (Perhaps on trivial things like medical care. Whenever you see a silly line like that in a column, you can be pretty sure you are reading propaganda.)

And yes, among their 'fellows' are university professors. There are university professors, I'm sorry to say, who write any lying propaganda for a price. I have known some. I have read some in the pages of the irving press. Indeed, many years ago, I was approached by people in the oil industry to write propaganda for them. (I felt ashamed that they could even think I would do that.)

Anyway, you can read them almost every day in the columns of the irving press.

The day's paper also has a long story on the start of Conservative leader Blaine Higg's campaign. I don't know why it's long. Most of what he says is pretty trivial. Much of it is about how he'd make a government efficient - just like a business office. The problem, of course, is that a government is not at all like a business office. It is not entirely concerned with producing profits. It is also about meeting human needs. A political party should be about people and what they require, not about organizing the seats in the legislature. Mr. Higgs seems not to have the faintest idea of what a human society requires. I have never seen a politicians so ignorant of what government is.

He is also, essentially, a climate change denier. We have, according to thousands of highly trained scientists, maybe ten years (MAYBE) to deal with climate change. The response of Mr. Higgs?  Hey! We need our cars to drive to work and go shopping. And, seriously, he says he would not drive an electric car unless it had good acceleration. Indeed, he would increase the use of those fossil fuels that people with brains know can destroy us all - soon.

We face a strong possibility of extreme suffering followed by extinction. The reality of life is that there are some things we cannot have. We can't. It's as simple as that. To ignore that is to lead us straight into unimaginable horror. Too bad Mr. Higgs never learned that there are things we cannot have; I can imagine him as a child screaming "I wannit. I wannit."

The Conservative party must be incredibly thick-skulled to have chosen Mr. Higgs as leader.

The paper also has a report on Liberal leader  Gallant who promises to maintain a fracking moratorium. And that, I think, makes him an Einstein in comparison with Higgs. Alas! The fracking moratorium seems to be his only good idea.

There's also a report on David Coon, leader of the Green Party. That report looks more promising than the ones on Higgs and Gallant. Alas! It's a report that's too slim and vague to tell us much.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

August 21: These most dangerous times of a most dangerous world.

Contrary to the not very intelligent opinion of New Brunswick Conservative leader Blaine Higgs, capitalism is very, very unlikely to deal with climate change. Indeed, it's whole pattern for the past forty years has been to pretend it's not happening.

Indeed, one could change that headline to read "capitalism creates climate change".

Perhaps Blaine Higgs will tell us again how capitalism allowed to run free benefits all of us.

The reality is that capitalism has done nothing to deal with climate change and, in fact, has been making it worse for at least 30 years.

This opinion piece has some sensible things to say about the war in Afghanistan. Alas! It also is quite false on a major point.....

Afghanistan did NOT promote the attack of 9/11 on New York. Some people who happened to be on Afghanistan soil at the time were among the planners. But in no way did the government of Afghanistan help them. In fact, it offered to send them for trial by an international court - which is the correct way to handle these things. But the U.S. refused the offer because the U.S. wanted a war in Afghanistan. As many an empire in the past has, the U.S. wanted control of Afghanistan for its mineral wealth and geographic location.

(And, in fact, the 9/11 attackers on the U.S. were NOT Afghanis. Most were our good friends from Saudi Arabia. Others were living in Europe.) The war on Afghanistan was not caused by the people of Afghanistan. It was caused by the greed of U.S. capitalists with the cooperation of their British (and, for a time, Canadian) puppets.
The U.S. has Trump. Ontario has Ford. In that same category - but with less sense of how to even pretend to mean anything  - New Brunswick has Blaine Higgs.

And some sobering thoughts for Canadians.
Capitalism is based on self-interest and greed. That's it.
Socialism is based on the social principles of Christianity and most other religions.

Perhaps the outstanding feature of the world since  1945 has been the inability of the world's most agressive country, the one with the most expensive military, to win wars.

 Disastrous flooding in Asia has killed thousands,  and made over a million  homeless. What it has not done is to attract attention from the western press.  But this does have meaning for us. This is part of the process of climate change.

I spent much of my life as a history professor. So I know that much of the history taught in our public schools is lies. The best general and popular history of the U.S. is by Howard Zinn. But even in American universities there is a fear of using Zinn's book. In fact, some American universities forbid it.

Check your local library for it. Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States.

Also worth checking out is Terry Copp, The Anatomy of Poverty (poverty in Montreal in the late nineteenth century up to 1929.)

.....a story not important enough for the irving press...

We get lots of news reports about the disaster that is the Venezuelan economy. Prices are wildly out of control. tens of thousands have had to flee the country. What we're not getting is any account of how this disaster has happened.

So here's how... And it happened just like the economic suffering of Cuba, of North Korea and anybody else American capitalists don't like.

New Brunswickers aren't worried about the glyphosate being sprayed on them. And the Liberals and Conservatives aren't worried. After all, Mr. Irving who demands the spraying, is a man who owns his own Christian church.  So there.
(Somehow, though, I don't think this is what Jesus had in mind.)
We are living through what appears to be a realignment of the world's nations. China and Russia, for example, are now both prominent in the middle east. Europe is showing signs of moving closer to Russia. American influence is on the slide. The U.S. goal from 1945 was world conquest. But it lost China almost from the start. The U.S. appears to have lost its chance to rule the world. - But it still has the chance to destroy it.
Despite the boastful sign "Mission Accomplished" that hung from the bridge of a ship bringing American troops home from Iraq, the reality is that the US did not win the Iraq War - just as it didn't win in Afghanistan, Yemen, Vietnam, North Korea....

It can be done. It won't be done by either Conservatives or Liberals in the province of New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick corner.

I didn't blog on Saturday. I was down at the shore  (without my computer) enjoying an almost tropical rain after all the heat of this summer.

Too bad, because Saturday's paper had an opinion column worth studying for its many signs of feeble-mindedness.

It was written by Blaine Higgs, leader of the 'Progressive' Conservative party in this province. (I wish they would drop that word 'progressive'. Despite the conservative claims that it has meaning, the reality is that in this context it means nothing at all. This goes back to the 1930s when the Conservative Party was looking for a new leader. The man it wanted was already the leader of a party called the Progressive Party. But he would not accept the leadership of the conservatives unless they added 'progressive' to its title. The Conservatives were happy to do that  since the so-called progressive party had nothing progressive about it. It was really just a conservative party in drag. And so the Progressive Conservative Party was born. And the words don't mean a damn thing because the party has never been either progressive or conservative.)

It is a stunningly shallow and ignorant column.

For a start, Blaine Higgs  gives us not hint of what political parties are (or should be.) That's not surprising. But they should be about a political philosophy, a belief in some general purpose of politics. It's no like a business. Not at all. A real politician does not start with just a simple 'fix it' idea. That is how business works. But politics start, or should start, with a sense of human values, of social needs. But nowhere in his column does Blaine Higgs show the slightest awareness of that.

You can see a sense of these values in the Greens and the NDP. These values are there starting point. But Mr. Higgs sees the world as a sort of fast-food outlet whose only purpose is to make profits. There is more, much more, to human life than that.

We need to deal with fossil fuels? With the destructiveness of fossil fuels? We have - with luck - ten years to deal with it? Well, that's no problem for the Hick's insight. It's just like keeping an office tidy, keeping costs down. So first, says Mr. Higgs, oh, first and above all, we need to make big business in this province richer. Yes. Then it will fix things. Yes.

I mean, we need rich people to solve our problem. I mean, they know how to fix things. It does not occurs to the Higgs of this world that it is the rich people who have created the problem and who have, for almost 40 years, refused to act on it, and who have made it worse.

In an insight into he priorities, he attacks people who look forward to electric  cars. That's not for Mr. Higgs. No. Before he would consider an electric car, he would insist on knowing what its acceleration is like.

So he's against a carbon tax to work on the development of climate change. No. he prefers our old system of letting the rich deal with these problems. (And he prefers the  rich who got rich selling oil to also be left alone to solve poverty, crime, elder care..... It does not occur to this former executive for rich people that it is the greed of the rich which creates poverty, crime, the need for elder care - and they've been doing that for thousands of years of world history.)

And says, Mr. Higgs, he will cut off government gifts to people like the bosses of Sears or TD Bank. Funny thing, though, he doesn't mention cutting government gifts to companies like, say, Irving - though he surely knows our biggest recipient of gifts is Irving enterprises which, just for a start, pays no income tax.

Then, in one sentence, he shows that he has no intention of doing anything. He say, "We rely our our cars to get around." How's that for a stirring call to deal with the problem?

This is a crashingly ignorant column by a man with nothing that could be called a political philosophy, with no sense of the need for a social philosophy in operating a society. The only concern I could detect was to save his former boss at Irving enterprises from any inconvenience.

Let the rich keep their money - and they will save us? That is a crashingly ignorant statement that only a fool could make. The reality is that we have historically been poor BECAUSE of the greed of our rich. In the years after 1945, we made a start of putting a lie on that greed and diverting more money to the Canadian people. But that didn't last. For the last fifty years or so, we have suffered a declining standard of living - and it's the rich who have been laughing. That is heading us to a disaster - and disaster is the only possibility that Blaine Higgs will achieve.

No. This is a man ignorant of even the basic principles of political leadership. His only policy is the one that New Brunswick has followed for over 150 years - give the rich whatever they want. And to hell with the rest of the population.

Send him back to his desk at irving enterprises, counting paper clips.

The Monday issue of The Moncton Times and Transcript was better with a long story "More heat, drought and longer fire season in future". And a major story on the very dangerous fires in BC. These are both stories that just a short time ago, the irving press would not have carried.

Also on Monday, note two columns on Canada's first prime minister, John A. Macdonald.

Many years ago, I was given a highly acclaimed biography of John A. It was by a very distinguished professor named Donald Creighton. Like Winston Churchill, he was a captivating writer. Certainly, both of them were what induced me to quit teaching, and go back to school to study history.

And, over those years and much, much more reading, I learned that both Creighton and Churchill wrote pure bunk.

John A. was a drunk. He was a clever drunk, though. He could work out deals in parliament. He was good at managing politics. But he was a front man for wealthy British investors (as railways) and, in Canada, for the business leaders of Montreal. Well, not just a front man. He was on the take. Big time. (If you're ever in Ottawa, take a look at his house there. It's now, I think, the British embassy. He didn't buy that on his political salary.) In fact, being on the take was a feature of his Conservative party. His right hand man, Cartier, lived well. So did one of his successors, Sir Charles Tupper of Amherst, Nova Scotia. Sir Charles, especially, was BIG time. (Sir Charles was also an admirer of women. He admired them so much, he was commonly known as The Cumberland Ram.)

As well as being on the take, John A. was also a ruthless, even murderous man. That's was particularly true of his murders of the aboriginal people of the west, and the French/aboriginal mixed bloods of the region. There's an excellent column on this on the Commentary page of August 20. It's by Robert Alexander Innes of  University of Saskatchewan.

Alas! It is accompanied by a column from Macdonald-Laurier Institute, a so-called "independent" think tank. (That means it churns out propaganda for the billionaires who finance it - a system that irving editors are fond of.) This column looks nice in saying we should see the good as well as the bad in all people. That certainly sounds nice.

I look forward to a column about the good part of Hitler and Stalin. (And George Bush Jr.)

The Monday (August 20) addition also had a letter to the editor which I found startling. Called 'Better Targets than Saudi Arabia', it attacked Fidel Castro as one of the most horrible killers of our time - a despot who murdered anyone who disagreed with him, and who made all his family into millionaires, and who suppressed  human rights. He was according to the letter a far worse offender of human rights than is the government of Saudi Arabia.

Now, a good newspaper will allow some letters to the editor despite errors and omissions. But in any GOOD newspaper there are limits - really. And this one is really off the wall.

The country that imposed dictators, murderers, fortune builders, torturers to rule Cuba was not Castro. It was God Bless America that did it from 1920 or so to 1959. The U.S. installed dictators, notably the ruthless murderer General Batista who troops murdered Cubans at random, who tortured, who made Cuba a happy base for American criminal bosses. His troops happily roamed the streets to murder, rob, torture, rape as they felt like it. It was one of the most brutal regimes in world history.  It made education virtually impossible for most Cubans, forced Cubans into permanent poverty to please American corporation bosses.....

When Castor overthrew Batista, most Cubans happily embraced him. Some Cubans did flee to Florida, though. And guess which side they had been on.

The mighty U.S. responded to his insolence by sponsoring an invasion,  and by bombing Cuba. (I flew over Cuba about 1960 on the way to Jamaica, and saw the American bomb craters and ruined buildings below.)

The 'evil' Castro then, for the first time in history, established free public education in Cuba. He even made university free, something the U.S. and Canada still haven't done. And to this day, the doctors produced by Castro's education system serve in Cuba, Latin America, and all over the world. And Cuba, unlike the rich United States, offers its people universal medical care.

The U.S. has never let up on Cuba. It hired Batista thugs to blow up tourist buildings and, once, to blow up a Cuban civil airliner killing all aboard. It also imposed trade sanctions to  keep Cuba poor and, to this day, the U.S. keeps Cubans in poverty.

But in all these years, Cubans have been happy to continue the Castro revolution. They suffer for it; they suffer heavily;  - but not as much as they did under the U.S. and Castro.

The U.S. has been treating Haiti even worse for a century. Indeed, it  has been a massive killer, plunderer, torturer all over Latin America. But that, too, I guess, is unknown to the editors of the irving press.

None of this bears any resemblance to the raving letter to the editor in Monday's paper.

A responsible and intelligent newspaper editor would never have run that letter. Either the editors have no brains at all - or they deliberately encourage lying to the public.

It's been a depressing day reading the news. And, most strikingly, I am astonished at the utter failure of our Christian churches to even try to bring Christian principles to bear. Indeed, I can no longer distinguish Christians from Liberals and Conservatives.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

August 16: Let's get real. It's happening.

Look. It's real. We have been lied to by the irving press. We have had years of commentaries telling us fossil fuels are perfectly safe if properly controlled. But there is no proper control. And there can't be any.

It's real. We have, maybe, ten years of serious world-wide effort to deal with this.  And at best, we face years of massive starvation, crop loss, millions of refugees.

That means there's a new reality. We cannot possibly afford wars. We cannot spend our time and money on feeding those billionaires who produce and sell weapons to anybody will pay for them - as Canada supplied armoured cars to Saudi Arabia so it could murder starving children.

For decades, our leading capitalists have told us there is no global warming. And those decades have set us up for one hell of a challenge in the next ten years. For decades, they have paid off politicians to ignore all the warnings. Trump, in particular, has exposed this whole continent to profound danger and suffering. And he's had Trudeau on his side.

And let's not forget our very own irvings and our brain-dead conservatives in New Brunswick. These are the people who want us to press ahead even more with fossil fuels. All they can see is the short term profits for themselves - and to hell with the rest of the world. And surprise, surprise. The conservatives are led by an irving puppet.

New Brunswick has to develop some morality and some intelligence - and some guts. And it doesn't have much time to do it.

Let's forget the chatter about nice little things in this election. Let's get real. There is a monstrous threat hanging over us all. But we live in a province that has almost no truthful information at all. And we have a population which has rarely,  very rarely shown any political courage or originality at all.

This issue is something to be angry about. We have been lied to for decades about climate change. And now it's  happening, and happening suddenly and viciously. And our politicians and our news media are talking (and lying) about cutesie issues.

Get real. Get angry. Develop some courage. Climate change is happening. We have no time to babble about minor issues, about wars. The greatest war humanity will ever see is happening now - it's happening here and it's happening to us.

To the people of New Brunswick and their churches, I would say, For Christ's sake, wake up and show some courage.

Can we handle this? I don't know. It's hard to know how the stupidity of other nations on this issue will harm us beyond hope (Trump and the American oil barons come to mind.)

But don't kid yourself. A whole world has become obsolete. Its wars cannot be won. The massive corruption invoked by capitalism, the greed, the abuse, can no longer be tolerated. The climate change that our scientists warned us of twenty years ago and more is here. So who do we trust? Thousands of highly trained scientists? Or a handful of greed-dripping capitalists of very, very limited intelligence?

Since 1945, we have been watching the collapse of democracy all over the world, the mass murder of nations that our billionaires want to plunder, the growing poverty of the rest of us while the billionaires bleed us dry and run up the greatest profits in history.

All this is heading for a terrible crash unless we act now..

Wake up, New Brunswick.l

Let's drop all the phony sorrow. The deliberate mass murder of civilians and children has been a feature of war since it was developed by Winston Churchill in 1920 when he ordered the RAF to bomb undefended Kurd towns. Hitler picked up the idea at Guernica. Britain and the U.S. revived it in World War Two with the bombing of Dresden. The U.S. did it in its bombing of Japan. And the U.S. has deliberately killed millions of civilians and children since then in every war it has fought.

Let's not kid ourselves about 'heroism' in war. Let's not kid ourselves that wars are fought to defend "Queen and country". That's the myth we pump into those we sent to fight and die in war. Almost all wars - on one side and, often, on both - are fought to make the wealthy even wealthier. That's what Yemen is about - and Iran - and Syria - and Korea - and Afghanistan-----

And smaller nations, like Canada, have to kiss up to the bigger ones - as when Canada sent it soldiers to die in Afghanistan. Even Britain, the empire that we once thought we have to fight for, is now just a puppet colony that fights American wars.

Am I being unpatriotic in what I'm writing above? I'm sure that members of The Canadian Legion would say so. But this suggests no disrespect for veterans. My point is that we have abused many of our veterans - and our sending them off to kill and to die for billionaires is something The Canadian Legion should be protesting. Not supporting. (And the clergy who officiate at Nov. 11 ceremonies might be wise to remember that, too.) Yes. Our veterans served, and served damn well. We owe them for that. But we also owe it to remember that we often lied to them about what they were fighting for.

Below is the result of a study conducted by Army Times in the U.S. Note all the American legion branches that support it. The Canadian Legion, too, should be supporting those who served, not those who lied to them.

(Some readers may have noticed there are TWO web magazines named countercurrents. They are quite separate. The other one is an American site, and quite different from the other. The American site is edited by a white racist of extreme right-wing opinions.)

News about most of  us.

The REAL news that you'll never see in the irving press - or any other commercial press in North America.

We happily allow billionaires to avoid paying taxes, to buy our governments, and to hold down the minimum wage to us peasants  (because too much money would spoil us.) That's why whenever there's a dollar rise in the basic income, we get a rant in the irving press about how it spoils the poor. And that's a sentiment that's often picked up by all of us who should know better.
Another story you'll never see in the irving press. It's about how our billionaires feed our military with lies about how they need to fight "for Canada" when, in fact, they are only fighting for billionaires.

Damn. Why isn't the Canadian Legion protecting our own military? Why is it forever kissing up to the wealthy?
For all their talk, Canadian governments have done close to nothing about indigenous peoples in this country.

Apart from the Liberals and Conservatives, the worst enemy the poor have is all those middle class twits who say that giving the poor decent living conditions would just spoil them.

Keystone XL is the oil pipeline for which Trudeau is using our money to help out those nice billionaires who just want to create jobs for the poor. (And New Brunswick's Conservatives have a similar plan for this province.)
This one came as a shocker to me.

Israel also can and does interfere in Canadian affairs. I've seen a good deal of this up close. The dirty work is done by Canadians forming what is called "The Israeli Lobby". Their job is to make sure that any public criticism of Israel is squashed, and that only praise gets through.

For many years, U.S. multi-billionaires of the arms industry have been supplying weapons for all sides in the world's wars. And, no, it doesn't mean great employment for Americans. What it means is an immense loss of tax money to feed to arms makers who then, of course, hide their money from taxation.

The U.S. is even the major supplier to its enemies. It's all in the name of profits.

Onward Christian soldiers.

This next story is not a coincidence. Children and civilians in general are now and long have been the deliberately chosen major targets in war.

Sort of makes you wonder where the hell our Christian clergy are. And I suspect hell might be the best place to look for them.

Gee. Funny this didn't make the irving press.

You have to pay to get Haaretz. But, oh, it's one, great paper.

This is in a class with Israel's action in cutting power every day even to hospitals in Palestine, and illegally preventing ships getting to or leaving Palestine, kicking Palestinians out of their homes, stealing their land.......

New Brunswickers, you have to wake up. The current provincial election is the dreariest, drabbest, most boring one I have ever seen. Look. Despite all the crises we face, despite the risk of world annihilation, Mr. irving and the Conservatives with their irving flunky leader and their well-meaning but politically moronic candidates seem determined to unleash the hell of fracking on us again.

And the Liberals intend to continue the irving spraying of poisonous glysophates over us. (I can find nothing else of any significance in either of those parties.)

The Greens and NDP would certainly be an improvement - though both are more timid than we need.

New Brunswickers have been political sleep-walkers all the way back to the earliest days of elections. They have routinely elected the friends of the wealthy, and they have routinely been bled dry as a result. The only province so willing to commit suicide every four years has been Prince Edward Island.

The stakes this time are the biggest ever. They include not only the conditions of living here, but the very survival of all life. The adjustment to public meetings, open discussion, debate will be a difficult one. But we owe it to our children - and maybe to ourselves in just ten years.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

August 14:The Lunatics are in charge of the asylum.......

Of course, all them there thousands of scientists ain't real smart like our irvings and the editors of the irving press is.

Our local newspapers in New Brunswick, owned by Mr. irving, today ran an editorial demanding an oil pipeline be built across Canada to this province for the benefit of Mr. Irving. At the same time, very highly skilled scientists all over the world are telling us that we have - maybe - ten years to get our reliance on fossil fuels under control.

Of course, these scientists are people with long years of training and research in this field. So they aren't real smart like mr. irving who has almost two, whole years of university.

And, of course, our local newspapers say what mr. irving wants them to say. Thus today's kiss-up for mr. irving. And here's an item from an intelligent newspaper on the subject.

When I first heard of Canada sending peacekeeping troops to Niger, I thought this was what Canada should be doing. Now I'm not so sure. The U.S. has a habit of calling for "peacekeepers" in situations that have more to do with protecting brutal governments (as with our 'peacekeepers' in Haiti.)

Ten years.  We have ten years - maybe - to deal with climate change. If we don't, we face a death spiral for the whole planet. What we are doing instead is allowing very wealthy people of monstrous greed but without either brains or social morality to set the rules of the game.

The greed of the wealthy is pushing the rest of us into a world depression far worse than the last one.

Here is an article that explains how propaganda news agencies create a population in which all people think the same, and are brainwashed to agree with everything said by their ruling, political class. This has a meaning for the people of New Brunswick.
The U.S. will spend $717 billion dollars on producing weapons in the coming year. Much of this will go to government friends who own defence industries, and who sell to any world killers who want them. And that 717 billion is money that cannot be spent of health care, education, the relief of poverty.....

Much of it will be directed to weapons for Saudi Arabia so that with American help it can got on starving Yemen children to death, and spreading cholera.  (We really get no sense from our news media about the extraordinary starvation, mass murder, horror we (Britain, France, Spain, U.S., Canada) have helped to inflict on many millions of people for the last 500 years. We make Stalin look like a sweetheart.

This is a big story which involves glyphosates, a killing item that New Brunswickers pay over $2 million dollars a year to spray on their forests, their farms, their wildlife - and New Brunswickers in general. (It's so nice to have a chance to make Mr. irving happy.)

Western brutality, savagery and murder are old stories to the rest of the world. But we westerners don't hear about them much in our history classes or in our news. The irving press only rarely even mentions Yemen. And it never mentions the greed that drives us.

Maybe the rented reverend DD of the week at the irving chapel will preach a sermon on the evil of this. The wealthy of the western world have long ago made Jesus an accomplice in their greed.

Nah. He'll just tell folks to love Jesus.

Incidentally, in the minds of many Christians, only Christians can go to heaven. All the rest burn in hell forever. And that's one hell of a racist  belief.

Of course. And.....

Our news media always tell us that our wars are against 'evil' people. The reality is that they are usually about people just like us. (That doesn't necessarily mean the other side is good. Very often, we're as evil as they come. But our schools don't teach that, either.)
Another story that will never make the irving press.

The section focusses on New Brunswick - but it's true of the whole western world, at least.

Capitalism may or may not have useful qualities. But that doesn't matter because it's a system that has run wildly out of control. Any system, religious, economic, political, that runs out of control is monstrously destructive. And we're at the detonation point.

Always prone to war and mass murder for the joys of plunder and slavery, capitalism has driven us into wars of increasing brutality and greed for the last  500 years, from the slaughters of Christopher Columbus to the mass murders and slavery of Britain, Spain, France and the U.S. to the present threat of the U.S. to destroy us all.

We're at the end point.

The general population has little sense of this because its major information comes from commercial news media, owned by the mass murderers and plunderers. All over the world we find lying, propagandistic and insulting news media to shape the way we see the world.  Here in New Brunswick, we have the monopoly of the irving press - lying, trivial, ignorant, one of the lowest in the gutter of this world's news media, but not, in purpose, different from - oh - the Toronto Globe or the Washington Post or,   God help us, the New York Times.

Thanks to all of this, we are inches from the final conflict. But there are two things, at least, that might destroy us first.

One is the stunning greed of this world's wealthy who have been driving others, including their fellow citizens into such a massive poverty that we are within spitting distance of the greatest economic collapse in history. The world's richest country, the U.S., is the leader in impoverishing its own people - but Canada and most of the west are right up there. And that collapse could be very close indeed.

The other is that we are faced with a climate change so severe that we may have no more than ten years to deal with it. At best, we are facing food destruction, starvation, wars, refugees on a scale never before seen in history.

And what are we doing about all this? Nothing whatever. This is not stupidity. This is insanity.

Our wealthy (yes, Canadians, too) are plundering nations all over the world, plundering crops and minerals for profit while forcing the local people into poverty and starvation - and death for those who complain. That explains the horror of life in Latin America, in Africa. They are poisoning and destroying the forests we need to sustain an environment we can survive in. In North America, including Canada and New Brunswick, we are poisoning our lands, our wild life, and our people with poison chemicals in forests we handed over as almost a gift. And we, our taxes, pay for the spraying of those poison chemicals that will kill us as surely as they kill the forests themselves - just as we, with our taxes, pay for mass murder by western armies.

People like you and me are paying for all of this - for the killings of war, for the spraying of poisons on us, for the debasement of human life all over the world.

And it is all of it the product of capitalism. That's not an ideological rant.  I'm quite sure capitalism can work. I'm quite sure it can work along with socialism. But that's not happening. What's happening is a bloated, out of control, capitalism that has, in effect, become the real government of much of the world - including New Brunswick.

And we can see its effect every day - mass murder even (or especially) of children, the killing of millions, the deliberate spread of starvation and fatal disease, the increasing use of our tax money to give out contracts for weapons that make this all worse...

And the very wealthy who sit atop this mess of lies and murder and greed, who feed on our taxes to pay for these, don't pay a cent in taxes. That's why New Brunswick has to run up government deficits to make even a pretence of doing anything to meet the needs of the people of this province. And all over the western world, these vultures of greed are creating a massive spread of poverty, homelessness, lack of education, lack of adequate medical care.

The wealthy (names like Irving and McCain spring to mind) have stolen billions of dollars from the rest of us for over fifty years. (Nobody knows how many billions it is. And in the US, it's trillions.) And if people complain, then these billionaires take more of our tax money, using it to pay for more police surveillance and spying.)

The reality is that we are facing several forms of mass destruction - and soon.

The other reality is that none of these are issues in the New Brunswick election.

I listened to a Liberal candidate today, talking about neat little things to be done to improve the schools. But those little things don't amount to poop. We don't have the money to do them. We don't have it because the Irvings and McCains are hiding it for themselves.

We don't have any  method of dealing with climate because Mr. Irving seems determined that the world needs more fossil fuels. Indeed, the Conservative party is with him on that, arguing we need fracking in this province. Coincidence -- the Conservative leader is an Irving flunky. Another coincidence, the irving press has routinely attacked the Liberals for a good year now. It's big complaint has been the Liberals don't balance the budget. Well, of course, they don't. How can they balance a budget when they have Irvings and McCains who don't pay taxes. and who constantly hold their hands out for gifts. Anyway, it would not matter if the Liberals did balance the budget. The irving press would still be backing the Conservatives because the Conservatives would open us up to fracking.

Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives has a platform of any significance or intelligence.

But in this province, bending the knee to the irvings and mcCains and their like is normal. The people of New Brunswick have been sheep in this province for over a hundred and fifty years of bleeding them by the local wealthy. And that might explain why the NDP and the Greens are a little wimpy. Both have good intentions. Both operate on decent principles. But ---damn it---wake up New Brunswick. Let's put some muscle and some thought into  this.

We are limited in what we can do for this province and its people because we are robbed - plundered - by the wealthy of this province. We should be angry. We should be learning about what it is going to mean for us to throw away Canadian lives in fighting wars for American billionaires, what it is going to mean when the constant theft by the wealthy of our little money is going to drive us into economic chaos, a chaos that is already running wild in the U.S.

New Brunswickers need to be angry - but not just angry. They need to be discussing how grossly they are being abused, plundered, exploited by people with large wallets but a weak sense of morality. We don't need political parties to mutter sweet nothings to us. We need them to inform us, to involve us, to get us for the first time to engage in real, political debate about the kind of future we want for ourselves and our children. Dammit - in a democracy, we are the ones who should be choosing the government, not the irvings.

And the clock is running down very, very quickly.

Or you can put your lives and you children's lives into the hands of people whose only exceptionalism has been in their greed.

Oh, yeah. There's the Irving Chapel. How typical of the irvings to build a Christian church - and then name it after themselves. And how typical it is for them to commonly rent an upper class sort of preacher - a Doctor of Divinity no less - and almost certainly one of the higher priced ones.

We are on the edge of many more wars, of crashing incomes, of very insecure jobs, of a crashing economy, and the final touch of climate change. We are in the final scene of a play that began with the creation of a capitalism unchecked by any restraints. It's time for New Brunswickers to get real, to get angry, to recognize what happening, to talk about it, to pinpoint what we can do about this in the current provincial election. We need to stop being sheep.
Alas! Any reading of the irving press gives no hope that it can be of any help.
Its August 13 issue had an attack on workers' rights in this province; and it wanted them cut. Of course. This comes from the CEO of a chamber of commerce, the same nitwits who toasted mr. Irving for throwing a crust of bread to the poor while he robbed them of the taxes he should have paid.

Then there was a column on those terrible government unions which negotiate working conditions with governments. This one comes from the Fraser Institute, a propaganda house for billionaires that the irving press just loves.

For August 14, the day we learned that we probably have only ten years to deal with climate change, there was a brainless and tasteless editorial on how we must extend the energy east pipeline to produce even more of the fossil fuels that are killing us.

Interestingly, the irving press so far has not mentioned the warning by thousands of international climate scientists. But that may be because irving editors can't read big words.

For some 500 years, uncontrolled capitalism has been an impoverishing and murderous force in the world. We have - maybe - ten years to get it under control - and to get it out of fields that it should not be in - like journalism and like our endless string of capitalist wars. And out of our governments because as long as capitalism owns our governments, we cannot have democracy.