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June 7: Why the U.S. Wants Wars

The items below were sent by a reader. And I thank him with sadness for his bad news.

That's why the U.S. public education system has fallen into an economic shambles. That's why families have to fork out many tens of thousands of dollars - and often more - for their children to go to university. That's why at least a half million Americans sleep in the streets. They's why they can't afford health care. That's why some 40 percent of Americans live in poverty.

But don't worry. The profound corruption of American government and its spending means that a George Bush jr. is still getting a cut of the action. We are living through what is probably the greatest theft of national wealth in history, one that has created immense wealth for a very few, and dreadful poverty for most of the rest. And this is where capitalism from at least the beginning of the industrial age to now has been taking us.
This next one is a real shocker, especially in the last, three (short) paragraphs.

Candians and the mps never got to vote on the China trade deal, Nor were they ever told much about it. But it does give China (and many others) the right to ignore Canadian environmental regulations.

And thank Stephen Harper for that.

And here is a problem we should be working on - instead of wasting our time and money killing people to make billionaires richer.

The irving press has pretty much ignored this Canadian news story. Luckily, we can get it from The Guardian.

And here's another Canadian story that will NEVER make the irving press.

I don't doubt the following story at all. Trump has denounced the Kim Jong regime of North Korea - and rightly so. But it's just little unbalanced to write this as though North Korea were exceptional. Or as though the U.S. has a moral right to criticize.

The biggest torturer, starver, family-destroyer, illegal killer in the world is, by far, the U.S. And as The Guardian didn't mention, the country that happily contributes to this horror - and which has its own long history of dreadful abuse  is....Britain!

And it's all to make billionaires happy.

In Syria, the U.S. and its flunkies like Britain  (and Canada)  have been supporting the terrorists from the start.

The following story needs careful reading. The headline seems to say clearly that the Palestinian medic who was killed by Israeli snipers was throwing a bomb at the time.  (Well, a smoke grenade.) But much of the story casts doubt on that. It emphasizes that much of this story is about the Israeli army investigating itself and finding itself completely innocent.

Candidly, I'm not sure any of this matters. That land the Israeli soldiers were defending is, in fact, land illegally stolen from Palestine.

The irving press has paid very little attention to the Ontario election. That seems surprising since Mr. Ford, the Conservative leader. is quite possibly the most contemptible politician in Canadian history. But, well, he's the irving press's kinda guy.
Canada has made very, very little progress on dealing with climate change. New Brunswick has made less. In fact, the provincial Conservatives are likely to move us back to the energy stone age with fracking.
Notice paragraph 5 in particular. It is illegal under international law and under American law for the U.S. to go to war unless it is attacked. (And the Canadian government should have thought about that sort of thing before it sent Canadians to kill in Afghanistan and Libya. That limitation on war was, supposedly, one of the rights our military fought for in 1939. So how come The Canadian Legion has never thought of that?)

Israel is a disgrace to Judaism. But us Christians can understand that. We're hypocrites and killers, too.

The U.S. funds killer squads in Al Salvador (and other Latin American cities) supposedly to kill drug dealers without the expense of trials. In fact, their major targets are people opposed to the far-right governments and dictatorships imposed on them by the U.S.

Climate change? Nah. If climate change were for real, Mr. Irving's newspapers would tell us.
Except for a lying news story, the irving press hasn't said much about the Venezuela election - even though it is possible that Canada will be sending troops to help overthrow the elected government.
There's a revived interest in the murders of President Kenneby, his brother, and Martin Luther King. Were they killed by lone wolf murderers? Of were they killed by agents of the government?

Agents of the American government murder people all over the world, including national heads of state. What makes you think they wouldn't kill Americans who got in the way?

Here are several stories about the Canadian boat that is part of a flotilla heading to Palestine. But Israel doesn't allow foreign ships (or even Palestinian ones) to go to Palestine. I'll watch for more of these stories because we sure aren't going to get them in the irving press.
Well, who needs solar energy when we have billions and billions of barrels of oil?

Long ago when the world was young and I was sixteen, I was going to be a minister in the United Church of Canada. All that saved me was getting kicked out of high school and, therefore, unable to enter theological college. But the Lord moves in mysterious ways his wonders to preform. And I've come to realize that I was lucky that day when the principal told me I  had no brains at all, and to clean out my desk and find a job.

No. This isn't about the cholera epidemic in Yemen. It's about Christianity. The cholera epidemic is happening because the very Christian U.S. has not only cut off food so it can deliberately s starve the whole population of Yemen - men, women, chldren, babies; it has also cut off medical supplies to increase  the death rate from cholera. And that's why millions of innocent people are dying.

And that 's what makes me wonder about Christianity.

Throughout North America, there are frequent gatherings of ardent Christians outside hospitals holding up signs that abortion is immoral. It is, they say, contrary to the messages of God and Jesus. But abortion is scarcely the greatest problem facing babies these days. No. The biggest problem is the U.S., Britain, perhaps France in their slaughter of babies - and children and adult civilians and the elderly.

The bombing of North Korea  in the 1950s was the most brutal and savage bombing in history. It killed at least 30% of the whole population - and every effort was made to include children, babies, pregnant mothers in the slaughter.

Where were all those righteous Christians with their posters?

The U.S. is deliberately starving millions of Yemenis to death - and sickening them to death by holding back medical supplies to deal with the worst outbreak of cholera in centuries. And so it has been in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Guatemala.... And one can add to that the starvation economy that  U.S. oil billionaires have forced on Venezuela.

The west - notably the U.S. and perhaps Britain - have deliberately killed millions of children; and they're gearing up to kill more. And  you know what?
I haven't yet  seen a single one of those smug, self-worshipping Christians saying a word about it.

That occurred to me as I was reading the book Blackwater - about the very large U.S. army of hired, professional killers from all over the world to fight America's 'enemies. These are people who are not defending anything. These are hired thugs who kill for money - nothing else. They contract themselves out to the U.S. government - or anybody else who has the price. And the head honcho, the man who owns and controls this murderous gang is an ardent Christian. And so he is eminently admired in the social circles of the billionaires whose wars he provides killers for.

Eric Prince is the head honcho of Blackwater. The prince family of Michigan is old, has been very, very rich for a long time. And very, very Christian. They are strict Calvinists - and nobody comes stricter than really ardent Calvinists. The would never, ever allow their employees to work on a Sunday. For generations, they poured very large sums into  'saving' the lost. That devotion even carried over into a religious devotion to making money. God, it seems, was the one who made them rich. Yes, their God was a believer in capitalism which the Prince family saw as being God's foundation for American freedom.

Apparently, the message of Jesus, too, was all for capitalism and financial ambition. Indeed, it seems Jesus had a special message for the world. He wanted non-Christians (Muslims, for example) to be killed. (No. I'm not making this up.)

That says a lot about Christianity in the U.S. (and in Canada). It has become what it often was in the past, a religion of hatred, of murder - and unlimited self-righteousness and hypocrisy. For many 'Christians' the sole purpose of being Christian is to get themselves into heaven where, of course, only Christians will be accepted.

Christianity has long since lost its origins in a message, derived from Judaism, of our responsibilities, of our obligations to each other. Too often, it has become a self-centred race to get into heaven for eternity - and to hell (literally) for the rest of humanity. And, in the case of the Prince family, it's what justifies their massive wealth and their don't-give-a-damn view of the rest of humanity.

We are now murdering all over the world. We have gone past Hitler. We are even, seriously, preparing the ultimate war for our greedy business leaders, a war that would kill hundreds of millions - at least. And we are ignoring a threat even bigger that the wealthy prefer not to notice - climate change, food exhaustion that is already being felt in much of the world. In fact, there are many such crises that have to be dealt with. But we spend all our money and time pumping up billionaires who do no good whatever for humanity.

And the Christian churches?

They sing Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam. The Christian churches have always been weak in their leadership. They have almost always kissed up to the wealthy and powerful. For all practical purposes, Christianity died a long time ago. And it's a very, very terrible loss.

That , by the way, is the real message of Trump's support from the U.S. Bible belt. His Bible belt voters are people who are self-righteous people wiithout compassion, people who hate, who kill....  And we may be about the see more of the same with Doug Ford and the Conservative Party in Ontario.

Oh, I haven't abandoned respect for Judaic and Christian principles. They make eminently good sense. It's the churches and some of the synagogues I have contempt for.

(It's worth reading Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill. Warning - it's a long and slow read. But well worth it.)

And here's a bigger warning. This is an army that is not owned or controlled by the state. It is a privately owned army under private control, and it is already the size of the U.S. regular army - though far better paid at $300 to $600 dollars a day.  Here is an army that serves not the nation, but it's billionaire owners. And so we move from our national armies to capitalist armies.

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