Saturday, June 23, 2018

June 23: Our Eleventh Commandment

And Moses engraved the stone - Thou shalt be greedy.

The following move by Trump includes Canadian water. Be prepared. U.S. capitalists are going to move in on Canada.

Canada's prime minister (1963 to 1968) Lester B. Pearson spent much of his life as a diplomat in foreign affairs. He knew very well that American presidents after 1945 were determined on world conquest to benefit America's leading capitalists. And he knew they would be after Canada to fight American wars for American capitalists, and to spend big money for American capitalist manufacturers of weaponry just as it had once fought British wars..

That's why, as prime minister, he tried to find a role for Canada as a peacekeeper since Canada benefited nothing from American wars. Alas! Prime ministers after  him were less wise.

Meanwhile, the plan of American capitalists to control the whole world is coming unglued.

Onward Christian soldiers....  Sieg Heil.

Forget the future. Our masters need profits NOW!
Gotta watch them there North Koreans. They could invade the U.S. any day.

The western world has re-invented Hitler's holocaust, but on a much, much bigger and even more horrible scale.

Here is what the U.S. has become under the dominance of major corporation bosses. And it's what Canada is becoming. And it's what New Brunswick is.

The North American Free Trade Agreement was a boon for the Canadian people? Get real. That agreement was negotiated by the slimiest prime minister this country ever had. And Brian Mulroney never did anything except for the very rich - and for himself.

The next item is by Karl Nermberg who was (and is) probably the best political reporter Canada ever had.

Here's a story that New Brunswickers will never see in the irving press. (Heck, we still haven't seen the story about Irving Oil facing a court case over a claim that it's oil trains were badly and dangerously mismanaged.)

What's wrong with those Latin American countries whose refugees flee to the American border? What's wrong with them is constant U.S. interference.

Here's a long read, but an important one for Canadians.

In fact, there's nothing new about this. Canada's Liberal and Conservative parties were profoundly corrupt from the start. Both have relied on "bagmen" to ask billionaires what they want - and to find out how much the billionaires will pay them for it.

Guess who the federal Liberal bagman for New Brunswick is.

Recently, I attended a meeting of a group that is trying to get provincial government help for people who need it. Their goal was worthy. But their purpose was a waste of time. The people who will decide what New Brunswickers will get couldn't care less what the people of New Brunswick need. So it ain't going to happen.

That's what should be the real lesson for us all. If we ever want to make this province a decent place to live, we have to force a small number of very wealthy people to become citizens under the law, not over it. None of the parties in the current provincial election have faced that. And until they do, nothing in this province is going to improve.

 I shall long remember the election some years ago when the leader of the NDP (I think) visited New Brunswick's wealthiest man to get a party contribution.

And this baby fwoo up.

The U.S. is going to let immigrant children stay with their parents? No it isn't. For a start, their parents are being put into prisons for as much as twenty years. That's why the U.S. has contracted with the army to make one of its bases a concentration camp for 20,000 children. (And don't waste your time looking for this story in the irving press.)


How much do you hate the people of Yemen Men, women, children, babies? Why?

Take a look at the picture of a baby on this site. It's going to die. But it deserves to. It could grow up and invade the U.S. Be proud that Canada has chosen its side in this war - and it's not the side of that swollen baby.

And North America's churches have been silent, as silent as the churches in Germany were under Hitler.
Democracy doesn't exist. Get used to it. As I watch my local, New Brunswick election, it's clear that the Liberals and Conservatives have no social philosophy whatever. The candidates are nonentities. So are the leaders. Those voters who claim to be Liberal or Conservative have no idea what those words mean. Nor do their leaders.
Who has created the millions of refugees in Africa and the middle east? That would be us.

So we just have to send them back. Then we can kill them properly.
A couple of days ago, Donald Trump made a pretty condescending statement when he thanked Canada and Britain for their help in World Wars 1 and 2. It was clear he felt that the U.S. was the big player - but he accepted the  help of us little people.

In fact, the U.S. didn't lift a finger in World War One until others, like Canada, had been fighting for almost three years. It woke up after more than three years into World War Two - and only after it had been attacked first. And in World Wars One and Two, Britain lost far more dead than the U.S. did. Canada, too, instead of just 'helping out' the American  heroes, punched well above its weight (despite having a much smaller population than the U.S.) in both wars.

Interestingly, Trump doesn't even mention the Soviet Union which had to fight more desperately than all the others in World Wars One and Two. It lost 20 million soldiers and civilians in World War Two - over ten times what the U.S. lost.

And it was Russia more than any other of the allies that won the war. Hitler was defeated, most of all, by Russia. And it is quite possible, even likely, that we would have lost the European war without Russia's destruction of the German army. Without that destruction, it is very unlikely that D-Day would have happened.  It was also the Russian attack on the Japanese armies,  as much as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that forced Japan to surrender.

Of course, as we are reminded every day in our news media Russia is and always has been evil and aggressive....

Duh...well, actually, Russia has been invaded at least 11 times since the American revolution - by Sweden, by France, by Germany (twice), by Japan (twice) and, in 1918, bythe U.S., Britain, France, and ---wait for it ---- Canada.  (We wanted to restore the murderous Tsar and all his insanely greedy aristocrats). Russia, in fact, has done rather little invading of its own.

Indeed, the world champion invader since the American revolution has been the U.S. which invaded Canada at least three times and threatened to invade even more, which invaded almost every country in Latin America, some many times, which invaded The Philippines and installed a dictatorship, which has invaded and murdered in much of Africa and the Middle East, And has worked hard to conquer in Asia. Nobody knows how many countries the U.S. has invaded. But it's been over 70 just since 1945. And it's the U.S. which plants nuclear bomb sites along the Russian border, and is working on the same with China.

Stalin was evil? Hell, compared to American presidents, even Stalin was a sweetheart. The U.S. is, quite possibly, the most warlike and murderous and thieving nation in world history. And it's a nation of suckers because its 'heroes' who do the killing get nothing out of it. All the profits go to billionaires who  -wisely - dodge the draft.

Canada is not likely to be attacked by Russia or China. It is very likely to be attacked, in our lifetimes, by the U.S.

America! America! God shed His grace on thee....

No. I really don't think that America is what God had in mind.
Now, forgive me. I must say a few words about my local paper, the Moncton Times and Tribune. It's always trivial. It's always stuffed with propaganda to please the owner. But some issues are more stinking than others.

For June 22, the editorial page has its usual cartoon of the provincial premier who is guilty of overspending which takes money away from the schools. Well, yeah... But there are reasons he has to overspend. One is that the wealthy of this province don't pay taxes. So there is no money to spend.  The other is that the wealthy of this province constantly have their hands out to get large chunks of OUR taxes.

The editorial also attacks the same issue. And, like the cartoon, it never tells us the cause of the problem. It never mentions the greed of our leading business people.

Mind you, I'm not sure that money alone can solve the school problem. New Brunswick is a province that lives in fear, the result, I suppose, of spending its whole history under the rule of robber barons. But learning is not just about schools. It's about an intellectually active population. And New Brunswick does not have one of those. This is an intellectual desert of a society that is too scared to be intellectually active.

Then there's a feature commentary advertised as being from the "non-partisan Fraser Institute".

Like hell it's non-partisan, It's a propaganda outfit financed by Canada's very wealthy. Again, it's about government overspending. And again, it skips over the reason for the overspending. It's because Canada's wealthy don't pay federal taxes, either.

Then there's an utterly brainless column about high school graduation. It was written by a Progressive Conservative candidate in the current election. It has "wise" words like 'Good friends---are there when you need them." Wow! What a deep thinker. Presumably, he thinks this will make people vote for him. And, in this unthinking province, he might well be right.

And the Canada&World Section? Well, it shouldn't take anybody more than a minute to read it. And it doesn't mention the horror we have unleashed on Yemen.

And the big, big story on local news? It's about a man from another province. And the scoop is that he likes riding his motorcycle.

The owner of this newspaper shows a stunning contempt for its readers.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21: The robots of New Brunswick

For a break from today's news, note the following photos of the wild, wild, west.
Notice what's largely missing? It's guns. Only a few people in these pictures are wearing them. Of course not.  Most towns and saloons very sensibly banned the wearing of guns.

The wild, wild west was actually a safer place to be than most of the eastern cities. And the quick draw shootout? Anyone who has done any shooting knows that such a shootout would be crazy. It never happened.
Have I ever mentioned that the irving-owned newspapers of New Brunswick are cheapest, sleaziest, most lying newspapers I have ever seen?  Today's newspaper  has 2 (count them, 2) stories about the rest of the world. One is that Trump has promised to put an end to the separation of children from parents attempting to cross into the US from Mexico.  And the UN has accused the Syrian army and the rebels of war crimes.  Wow!

The story is true enough. but the U.S. is deliberately starving millions to death in Yemen. That's a war crime. Since 1945, it has killed millions in illegal wars. Those are all war crimes. They are war crimes because ALL of  those wars were illegal. (And, therefore, Canada was guilty of assisting in war crimes in Afghanistan - but the irving press never mentioned that.) It assisted the mass murder of Guatemalans. It has illegally been practicing mass torture (with Canadian and British participation) since 1945.

How many of the stories above have been reported in the stinking irving press?

Today, there was, at least, one. And it was reported - as usual - only because it didn't mention American war crimes. Nor did it mention that the U.S. is pulling out of the war crimes section of the UN because the UN has (correctly) accused Israel of very serious war crimes. The Israel newspaper Haaretz has had no problem with reporting this fully and honestly. But not the western press.

In fact, the U.S. has, for 70 years been by far the most active force in destroying the UN. And, just a reminder that the UN is, we are told, a major institution that Canadians fought and died for in World War 2.

So where the hell is The Canadian Legion on this one? How will it deal with this on Nov. 11?  (answer  - it won't.) What a pack of hypocrites we all are. The reality is we were lied to. World War Two was not fought to stop German and Japanese aggression. It was fought to clear the path for aggression and murder and plunder by American capitalists - with British and Canadian capitalists tagging along.

In fact, here's a list of just one site's news for the day. Compare this to the feeble two stories in today's irving press.

This one, alone, has ten times as many world news stories as our Mickey Mouse irving press. And they are all  better reported than the two in the irving press.
Sara Netanyahu is the wife of the Israeli P.M. who ordered the murders of hundreds of unarmed Palestinians and murdering over a thousand unarmed ones on their own territory. (Something which Trump feels is quite correct.)

The irving press didn't even have this Canadian story though it is surely good news, indeed.

Canada doesn't need immigrants? Well, Canada needs them in the near future - and desperately. As climate changes our habitable areas will spread north. It's already happening. We need to fill that area. Why?

Within ten to twenty years, the U.S.  will be looking to annex Canada - and it's north. It needs the land. It needs the water. We had better have people there before that happens.

Why not just have American immigrants? Because they come hooked onto America's big capitalists who want Canadian water and agricultural land - and Canadian bodies for its armed forces. Thanks. But Canada already has its own super greedy big capitalists

Check the news. Think. The progress on the Korean issue has not been handled by Trump. The person behind this was the PM of China. China is becoming the dominant power in Asia. That means a steady retreat for the U.S. in Asia. American capitalists will want Canada as a part of the U.S. to sustain some American regional power.

Anyway, what's wrong with immigrants? We're all immigrants, and at some point our ancestors were hated as immigrants. - French, English, Scots, Italians, Ukrainians, Irish, Catholics, Protestants, Jews.... we've all disliked each other at some point. And we've all  needed each other.

This opinion is about Britain. But it's important to Canada. Health care for all and education for all are essential services for all Canadians. But the very wealthy don't see it that way. For them, all this exists only to increase their profits. That's why the U.S. has largely destroyed health care and  public education. That's why Canadian billionaires would love to destroy them in Canada. That's why billionaires, for years, have been muscling their way into our universities. That's why university presidents (and some professors) have been kiss-ups at the service of the wealthy.

You don't believe in climate change?That's nice. The good angels of irving inc. will love you. And don't worry. The irving press won't tell you about it even as people die.

Trump is a liar, a bully, a servant of the very wealthy, is murderous...big deal...
he's not the first U.S. president of that sort.

This next one shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone in New Brunswick. Manipulation of the Liberals and Conservatives by the wealthy is an old story here.

Gee. I wonder how the two-fisted,  tough-as-nails irving editors missed this story. And I'm   sure their gifted cartoonist could have done a great cartoon on it.

The collapse of American democracy happened a long time ago. The vote for Trump was a result of that collapse. People didn't like what they had. But they had no idea of where else to turn in their rejection of what was offered to them.

That's what happened with Ontario and the election of Doug Ford. That's what has happened with just about every election in New Brunswick. And that's what's is likely to happen in the current election. Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have come up with any general philosophy of the role of government and the social values of their parties. The Greens and the NDP have - though not nearly enough.

(A group of Conservative candidates, including their leader, came to the building I live in. They were a dreary lot who had nothing to say.)

Boy! Are we in New Brunswick ever lucky to have the tough-minded journalism of irving press.
New Brunswickers live in a province in which glyphosate is widely used - and where the chief medical officer who warned about it was disposed of.

I don't know. Either New Brunswickers have a deep (if foolish) trust in Mr. Irving, or they're gutless.

The U.S. is planning to dominate China, and so to dominate the whole of the Pacific region. This is be monstrously expensive - and it will benefit only billionaires in search of captive markets. But the billionaires won't have to pay the expense of the his war because most billionaires don't pay for any war - even though the wars are fought to benefit them. No. Billionaires don't pay taxes. We do. That's why it's necessary for the U.S. to destroy education, social services, medical care, all that trivia us common people depend on. That's why why they and  their children and their children's children and more face the biggest and most unpayable national debt in history.

Will the U.S. be able to dominate China? Not in any conventional war. Remember. The U.S. is the country that couldn't dominate Vietnam or Afghanistan. What it can do, very well might do,  is to launch a nuclear war on China. But that would turn loose a world of nuclear wars that would make the whole planet uninhabitable.

This is all quite insane. But the very greedy of the American world - which is includes Canada - have proven they are quite insane with greed.

Here's a story that has been around for a very long time. But it has never, ever made the irving press of New Brunswick. I guess the editors are too shy. They feed us endless crap about the philanthropy of the irvings, but never mention that they're being philanthropic with our money - and they also hide away billions of our money just for themselves in secret bank accounts. We are the ones who pay for the charities that the irvings take credit for. And we are the ones who give billions to them as a sort of charity.

Meanwhile, the editorial for June 20 is another lame-brained one about the government running up a deficit. Of course it runs up a deficit. How can we avoid a deficit when the wealthy don't pay any taxes? Not federal, not municipal.

Then there's another kissup to big business from Herb Emery of UNB. It doesn't mention the tax havens, of course. No. It tells us how we have to give more money, more breaks to business to come to this province. It's the old, very old line that if we give money to the rich, they will shower money on us.

If that were true, we'd all be driving Rolls-Royces today.

Then there's a sort of decent column by the NDP leader on the importance of  providing after-school care for children. I don't doubt it. I don't doubt the worthiness of it. But we should be reading political statements about the realities of life in this province. We have to make the very wealthy pay their taxes, their income taxes, their property taxes, to stop expecting handouts from us.... We have to establish a real government by the people to get past the years, the decades, the centuries that this province has been bled dry by local barons. We can't just piddle around the edge of this problem. The NDP and the Greens have to focus on social principles and values in a province that has rarely seen much of either.
And that problem is going to hit us in the face very soon as we learn the hard way that high school graduation isn't worth a poop. No. I'm  not kidding.

Big corporations are switching the low pay jobs over to robots. We've already seen big job losses across North America. They are going to get much bigger, in the millions - and soon. Robots are cheaper than people. High school will no longer be the door to even low paid jobs.

What are we going to do for those people who lose out? Certainly, big business isn't going to lift a finger for them. It never  has. We need to get very serious about post high school education. And it has to be free so that everybody has access. We have to become a well-educated society because that is who most of the jobs will be for.

You don't care? Then get ready for the chaos.

We are already watching the rise of politicians reminiscent of the Naziis of the 1930s, politicians who feed on the anger of people, but have no solutions. Trump is a prime example. So is Doug Ford of Ontario. We're going to see a lot more of this. It's going to turn into national violence and greater hatreds as the Trumps and Fords prove to be ineffective and they are replaced by people even worse. And it may well be happening in just a decade.

I expect the U.S. to blow before Canada does. In the U.S., the super wealthy are enjoying their plunder of the nation, the impoverishment of its people, and of people all over the world. That is what will turn into a violent outbreak from people who, alas, have not the faintest idea of what is needed.

We need to control the very wealthy. We need some politicians, at least, who have an idea of how to do that, and a willingness to do it. We need a society that  itself understands what social values and principles are and how they should be applied. We don't do it because our society has been kept in ignorance, by our news media especially, of what those values and principles are. And because we have kept ourselves in ignorance by our own fears.

In short, we are ruled by a greedy lot who lack the intelligence to see they are creating one hell of a crash. (Can the leading capitalists of New Brunswick meet  the intellectual demands of government? I don't see  how. These people seem to want the Conservative opposition to revive fracking in this province. The world's leading scientists say this is a very bad idea. But our major, economic leaders, who, incidentally, have little more that high school leaving, are all for charging ahead - which, I presume, is why the irving press and cartoonist de Adder are kissing up to the Conservatives.)

And this is all made worse by an even greater crisis. About half of New Brunswick's population is functionally illiterate. (In the U.S., it's over 50%).

Public education began, for the most part, in the early 19th century, commonly ending about grade 7, though it might reach high school in some areas. That produced the intellectually trained people we needed for the growth of industry. But that was over a hundred years ago. Now we need a far higher level of training, partly for the technical and intellectual times we live in, partly for the demands of maintaining democracy. High school doesn't cut it any more.

Now, we need much more advanced training from business colleges to universities and all the way through graduate school. And that can't be done without free (public school) tuition  to the highest levels. The reality is we cannot afford politically or socially, to throw away the input of half of our population. (No, the billionaires can't do it. They have proven morally and intellectually to be not up to the job.)

And, yes, that will have to mean that university professors will have to learn how to teach. And politicians and billionaires will have to learn to keep their interference out of all levels from Kindergarten to Ph.D.

The public school was a wonderful development. But that was over 200 years ago. The world has changed. (We also need a marked effort in adult education, again with no interference. After all, the crunch for education coupled with the rapid rise of robotization within a generation means we don't have much time.)

In these very challenging times, half of our populations really don't know much about anything. But they have the right to vote. Thus the victories of Trump and Ford. Thus the many years of leadership by Conservatives and Liberals. Thus the wimpy platforms of the opposition parties. In New Brunswick, this is made worse by a provincial population that is determined to be D and D, (deaf and dumb) to avoid any real discussion of political values - a condition made easier by a provincial newspaper chain that actually is D and D.

All this is heading us, and soon, into severe violence and, quite possibly, world nuclear war.

For a start, New Brunswickers have to be helped out of their collective coma. And they certainly aren't going to get that help from the irvings or their newspapers.

And I wonder.... In Montreal, I gave talks, some seventy to ninety a  year, to audiences in churches, synagogues, libraries, teachers' associations .... Audiences were usually three or four hundred up to a thousand. I notice that doesn't happen in New Brunswick. Indeed, the few times I've seen political speakers in New Brunswick, they've been as drab and pointless as their audiences.

Do serious, public talks ever happen in this province? Or is everybody just scared?

Monday, June 18, 2018

June 19: Pope Francis must be......

...the last Christian in this world.

Meanwhile, the evangelicals of America cry Hallelujah for Trump. Christians in general should be ashamed of themselves.

Praise the Lord.

What sweethearts!

The Donald has a remarkable resemblance to Hitler. In his tirades about illegal immigrants, he doesn't mention that the U.S. has created a hundred million or so refugees. Nor does he mention that the chaos and crime in Latin America is due to constant American military and economic interference and the brutality of American and Canadian corporations in that region.

How's this for interfering with another country's national election?

And this from a Donald who is the world's major creator of refugees.

Our news media have paid almost no attention to job loss by automation during the last dozen years or so. It's going to get much worse in the next dozen years. And we are making no preparation whatever for it.

The very wealthy, thanks to their inability see beyond the last quarterly report, are not going to lift a finger. They function by greed, not by anything socially intelligent or constructive. We face massive and dangerous unemployment. Soon. The obvious response is to reduce the work week while at least retaining (or improving) present wage scales. But the greedy aren't going to see that. They never have.
In my six years as a public school teacher, I learned that in all provinces governments interfere with education. They try to run it on the cheap (while giving massive tax breaks to billionaires). They interfere with creativity and thought. They discourage critical thinking. And now they try to privatize it as much as possible - which even further degrades the public system.

Public education was probably the greatest innovation in modern history. Governments and the wealthy are working hard to destroy it.
Climate change? Rising seas? Nah. Scientists say it is happening. But I'll take the word of Mr. Irving. He studied at Acadia for two years. So he'd know.

Long but worth the length.

What lies behind this is the horribly destructive greed of capitalism. We HAVE to control it.
You think immigrants are bad? Well, if so, it's the capitalism of Western empires that has forced them to be immigrants.

Oh, by the way, forget the Democrats. With the exception of the Bernie Sanders followers, the Democrats are as evil and as immoral as the Republicans.
The official figure for war deaths in Yemen is 5,000. And that's absurd. Yemen has been bombed, machine-gunned, mined by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, the UAE with massive supplies of weapons from Britain, the U.S. and Canada and a cost that now, after three years, must  be in the hundreds of billions. It's people have been starved to death for three years - and and are also dying of a massive atttack of cholera. And only 5,000 have been killed? Come off it.


I think the following article is too kind in its estimate of deaths in Yemen. But otherwise, it seems accurate. Alas! It says little about the U.S. motive for getting involved. The motive is the American Empire's drive  to control all major ocean traffic regions in the world.
George Bush Jr.'s attacks on Aghanistan and Iraq will go down in whatever history we have left as enormous blunders. All of the American wars in that region have made the U.S. the most hated nation in the world. Worse, it has proven itself quite incapable of winning a conventional war even against relatively small countries.

Alas! That also means a really big war would have to be nuclear - to the loss of all of us.

Are the billionaires of America stupid enough to create such a war? Yes. In fact, they are too stupid and greedy not to.

Again, apart from a Bernie Sanders, there is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats. Both are pimps for multi-billionaires. And that, of course, is why both are so much like Canada's Liberals and Conservatives.

God bless America.
But to get the real news, you have to go to Brunswick News which owns all the dailies in New Brunswick. It's big, lead world story for today beats all the trivia about starvation and mass murder. It's about two school boys in the U.S. who were talking about a shooting after school.

The school was immediately locked down.

It turned out they were talking about shooting at the basket with basketballs. Wow! Stop the presses.

Well, that certainly puts New Brunswick one up on the rest of the world. (There can't be another newspaper dumb enough to have published this as a major story.)

Then,  in the same section, there's a big story that texting on a smartphone can damage your neck. Yeah. So if there's a nuclear attack, don't starting texting about it.

The editorial is a furious one that the provincial government is backing away from the idea of privatizing a range of hospital services. Sounds sensible to me. I mean, why pay for those services AND on top of that hand out profits to a private company?

The cartoon is the standard one about the tax payer paying too much to the government. Hint to the cartoonist. You can tell how one of our tax payers cheats us all out of billions. Check Google photos, and type in the name irving.

Bend over, Mr.  Irving, and pull down your pants so that de Adder can kiss you.

Then the commentary page has a brilliant insight by a chamber of commerce kiss-up who says government should cut down on business regulations. (Damn right. We should let business do whatever it feels like.) The writer does not mention it in the article, but just by coincidence there is a huge photo over the article that just happens to be about the oil industry and the eastern pipeline that it wants - and that the Conservative party promises to follow up on if it wins the election.

Then there's a column by a Conservative candidate that wastes our time with an attack on minority governments. But in the final paragraphs, she says what we do need. Yes.

We need a premier with good ideas. Damn right. We don't want one with bad ideas. And he needs a strong and able caucus. Yeah. For sure. Oh, and we  have to work - shoulder to shoulder - to implement the good ideas. Damn right. We need a new philosophy with a new and better way to govern....

That's true. And this brainless crap comes from the pen of what is an obviously
mindless candidate for the Conservatives. I have followed the election as closely as possible. So far, I have seen nothing resembling a policy for either the Liberals or the Conservatives. (In fact, none of them even know what the words Liberal and Conservative mean. Not that it matters - because both of them will, as always, kiss up to the richest man in the province.)

The Moncton Times and Transcript adds a whole new dimension to the terms politically corrupt and intellectually garbage.


Finally, a return to......

French special forces. That means real thugs and murderers. They join the U.S. with its bombers, Saudi Arabia with its army blessed with weapons from the U.S. and Britain ---and Canada--- to bring death to millions of people down to babies by bombs, starvation, and by cutting off their medicine for the deadliest outbreak of cholera in our time.

They've been doing this for three  years as the people of the poorest country in the middle east try to survive the horror.

This isn't the usual case of capitalists demanding mass slaughter so they can steal resources - as in Syria and Iraq and Libya. No. This is mass slaughter so the U.S. can get control of the shipping lanes just off Yemen.

And no, its not just to protect capitalist shipping. It's also to control those lanes with naval power so that the U.S. can cut off any shipping that might be competition for American capitalists.

The irving press hasn't said a word about this mass murder for American profits. And the Canadian government, as usual, hasn't even whimpered. That lack of information is useful for those many  Canadians who prefer not to know what is going on - so they can continue their irresponsible, immoral and murderous behaviour.

The deliberate mass murder, even of children, comes straight from the pages of Mein Kampf. And so we prefer not to know what it is happening because if we did we would have to recognize that out major capitalists along with American, British and French ones are our Nazis, and we are naziis in their service.

This is not an exaggeration. Take a look at google for the pictures of the children, even babies, of Yemen that are  nothing more than skin and bones.

To stay with the Hitler analogy, our Christian churches play deaf and dumb, too, - just as those in Nazi Germany did.  Well, in real terms, I suspect Christianity died many centuries ago. That's why a hate monger like Trump could become president on the votes of the racist hypocrites of the Bible Belt.

Why won't our Canadian governments say anything?

That's because they're all, or mostly, in the pockets of American and Canadian capitalists.

Why don't New Brunswickers say anything? Well, New Brunswick has never been a place of independent thought. It's always been a province scared of its financial barons. Just about every New Brunswicker's ideal of perfection is to think exactly what the puppets at Brunswick News tell them to think. That's why elections in this province are a farce.

We sent troops to Afghanistan, will cheer for them on Nov. 11, and we drive on roads named for them Highway of Heroes. We extol them for serving their country. I don't doubt the soldiers thought that was what they were doing. But the reality is we threw their lives away in a war that was illegal under international law, that had nothing to do with Canada, and everything to do with the ambitions of American capitalism. And it is quite possible we will do that again in Venezuela - or maybe even Yemen.

The behaviour of our political leaders and our news media and our business leaders goes beyond profound immorality and brutal murder to being at the deepest depths of contemptible. And the failure of us and of our churches is....well, wilful ignorance is no excuse.

We are playing this game with troops in eastern Europe, with manufacturing weapons for the Naziis of big capitalism... we may very well find ourselves playing it in Venezuela. I mean, why not?  We  played it by supporting the murderous Pinochet in Chile,  the American overthrow of the only, really elected government of Haiti, and the Guatemala/U.S. mass murder of Guatemala native peoples. For that matter, that's what our role in Korea was all about. And that's what our mining companies are about as they impoverish and sometimes murder the people of Latin America and of Congo to keep U.S. and Canadian mining companies happy.

I have to admit I can get quite annoyed by the political wimpiness of this province, the constant fear disguised as respectability, the obvious corruption, and the massive and deliberate ignorance of its Brunswick Press - and I had thought as I began this column of advising younger New Brunswickers to get the hell out of this place. The trouble is that a great deal of Canada is just like this - and the U.S. is even worse.

Like the mafia gangsters I knew many years ago, everybody is deaf and dumb. And meanwhile, big capitalism is completing the work it began with Hitler. And we won't even get anything out of it because big capitalism will screw us just as it does the rest of the world. In fact, it's already happening.

Capitalism cannot survive its own wild stampede. We need to control it to save it - and ourselves. (Big capitalist are two greedy to understand how to control themselves.)

Friday, June 15, 2018

June 16: Wealth, Power and Poverty.

Saudi troops with help from the U.S. and Britain are moving in to close Yemen's last and only access to food and medical supplies. It is possible - and likely - that millions of people in this poorest of middle east countries are going to die of starvation and cholera. In fact, they already are dying and  have been for three years. But we have no idea how many have died because our news media don't care to tell us. The irving press hasn't had a word on this. This is comparable to not reporting Hitler's holocaust of Jews.

Have you seen any commercial news medium that mentions why the U.S. is so  eager to starve, kill, and spread fatal disease among the people of Yemen. I haven't. But the reason is obvious. The waters around Yemen are waters the U.S. Empire wants to control for military reasons.  That's why its navy is acting so aggressively and intrusively all over the world. That's why there are American ships in Chinese waters - but no Chinese ships in American waters. The starvation of children in Yemen is just one more facet of American big capitalism's lust to rule the world.
The irving press does have a commentary on New Brunswick's budget deficit, blaming the Liberals for it. It also has de Adder's usual cartoon blaming the Liberal government for it.

Neither of these accusations mentions how our government has to overspend because the Irvings and some others avoid paying any taxes either federal or municipal. If the editors at irving press ever did mention it, all of them would be fired instantly.

As we approach election day in New Brunswick, there must be few people who have any idea what the policies of the Liberals or Conservatives might be. Not that it matters. Both of them will be, as always, servants of the irvings. Forget democracy. Rule by the rich has been the reality of New Brunswick since its earliest days as a British colony.

Trump's meeting with Kim Jong was much too short to achieve anything. What's interesting about it is how Trump is letting his ego run wild. This man in mentally - well - disturbed.
Note that The Guardian, like the irving press, has not a word about the war in Yemen though it may be the the most brutal in history.

Here's a story that should be read by New Brunswick Conservatives.
This is for all those people who think the U.S. gives a damn for democracy.

And Canada is moving in the same direction.

This should not be news. The U.S. effectively destroyed the UN as early as the 1950s.

To Israelis, Palestinians are untermench (sub-human) -just as Hitler once said of Jews.

Here's the Yemen story that was too trivial for the irving press.

This, with a couple of changes of name, is exactly what Hitler said of German Jews.

Perhaps UdeMoncton's  professor deSavoie can tell us again how the wealth of the very rich brings prosperity to all of us.

St. John, New Brunswick is in desperate financial shape. That's largely  because Irving industries which dominate the city pay almost no taxes - just as they pay almost no taxes to the federal government. And it's made worse by their continual avoidance of paying anything at all. Funny how the irving press never tells us about that. Funny how it always tells us about how the irvings create jobs that make us all rich when, in fact, most of us are getting poorer.

O Canada!  Here's another story that will never appear in the irving press.

Here's what minimum wage in the U.S. means. It would be much the same in Canada.

I look forward to a story on the Canadian situation. But that's not likely to happen in the irving press.

Environmental change is happening. You will note that those who say it isn't, almost never have any evidence to show it isn't. But there is scientific evidence every day it is happening. Still, we get oil billionaires of no training or even intelligence at all saying it's not happening - pushing climate change on. And they get their ideas through to politicians whose idea of the future is their next bribe.

Climate change can destroy the planet. Even if you don't think it will, to ignore the evidence and the possibility is utter stupidity.

Europeans,Americans and Canadians are being robbed blind by our economic masters. They also are being kept away from improvement. The children of the wealthy, no matter how low their intelligence, become rich. The children of the poor, no matter how high their intelligence, are likely to stay poor.

For news, both local and world, CBC news on google is far, far superior to the irving press. There is far more news on CBC, local, national and international; the editing is infinitely superior; and the opinion columns are infinitely superior.

Sometimes, the news media are hard to understand. They're now rejoicing (or deploring) the success of Trump's voyage to meet North Korea's leader in Singapore.

What's to celebrate? North Korea ending its nuclear programme? It ended that long before the meeting with Trump. And where does a nation with thousands of nuclear weapons get off with lecturing a small country that has only a small number of them, none able to reach American targets? And Trump is still (illegally) crippling North Korea's trade.  In fact, the meeting was so short that the idea it accomplished anything at all is absurd.

The is some media excitement because Trump has been nominated by Norway for a Nobel Peace Prize. Very few Americans have won the Nobel Peace Prize. One of the deserving American winners was Martin Luther King. But another was Theodore Roosevelt who carried out brutal wars against Latin America. But now Norway has nominated Trump, the man who has continued the work of Obama in starving millions of citizens of Yemen to death.

Let's get real. The government that laid the foundations for Trump's visit to Singapore was China. And Trump, by  his short visit to Singapore, added nothing. Indeed, it is quite likely that Trump put on this show simply to free the U.S. up for another war in the middle east.

More important is something most of the press has missed - the U.S. continued list of sanctions on trade which now covers North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela....and many other sinners. The U.S. has no right to impose such sanctions on anybody. What does it mean when the U.S. does this?

It means the U.S. has adopted the posture of being the world conqueror. Oh, the American people are not the conquerors. The American people, too, are the conquered. But in the view of Trump and many others, U.S. billionaires have the right to rule the world. It is all part of The American Empire. And the American people are its peasantry. That is the meaning of Trump's call "To make America great again."

Funny that most of our press hasn't noticed that.

Funny, too, they haven't noticed it isn't working well. The American Empire got creamed in Korea and in  Vietnam; it's losing in Afghanistan. Despite massive spending and direct American involvement with Saudi Arabia, its victory against Yemen, the poorest country in the middle east seems distant. To this day, it has to keep an army of hired mercenaries in an Iraq that makes no secret of its hatred for the U.S. Indeed, most of the world is fed up with American 'greatness'.

The U.S. completely ignores the UN - which means it ignores the Canadians and so many others, including the American peasantry, who fought and died to create the UN. Offhand, the only American war I can think of that had UN support was Korea. And that's one war out of more than 70.

If this continues, there are only two possible outcomes. The best for the world would be a U.S. collapse - and that's quite possible. The other is a world, nuclear war.

Meanwhile, what we're watching in the U.S. and much of  Europe (and probably in Ontario) is a drift to naziism. (That's not an exaggeration. There is a recent rise of Naziism in many countries.)

What might help are intelligent and honest news media. I'll keep watching the irving press for signs of it.

Meanwhile, in our crusade to keep billionaires under tons of our money, we are ignoring enormous problems that face us.

One is population growth.  The earth is passing the number of humans our earth can deal with. Other species of plant and animal life cannot survive our massive presence. (Nor can we survive if they disappear.) What are we going to do about it?

Our capacity to feed our rocketing population is in deep trouble. Could we take a break in fighting capitalist wars to deal with that?

We are already deep into massive migration with at least a hundred million desperate refugees in this that we have created. Thousands of them drown every year. The U.S., which has created most of the chaos, refuses to deal with it. And the middle east is not the whole story of it. It also includes millions caught in the horrors of American interference (to please billionaires) throughout Latin America. Europe is crumbling under the pressure. How are we going to deal with this?  It's going to get much, much worse.

Public education has not been enough to create a literate, thinking population. But schools alone will not produce readers and thinkers. We also need reading and thinking parents to serve as models. But those are not a feature of daily life in New Brunswick. How are we going to deal with this?

(My teaching experience suggests to me  that parents often inhibit both reading and truthful history.)

Of course, the children of very wealthy don't need brains. They can even be dropouts. (I can think of several of these without even trying.) Intelligent or not, they will inherit wealth and power just as aristocrats of earlier centuries did.

We have to educate a population for whom high school will not be enough. There will be  no place in the very near future for the undereducated in an automated work place. And we're not talking distant future. We're talking now.

We need much, much easier access to post-high school education. And we need it yesterday.

We also need to deal with automation. As it is, capitalists who automate simply fire people. That automation is not in any way used to aid employees. It should be used to cut working hours and greatly increase minimum wage. But capitalists don't think that way. No. We're going to see massive unemployment. We might see shorter work hours - but that will  mean lower weekly pay in a society in  which wages are already far too low. So far, all the benefits of automation are going to the wealthy.

And we have to deal with a crisis which is already underway. The crisis is a small number of super-wealthy who have become the aristocracy of our time, who control our access to news, who avoid taxes (in effect, stealing our money), who pay wages far below those needed for decent living, who are, especially in North America, creating an ocean of poverty.

Oh, and these capitalists also own parties like the Democrats, the Republicans,  the Liberals and the Conservatives. These are parties that exist to cut our throats. And they've been doing it for at least a couple of centuries. But it has really gone wild in the last 40 years or so. That alone could create a violent social crash very soon. The trouble is that generations kept ignorant by a century of propaganda and lies is more likely to be violent than to achieve anything positive. We really need a return to thought and to a sense of values.

Will our billionaires assist in this? They never have. And there is  no sign they will ever show as much intelligence as they show greed. Just as brainless dukes and earls raised children who would become brainless dukes and earls, brainless billionaires will produce - brainless billionaires.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 14: In a world of extremes.

There's not much on this story yet. But it looks interesting.
Nah. If this were happening, the irving press would have told us.

Well, that's reasonable. After all, Trump and other American presidents have far worse human rights records that Kim Jong does.
But I would not take the rest of his statement seriously. The U.S. is not going to give up its quest for world dominance. And it is most certainly not going to give up its quest for dominance of Asia.
Here's more on the Trump 'charities' story.

Britain is trying to force its billionaires to reveal the names of the tax havens where they hide their profits to avoid many, many billions in taxes that they steal from British people.  But don't worry. Canada and the U.S. will never do a thing like that.
The Guardian had a big but not entirely honest story on how Saudi Arabia has opened an attack on Yemen's major port city. The story emphasizes that this will not harm the delivery of food and medicine to the people of Yemen.

Come off it. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have been making sure for several years that there IS no delivery of food and medicine. Starving the people of Yemen and cutting off medical aid is the whole strategy of their war.

Oh, today's irving press didn't have this story in today's world news section. It needed the space for a really big story ...yesterday, a big trailer got stuck under the railway bridge on Moncton's main street.
The mind-boggling scale of corruption in American government has been known for many, many years - going back into the 19th century at least. But the Trump family is like nothing we've seen before.
And the breakdown in morality runs through the whole system.

Doug Ford hasn't really made our New Brunswick press. But The Guardian considered him important enough to call for a story.

This next one sounds off the wall at first. But it makes sense.

Capitalism can work - under strict controls, and with due regard for the needs of the whole nation. And this is not what's  happening. New Brunswickers might think of that before they vote for political pimps like the Conservatives and the Liberals.

Check this one. The report is in profound contrast to the one I have above in The Guardian.

The suicide problem is not just an American one.

Irving press doesn't carry David Suzuki any more. He's not nearly so smart as the corrupt hacks who write for Atlantic Institute of Market Studies and other liars.

There is not the slightest  hope for Canadians of coming to reasonable terms with
the United States. Our 'alliance' with the U.S. has to end.

Surprisingly, the irving press didn't even carry this story. These are newspapers with their noses stuck firmly in their own, unpleasant belly buttons.

If American billionaires suddenly lost their homes, would Trump build a tent city for them?

We should be getting more information about Iran. It is quite possible that Canada will be asked (pressured) to supply troops.

Quite so. It's meant to starve millions of people. Why be surprised? That's what the US and the Saudis  have been doing for three years.

And some good news.

For over seventy years, US big capitalism has tried to conquer the world. And what that has left behind is millions of dead, hatred of the U.S. over much of the world, chaos in the countries invaded (even when the U.S. wins - which it rarely does), - but very, very little conquest or victory of any sort.

We live in a world dominated by greed. It's often been that way, of course. How many have died in our wars since 1900?  Nobody knows. But a safe bet would be 150,000,000. And greed also explains the spread of poverty. Billionaires all over the world hide their money from taxation. Nobody knows how many trillion dollars are stolen from us every year. It does, though, explain how our standard of living is dropping even as the billionaires get richer. We are watching the looting of the world (us) by our super wealthy.

Greed is mass thieving. Greed is mass murder. And greed has been openly fed by politicians all over the world. Politicians shift our money from those who need it to the wealthy in the form of sweetheart contracts for things we don't need. - with a healthy cut to the politicians. If anybody, New Brunswickers should know that.

Oh, and note how the billionaires who own most of our news media don't carry stories about any of this. And our traditional politicians don't mention it.

This uncontrolled greed is what has caused almost all of the wars since 1900 (and most before that). And it is what is leading us to the last and greatest war.

Our wealthy are not only immeasurably greedy. Their greed makes them blind to the inevitable result of his. World war and crashing economies. Yes, the latter is inevitable. Greed not only makes people murderous. It makes them stupid. The current drive to take more and more is bound to end in economic disaster.

But the public in general does not see this coming. Of course not. Almost all their news media lie to them. Almost our our news media are puppets owned by what may be the greediest people in  history.

New Brunswick now is having an election. But the people have no idea what the issues are. The Conservatives will....? The Liberals will... ? Neither of them will do anything of any good. Both of those parties are simply the watering trough for the greedy.

Oh, one thing the Conservatives will almost certainly do is to open the gates for fossil fuel digs in New Brunswick. Yes. The world's leading scientists tell us that this sort of thing will destroy all human life. But billionaire school dropouts know better.

We have enormous problems to address in climate change, in spreading starvation, in a hundred million or more refugees, in bringing decent living conditions to our own society, .... we really don't have time for this crap of killing and pushing ever more wealth on the very wealthy.

We have betrayed all we said we fought for in two world wars. And now we are destroying, almost certainly, all human life for billionaires who are too greedy to realize that they, too, are on history's chopping block.

And intelligent action isn't happening - because our population has been kept in ignorance of what is going on. And that ignorance is why public fears are played out by electing destructive clowns like Trump, and Ford in Toronto, and both Conservative and Liberal leaders across the board.

Capitalism can work. But we live in a prostitution of capitalism. We live in a society of unlimitedly greedy capitalists who run wild through the world without controls. Capitalism cannot work without controls. And capitalism which doesn't work will destroy us.

We are re living exactly the scenario that created the rise of Adolf Hitler (who incidentally, owed much of his rise to his appeal to Germany's big capitalists.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 13: Thanks re scams.

I cut yesterday's blog short to get it posted right away - just in case the story from Revenue Canada was real. If it was rigged  by a political enemy, the whole blog could have been erased before I had a chance to stop it.

As it happens, though, it was a  scam. And Revenue Canada had nothing to do with it.  And my little heart is beating more slowly again.

So here's the rest of the June 12 blog.

As birds and animals and fish disappear, so do we.
Take a look at the REAL unemployment figures. And there's a very worrying factor in even this. A growing portion of the unemployed are people who were replaced by automatons that could do their work. And the automation of the work place is just beginning.

All of the benefit of automation is going to the very wealthy. Workers continue to get low pay, and to lose jobs.

I include this next item only out of indignation that it claims football to be a uniquely American sport. NO. Dammit. It is not.

The U.S. did NOT invent North American football. Canada did, in the late nineteenth century at McGill University in Montreal on a field that I passed every day on my way to high school.

And at that, what Canada developed was a variation on the British sport of rugby. (Canada's upper classes - the ones who's sons (mostly) attended universities - wanted to copy Rugby because it was the game of the British upper classes. But rugby had few written rules - and in rewriting the rules, the Canadians invented a new game - football.) That's why football has quarterbacks, halfbacks and fullbacks. In Rugby, the quarterback was so called because he played halfway back on the field. Halfbacks played halfway back, and fullbacks all the way back.

Canadians changed the roles and positions of those players.

And why was it a game of the upper classes? That was because the British believed it developed character - which was unnecessary for ordinary people but essential for the upper classes who ruled. That class training is why football became the big, university game. The working class was discouraged from playing because they would taint the game by their class inferiority. Yes, football was created out of snobbery.

That's why the original Grey Cup was for amateur champions only. It was important to keep out the riff-raff who needed money to play.

The same is true of cricket. It was a game for 'gentlemen' only because it built character, and only the rich needed character. "Common people" had to be let in as the game commercialized. But to this day, many British cricket stadia have two entrances. One is marked "Players" for those lower class who get paid to play. The other is marked "Gentlemen" for the better sort who can afford to play without getting paid.

Hey, you can't understand the present without understanding the past.

The very greedy will do anything to make even more money as billionaires lust to become trillionaires.

and they use disease as well as starvation...

And the British upper classes are old hands at being greedy. They need lessons from no-one.

We are watching a complete breakdown of order in the world as our very, very greedy can never get enough.

But don't worry. We can expect the U.S. military to do its job as the heroes they all are.

The American government is stunningly corrupt,  and in bed with the greediest of American billionaires. Of course, New Brunswick's Conservatives and Liberals would never do such a thing.  Well, not as often....maybe....
God bless America.

America needs all the blessing it can get.

Hey. Accidents happen. No big deal. That's why the irving press didn't carry this story.

I haven't listed anything about Trump's meeting with Kim Jong. That's because I'm not sure that anything happened at that meeting. I think it will be months before we have some clear idea of what that was about.

But Norway has leaped in by nominating Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019.

It's much too early to take this seriously, especially since Trump is up to his ears with a slaughter in Yemen, and is likely to be involved in a war with Iran and another in Iraq. As well, if there is peace in Korea, it will owe more to the intervention of China and the good relations between North and South Korea than it will owe to the U.S.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12: How to not give a damn...

  1. PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, “US Tariffs were kind of insulting” and he “will not be pushed around.” Very dishonest & weak. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!
  2. Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!

Big capitalism doesn't give a damn about people. Big capitalism in the U.S. doesn't give a damn about Canadians. Canadians died for American big capitalism in Korea and Afghanistan. Canadians killed for American big capitalism in Libya. Canadian troops are now at great risk in Eastern Europe for American big capitalism.

But it's not enough.

Every element of every trade deal must benefit American big capitalism. Big capitalism in the U.S. (as everywhere else) is based on the unlimited greed of its owners. And don't look for any help from big Canadian capitalism on this one - unless it's to throw Canadian dairy farmers to the wolves.

Big capitalism doesn't have friends, only victims.
  1. __________________________________________________________________________________________________
This is only a tiny bit of a much bigger story. But it's more that you're going to see in any of our commercial news media.
This is the sort of coverage one needs in order to understand the news. Readers need analyses by educated writers. Our local irving news doesn't have that. In fact, it rarely has even the bare news. It's staples are sob stories which really tell us nothing, reports of thefts, etc. from the courthouse, and today's wacky (but bit)  story that we could make Prince Harry the King of Canada.

The result? - a newspaper one can read in under 2 minutes without learning anything. And that not by accident. The purpose the irving press is to keep New Brunswickers in ignorance of what is happening here an abroad.

Another story you'll never find in the irving press.
The irving press didn't have an editorial on the G7 summit. Of course not. It doesn't have an editorial writer capable of writing anything but whatever is very local - and then only if it fits the paper's propaganda line.

Here's the analysis of a story that was lied about to make propaganda for the U.S.   (New Brunswickers might have trouble with it because the irving press never carried the original story in the first place.)

Modern warfare isn't war. It hasn't been since 1920 when Winston Churchill ordered the deliberate bombing of helpless civilians in the middle east. Now, most wars are just mass murder of innocent people..

Here's a story about the climate change that our irving press tells us isn't happening. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
And another one that the irving press considers less important than making Prince Harry the King of Canada.

This is the most useful analysis of the G7 meeting I have seen.

Here's a story about how lying our news media are.  Of course, the irving press news is so trivial that it's hard to call it anything as sophisticated as lying.


From my childhood, I remember the joy of 'Victory in Europe' when, duking school, I lost myself in the jubilant crowds.  Germany had surrendered. Everything was going to be better. Men and women (some really boys and girls) would be coming home. The world would be united in a United Nations to deal with aggression. Everything was going to be wonderful.

But very soon after that day, I would be living in a world of aggression and killing and starvation. After the Korean war, the United Nations was pretty much scrapped. It was destroyed, largely, by the most aggressive, murderous nation in the world which was and still is the U.S. which has fought over 70 wars, killing over - who knows - tens of millions since 1945. It has created almost a hundred million refugees. But, like other countries, it has refused to give them shelter with the result that thousands of them die and are still dying in the waters between Africa and Europe.

All of those wars, we are told, were fought against 'evil' people. Yes, the Guatemalans were evil and had to be killed to make way for a good, U.S.-approved dictator. A democratic and popular government in Iran had to be destroyed because it was evil, and had to be replaced by an American-selected dictator, the Shah. (And we are almost certainly about to see the elected government of Iran replaced by another American puppet - after invasions and mass murder by Israel, the democracy-loving king of Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.)

All of those wars were fought for the benefit of oil barons or for the benefit of other big capitalists.

Remember this on November 11. We have betrayed everything Canadians fought and died for in a century of wars. Not to remember is to, well, let's be kind, like showing a crashing ignorance of what has been happening, of how we have failed, of how we have sold out to our super-billionaires.
Of all organizations, The Canadian Legion should be aware of that. But ....

...what the hell. We won't think about that.  Let's have another beer.

Donald Trump did not create all this. It was been the policy of every American government since 1945, with the ass-kissing support of Britain, France, Canada and others. In fact, the policy has very little to do with any government. It is the policy of big capitalism - bigger than Trump by far. Big capitalism is a force without morality, without compassion, without shame. Governments aren't the problem. They are simply the puppets of big capitalism. That is strikingly true of the U.S. where big capitalism now has its own armies of thugs from all over the world to kill all over the world. The cost of them and the arms industry and the greed of its big capitalists is why the world's richest nation cannot heal its sick, feed its hungry, or house its homeless - or even decently teach its children. 

These privately owned mercenaries, by the way, have been  hired by the U.S. to serve in the U.S. They have been used, for example, in emergencies like hurricane Katrina to guard government offices and banks and anybody else who could pay a thousand bucks a day for a guard - this at a time when all the evil people of the city were trying to keep their heads above water or to find food and shelter. For a city that needed food, clean water, rescue from the flooding, the U.S. sent them Blackwater thugs bringing nothing by their combat uniforms and K47s to do a job that could have been done by the U.S. army. Watch for more of the same, but much worse, to deal with other American 'disturbances'. 

It is  big capitalism that is starving children to death in Yemen, that has murdered tens of millions since 1945, that has made a hundred million refugees, that refuses to deal with the enormous problems that face us in climate change, in the wholesale destruction of species, with the over-destruction of food and mineral resources.... It is big capitalism that is cheating us out of decent incomes so it can accumulate all the world's money for itself. as the rest of us become poorer. (And it is big capitalism that really sticks it to us by not paying taxes - so we have to pay for its wars.) 

So, to all this world's big capitalists,  take your piddling philanthropy and stuff it.

All big capitalists - no matter the country - are the same. And that includes those of Russia and China.

So Trump dumped on Trudeau? Relax. I'm sure Canada's big capitalists will apologize for Trudeau behaviour. (Of course. They have far more in common with American big capitalists than they do with ordinary Canadians.)

The reality is that since 1945,  American big capitalism has been on a drive to rule the world. That includes Canada. And if Canadian big capitalism has to choose between Canada and the U.S., it will move its operations to the U.S.

So now, Trump is making nice to Kim Jong. So what's all this about? (In fact, what right does Trump have to decide whether North and South should unite? Shouldn't this be up to the Koreans?)

So what's it all about?  Big capitalist America wants quiet in the Pacific. It wants it because it wants a war to destroy the elected government of Iran, to replace it with a government more friendly to big, American capitalism. It'll be good for the arms industry, too. (And it will finish Bush's act of creating endless hell in the middle east.)

Canada MUST economically separate itself from the U.S. Even Europe has been talking of the dangers of reliance on the U.S.

For the first time in my life I feel really scared by what is happening and where we are being led, not by our governments by where our big capitalists lead our governments.

I'm cutting today's blog short so I can send it off - just in case I'm going to be arrested. I had a very strange call from Revenue Canada threatening me with arrest. I do owe some tax money - though hardly a fortune. And I made arrangements with them for payment about a month ago - and I have made that payment. (I can't pay it all at once because I have three children in university.)

Minutes ago, I got a phone message with a threat of arrest. I returned the call, got an answer with the threat (without any explanation), then, before I could say anything, the caller hung up.  I made repeated attempts to return the call but the number would not ring.

I have to suspect this call was not initiated by Canada Revenue, but that the orders came from a person who is outside the government but very influential.

So I'll get this off before it's too late.