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June 9: A Very Ugly Truth

Today's blog will close with a section on what the world has really been about for the last 70 plus years. And it's not pretty.

Meanwhile, the irving press had a commentary on June 6 by professor Herb Emery of University of New Brunswick. It's a pitch for the development of natural resources. Well, actually, he's a little coy in saying so but it's about fracking and fossil fuels in general which, by no coincidence, is in the playbook for the provincial Conservative party and the (kiss, kiss) irving press.

When professor Emery talks about how this would create jobs and other neat stuff, I have no doubt he's right. After all, he is a professor of economics. But when he ignores all the warnings about it, warnings from scientists all around the world who are almost as smart as economists at UNB, he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

Yep. We'll probably see a lot of professor Emery. He's the kind of guy the irving press likes - just as it likes Dr. de Savoie of UdeMoncton. Not surprisingly, professor Emery quotes Dr. de Savoie in his commentary.

The world's leading climate scientists say that fossil fuels are taking us into a dead end for humanity. But Dr. de Savoie and professor Emery, neither of whom seems to have much scientific training, know better. Aren't we lucky?

I think the irving press is showing great insight in bringing us columnists who don't know what they're talking about.  (It's so much nicer than listening to those smartie pants who do know.)
And this could be a wakeup call to the churches.

Of course, David Suzuki ain't smart like the famous professor what's-his-name.

The tone of this article is a bit over the top. But it also has a lot of truth in it.
In much of the world, Russia is replacing the U.S. in influence

Doug Ford, the new premier of Ontario, doesn't actually have any policy on anything.
Something else the irving press doesn't care about.

O,o,o,oooh - Someone for professor Emery to admire...

God bless America.
This article is kind - too kind. All statistics on unemployment are false. They always have been.

I knew Danny Bossy (hockey) very very slightly when we were both working at the same radio station. I thought he was, somehow, 'out of it'. This article might explain it.

Here's more useful reading for  Professor Emery. Of course, if he wants to continue writing commentaries for the irving press, he shouldn't be reading anything at all.

The situation in Iraq is very bad, indeed. The U.S. and Britain invaded a country that neither had any legal  right to invade. They lied about  'weapons of mass destruction'. They murdered, officially, at least a million. The real figure is probably somewhere over two million. And they have made themselves more hated in every day since the war. I'll have more on this in my final comments.

The Americans want control of Venezuelan oil. This is stage one. Stage two may very well be an invasion. And stage two or three might drag in Canada.

Here's a story about the U.S. that applies almost equally to Canada.

World Wars One and Two were about rivalry of national capitalists for control of trade. That's all they were about. British and French capitalists feared competition from rising Germany capitalists. The U.S.  had no reason to give a damn about that. What it did give a damn about was control of the trade of Asia. That's why the U.S waited for two years to get into the war. When it entered, it's concern was Japanese capitalists.

As always in war, the news media on both sides lied that it was about evil on the other side. (One can always argue that Hitler was evil, and  had to be stopped. And I have no trouble agreeing with that. But he was NOT the reason for that war.) British and U.S. capitalists and their politicians had both supported Hitler's new Germany through most of the 1930s and, in the U.S. into 1941. It was only when they saw it becoming an economic threat that they got interested.

Of course, the rest of us were told by our news media that it was because Hitler and Japan were evil. And we were good. And those who fought  (on our side) were fighting for their country (hum national anthem).

Since World War 2, we fought North Korea, killing 30% of that country's people just in the bombing - mostly of civilians. If North Korea had killed 30% of our side, that would have been evil. But on our side, it was good, and it was bragged about.

Since then, most of the wars have been American with Brits hanging on for the ride and, to a much lesser degree, Canadians. The wars  (at least seventy of them) were partly for strategic position but more importantly for oil as American oil capitalists wanted control of the whole world supply. That's why Iraq was attacked. That's why the U.S. attacked Iran to impose a dictatorship  (then had to scamper when Iran fought back). That's why the US and Canada and others bombed Libya and destroyed it as a functioning country. That's why the U.S. is holding on to a large party of Syria - the oil part.

For strategic reasons, it's now helping Saudi Arabia to starve Yemen children to death.

Of course, our news media don't mention that. No. People are told to volunteer for these wars "to serve their countries". (How does murdering millions of people serve our countries? So Canada bombed Libya. When was the last time Libya invaded Canada?)  Oh, and they're serving God.  That's right. Blame it all on God.

The U.S. (and Canada) are deliberately ignoring all the warnings about climate change to please a small but very, very greedy number of oil billionaires. And they're not looking at just a few more years of oil. No. They're plan is forever.

Increasingly, potential military volunteers are not buying this idiocy. But fret not. The oil billionaires have discovered armies for hire, thugs from all over the world who will murder anybody from just - oh - $3,000 a day. So we are now privatizing war with private companies like Blackwater. And there are many, many of them.

They don't fight for country. They'll kill anybody from any country, including their own, for a price. And they toss in torture free of charge.  (But the management of Blackwater is religious, and this is their little way of showing their love for God.)

Nobody knows how many people they have killed. But there are many, many tens of thousands of these hired killers for sale. And sometimes (often) they kill just for the fun of it. There are records of drunken Blackwater killers driving in the streets of Iraq and machine gunning cars and pedestrians just for the fun of it. They happily kill, rob, rape adults, children.... Nor do they have to worry about being arrested. As freelance soldiers, the U.S. has exempted them from any charge of war crimes.

Blackwater is a major reason why Iraq is still a disaster area 13 years after Bush declared 'Mission accomplished'. In fact, Iraq has had to suffer not only these thugs to this day; it has also had to deal with 'reconstruction' money of which most ends up in the pockets of wealthy Americans (who also rip off 'aid' to countries all over the world.) Iraqis, even the ones who opposed Hussein, loathe the United States. And it's the United States, with its friends like Blackwater, that have created Muslim hatred for Americans.

Oh, and Blackwater has two other effects.

1. Its demand for weapons is as good as gold for American arms manufacturers.
Indeed, American spending on arms is why American don't have access to medical care, why American education is a swampland, why universities are practically unreachable except for those with piles of money - or with a willingness to take on debts that will haunt them for most of their working lives.

2. And Blackwater and its companion contractors are up for rent to anybody who has the price - to brutal dictators - and brutal capitalists. And, in case of serious unrest in the U.S., they would be happy to be contracted to kill Americans.

This is a giant step to the end of national armies, replacing them with vicious, hired killers whose only friends are major capitalists.

3. And here's the really nice part. These thugs are paid by governments. So major capitalists get their wars fought for them - on the tax payer's dollar. And there's a super bonus. Since most of the major capitalists don't pay any taxes, it's the rest of us who have to pay for all this.

Wake up, The Canadian Legion. Did Canadians die in World Wars One and Two for this kind of a world? Being a veteran does NOT mean you have an obligation to support a voracious capitalism. You're obligation is to the people of this country, (not to the country because that always turns out to mean just to the super-wealthy).

We have allowed the democracy we said we fought for to die. And we're now on a dark, downward path can have only one ending. And, quite possibly, soon.

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