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May 31: A mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Here's a commentary on Justin Trudeau and his purchase of the western pipeline with our money. But you'll never, ever see this in the page of the irving press.

India has told the U.S., quite correctly, to get stuffed with its trade sanctions on Venezuela and Iran. It says the U.S. has no right to impose any such sanctions, and no right to demand that other countries follow U.S. orders.

Not surprisingly, Canada's wimp prime minister and Canadian business leaders will trip all over themselves to please their American masters.

God bless America.

And get used to it. Modern war, with Churchill leading the way in 1920, means war against civilians, against means starving innocent people to death. Well, I mean, they're evil. And Americans are good. Americans have Christian values.

And that suggests Christians should be ashamed.

Puerto Rico is an American territory. But the billionaires who own the U.S. government don't give a damn about the people of Puerto Rico.

Neither of the above stories is likely to make the irving press,  not even in that section its editors humorously call Canada and World.
An overstatement - but......

Gee, it's almost court time for an irving-owned railway. I wonder if irving press will carry the story.

Israel not only denies Palestinians the right to have ships enter its waters to deliver goods; it refuses to allow any Palestinian ship (or canoe) the right to go out more than six miles - and then only for fishing.

Until World War Two, Britain was the world's bully - rather like the U.S. is today. Like the U.S., Britain murdered and plundered all over the world. A Winston Churchill starved millions to death, pioneered the targeting of civilians in war. And, like Donald Trump's killing and bullying, the murdering and plundering of Churchill benefited only the very wealthy. (That's why the British  people voted him out of power in 1945.)

And - a reminder that George Orwell was right.

The U.S. has trade wars not just with Canada but with just about everybody. Of course. The American theme for at least a couple of centuries has been that the U.S. has the right to rule the world. And a handful of American billionaires have made it their business to ensure that ruling the world means profits for them - but certainly not for the rest of the American people. Thus the trade wars with Mexico, Canada, China.

The Israeli destruction of Judaism....
The price of pleasing billionaires. (There is no need to 'join' this site to see its film.)

The U.S., Britain and France are building military bases in Syria to steal its oil fields. (The irving press didn't have room for this story because it's whole World section was needed for 'breaking' news in New Brunswick - such as "Man hospitalized after car  hits building",  "Drug dealer who sold to cop cries entrapment" - the news YOU need to know.)

It looks as though U.S. billionaires may soon be again asking the American taxpayers to bail them out of crises the billionaires have been creating.

(Oh, the irving press today has its usual commentary from a propaganda house, The Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an organization funded by your favourite billionaires.)

Here's an American problem that's very much a Canadian problem and, especially, a New Brunswick problem - though one that will NEVER be reported by the irving press.

Enjoy the gentle drops of poison courtesy of mr. irving.

Trudeau is an American puppet who has made puppets of all of us. Capitalism makes American servants out of Canadians as they were once servants of Britain.
There is every likelihood Canada will soon fight more American wars. American capitalism commands. And Canadian capitalism hears it's master's voice.

Capitalism is based on greed as a virtue. It has no respect whatever for any of the values represented in any religion I have ever heard of. But our churches doze through this - as they always have.
And here's something to think about.

And here's a whole edition of Canadian news - none of which has been covered in the irving press.

Our governments are owned - and we are owned - by people at least as greedy and thieving as any in history, people who show no sense of anything but greed. They have brought us within inches of the greatest war in history. You might want to ask about that as you attend the seasonal opening of the Irving Chapel.

Here's a story that has not yet made the irving press. When and if it does make it, you can be sure the irving report will not be an honest as this one.

Okay. I said in my last post that I would talk about the labels we give our political parties. Sorry it's so long. But you can stop reading it any time you like. I won't tell.

Few people have any idea what their party labels mean.

When I was ten, I thought of myself as a liberal. It was logical. The word 'liberal' suggested to me generous, free-spirited, all that good stuff. Thinking I was a Liberal made me feel good.

But Liberal is one of those words that few people really understand. Instead, the sound of it conjures feelings in our minds - for some the feeling is of generosity, modernity; for others, it implies people of mindless and even hateful ideas. bozos who we call  'pinkos'.

In its origins, Liberal meant to create greater freedom (though often that freedom was only for the privileged class and, until very recently, for men only.) But in reality, the general thinking of what we call the Liberal party has not been very different from that of the Conservative party. (That's why New Brunswickers can happily vote for Liberals one time, and Conservatives another - and nothing changes because there is no difference between the two.) Still, some people insist on calling themselves Liberals (or Conservatives), though neither word has much meaning.

As the word liberal originally meant to favour change, the word Conservative meant the opposite - to preserve existing institutions - like the monarchy, the aristocracy. The existence in Britain of the House of Lords as a part of government is an example of Conservatism - as, in a vague sort of way, is the Canada's Senate. These days, both the House of Lords and the Senate have a sort of antique and cobwebby image. Luckily, neither has much power.

In reality, and for all the qualities that some people see in each of them, there is no significant difference between the two parties. Liberal and Conservative are just labels of two identical products. But these labels are still powerful not because they mean anything but because they represent images and feelings that people have, images and feelings that they may not be aware of themselves.

(I won't go into Progressive Conservative because that one is just an absurd label. Common sense should tell us that one cannot believe in preserving existing institutions while at the same time favour progressiveness in changing them. The label Progressive came in the 1930s when the Conservative party needed a new leader. The man they wanted was the western leader of a party called Progressive. But he would take the leadership only if the party changed its name to Progressive Conservative. However, there was really nothing progressive about the Progressive Conservatives - as, indeed, there had been nothing progressive about the Western Progressive Party. It was just a label.

I vividly remember a Conservative m.p. saying to me passionately, "Graeme, I'm a Conservative; but I'm a PROGRESSIVE Conservative."

It didn't really mean a damn thing. But people get taken in by labels. Many, many words convey emotional feelings that are really quite false.)

That takes us to communist.  O-o-o-h evil. That is the reaction of people all over the western world - though communism has nothing to do with evil. In fact, during World War Two, our news media which had been very hostile to the Soviet Union became a great admirer of it once Hitler invaded it. The Soviet Union wouldn't be evil again until the autumn of 1945.

These days, we associate communism (and 'understand' it) with the brutalities of Stalin's Soviet Union and China's Mao. But, in fact, neither of those was a communist. No. They weren't. Indeed, I don't know of any country that has ever been communist.

Communism was, of course, born in the writings of Karl Marx. But there was nothing brutal or vicious about Marx. His philosophy of what government should be arose out of the principles of Judaism and Christianity. He proposed that all people should be truly equal, and that the national economy should be based not on exploitation of the poor but on respect and cooperation among all people. "love they neighbour as thyself" was Marx's principle. (It's not surprising that western capitalists and the media they owned should find that objectionable.)

You want brutal and murderous behaviour? Forget communism. Look at the records of the capitalist west over the recent centuries. Look at the British, French, Dutch, Spanish which have killed millions to plunder their countries, and made slaves or near slaves of the survivors.  Look at American capitalism which has slaughtered millions, which has enslaved much of Latin America, that ignores its poor while pouring billions into the pockets of its very rich. And, under capitalism, our own Christian and Judaic principles get quite lost.

 Note that the most hating and murderous people in the U.S. are the Christians who support Trump. They attack birth control. But they happily starve and bomb millions of foreign children to death. And they  have no problem with killing people of other religions - though I can't remember Jesus ever suggesting this.

Will communism ever come to power? I don't know. I rather doubt it. Much as I can respect the spirit of it, I'm not sure us humans have all that much goodness in us. And that's after 2000 years for Christians and even more for Jews of studying goodness.

Socialism? Some will cheer at it. Some will denounce it. On balance, it may be a very useful intermediate step. The principle of socialism throughout its many variants is, again, based on the Judaic/Christian principle of caring for each other. It doesn't mean the whole economy has to be socialist. There is room for private ownership. But that private ownership has to be brought under control. There are large areas of the economy  (health, education, equal opportunity,...) that are being destroyed by capitalism which, by its nature, has no room in its thinking for anything but it's own benefit. That's why big capitalists dislike socialism. They are not social beings. They live in their own world. And they are interested only in themselves and their own greed.

And where that is taking us, very quickly, is to monstrous suffering, death, and economic and social destruction. We are already seeing a great drop in prosperity for most Americans. In the rest of the world, we are seeing mass murder and starvation created by capitalism. We have to get it under control - and soon. We're not talking centuries. We're talking decades - if that long.

There is no sign the Liberals and Conservatives have anything to offer. Quite the contrary. They are both owned by the people who are the problem. And alas! There is no party in New Brunswick that goes anywhere near  to solving the problems.

Double alas! Part of the problem is the people of New Brunswick. They're scared. They always have been. With almost universal agreement by scientists that climate change is affecting us now and will get much, much worse with food shortages (already happening), fatal weather attacks (already happening), massive melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice (already happening), massive dislocation of millions of people (already happening), destruction of species (already happening), people mumble about how our business leaders will fix all this.

There is not the slightest chance they will or want to.

But many, many people, especially in places like New Brunswick and Alberta, ignore all the certainties and ignore all the experts. They ignore all the experts who know what they're talking about - and listen to the business leaders who have not the faintest competence to pronounce on this, and who have never in the history of this country (or any other) given a damn about the rest of us.

And it will soon be too late.

Oh, I recently discussed this with a man whose opinion was that the very wealthy are all that makes New Brunswick prosperous at all. Not true. They don't and they never have. The very wealthy are not in business to create wealth for others, only for themselves. The commonly avoid taxes, federal, provincial and municipal, costing the rest of us many billions of dollars. They pay the lowest wages possible. They routinely expect government handouts (our money). We handed over our forests at bargain prices without a whimper.

Read some history. You'll find this is a constant pattern. The very wealthy actually create poverty. Kings did it by viciously attacking and exploiting the peasantry. Empires did it by starving their own people even as they plundered foreign lands for the benefit of the very rich. The U.S. today follows that same pattern. So does Canada.

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