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July 26: The news is bad, very bad.

This week, my Administration is hosting the first-ever . The U.S. will continue to promote around the world. Nations that support religious freedom are far more free, prosperous & peaceful. Great job, , , & !

Nations that support religious freedom are more peaceful? If so, the U.S. should copy them. It has been the biggest aggressor in the world since 1945 And it may well have been the biggest, counting its slaughter of native peoples and Latin America, in all history.

News media, often uncritically, report statements by 'our side'. North Korea is a threat to the U.S.? North Korean nukes could, (maybe), reach the U.S. west coast -  which is defended by anti-nuclear weapons. The U.S. has a large army in South Korea. And an airforce that routinely flies over North Korea. And a navy that patrols Korean waters.

The U.S. (illegally) forbids North Korea to trade with many countries.

North Korea MIGHT be building nuclear missile submarines? The U.S. already has a fleet of them.

I'm sure North Koreans aren't fools, and they know that any, even minor, attack on the U.S. would mean the obliteration of North Korea.

But in this news story, it's just the North Koreans who are evil and brutal.

Trump hires women for sex? So did Clinton. So did John F. Kennedy - though our news media never mentioned that. Theodore Roosevelt had a long time love affair with his secretary.

It's wrong, of course. But  it's so common, there's a whole industry built around it. Why the special attention to Bush?

Trump wouldn't dream of cutting off the right of the very wealthy to escape hundreds of billions in taxes every year. (He almost certainly takes advantage of that himself.) But poverty-stricken Palestinians are fair game.

This article is a British opinion. But it applies equally to most of the world. Any system that is allowed to run out of control is brutal, murderous and, in the end,  devastating even to itself. That is as true of capitalism as of any other. And we are about to learn that in a most painful way.

New Brunswickers might think of that when they are deciding which capitalist party they will vote for - Liberals or Conservatives. They might even think of it when they are seated in the Irving Chapel and thinking - "What does Christianity mean? Is this really what Jesus had in mind?" Nah. Anybody who attends the Irving Chapel doesn't think.

The billionaires who are the real American government couldn't care less what Cuba says its economic system is. Their persecution of Cuba never had anything to do with that. They just want control of it to satisfy their own greed.
It happens here, too. And for the same reason. Greed, the illegitimate son of stupidity.

Our irving press didn't have room for this story. (or any other).
It is very likely that at least hundreds of these children will  never see their parents again.

The U.S. could stop border crossings tomorrow - and without a wall. It just has to let the people of Latin America (and not American billionaires) run their own countries.

Nor is there any sign the Conservatives would do better. But having more women mps would be a help.
Our irving press frequently (read daily) publishes commentaries from various propaganda houses, among them Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, The Fraser Institute, and Canadian Taxpayers' Federation. These are all groups funded by billionaires. (Which is why none of them ever carries a story about how New Brunswick's wealthy avoid paying taxes.) And they're all, as irving editors know, liars.


Like the editors at Haaretz, I don't believe  this one. Netanyahu is at his old game of breeding hatred of arabs - so he makes them the founders of the holocaust. In fact, arabs and Jews lived together in peace in the middle east until after 1945.
As for Hitler, it's true that he had no personal hatred of Jews. (In fact, Hitler arranged for his mother's doctor (a Jew) to escape.) He was worse than a hater. He  was a man who could happily kill them by the millions because it built his power throughout Europe. In the same way, American billionaires can happily kill North Koreans, Afghanis, Yemenis, Syrians and Iraqis simply because it's to their advantage.

This isn't news. But it's fascinating. If you've been thinking of subscribing to Haaretz, reading this could make the difference.

This is a question New Brunswickers might ask of the Conservatives and Liberals. Get used to it. Both of those parties are bought.

(The Gray Lady is a reference to the New York Times.).
I have written, many times,  that greed creates its own stupidity. And so it does. We ended World War 2 pledged never to repeat such a horror. But U.S. billionaires immediately repeated it beginning with the Korean Warn and  then over seventy wars more. And Canada followed - because Canadian governments whether Liberal or Conservative have always obeyed their wealthy masters - and
those masters were eager to serve the U.S.

We abandoned everything Canadians had died for. And when Trump actually made a sensible move in seeking real peace with Russia our propaganda, billionaire news media jumped all over him. And he's backed off.

We are headed straight for world war. Enjoy.

I wish that someday The Canadian Legion would wake up and really speak for those who died instead of being puppets for billionaires whose greed demands war and death.The billionaires want war because war feeds their trillion dollar war industries. That's why the whole world is on a path to the final war.

The irving press doesn't report on Yemen. Who cares if children are being bombed and/or starved to death?

Hey! If you can't trust billionaire oil bosses, who can you trust?

The U.S. is running out of water, including clean drinking water. You don't think this will lead to a demand for Canadian water? In fact, it has already happened.
Their is a possibility - amounting to a certainty - that the U.S. will demand full access to all Canadian water - invading Canada if necessary.

You worry about a Korean attack on Canada? An American one is far, far more likely.

And Canada is NOT innocent in all this.

Don't worry. If this were true, the irving press would tell us.

Oh - in regard to the stories about Julian Assange, bear in mind that in publishing Wikkileaks, he was doing nothing illegal. The documents were sent to him. He published them. That's what a free press does. Watch for the U.S. to make his arrest on some other, cooked-up charge.

It's not just Russia. China is a much bigger player in this game. It holds a huge chunk of the U.S. debt - and it's dumping it, too.

Climate change is for real. You won't read about in your news media owned by oil billionaires. But it's happening. And it leads straight to the most dangerous period in human history. We're seeing crop failures on a huge scale. We're seeing starvation. That's already happening. We're going to see many, many millions more of refugees despite the most brutal laws to keep them out. We're going to see the Liberals and Conservatives and Democrats and Republicans doing---nothing. They're not our servants. They're the servants of, among others, oil billionaires.

Most of our news media seem blissfully unaware of this. Our irving press very, very rarely mentions it. But it's happening, no matter what the irving press thinks. We don't know when the bite is going to start hitting us - but it's a safe bet that it will be sooner rather than later. We need every moment we have left to deal with this. And we aren't.

The irving press had a big commentary today by a local professor of economics who says we need to push now to get the oil pipeline through from Alberta to BC (which doesn't want it) and from Alberta to New Brunswick through a Quebec that doesn't want it. He says it is simply trade across provincial borders.

I guess he doesn't teach his classes that running a dangerous pipeline through a province that doesn't want it isn't a trade issue. And the editors at irving press must not know that either. In fact, this is not a trade issue. No trade is taking place. This is a question of spills that HAVE happened often, and will continue to happen with destructive and even fatal results. Provinces like BC and Quebec have a right - and a duty - to protect their environments and their people.

So far, Canada and the U.S. - especially the U.S. - have done little to nothing to prepare for what is coming. The U.S. is too busy throwing its money at weapons manufacturers who are bleeding the country dry. And Ottawa actually plans to pay for that pipeline!!

We are on the edge of disaster. Oil is a major cause of that. But the oil world is too greedy to allow us to deal with it. (It reminds of this province's forestry business - owned by the same man as our oil business. He insisted on chemical spraying of our forests though the chief medical officer had warned it was extremely dangerous to both animal and human life. And our provincial government?

It got rid of the chief medical officer, and continued the spraying. Of course. Both the Liberals and Conservatives were and still are owned - bought and paid for. And we actually vote for these corrupt politicians who, for a price, put our lives in danger.

 There's a big commentary in today's (July 25) paper "We must maximize oil profit potential". Yeah. It comes from what the editors damn well know is a propaganda house for billionaires.

The reality is that we are killing our own children. We needed to take action on climate change at least 40 years ago. We didn't do it. And most of our politicians didn't do it. We have left all the decision making to the greediest people in this world, people so greedy that they just don't think of the damage they are doing. And it never occurs to them that they will die with the rest of us.

Greed, like pigging on food all day, is a killer.

And spare me the churches that are almost obscenely ignoring the bulk of Jesus' teaching to concentrate on getting their own, miserable selves into heaven - and to hell with what  happens to their children.

This has to change. And I recognize it's going to be hard to change in New Brunswick which has the most passive and unthinking population I have ever seen. (That must be why it always elects such wonky governments.)

This passiveness may have a good deal to do with the province's low ranking on literacy. New Brunswick news media,  with the exception of the CBC, carry very, very little serious news about this province - or any place else. It's made worse because the people of this province maintain a village fear of thinking differently from everybody else.

That's why the irving press can get away with only six stories about Canada and World - and the World part is only two stories. All six are trivia.


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