Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12: How to not give a damn...

  1. PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, “US Tariffs were kind of insulting” and he “will not be pushed around.” Very dishonest & weak. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!
  2. Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!


Big capitalism doesn't give a damn about people. Big capitalism in the U.S. doesn't give a damn about Canadians. Canadians died for American big capitalism in Korea and Afghanistan. Canadians killed for American big capitalism in Libya. Canadian troops are now at great risk in Eastern Europe for American big capitalism.

But it's not enough.

Every element of every trade deal must benefit American big capitalism. Big capitalism in the U.S. (as everywhere else) is based on the unlimited greed of its owners. And don't look for any help from big Canadian capitalism on this one - unless it's to throw Canadian dairy farmers to the wolves.

Big capitalism doesn't have friends, only victims.
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This is only a tiny bit of a much bigger story. But it's more that you're going to see in any of our commercial news media.


This is the sort of coverage one needs in order to understand the news. Readers need analyses by educated writers. Our local irving news doesn't have that. In fact, it rarely has even the bare news. It's staples are sob stories which really tell us nothing, reports of thefts, etc. from the courthouse, and today's wacky (but bit)  story that we could make Prince Harry the King of Canada.

The result? - a newspaper one can read in under 2 minutes without learning anything. And that not by accident. The purpose the irving press is to keep New Brunswickers in ignorance of what is happening here an abroad.

Another story you'll never find in the irving press.

The irving press didn't have an editorial on the G7 summit. Of course not. It doesn't have an editorial writer capable of writing anything but whatever is very local - and then only if it fits the paper's propaganda line.


Here's the analysis of a story that was lied about to make propaganda for the U.S.   (New Brunswickers might have trouble with it because the irving press never carried the original story in the first place.)


Modern warfare isn't war. It hasn't been since 1920 when Winston Churchill ordered the deliberate bombing of helpless civilians in the middle east. Now, most wars are just mass murder of innocent people..


Here's a story about the climate change that our irving press tells us isn't happening.

https://countercurrents.org/2018/06/11/crimes-against-the-earth-the-role-of-the-mainstream-media/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
And another one that the irving press considers less important than making Prince Harry the King of Canada.


This is the most useful analysis of the G7 meeting I have seen.



Here's a story about how lying our news media are.  Of course, the irving press news is so trivial that it's hard to call it anything as sophisticated as lying.




From my childhood, I remember the joy of 'Victory in Europe' when, duking school, I lost myself in the jubilant crowds.  Germany had surrendered. Everything was going to be better. Men and women (some really boys and girls) would be coming home. The world would be united in a United Nations to deal with aggression. Everything was going to be wonderful.

But very soon after that day, I would be living in a world of aggression and killing and starvation. After the Korean war, the United Nations was pretty much scrapped. It was destroyed, largely, by the most aggressive, murderous nation in the world which was and still is the U.S. which has fought over 70 wars, killing over - who knows - tens of millions since 1945. It has created almost a hundred million refugees. But, like other countries, it has refused to give them shelter with the result that thousands of them die and are still dying in the waters between Africa and Europe.

All of those wars, we are told, were fought against 'evil' people. Yes, the Guatemalans were evil and had to be killed to make way for a good, U.S.-approved dictator. A democratic and popular government in Iran had to be destroyed because it was evil, and had to be replaced by an American-selected dictator, the Shah. (And we are almost certainly about to see the elected government of Iran replaced by another American puppet - after invasions and mass murder by Israel, the democracy-loving king of Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.)

All of those wars were fought for the benefit of oil barons or for the benefit of other big capitalists.

Remember this on November 11. We have betrayed everything Canadians fought and died for in a century of wars. Not to remember is to, well, let's be kind, like showing a crashing ignorance of what has been happening, of how we have failed, of how we have sold out to our super-billionaires.
Of all organizations, The Canadian Legion should be aware of that. But ....

...what the hell. We won't think about that.  Let's have another beer.

Donald Trump did not create all this. It was been the policy of every American government since 1945, with the ass-kissing support of Britain, France, Canada and others. In fact, the policy has very little to do with any government. It is the policy of big capitalism - bigger than Trump by far. Big capitalism is a force without morality, without compassion, without shame. Governments aren't the problem. They are simply the puppets of big capitalism. That is strikingly true of the U.S. where big capitalism now has its own armies of thugs from all over the world to kill all over the world. The cost of them and the arms industry and the greed of its big capitalists is why the world's richest nation cannot heal its sick, feed its hungry, or house its homeless - or even decently teach its children. 

These privately owned mercenaries, by the way, have been  hired by the U.S. to serve in the U.S. They have been used, for example, in emergencies like hurricane Katrina to guard government offices and banks and anybody else who could pay a thousand bucks a day for a guard - this at a time when all the evil people of the city were trying to keep their heads above water or to find food and shelter. For a city that needed food, clean water, rescue from the flooding, the U.S. sent them Blackwater thugs bringing nothing by their combat uniforms and K47s to do a job that could have been done by the U.S. army. Watch for more of the same, but much worse, to deal with other American 'disturbances'. 

It is  big capitalism that is starving children to death in Yemen, that has murdered tens of millions since 1945, that has made a hundred million refugees, that refuses to deal with the enormous problems that face us in climate change, in the wholesale destruction of species, with the over-destruction of food and mineral resources.... It is big capitalism that is cheating us out of decent incomes so it can accumulate all the world's money for itself. as the rest of us become poorer. (And it is big capitalism that really sticks it to us by not paying taxes - so we have to pay for its wars.) 

So, to all this world's big capitalists,  take your piddling philanthropy and stuff it.

All big capitalists - no matter the country - are the same. And that includes those of Russia and China.

So Trump dumped on Trudeau? Relax. I'm sure Canada's big capitalists will apologize for Trudeau behaviour. (Of course. They have far more in common with American big capitalists than they do with ordinary Canadians.)

The reality is that since 1945,  American big capitalism has been on a drive to rule the world. That includes Canada. And if Canadian big capitalism has to choose between Canada and the U.S., it will move its operations to the U.S.

So now, Trump is making nice to Kim Jong. So what's all this about? (In fact, what right does Trump have to decide whether North and South should unite? Shouldn't this be up to the Koreans?)

So what's it all about?  Big capitalist America wants quiet in the Pacific. It wants it because it wants a war to destroy the elected government of Iran, to replace it with a government more friendly to big, American capitalism. It'll be good for the arms industry, too. (And it will finish Bush's act of creating endless hell in the middle east.)

Canada MUST economically separate itself from the U.S. Even Europe has been talking of the dangers of reliance on the U.S.

For the first time in my life I feel really scared by what is happening and where we are being led, not by our governments by where our big capitalists lead our governments.

I'm cutting today's blog short so I can send it off - just in case I'm going to be arrested. I had a very strange call from Revenue Canada threatening me with arrest. I do owe some tax money - though hardly a fortune. And I made arrangements with them for payment about a month ago - and I have made that payment. (I can't pay it all at once because I have three children in university.)

Minutes ago, I got a phone message with a threat of arrest. I returned the call, got an answer with the threat (without any explanation), then, before I could say anything, the caller hung up.  I made repeated attempts to return the call but the number would not ring.

I have to suspect this call was not initiated by Canada Revenue, but that the orders came from a person who is outside the government but very influential.

So I'll get this off before it's too late.


  1. You have been scammed. Revenue Canada doesn't phone and threaten arrest. You'll get a registered letter, or if you've been a really bad boy, they'll turn up at the door all official like.

    Report your phone call to the RCMP. They'll know if scammers are operating in your area. The Revenue Canada scheme is a popular one to get people to send money by scaring them.


  2. I’m sure you know that call came from a scam artist.....it seems that trump is more concerned with building his brand than anything else. So he has no problem dumping on canada, because his brand is worthless here anyway. His brand is valuable in Asia, and I suppose many people think trump looks big and strong to many of them if he can get away with calling trudeau bad names. This burnishes his image with dictators all over Asia. These are people ready and willing to spend lots of money in trump hotels

  3. Its a SCAM


    Call the police.