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June 5: Good news from Donald Trump

We don't need to worry about climate change at all, all. It's not happening. No. The Arctic ice isn't REALLY melting. And all those scientists are just making things up. Trust Mr. Trump. Trust Mr. Irving.

Here's a report the irving press is not likely to mention.

I've mentioned before that the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, though commonly quoted as an independent news agency, is no such thing. It is a propaganda house - and here's the story on how it is funded by the British government. There's nothing independent about it. It, like the British government and the U.S., hates the Syrian majority - and it exists only to lie. That's well known by now. But the western press still publishes whatever it says.

(The irving press might not publish it. There's probably nobody there who can spell Syrian or observatory.)

This story may not seem important. But it's one of a rapidly growing list of countries that are turning against U.S. behaviour. And that means it's a sign of the weakening of the American empire.

For many years, Britain has been dominated by pro-capitalist politicians like Margaret Thatcher and (gasp) Labour prime minister Tony Blair.  The result is a disastrous spread of deep poverty. It's a lesson for us all. An uncontrolled capitalism does not make us rich. Quite the contrary.

And a story you will never see in the irving press.
Here's a story that didn't make the World News (or any news) in today's irving press.

And here's an interesting one on the myth (especially in New Brunswick) that big capitalists make us all rich. (In fact, they cost us money.)
This article is really quite gentle on the U.S. use of torture of prisoners. Can you imagine the U.S. righteous fury if another country were torturing American prisoners?

American savagery is closely connected, I am afraid, to its Christianity. Thus the worship of Christians for Donald Trump. And so we live in a world in which many, probably most, Christians are interested in the church's teachings only inasmuch as those will get them into heaven. Meanwhile, they happily murder, starve, torture people by the tens of millions.  So much for Thou Shalt Not Kill.  And the very, very wealthy seem to see the impoverishing  of their own people as form of worship. Love thy neighbour, indeed; but pay  him/her the lowest wage possible. And skip taxes fir the rich.

The reality is that we have, long since, destroyed Christianity.

But who gives a damn? Right? This is Hitler's greatest triumph. He has made Judaism into Naziism. And before you get indignant about that, take a good look at the history of Israel. I have a pretty good idea of what real Judaism is about; and I have a great admiration for it. But Israel has long since turned its back on Judaic principles. Just as most Christian nations have long since turned their backs on Christian principles.

Gee! I wonder why the irving press didn't have this story.

Onward Christian soldiers.
The reality of capitalism is that it doesn't give a damn about the poor. (Nor does the irving press.)

Think I exaggerated when I said Israel is a nazi state?
There were several items I didn't run about the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and his brother. I don't doubt there's something in the conspiracy theories that they were killed by forces in the American government working in cooperation with the very wealthy.

I mean, why not? These are people who have happily campaigned for wars that have killed tens of millions to increase their profits. Why would they not kill a president and his brother?

Certainly, there is reason to doubt the 'evidence' produced in the regular press. But we're still short of evidence from the critics.

In the same way, I find it strange that a U.S. virtually at war with the Moslem world allowed four Moslems who were not native Americans to take flying lessons - and strange that all four should so quickly find jobs as pilots. And all four, by an amazing coincidence, just happening to find jobs at the same airport with flights that took off within minutes of each other. And who touched off wars that president Bush jr. found very useful.

But we need more evidence.

I have just begun reading a book called Blackwater. And it's a pretty frightening one. The U.S. has privatized a large part of its army with a company that leases itself to the government - but remains free to do what it likes with no regard for international law.

Like the old, French Foreign Legion, it is made up of thugs from all over the world who kill whoever they are told to kill. And they are very, very highly paid, making three or four time as much as an American soldier. And they now make up just about half of the U.S. army.

They operate pretty much out of control from the Pentagon. They are free to murder, rape, whatever they like, because they are exempt from any legal limitations. That means they can almost certainly use poison gas and other chemicals. In short, they constitute an army that is largely independent of the American governments.

Not surprisingly, since it is a  private corporation, Blackwater has a board made up of leaders of the defence industry. And it is a branch of the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned against. And that military-complex, as Eisenhower feared, has, like any private company, a concern only with making higher profits for itself. And Blackwater would happily turn itself to killing Americans. Indeed, that may very well  happen.

As a final mark of doom, the founder of Blackwater is a very, very ardent Christian.

Why am I not surprised?

It always amazes me how the irving press can, every day, fill its pages with stories that tell us nothing, and with almost all of what they do tell us trivia. The irving press, like almost all of the news media in the world exist to feed us propaganda and lies and to be completely unaware of what is happening in the world.

At the start of World War 1, for example, Canadians and British didn't hate Germany. They had to be taught to hate by lying stories in their newspapers and how evil Germans were.

World War Two followed the same strategy - though they didn't tell us what they should have. The Naziis were certainly evil. And the major example of that was their treatment of Jews. But our news media paid almost no attention to that. In fact, most Canadians and British would not know about the holocaust until after the war. Also in fact, most of our news media supported the Naziis through the 1930s and almost up to the war.

In most of our news media through the 1930s, it wasn't Naziis who were evil at all. No. It was communists. Then Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. Suddenly, all those communists were really nice people, jes' folks like us. There were worshipping Hollywood films about them.....until 1945 when they became evil again.

I remember, as a child, seeing older friends go to war in Korea. North Korea was evil. South Korea was good. That's what we were told. (In fact, South Korea was a dictatorship of thieves made up of men who had been traitors to their country in World War Two, and had collaborated with the Japanese invaders. This is the origin of the conflict between North and South. So the UN, with Canadians, fought to 'defend' a wildly corrupt group of traitors.) But South Korea has changed (no thanks to the U.S.). That's why it has become democratic. And what's why North and South now want to be re-united.

Our news media lie constantly. And sometimes they do it by filling their pages with no news at all.

The June 4 edition of my irving press is a prime example.

Since their beginnings, mass news media have filled their pages with what are called 'sob stories'. These are stories that used to be written mostly by women reporters who were called 'sob sisters'. They were stories of no news value whatever. But they were sad, and made sadder by sob sister writing.

There were several in my June 4 edition of the irving press. One was about a couple who were moving from Edmonton to Montreal 45 years ago, and who vanished. This is "news" that tells us nothing of any use. It's just 'a-a-a-a-w,  isn't that sad."

(The big story in world   news is that North Korea might want a McDonald's franchise. Wow! That changes everything...)

And that's all that happened in the whole world. Not mentioned is the story that Saudi Arabia might be working out a deal with Israel to get nuclear weapons. Won't that be nice? Not mentioned is the fact that the U.S. is sending more troops (sorry, heroes) to starve children to death in Yemen. And the U.S. is angry at China for sailing warships in its own waters at a time when American warships want to sail in them. (And the Americans want those waters all to themselves.)

The big story on the front page is about the shooting of three police officers in Moncton four years ago. This isn't news, of course. And this story adds nothing to what we already know about it. It might, certainly, deserve a mention; but this is deliberately overwritten in pure, sob story style starting with the silly, overblown  statement of the headline Tragedy 'changed everybody'. The paper really had nothing to report.

That's followed by another big story about it  which, again, tells us nothing that could be called news. It's simply an emotional soaking.

News would be something we have done to prevent such a  tragedy in future - or something we should do. But, instead, all we get is emotion.

Then there's another big story about how a reporter entered into a motocross race for this first time in 37 years. Wow! The news you need to know.

The editorial, as usual, attacks the provincial government for overspending. Of course. Now could we have an editorial on how the wealthy of this province have refused to pay taxes for years? And they even cheat on municipal taxes. Big time.

And there is a commentary on, of course, the need for an oil pipeline in New Brunswick. Damn right. We need to sell more oil (so the tax on the sale could be stored free of taxes in a tax haven.)

There is no story, of course. about the new California law limiting families to 40 gallons of water a day. That's very severe. 40 gallons is what is needed for a typical laundering. It would also limit a family to, at most, one shower a day for one person. And for a bathtub? Forget it.

California is doing this because it's running out of water. And the state of California has been bright enough to realize that scientists who study climate know more than oil billionaires do. Climate change IS happening. That's why California is going dry. That's why it has become such a victim of wildfires. In the future, possibly near future, this is going to mean tremendous pressure on Canada to supply water to the U.S., no matter what the damage to Canada. And if we say no, it could well mean an  invasion.

Then there's the usual column from the propaganda house called The Fraser Institute - the friend of the very, very rich.  It opposes the Kinder Morgan Pipeline to the Pacific  - but only because the writer opposed government doing it. He feels everything should be done by and for the very wealthy. And they should get all the profits.

There is, of course, nothing on shale gas in New Brunswick. Odd that. As I understand it, the Conservatives are prepared to allow the development of shale gas. But they're obviously not prepared to talk about it. So where are the eagle-eyed reporters of irving press?

Today (June 4) it took me less than two minutes to read the irving press. And that's normal. This is a paper designed to keep us ignorant of what's happening here - or anything else in the world. The result is a province that has no idea of what is happening in this province - or anywhere else. And this is quite deliberate.

New Brunswickers have no idea of the issues they face here and abroad. Instead,  they get village pump gossip and trivia. And lies. The latter could well end up with us sending 'heroes' to help oil billionaires murder Venezuelans.

And the irving press isn't going to change. It's up to New Brunswickers to wake themselves up, and to take back control of their province.

The bottom line is that we are very, very close to a world. nuclear war which would kill hundreds of millions - probably many, may more. That war is wanted by powerful people in America, Canada,  possibly Israelis, possibly Saudis....

In particular, western capitalists need such a war - and soon with the U.S. leading the way. In dealing with this, it doesn't help us that we depend on a newspaper that uses lies and sob stories to keep us in ignorance.

And it doesn't help us to have churches that play ball with massive greed and destruction.

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