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June 23: Our Eleventh Commandment

And Moses engraved the stone - Thou shalt be greedy.

The following move by Trump includes Canadian water. Be prepared. U.S. capitalists are going to move in on Canada.

Canada's prime minister (1963 to 1968) Lester B. Pearson spent much of his life as a diplomat in foreign affairs. He knew very well that American presidents after 1945 were determined on world conquest to benefit America's leading capitalists. And he knew they would be after Canada to fight American wars for American capitalists, and to spend big money for American capitalist manufacturers of weaponry just as it had once fought British wars..

That's why, as prime minister, he tried to find a role for Canada as a peacekeeper since Canada benefited nothing from American wars. Alas! Prime ministers after  him were less wise.

Meanwhile, the plan of American capitalists to control the whole world is coming unglued.

Onward Christian soldiers....  Sieg Heil.

Forget the future. Our masters need profits NOW!
Gotta watch them there North Koreans. They could invade the U.S. any day.

The western world has re-invented Hitler's holocaust, but on a much, much bigger and even more horrible scale.

Here is what the U.S. has become under the dominance of major corporation bosses. And it's what Canada is becoming. And it's what New Brunswick is.

The North American Free Trade Agreement was a boon for the Canadian people? Get real. That agreement was negotiated by the slimiest prime minister this country ever had. And Brian Mulroney never did anything except for the very rich - and for himself.

The next item is by Karl Nermberg who was (and is) probably the best political reporter Canada ever had.

Here's a story that New Brunswickers will never see in the irving press. (Heck, we still haven't seen the story about Irving Oil facing a court case over a claim that it's oil trains were badly and dangerously mismanaged.)

What's wrong with those Latin American countries whose refugees flee to the American border? What's wrong with them is constant U.S. interference.

Here's a long read, but an important one for Canadians.

In fact, there's nothing new about this. Canada's Liberal and Conservative parties were profoundly corrupt from the start. Both have relied on "bagmen" to ask billionaires what they want - and to find out how much the billionaires will pay them for it.

Guess who the federal Liberal bagman for New Brunswick is.

Recently, I attended a meeting of a group that is trying to get provincial government help for people who need it. Their goal was worthy. But their purpose was a waste of time. The people who will decide what New Brunswickers will get couldn't care less what the people of New Brunswick need. So it ain't going to happen.

That's what should be the real lesson for us all. If we ever want to make this province a decent place to live, we have to force a small number of very wealthy people to become citizens under the law, not over it. None of the parties in the current provincial election have faced that. And until they do, nothing in this province is going to improve.

 I shall long remember the election some years ago when the leader of the NDP (I think) visited New Brunswick's wealthiest man to get a party contribution.

And this baby fwoo up.

The U.S. is going to let immigrant children stay with their parents? No it isn't. For a start, their parents are being put into prisons for as much as twenty years. That's why the U.S. has contracted with the army to make one of its bases a concentration camp for 20,000 children. (And don't waste your time looking for this story in the irving press.)


How much do you hate the people of Yemen Men, women, children, babies? Why?

Take a look at the picture of a baby on this site. It's going to die. But it deserves to. It could grow up and invade the U.S. Be proud that Canada has chosen its side in this war - and it's not the side of that swollen baby.

And North America's churches have been silent, as silent as the churches in Germany were under Hitler.
Democracy doesn't exist. Get used to it. As I watch my local, New Brunswick election, it's clear that the Liberals and Conservatives have no social philosophy whatever. The candidates are nonentities. So are the leaders. Those voters who claim to be Liberal or Conservative have no idea what those words mean. Nor do their leaders.
Who has created the millions of refugees in Africa and the middle east? That would be us.

So we just have to send them back. Then we can kill them properly.
A couple of days ago, Donald Trump made a pretty condescending statement when he thanked Canada and Britain for their help in World Wars 1 and 2. It was clear he felt that the U.S. was the big player - but he accepted the  help of us little people.

In fact, the U.S. didn't lift a finger in World War One until others, like Canada, had been fighting for almost three years. It woke up after more than three years into World War Two - and only after it had been attacked first. And in World Wars One and Two, Britain lost far more dead than the U.S. did. Canada, too, instead of just 'helping out' the American  heroes, punched well above its weight (despite having a much smaller population than the U.S.) in both wars.

Interestingly, Trump doesn't even mention the Soviet Union which had to fight more desperately than all the others in World Wars One and Two. It lost 20 million soldiers and civilians in World War Two - over ten times what the U.S. lost.

And it was Russia more than any other of the allies that won the war. Hitler was defeated, most of all, by Russia. And it is quite possible, even likely, that we would have lost the European war without Russia's destruction of the German army. Without that destruction, it is very unlikely that D-Day would have happened.  It was also the Russian attack on the Japanese armies,  as much as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that forced Japan to surrender.

Of course, as we are reminded every day in our news media Russia is and always has been evil and aggressive....

Duh...well, actually, Russia has been invaded at least 11 times since the American revolution - by Sweden, by France, by Germany (twice), by Japan (twice) and, in 1918, bythe U.S., Britain, France, and ---wait for it ---- Canada.  (We wanted to restore the murderous Tsar and all his insanely greedy aristocrats). Russia, in fact, has done rather little invading of its own.

Indeed, the world champion invader since the American revolution has been the U.S. which invaded Canada at least three times and threatened to invade even more, which invaded almost every country in Latin America, some many times, which invaded The Philippines and installed a dictatorship, which has invaded and murdered in much of Africa and the Middle East, And has worked hard to conquer in Asia. Nobody knows how many countries the U.S. has invaded. But it's been over 70 just since 1945. And it's the U.S. which plants nuclear bomb sites along the Russian border, and is working on the same with China.

Stalin was evil? Hell, compared to American presidents, even Stalin was a sweetheart. The U.S. is, quite possibly, the most warlike and murderous and thieving nation in world history. And it's a nation of suckers because its 'heroes' who do the killing get nothing out of it. All the profits go to billionaires who  -wisely - dodge the draft.

Canada is not likely to be attacked by Russia or China. It is very likely to be attacked, in our lifetimes, by the U.S.

America! America! God shed His grace on thee....

No. I really don't think that America is what God had in mind.
Now, forgive me. I must say a few words about my local paper, the Moncton Times and Tribune. It's always trivial. It's always stuffed with propaganda to please the owner. But some issues are more stinking than others.

For June 22, the editorial page has its usual cartoon of the provincial premier who is guilty of overspending which takes money away from the schools. Well, yeah... But there are reasons he has to overspend. One is that the wealthy of this province don't pay taxes. So there is no money to spend.  The other is that the wealthy of this province constantly have their hands out to get large chunks of OUR taxes.

The editorial also attacks the same issue. And, like the cartoon, it never tells us the cause of the problem. It never mentions the greed of our leading business people.

Mind you, I'm not sure that money alone can solve the school problem. New Brunswick is a province that lives in fear, the result, I suppose, of spending its whole history under the rule of robber barons. But learning is not just about schools. It's about an intellectually active population. And New Brunswick does not have one of those. This is an intellectual desert of a society that is too scared to be intellectually active.

Then there's a feature commentary advertised as being from the "non-partisan Fraser Institute".

Like hell it's non-partisan, It's a propaganda outfit financed by Canada's very wealthy. Again, it's about government overspending. And again, it skips over the reason for the overspending. It's because Canada's wealthy don't pay federal taxes, either.

Then there's an utterly brainless column about high school graduation. It was written by a Progressive Conservative candidate in the current election. It has "wise" words like 'Good friends---are there when you need them." Wow! What a deep thinker. Presumably, he thinks this will make people vote for him. And, in this unthinking province, he might well be right.

And the Canada&World Section? Well, it shouldn't take anybody more than a minute to read it. And it doesn't mention the horror we have unleashed on Yemen.

And the big, big story on local news? It's about a man from another province. And the scoop is that he likes riding his motorcycle.

The owner of this newspaper shows a stunning contempt for its readers.

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