Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Meaning of Sleaze


This is by no means limited to the Republicans. It is the way the system of U.S. 'democracy' has always worked.

And then there's fake news...

Alas! The CBC has lots of it. It  has the best journalists in Canada. And it usually has honest news. But not always. I've been followings its stories on the election in Venezuela. It''s very hostile and negative in reporting on that election. It repeats the line of the most of the western press - that the Venezuela election was rigged, that Venezuela is a threat to the world, that it is a dictatorship..and on and on.

1. Venezuela's sin is that it is socialist. And it has huge oil reserves. American (and Canadian) capitalists want control of those reserves.

2. That's why the U.S. has imposed trade sanctions on Venezuela.  Funny thing...I've never seen a CBC story asking questions about those  trade sanctions. Trade sanctions forbid a country for trading with others. They are a means of impoverishing nations to force them under the control of American capitalists. There are such trade sanctions by the U.S. on Cuba, North Korea,  Iran, Venezuela... And one might reasonably ask - what the hell right does the U.S. have to tell other countries who they can trade with?

3. The CBC reports the story that Venezuela is a dictatorship. O-O-O-H, evil. But wait a moment. That good friend of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, is a dictatorship - and it's the cruelest one in the world. So how come Americans and Saudis are buddies?  After all Saudi is a dictatorship that cuts off heads and hands every day, that illegally invades other countries, that treats women like slaves.... And the Saudis NEVER have elections for anything. Where is our indignation at that?

I don't know whether the government of Venezuela is a dictatorship. I've seen no evidence of it. But I do know that the U.S. set up Iran as a dictatorship in the 1950s so American capitalists could plunder its oil. I know the U.S. overthrew the elected leader of Haiti to impose a dictator. I know it has imposed and supported dictators in Guatemala and other countries in Latin America.

Shouldn't the CBC make us aware of this contradiction?

4. And then there's the Venezuela election of last week. The U.S. has charged that election with being fixed - and the CBC has been careful to report that. But there were things it decided not to report.
     a) The U.S., Canada, and the European Union had refused to recognize the              election from the start.  Of course. The U.S. wanted a puppet government -          and it called on its puppet governments in Canada and Europe to follow its          lead. (In Trudeau, we  have probably the wimpiest prime minister in                      Canadian history.) And you can be sure that the Canadian government told            the CBC what news it wanted to see.

     b) The CBC story did NOT mention that some 40 countries sent observers to           cover the Venezuela election. Among them was Canada - but none of those           came from Canada's wimpy government. No. They came from dangerous,             radical groups like the United Church of Canada (gotta watch all them                  commy ministers ) and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers.

         According to all these observers, the election was honest and correctly
           done. But the CBC didn't mention that. (Nor did it mention that it didn't              even have a reporter in Venezuela.)

I worked for the CBC for some time. I know its journalists are good. But I also know that they often have to obey the government when it wants a news story to be broadcast as a piece of fake news. And that's been the truth from the beginning of this Venezuela story.

(In fairness, the CBC is not as bad as the irving press. Only the irving press could be that bad.)

Oh - a footnote. Former president Jimmy Carter, perhaps the most honest and idealistic person ever to be president, is the founder of the Carter Institute which monitors elections all over the world. That institute  says that Venezuela has one of the most honest electoral systems in the world.

And speaking of tax systems, here's a story that will never appear in the irving press or in a Liberal or Conservative platform.


Canada is NOT a force for good in the world. It never has been. After fighting three of Britain's wars, it's now one of the chief bootlickers of US aggressors.  For example, we assist the U.S. in policing its trade sanctions - though the U.S. has no right to impose such sanctions in the first place.


This next item is not news, it's history. But we need history to understand how we humans behave. We need to understand that brutality and mass murder and greed are not just acts of those people our news media highlight as evil. It's in all of us. (Yes, even Canadians. One of the following stories tells of how the British used concentration camps in the Boer war to kill thousands of Boer women and children. But what it does not say is that Canadian troops were major players in those concentration camp deaths.)


And here's another one. You need to understand these brutalities and greed because these are major lessons from history.The motivation for all these brutalities was the greed of capitalists. Like most dictatorships, capitalism thrives on greed and indifference to the suffering of others. That, on a smaller scale, was the story of the great depression of the 1930s. While most Canadians suffered severely from hunger and vile living conditions, the wealthy of Canada did virtually nothing to help them.

It's a mistake to point the finger of evil on a racial basis. People of all races act with this greed and brutality. It's the evil of a capitalism that has run wild that we need to deal with. It's not starving foreigners who threaten us. It's our own greed-driven capitalists.



So much for the Liberal (or Conservative) commitment to cut down on fossil fuels. So much for their obligations to native peoples. So much for their giving a damn about the environment. - your tax dollars at work - for billionaires.

Gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with the the irving press enthusiasm for Conservatives in the coming provincial election.  (Remember, journalists at the irving press don't have opinions. They write what the boss tells them to write. That's why the cartoonist, de Adder, has consistently attacked the provincial Liberals in his daily cartoons.)

The provincial Conservatives support fracking for oil and gas. The Liberals don't.  But the irving press ignores this aspect of the election. It just follows the line of de Adder's half-wit cartoons about the Liberals spending too much.


rabble.ca has excellent, Canadian journalists writing for it. That's why it has an excellent account of the Venezuela election. That why the irving press - and most of the western news media - lied about it.


You and I are about to hand over 4.5 billion dollars to an oil company so it can betray our native peoples, pipe oil to BC's environmentally fragile coast, and generally add to the world's pollution and climate change.


But I'm  not worried. Mr. Irving says oil and gas are perfectly safe And he'd know. I mean, he was two years at Acadia university. And David Suzuki never  even went to Acadia at all.

Yes! America is strong! It will rule the world. Why, in only eighteen years it has held the Afghan rebels to only a little more than half of the country.


(The irving press very rarely even mentions this war. Of course, it very rarely mentions anything that matters.)

Bernie Sanders has been the only major U.S. politician to take a lead on governing the U.S. for the benefit of the American people, rather than just for the benefit of billionaires. Meanwhile, the billionaires who drain that country for more billions in weapons and wars (and who don't pay taxes) dominate both the Republicans and Democrats - while the news media sit around with their faces hanging out.

But that may be changing.


Prominent among American heroes are the members of the Navy Seals Teams and similar groups in the CIA and the army who specialize in assassinations, typically involving illegal attacks in foreign countries. (Some were recently honoured with special medals for their murdering.)


Glorifying war, deploring peace.... This article is a criticism of U.S. memorial day. But the same could be said of Canada's armistice day. While we remember those who died, we completely forget why we sent them to die. We have betrayed them. How come The Canadian Legion has never challenged that? Why does it allow itself to be a cheerleader for war?

It is quite possible Canada will be drawn into another war, this one in Venezuela and for the benefit of a handful of oil billionaires. And the irving press will tell us how glorious it is.


Empires kill. They all do. And they always have. And they impoverish their own people as well as the nations they conquer. That was true of the Roman Empire, the British Empire...and it is true now of the American Empire. And Canada plays along with that,  hurting its own people so that Canadian billionaires can kiss up to American ones.


Humanity means nothing whatever to billionaires and the politicians they own.


Without mr. irving New Brunswick would be poor? Actually, it is poor with him. And that's not a coincidence.


God bless America. But hurry up!


Another story that won't make the irving press.


I taught elementary school and then high school for six years. I taught  history - and that was bad. If I had told the truth about history, I would have been fired by the businessmen who sat on the school board. And that's still true.

But the big push by business is that it wants control of the schools so it can make profits out of them.  Business leaders in New Brunswick have been wetting their pants over this for some years. In the U.S., this is much more 'advanced'. Children who have any hope of getting into a university have to attend private, charter schools. That cuts out most American children right there. Meanwhile, the public schools are being battered with painfully low budgets.


Mind you,  the process of corporate rule is well advanced in Canadian universities. Some years ago, Mr. Irving announced he was, in effect, becoming a member of the government (without getting elected), and would plan the provincial budget with a huge committee he was forming. It was all quite illegal and quite undemocratic. But the university presidents jumped out of their pants to become members of his committee.
As soon as it was created, Israel began stealing and plundering the land of other nations. (Israel's leaders have imperial dreams.) Much of Palestine has been stolen. And it's remaining people must have Israeli permission to allow ships into or our of its ports. Even Palestinian fishing boats need Israeli permission to go out. (There will probably be a story about this within days. But the irving press won't carry it.)

Israel's behaviour is so bad that many, many North American and Europeans Jews have become terribly disappointed by it.

Now, it wants a piece of Lebanon - and the oil under it.


Most of our news media lied about the Venezuela election. And the irving press editors were right up there with the best of the liars. In fairness, though, I have to wonder whether editors at the irving press have enough brains to lie.


As I was writing the introductory part of this blog, I became concerned about my regular use of words like capitalist, communist, socialist, liberal, conservative.

These are all words that are commonly misunderstood. Capitalists like to dodge the word capitalist. (They prefer 'free enterprise'). In any case, major capitalists are neither capitalist nor free enterprise.

Communist? Very, very few people, including well educated ones, know what that word means. Hint - The Soviet Union and China were never communist. In fact, I don't know of any country that has been communist. Socialist? Yes. We have seen touches of socialism. But it's not incompatible with capitalism.

Liberal and Conservative? Very few (and none of them in the Liberal or Conservative parties) have a clue what those words mean. Both of them are servants of big business; both are essentially the same party. Neither of them can reasonably be called either conservative or liberal.

But that 's a topic for another blog.

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  1. Good commentary about Venezuela. Been saying the same thing for a while. The US says the election was illegal, so that's what its vassal states mumble as well. Forget the international observers on the ground, what do they know?

    Speaking of CBC reporters, CBC has a bad US-indoctrinated one in Moscow, Chris Brown. Apparently functionally deaf and blind, he reads Global Affairs briefing papers aloud is my guess. Or perhaps he really is that simple and conditioned. Margaret Evans is also poor - her schtick was to go into anti-Assad areas in Syria and ask questions, then pretend that all Syrians think that way. Speaking of which, how many pro-Assad refugees did we accept? Or, how many expat Venezuelans now living in Toronto are pro-Maduro? None, it's the middle class with money to move, not the average dirt poor Venezuelan who gets to bleat aloud.

    Same thing with Cubans. The dispossessed middle class ones in Florida are the squawkers, not the vast majority who remained.

    We get fed more rubbish than garbage trucks pick up each day.

    The other funny thing about some Canadian progressives is that although they diss the Canadian media, for some readon they still believe the New York Times and the Guardian are magically free of bias. The intellectual disconnect is profound. Oh and Bob Mueller is an untainted deeply moral saint with no agenda but discovering the "truth".