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May 7:Trump Did It.


Hey, no problem. The irving press makes that clear in a commentary for May 6 in which it says we're cutting back on the use of fossil fuels - so it's okay for Canada to pipe out more oil for sale to other countries which are increasing their use of oil. The important thing is to sell the oil in a responsible way - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

And, on the front page of the same edition, there's a report on our premier's reaction to the 'catastrophic' flooding in New Brunswick.  And while the reporter, in paragraph two of the report, says he isn't blaming this on climate change.  In paragraph three, the premier says it IS due to climate change. (looks like another prize winner for the irving press journalism awards.)

And, while we're waiting for today's big story about  whether Trump will cancel the Iran nuclear deal, the irving press has scooped the world  with its lead story on what it sees as the real world news - and it's a shocker. Canadians pay more than Americans do for a case of beer because the tax on beer is higher in Canada. Be still, my heart.

In fairness, it did have one kind of important story of world news, though a smaller one. For most of the planet, we have just come through the third warmest April in history. But don't fuss about it. Hey! Burning oil creates jobs.
People who protect the environment all over the world have been getting murdered for it for many years.


And some inspirational photos...

And another story not likely to make the irving press.


Of course, as an irving commentator wrote just recently, it's okay to destroy the atmosphere as long as we do it in a responsible way.....

I may already have run this story. But it's worth being reminded of just how drab the Canadian political scene is - for all parties.


Here's useful background for whatever Trump decides to do about the Iran nuclear deal.

The next item is about the rise of the far right in Britain. But it's much bigger than that. The whole western world is moving in the way to take us back into the European horrors of the 1930s and World War 2. Think Trump in the U.S. Think Ford in Ontario.


From Haaretz,  we can get only a headline and the opening sentence of the story. But it tell us far more about the dangers of what Trump is about to announce than I have seen in our local press. This one could open the gates of Hell.

Here's more to prepare you for Trump's decision on Iran.


Here's a version of what's happening in Palestine that you're not likely to find in most of  the western news media.


I am not convinced about the virtues of Marxism. But I am convinced about the evils and massive failures of capitalism.


U.S. interference since 1945 has collapsed all of the middle east and much of the world into a state of perpetual war. It's all for the greed of a  handful of billionaires. And it can only get worse.


According to the intellectual zombies who write for the irving press, the accumulation of wealth by the very, very wealthy trickles down to us to make us wealthy, too. In fact, it  hasn't worked that way for many centuries. The reality is that the very wealthy get their wealth by abusing the rest of us - and they make damn sure the only trickling it does is into their secret  bank accounts.


Well, it happened. Trump has broken the nuclear deal with Iran. He's done it  despite the objections of leaders all over the world. He's done it despite the fact that there is no evidence whatever that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons. Breaking the deal also means Trump will use American economic clout to destroy the Iranian economy.

And it's a gift  to American billionaires greedy for more billions. It caters to their wish to rule the world for their own benefit. Yes. Let American billionaires rule the world - and we shall all live like other victims of American rule such as Latin America and Africa. And, for that matter, like the American people who have witnessed growing poverty.

I can't begin to guess where this one goes. The chances of one hell of a middle east war are very  high. Chances are Canada will be asked to send troops - and Canada will obey because Canadian billionaires want their American counterparts to like them.

The chances are that the whole middle east will collapse into wars with massive civilian deaths. And chances are that the whole world will be drawn into it.


It's so important, even the irving press might have the story. Maybe.

Just as a reminder, Iran was a country taken over by the British in World War One to build British fortunes out of its oil. British capitalists robbed that country blind. So, after World War Two, the Iranians elected their own government,  rebelled and took control over their own oil.

A failing British empire was in no condition to deal with this, so it called in the help of American capitalists to overthrow Iran's elected government, appoint a dictator (the Shah) and take over all the oil.

But after suffering the brutality and thievery of the shah and western oil companies for many years, Iranians elected their own government again. And that's when western newspapers began calling the Iranians evil.

We have no sense of what murdering, thieving bastards our capitalist world has produced.
Here's a response to what Trump has done. Guaranteed - the irving press will not print this one.


And this. But it could be much, much worse than even this suggests.


The good part of a bad, bad story.


The meaning of greed. And we're about to get one hell of a lesson in it.


It might be useful for members of groups like chambers of commerce to look in mirrors, and see what they have become.

Here's yet more on the Iran deal, and its implications.


By the way, there is  no reason to believe that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. The only middle east country ever to do so was---Israel. And it did so illegally. Funny how nobody noticed. Israel is now looking at wars with Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. In fact, it attacked Syria just minutes after Trump made his announcement. And if the going gets tough, would Israel use its nukes? You bet it would.

Trump has opened the door to war that would cover the world. And there is only one reason for it - to make American billionaires the rulers of the world - with all their hangers-on from Canada, Britain, and France.

It's time to take a very serious look at the monster we have created in what we call capitalism.


Enough. I'm sure all readers get the picture.

Trump has turned the clock back to the first horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But now, nuclear weapons are far, far more powerful. And now there are not two, but thousands of them.

We should have stopped all this decades ago. But we handed power, instead, to the greediest people on this earth. And we have served their interests rather than those of ourselves and our children. Remember that on Nov. 11.

And where is the moral leadership of our churches in the face of this?

Damned if I've seen any.

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