Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 5:A bit of good news. A lot of bad.

Let's start with some good news. The Moncton Times Transcript, normally the worst and most dishonest newspaper I have ever seen, has a magnificent Commentary page for May 4.

There's a column by Jim Berger of the New Brunswick Anti-shale Gas Alliance, and another from the Senate Committee on Human Rights - the latter saying what should have been said long ago about our prisons.

Then there's a column by Ammar Al Asmi. Wow! It's on what the west is doing in Syria, the horror we have inflicted on that country. It's powerful; it's moving; and the writing is magnificent. This may well be the best column I have ever seen in any newspaper on any topic.

I was reminded of the many Syrian children I went to school with in Montreal. (I grew up next to the Syrian district, and many of my friends were Syrians. And they were good people whose presence in Canada has been a benefit for all of us.)

Our western capitalists, most of them Christians of course, have murdered, starved, humiliated, and largely destroyed a fine people to satisfy their own unsatisfiable greed. And they are now busily stealing the most profitable sections of that country. They have bombed, murdered, destroyed any civilized life. They have armed, trained and subsidized the Muslim extremists like ISIS who have joined them in the dirty work.  (The White Helmets and the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights are both propaganda agencies subsidized by the U.S., Britain and France.)  And we have have simply stood around with our faces hanging out.

It might be useful  to question the preacher about this next time you attend the service at the Irving Chapel.

Meanwhile, cut this column out. It's a keeper.

So Canada is cracking down on the wealthy who hide their money from taxes? Well, sort of. Very sort of. The person Canada Revenue is nailing is an agent for Chinese investors. And, I note, pretty small time ones. So relax. Your favourite Canadian billionaires have nothing to worry about.

Israel's Haaretz is always a pleasure to read. It has more guts, intelligence and integrity than any other news medium in the world.

You want to know what's happening in Canada? Don't waste your time on New Brunswick's irving press. It's big story of the day for Canada is that liquor sales in New Brunswick are up. No. check out The Guardian for Canadian news  worth knowing.

(The irving press lead story on world news is that a horse in Oregon is suing it's owner for neglect. The news YOU need to know.)

Here's a list of ten major Canadian political events coming up in the next ten weeks. None of them has yet appeared in the irving press. And it is almost certain that none will.

Ever heard of the United Conservative Party? Well, don't get all excited. It's pretty much the same as the Conservative Party and the Progressive Conservative Party and, for that matter, the Liberal Party.

An here's another news item you will never find in the irving press.

The people who flee their countries and try to get into the U.S. are doing it because the U.S. and its corporation bosses have made their own countries unlivable. That's true of South America where American and Canadian corporations enslave the people, and where democratic governments get attacked by the U.S. and its hired, local thugs.

And it doesn't end at the border.
The U.S. routinely disregards international law as it invades and murders at random. It's all a part of God's great plan to have U.S. capitalists rule the world.

Another story you won't find in the irving press.

The British Empire has been ranked as one of the most vicious empires in history. But World War Two gave the U.S. the chance to break it up and to steal many of its possessions, in that way making the U.S. empire one of the most vicious empires in history. Now, the Brits, like us Canadians, have to hang on by being bumboys for American corporation bosses.

But isn't it just wonderful about Meghan and Harry?

The U.S. will bring democracy to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. Yes it will. Amazing how people will believe that when the U.S. is  the one that once established dictatorships in all of them.

And watch out for Canada being asked to do "its share".

The Guardian, though still much admired as a newspaper, is not at all the  paper it used to be. It's now just one more part of our world of propaganda and mind control.

God bless America. It makes Hitler look like a sweetheart.

And here is a picture of what the U.S. and Israel and all of us have become.

The irving press, of course, does not have this story. So tell me all about its integrity and honesty and journalism awards.
This one is long but interesting. It's about how wealthy British and American and other western capitalists used their power over government to build the drug trade. It destroyed the lives of millions, especially in China. But, oh, it made the Roosevelts and the Astors and their kin rich. And the business is still going strong with the help of western leaders.
This is almost certainly the true story about why North Korea is willing to drop its nuclear programme. Certainly, it was not because of American threats. It was, in fact, those threats that caused North Korea to develop nukes in the first place.

But Trump is a seriously diseased egomaniac. He will want the Nobel Peace Prize for this. And a terminally immoral and corrupt west might well give it to him.

Writing this blog always makes me angry - and today even more so than usual. What may have started me was the brainless (and gutless) cartoon in my local paper today. It was a cartoon that has appeared in many forms in this paper. It shows the provincial premier overspending on the provincial budget.

Well, yeah. He does. But how do we support our schools and hospitals and other necessities without that spending? Do we kick the kids out after grade four?  Do we let the sick die in the streets?

And has the cartoonist not noticed that a reason we don't have enough money is because the very wealthy don't pay taxes?  They don't pay income taxes. They don't pay property  taxes. And they constantly have their hands out for gifts - like our forests. I wonder - will the cartoonist ever have the guts to do a cartoon about that?

No. I didn't think so. And if he did, the editor would wet his pants. And the people of New Brunswick will go on as they always have electing one of the two parties who have been selling them out from the start.

That blended with disgust at Canada's  present position as bumboy for the U.S. in illegal and immoral killings all over the world.

All of that got me thinking about all the lying and distortion of Armistice Day we do about how much we owe our veterans. We do, of course, owe them heavily. But not in the way we handle the yearly observation of that day. In fact, we lied to them in every war they fought for the last 120 years. We lied about what the wars were for. We lied about why we fought them. We lied in the promises we made and about the world we were going to create. We broke every promise we made. Instead of a world of peace and cooperation, we deliberately helped to create one of greed and brutality. And Armistice Day has become a celebration of our lies and betrayals.

It annoyed me enough to write a blog for Sunday, May 6. It's about our wars, about the real reasons they were fought - and are still being fought. It's not the usual blog of news items. It's a serious look at history - and how we are lied to about that just as we are lied to in our news.

Take a look at it.  ((Hey! It was work to write it.)

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