Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 3:A time to be very, very scared.

Too bad Canada won't do this. (And I'm pretty sure that the irving press will not publish this story.)  ---postscript --- two days after I wrote this, I can now say the  the irving press has NOT published this story. And there are no columns from the hacks at Troy Media or from propaganda 'think tanks".


There is no Iranian nuclear problem. And the irving press which printed Netanyahu's absurd show about how Iran was rolling in nuclear weapons has not and will not report on the UN nuclear arms agency which says that there are no such weapons.

The only nuclear power in the Middle East is,  in fact, Israel. And it built its arsenal illegally.

The people of Puerto Rico, who have suffered terribly from two hurricanes, and who were desperately poor to begin with, have received no  help from the American government - though Puerto Rico is American territory. Instead, Trump has turned the whole place over to those American buzzards called capitalists. They have been forced to sell off their ownership in things like electrical power - and most still haven't had any power in months. Virtually no rebuilding has been done. These people, already in dreadful hardship, are now at last getting a response from the U.S. government. It  has turned loose police to beat them  up for complaining.

We don't begin the realize the horror we have put ourselves in for by letting big capitalists run loose without controls, and without any regard for general welfare.
Democracy and freedom, according to U.S. doctrine.

Think about this. The U.S. gives itself the right to kill its own citizens.

And, of course, the right to murder civilians in general.
The Middle East is on the edge of nuclear war.  And the only country in the region with a nuclear arsenal to start such a war is Israel. So the U.S. and Israel, both large, nuclear powers, are putting pressure on Iran to drop a nuclear programme which they know it doesn't have.

In our news media, Iran is always evil. In reality, Iran is a country that the British plundered for oil, forcing it, among other things, to supply oil free of charge for the whole British navy. When Iran made itself a democracy and elected a government to kick out the British, Britain and the U.S. combined to destroy the democracy.  (The U.S. jumped in because its oil billionaires saw the chance to replace the British in control of Iranian oil.) They then imposed a brutal dictatorship on Iran.

The Iranians dumped the dictator (The Shah), demanding the right to control their own oil. And that's when Iranians became evil in our news media.

Now, Israel wants a chunk of that oil. And the U.S. oil industry is panting at the chance to get back. Would they be so brutal and foolish as to nuke Iran? You bet they would.

Here's a story about the CIA and Canada that most Canadians have too soon forgotten. It's about deliberately destroyed minds and bodies. American torture did not begin in Afghanistan. It has ALWAYS been a feature of American warfare. And it still is.
And here's a thrill for all those who gush at supermarket check-out counter magazines about the royal family, and especially at a prince who has done nothing in his life except golf and go to orgies.

Then there are the crazy stories we take seriously.

Climate change?  No such thing. If there were, Mr. Irving would be the first person to take action on it. And the Chamber of Commerce would honour him at a big dinner for rich people. I mean, who are you going to trust? The world's leading scientists? Or the editorial writer of the irving press?

No way. New Brunswick needs fracking for gas and oil. It'll create jobs.  (And tough luck for your children and grandchildren.)

After the two or three minutes it took to read the irving press, it was good to find this column by Gwynne Dyer. (Though Dyer is not in the irving press. No. They dropped him years ago to bring in all the propaganda think tanks and hack writers from Troy Media.

It's always a pleasure to read the world's most honest commercial news medium.
Capitalists are great believers in privatization of everything. And the irving press is a hired prophet for it. And privatization is good, very, very good, for the very wealthy.

Here is a frightening but quite reasonable forecast for us.

A war between Israel and Iran is almost certain to become a world war. And a world war would have no winner.

How did the very rich get to be very rich? Well, for a start, most of them were born rich. And they learned much about how to exploit others from their daddies.

Capitalism, in itself, is not evil. Neither are dogs. But only a damn fool would allow a rabid dog to run loose.

For some hundreds of years, we have allowed rapid capitalism to run loose. We have allowed it to exist for only one reason - to make itself richer whatever the cost to humans and to human existence itself on this planet. We have allowed it to murder uncountable millions, to impoverish, degrade and starve more millions. We have allowed it to degrade us and our children, to deny them opportunities, to send them off to die.

It has become much, much worse since 1945 as that year turned loose the old, American dream to rule (and plunder) the world. We have allowed the wealthy to avoid taxes, stealing trillions of our dollars, depriving our children of educational and vocational possibilities, closing off access to health care for most of the world -even in the rich U.S.

We have allowed the wealthy to take control of our democracy, buying and controlling our politicians, closing off information that a democracy needs from the news media they own. We have sent our young people to kill and be killed in wars to make the wealthy wealthier. (We even have to pay for their wars because they don't pay taxes - suckers that we are.)

And, yes, this does affect us even in New Brunswick. The wars that  destroy human life all over the world will also destroy it even in Shediac and Sussex. Why, they might even affect the lobster fishery.

The irving press is pushing for us to dump prime minister Graham because he's holding back even more pollution of this planet (though, frankly, he hasn't done much.) So now it's pimping for the Conservative leader who thinks more climate destruction would be good for us.

Both the Conservative and Liberal parties have long since been bought. And the people of this province have no access to the information a democracy needs.  That's why New Brunswick has no democracy. But the voters will almost certainly line up as they always have to tick Liberal or Conservative. This is not a province of anything resembling discussion or debate or even basic information. Its people have been passive and abused from the start.

And the other opposition parties? Good-hearted, but far from recognizing the magnitude of the problem they face, and weakening themselves by their refusal to join forces. The problem is not simply climate change or corruption. The problem is a loss of any sense of what democracy means. It's a loss of any sense of human rights and human dignity and human opportunity.

New Brunswick, like much of the rest of the world, is overwhelmed by a ruling class distinguished not by concern for human needs - but simply by pure greed, a greed to be satisfied no matter what pain and degradation and,  ultimately, destruction the rest of humanity has to pay.

Oh, are you worried about the wide drop in church attendance? Relax. The Christian churches gave up on spreading Christian social values a long time ago. That's why Trump's greatest supporters are fervent Christians. That's why Canadians had no trouble sending troops to kill people in Afghanistan in an illegal war. That's why we think it's glorious to have killed people in Libya, and sold armoured cars to Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most brutal country in the world.

Oh, New Brunswickers should not miss today's irving press commentary by the propaganda pimps of the Fraser Institute. This one tells us that Canada is an environmental leader. (It does it by quoting one survey of the subject - but ignoring the many others that tell a different story.)

Anyway, this commentary is from the same organization and on the same page that normally tells us that there is no climate change. So why should it matter if we're a world leader in something that isn't happening???

This is really gutter journalism.


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  2. I mind not at all. Post to you heart's content.

    If possible, I would recommend you also post the irving press commentary of May 4 by Ammar Al Asmi. It is, perhaps, the best column I have ever seen in ANY newspaper. The writing is superb, and the message is powerful.