Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 9: To Trump, Britain says...

...."Liar, Liar, pants on fire"

Now, get this. Trump says he has evidence, compelling evidence, that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons. What the British government is saying, in effect, is that he is lying. There is no nuclear weapons programme. And it is quite possible that other European countries will follow Britain in this because Trump IS lying.

(Just after I wrote this, I learned that France and Germany  HAVE joined with Britain in refusing to cut ties to Iran.)

It's not that the British are suddenly committing themselves to being honest. It's because Trump is telling a lie that will certainly  benefit U.S. oil barons - but not the lesser, European ones.

Nor is this a virgin effort by the U.S. In 1980, it paid and armed Saddam Hussein of Iraq to invade Iran. The purpose was to please American oil companies by destroying Iran's elected government, and letting American oil take over. The war killed over a million Iranians, half of them civilians.  (But no tears were shed in oil offices.)  Later, the U.S. decided that Hussein  had lost his charm. So it invaded Iraq on phony excuses, and then hanged Hussein so he wouldn't ever talk about his friendship with American oil barons.

The record of the oil industry in mass murder and brutality to satisfy its greed has numbered its kills in the millions. And we're shaping up for more of the same in Iran, again. Meanwhile, the happy people in oil head offices can probably look forward to a massive rise in oil profits as tensions with Iran send prices up.

Mass murder has never meant anything to the big capitalists. They happily killed uncounted millions in the British Empire, all the other world empires, and now in the American empire. They happily murder men, women, children. They starve whole nations as they are starving Yemen. They expect countries like Canada to join them - and we almost certainly will.

If you want to see real evil, don't waste your time on a Hitler. Take a look at our leaders of the business world.

The news by itself isn't really much help in understanding what's going on in the world. Readers also need honest and competent analysis and opinion to form some useful idea of what is happening and why.

With a few, rare exceptions, the irving press of New Brunswick doesn't have that. (Nor, in fairness, do most newsmedia.) Most newspapers are staffed with opinion columnists who are, to put it gently, hacks and propaganda agents. And that's particularly true of those who write that major opinion column of all newspapers, the editorial.

It's not enough to get the news. We also need honest and intelligent discussion of it if we we're going to understand it. And we get very little of that.

A senate committee is holding hearings on the appointment of Gina Haspel as head of the CIA. She's the one who was head of a major torture programme. But when  a distinguished former CIA operative tried to testify to the committee about her torture years, he ended up face down on the floor and handcuffed.

We live with a dangerous myth that the U.S. is the greatest military power in history. It is certainly the biggest and the most expensive. But it's record since 1945 has been dismal. It lost the Korean War - despite having considerable help from other countries, despite having absolute control of the air. It lost the Vietnam war. though Vietnam was poor and lacking in military supply. It has been mired down in Afghanistan for almost 18 years - fighting a country with a much smaller population and fighting only half its population at that. As well, its enemies in that country have no air force at all, very few heavy weapons, and virtually no help.

Then there's the question of the willingness of Americans to fight. Half of the American army is made up of hired thugs from all over the world (at very, very high prices). That's because Americans don't want to join the army.

And this is the country that's looking to fight more wars in the Middle East.

Let the games begin.

A great many people are going to die to make oil stockholders happy.
And here's good news. (I'm so happy for the oil industry.)

This is only a tiny part of the story. Canada, the U.S. and Britain refused to accept Jews throughout the war. The Canadian government knew they were going back to death camps, but sent those that escaped back anyway. That once included a large number of Jewish children who escaped to Spain during the war but couldn't find a country to take them. They were sent back to die in the camps.

The whole scheme of creating an Israel was not to help Jews, but to get rid of them.

Justin Trudeau's weak apology for just one of our terrible acts is not likely to impress anybody - except those gullible folk who always vote Liberal or Conservative.
Here's an interesting idea from David Suzuki. Of course, he ain't real smart like, say, your average oil billionaire.

Would you accept a Kinder-Morgan pipeline running over your lands and waters knowing that they have a strong record of poisoning drinking water?
A reminder of how we got into the middle east mess. This was all created by the greed of the oil industry. Big capitalism in general has become a grossly evil force combining greed with short-sightedness. It owns governments. It owns news media. And it owns us.

Vote for Mr. Hicks as  premier of New Brunswick! He'll---well---he'll make it all even worse. But New Brunswickers have a tradition of voting only for the kissup wimps produced by the Liberal and Conservative parties.
Torture has a long history in the U.S. And, almost certainly, a long future.

Most of Latin American is poor and undemocratic because American (and Canadian) big business like it that way. Our current target is Venezuela. If you live  there and complain you stand a good chance of betting shot by corporation thugs.
Question for the day.

Hitler sent some 5,000,000 Jews, men, women and children, to death camps. The   United States is deliberately starving millions of Yemenis, men, women and children, to death.

So what's the difference?

There is none, of course.

By the way, forget the official figure of 15,000 or so Yemenis killed in that country. Nobody has any idea of the real number. A million are dying of cholera alone (deaths encouraged by Saudi Arabia and the U.S. cutting off medical supplies.) Nobody knows how many are dead or dying of starvation. Certainly, the total dead (mostly civilians) for this war will be in the many millions.

Canada is now part of the American empire. And we are expected to fight its wars as we once fought Britain's wars.  (Oh, we call it 'doing our share'). That's why we killed people in Afghanistan. That's why we bombed helpless Libyans. We fight American wars because Canadian capitalists need to kiss up to American ones - which is exactly the reason we used to fight British wars.

This is not the kind of world we said we were fighting for in World War Two. We have betrayed all that we said were were fighting for. We have betrayed it so our capitalists could kiss up to American ones. And our reward? Well, right now Trump is re-negotiating NAFTA to weaken us. The world exists only to satisfy the greed of American capitalits - a greed that can never be satisfied.

This is the most depressing blog I have ever written. Who can even imagine the greed and stupidity - and, yes, evil - of our business and political leaders who would cause such suffering and horror? Who can imagine the unChristian response of our Christian churches and our Christian society as they cooperate in this horror.

A late flash - Iran says it has no bases in Syria. Therefore, Israel is lying about attacking them.

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